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1919 'Australian YMCA' cover SYRIA to GB. Indian FPO 325 p/m. 'Pte. R Pearson'

1919 (22nd. Aug) 'Australian YMCA' cover from SYRIA to GB with d/r. Indian FPO 325 p/m. From 'Pte. R Pearson. RASC'. Redirected with APPLEBY receipt p/m. (7th. Sept. 1919). Ref: 301-047.

Price: £40.00
1919 'Basrah Times' On Field Service wrapper IRAQ to GB. BUSRA p/m.

1919 (May) 'Basrah Times' On Field Service wrapper from IRAQ to GB with d/r. BUSRA p/m. Imprint: SGPB...2025...3323...100,000...15.1.19. Ref: 302-093.

Price: £85.00
1919 (14th. Sept) PPC real photo biplane "AVRO" at Hendon. 292

1919 (14th. Sept) PPC real photo of biplane "AVRO" at Hendon. 292. Message to rear. Ref: 290-124.

Price: £12.00
1919 (Dec) PPC [Libau] DENMARK to GB. RFHMS m/c. 'HMS VINDICTIVE'

1919 (Dec) PPC [Libau] from DENMARK to GB with LONDON RFHMS m/c. From 'HMS VINDICTIVE' mss .. "At Copenhagen at present". [Returning from Baltic Naval War: that ended 4 Nov. 1919. Significant unrest took place among British sailors in the Baltic. This included small-scale mutinies amongst the crews of HMS Vindictive. [12 Nov. 1919 at Copenhagen: Warrants issued in connection with the mutiny that had occurred. An article posted on libcom.org states that "By November 1919 discontent had spread to the aircraft carrier VINDICTIVE in Copenhagen. A marine detachment was called in to disperse a group of seamen demanding leave. Two men were arrested. Later two stokers were caught trying to stop the fan engines. They were each given five years. The following morning virtually no one turned up for duty. This provoked Captain Grace to arrest five more alleged 'ringleaders'. They were condemned to 90 days hard labour before a dishonourable discharge. Another six were arrested, but resistance continued. The next morning 14 crewmen were still refusing duty and were arrested. That evening another two arrests were made.] Also photo of ship. Ref: 297-015.

Price: £100.00
1919 (Feb) PPC (Alep) SYRIA to GB with d/r. FPO C.14 p/m.

1919 (Feb) PPC (Alep) from SYRIA to GB with d/r. FPO C.14 p/m. - In Nov. 1918: 14th. Cavalry Brigade, EEF. Ref: 302-150.

Price: £25.00
1919 (Nov) Honour Envelope IRAQ to India. TANNUMAR (IRAQ) p/m.

1919 (Nov) Honour Envelope from IRAQ to India with d/r. TANNUMAR (IRAQ) p/m. Civil postmark. Ref: 295-150.

Price: £15.00
1919 AEF Notification PC LUXEMBERG to USA. Sec. 571 US Army. "5th. Sanitary Train"

1919 AEF Notification PC from LUXEMBERG to USA and censored with s/l. Sec. 571 US Army Ambulance Service h/s. From "temporally attached 5th. Sanitary Train". Ref: 296-039.

Price: £25.00
1919 Army Form 'Certificate of Identity'. John MAYES. 44155 ACI, 2 Aero SD, RAF

1919 Army Form 'Certificate of Identity' for John MAYES. 44155 ACI, 2 Aero SD, RAF with boxed PERFLEET h/s. and KETTERING p/m's. Faults. Ref: 294-023.

Price: £9.00
1919 cover GB to 'Pte. Menzies Davidson, American Expeditionary Force, France'.

1919 (March) cover from GB to 'Pte. Menzies Davidson, "E" Coy, 64th. Division, American Expeditionary Force, (Villers-en-Hays) France' with "Basse Hospital 82, Tour' in mss. Also boxed APO N&27 Forwarded to: h/s. and d/r. US ARMY 793 p/m. to rear. Also boxed Addressee returned to USA with Casuals. 10th. June 1919. Ref: 299-044.

Price: £15.00

1919 (Aug) cover from GB to Germany with EXAMINED BY / BRITISH / MILITARY / CENSORSHIP. K 1196 label. Ref: 301-121.

Price: £30.00
1919 cover IRAQ to Persia. KAZIMAIN p/m. IN BRITISH OCCUPATION o/p

1919 cover from IRAQ to Persia with d/r. KAZIMAIN p/m. canc. adhesives with IRAQ / IN BRITISH / OCCUPATION o/p. Also d/r. PASSED / D / CENSOR h/s. with d/r. ISFAHAN receipt p/m. Corner missing. Ref: 293-143.

Price: £65.00
1919 cover RUSSIA to Canada. FPO 201 p/m. British Military Mission

1919 (Nov) cover from RUSSIA to Canada with d/r. FPO 201 p/m. - British Military Mission, Vladivostok. To 'Mrs Omar P Brown'. Canadian Contingent: 4000 troops. Ref: 302-098.

Price: £85.00
1919 cover RUSSIA to GB with FPO PB 55 p/m. oval 'X5' censor

1919 (11th. Mar.) cover from RUSSIA to GB endorsed 'OAS' with d/r. FPO PB 55 p/m. and oval 'X5' censor. [British Forces: Located Beresnik, Northern Russia] 14th. April 1919 receipt p/m. Ref: 299-118.

Price: £100.00
1919 cover RUSSIA to GB. APO PB1 p/m. oval 'X 11' censor. "Syren" Force

1919 (Feb) cover from RUSSIA to GB with d/r. APO PB1 p/m. and oval 'X 11' censor. From 'L/Cpl. AJ Barnard, 4/2 Field Coy RE, "Syren". Syren Force Campaign in North Russia. (Murmansk) was reached on 24 June 1918 to Oct. 1919. Provisional "Honour" envelope. Crease. Ref: 298-092.

Price: £120.00
1919 cover SIBERIA to USA with boxed AEF SIBERIA CENSORED h/s.

1919 cover from SIBERIA to USA with US POSTAL AGENCY / SIBERIA p/m. and boxed AEF SIBERIA CENSORED h/s. Corner missing. Ref: 293-145.

Price: £60.00
1919 cover TURKEY to GB. FPO 85 p/m. censor 7/220 h/s. "C Mansell"

1919 (May) cover from TURKEY to GB with d/r. FPO 85 p/m. [PERA] and censor 7/220 h/s. From "C Mansell". Ref: 291-021.

Price: £25.00
1919 cover TURKEY to USA. FPO Y p/m. PASSED BY CENSOR label

1919 (April) cover from TURKEY to USA with d/r. FPO Y p/m. and PASSED BY CENSOR (1364) label to rear. Also weak boxed CENSORED BY / MILITARY AUTHORITY h/s. Army of the Black Sea. Ref: 295-149.

Price: £35.00
1919 covers + letters [3 No.] MESPOTAMIA to GB. Indian FPO 92 p/m.

1919 covers and letters [3 No.] from MESPOTAMIA to GB with d/r. Indian FPO 92 p/m. Located HILLIAH area. From 'CR Kitchen Serg. RE'. NB: Condition poor. Ref: 295-128.

Price: £9.00
1919 FIELD SERVICE PC GERMANY to 's/s Ascunion de Larrinaga, Italy'

1919 (Jan) FIELD SERVICE PC from GERMANY with d/r. APO S.65 p/m. to 'Mr Shotton, s/s Ascunion de Larrinaga, c/o British Consul, Savona, Italy' and redirected to USA with GALVESTON receipt p/m. [Feb. 21st] Military Transport. Ref: 300-127.

Price: £35.00
1919 PPC (Ascania) RUSSIA to GB. FRHMS m/c. On Active Service

1919 Dec. PPC (Cunard Line "Ascania") from RUSSIA to GB with LONDON FRHMS m/c. and s/l. On Active Service h/s. Naval. mss .. "we are at present in Russia going to Constant then to Alex". NB: "Ascania" was wrecked in June 1918. Royal Navy or MN. Ref: 287-097.

Price: £25.00