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1825 entire 'Duporth' to HMS EURYALUS. Postage Not Paid / to London h/s.

1825 (May) entire from 'Duporth' to HMS EURYALUS with boxed 'Postage Not Paid / to London' h/s. [HMS Euryalus was a Royal Navy 36-gun Apollo-class frigate, which saw service in the Battle of Trafalgar] Euryalis rendered assistance to the American brig Charles and Ellen at the island of Milos and stayed for a week, lending some 70 to 80 men to the brig to effect repairs, a kindness acknowledged her Captain, P.R.Bing and two Boston insurance companies, by posting a notice in the National Intelligencer of 23 March 1825. After her return to England Euryalus was converted to a prison hulk for boys. Soiled. Ref: 304-100.

Price: £120.00
1840 (Dec) cover to 'Captain Henderson, HMS Gorgon, Malta'. PAID p/m.

1840 (Dec) cover to 'Captain Henderson, HMS Gorgon, Malta' with PAID p/m. [HMS Gorgon, 1837 Frigate. 3rd. Nov, 1840 bombardment of St. Jean d’Acre. 8th. Dec 1840 had arrived Marmorice Bay, Turkey from England. Ref: 297-019.

Price: £35.00
1854 cover to 'Rear Admiral Hay' from 'Edward March 11th. about Peiping' CHINA

1854 (March) cover to 'Rear Admiral Hay' from 'Edward March 11th. about Peiping' - a former name of Beijing, CHINA. Also circ. LEAMINGTON receipt p/m. to rear. Edward Hay R.N. [Royal Navy] Youngest son of Rear Admiral James Hay. 30 Aug. 1852 made Lieutenant and on 22 March 1858 made Commander. [One of Shannon's Officers, Shannon's Naval Brigade: 2nd China War 1856-60] Ref: 305-097.

Price: £60.00
1891 cover + letter from Royal Marine William Kay, HMS Tauranga. WEYMOUTH p/m

1891 (2nd. April) cover and letter from Royal Marine William Kay on board HMS Tauranga, Portland with WEYMOUTH p/m. Trouble with mail. [HMS Tauranga was a Pearl-class cruiser of the Royal Navy. Vessel was originally named Phoenix. She was launched on 28 Oct. 1889. Renamed on 2 April 1890, as Tauranga as part of the Auxiliary Squadron of the Australia Station. She arrived in Sydney on 5 Sept. 1891] Ref: 296-034.

Price: £12.00
1892 Registered Letter GB to 'HMS "Sirius", SE Coast of America'

1892 uprated Registered Letter [2d. + 2 1/2d] from GB to 'HM Ship "Sirius", South East Coast of America Station'. Flagship Cruiser - HMS Sirius was an Apollo-class cruiser of the British Royal Navy served off America from 1892 to 1895. Ref: 305-118.

Price: £85.00
1893 (Aug) cover + letter HMS AURORA to 'General Harrist, Cheltenham'

1893 (Aug) cover and letter from HMS AURORA, Rathmullen to 'General Harrist, Cheltenham'. mss .. "Did you read bathing accident in Standard on 31st Inst. Genl. B's son drowned in trying to save daughter - I must write to Burton". [BURTON FAMILY TOMB: "In loving memory of Geoffrey, Cadet at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, youngest son of General E.F. Burton and Georgiana his wife. Drowned saving his sister's life at Happisburgh, Norfolk 29th August 1893 Aged 18 years] Ref: 302-046.

Price: £20.00
1894 (16th. Nov.) ps PC [10 L] GREECE to GB. 'HMS Rodney, Vols, Greece'

1894 (16th. Nov.) ps PC [10 L] from GREECE to GB with poor p/m. From 'HMS Rodney, Vols, Greece'. Battleship. [Posted to the Mediterranean Fleet from May 1894 until 1897] Ref: 302-018.

Price: £35.00
1895 (Feb) ps [2 1/2d.] cover GB to 'Capt. WE Binney RMLI, HMS "Howe", Malta.

1895 (Feb) ps [2 1/2d.] cover from GB to 'Capt. W.E Binney RMLI, HMS "Howe", Malta with OXFORD p/m. [1895 - Mediterranean and Red Sea Fleet] Folded. Ref: 302-001.

Price: £25.00
1895 cover PORTUGAL to Gunboat "Rio Lima" Lourenco Marques

1895 (April) cover from PORTUGAL endorsed via ship 'Peninsular' with LISBOA p/m. to Navy Canhoneira "Rio Lima" [Portuguese Navy Gunboat] at Lourenco Marques. EAST AFRICA. mss .. "Received 12 July 9"'. Naval. Ref: 303-123.

Price: £60.00
1897 cover SIBERIA to Germany. 'SMS Aronia' during Korean Crisis conflict

1897 (11th. Feb) cover from SIBERIA to Germany with s/r. KAIS DEUTSCHE / MARINE SCHIFFSPOST No. p/m. canc. 10Pf. adhesive. From 'SMS Aronia' during Korean Crisis conflict andanchored at the fortified port of Alexandrovskoe de Castri (opposite Sakhalin Island, 1350km north of Vladivostok). During the period of conflicting Russian and Japanese interests in Korea, Germany gave diplomatic support to Russia, backed by a naval presence. Redirected with WEISSENSEE receipt p/m. Faults. Ref: 303-078.

Price: £85.00
1898 letters 'HMS UNDAUNTED, Chefoo, CHINA' fleet here "we could defy the world"

1898 (8th. and 10th. April) letters from 'HMS UNDAUNTED, Chefoo, CHINA'. Fleet here "we could defy the world. Excellent Fothergill correspondence including drawing. [Independent information: At CHEFOO: 1898, 10th. April - Sunday. Nearly the whole China Squadron here, Centurion, Victorious, Barfleur, Powerful, Narcissus, Edgar, Undaunted, Grafton, Rainbow, Pique, Iphigenia, Daphne, Alacrity, Archer, Phoenix, Algerine, Rattler, Redpole, Hart, Handy, and Fame] NB: Letters only. Ref: 296-009.

Price: £30.00
1900 circa. unused Pictorial court size PPC 'NELSON 1801'

c.1900 unused Pictorial court size PPC 'NELSON 1801'. Also unused 'HMS victory Capt J Quilliam RN' - made First Lieutenant on HMS Victory by Horatio Nelson. Ref: 306-059.

Price: £6.00
1900 ps cover INDIA to 'HMS Eclipse, Harbour, Bombay'

1900 (Feb) postal stationary cover from INDIA to 'Henry A Malaher RN, HMS Eclipse, Harbour, Bombay' with circ. BOMBAY p/m. [H.M.S. Eclipse was commissioned in 1897 for the Royal Navy. From 1898-99 Eclipse was flagship of the East Indies Station, based in Bombay] Ref: 302-102.

Price: £15.00
1901 PC BOXER Rebellion. CHINA to Germany. MARINE SCHIFFSPOST No. 35 p/m.

1901 (April) PC BOXER Rebellion from CHINA to Germany with s/r. KAIS. DEUTSCHE MARINE SCHIFFSPOST No. 35 p/m. - SMS Weissenburg [One of the first ocean-going battleships of the Imperial German Navy] From 'Wusung, China'. Ref: 304-004.

Price: £65.00
1902 PPC PORTUGAL to Gunboat "Diu" Macau. HONG KONG transit

1902 PPC from PORTUGAL to Canhoeira (Gunboat) "Diu" Macau, Asia with d/r. HONG KONG transit p/m. and circ. MACAU receipt p/m. Ref: 294-090.

Price: £50.00
1903 cover + letter HMS Indefatigable, Ireland Island, BERMUDA to GB.

1903 (April) cover and long letter from HMS Indefatigable, Ireland Island, BERMUDA, West Indies to GB. [HMS Indefatigable, 2nd Class Cruiser, Apollo Class. 1896-1904 N America and West Indies Station] Ref: 297-022.

Price: £45.00
1904 PPC GB to 'HMS "Sphinx", Persian Gulf' redirected to 'Lapwing'

1904 (June) PPC from GB to 'Mr H Phillips SBA, HMS "Sphinx", Persian Gulf' and redirected to 'Lapwing, Karachai' with s/r. MUSCAT and KARACHI p/m's.

Gunboat diplomacy: At the turn of the century the Royal Navy maintained control of the Persian Gulf with three patrol ships, only one of which - HMS Lapwing [small gunboat]- was on permanent duty. 1904 was the year of the massive Persian oil strike in neighbouring Abadan. [SBA: Sick Berth Attendant, Royal Navy] Ref: 294-079.

Price: £275.00
1905 ps PC's AUSTRALIA to 'Lieut Cardale RM, HMS Torch'. [3 No.]

1905 ps PC's [3 No.] from AUSTRALIA to 'Lieut Cardale RM, HMS Torch' with s/r. SYDNEY, PONTVILLE / TASMANIA and HOBART p/m's. mss. to one 'Parcel leaving per SS "Westralia" today'. [HMS Torch was an Alert-class sloop of the Royal Navy and joined the Australian Station in February 1897] Creased, hinge remains. Ref: 306-094.

Price: £20.00
1906 PPC [Le Submersible "TRITON"] FRANCE to 'Aude'. CHERBOUG p/m.

1906 (Nov) PPC [Le Submersible "TRITON"] from FRANCE to 'Aude' with s/r. CHERBOUG p/m. Submarine. TRITON: Autonomous Submersible Torpedo Boat (1902 - 1919) Ref: 303-032.

Price: £12.00
1907 PPC [HMT "Plassy"] EGYPT to GB. Port Said p/m. Troopship 'Red Sea'

1907 (March) PPC [HMT "Plassy"] from EGYPT to GB with s/r. Port Said p/m. From Troopship in the 'Red Sea'. Ref: 303-031.

Price: £10.00