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1825 entire 'Duporth' to HMS EURYALUS. Postage Not Paid / to London h/s.

1825 (May) entire from 'Duporth' to HMS EURYALUS with boxed 'Postage Not Paid / to London' h/s. [HMS Euryalus was a Royal Navy 36-gun Apollo-class frigate, which saw service in the Battle of Trafalgar] Euryalis rendered assistance to the American brig Charles and Ellen at the island of Milos and stayed for a week, lending some 70 to 80 men to the brig to effect repairs, a kindness acknowledged her Captain, P.R.Bing and two Boston insurance companies, by posting a notice in the National Intelligencer of 23 March 1825. After her return to England Euryalus was converted to a prison hulk for boys. Soiled. Ref: 287-055.

Price: £125.00
1841 entire + Proclamation. HMS "Revenge", Suda, Island of Candia' CRETE. Rebellion.

1841 entire and Proclamation from HMS "Revenge", Suda, Island of Candia' CRETE regarding a Rebellion. Britannia watermarked Memo from Capt Hon. William Waldegrave to John Townsend RN, Mate of HMS Revenge. Includes a Translation from Greek of the 'Soras Reiss Proclamation' by His Excellency Mustapha Pasha, Governor of Candia, dated 26th. March. [C ANSELL 1838 watermarked paper] Island of CANDIA issiued a proclimation, urging the Candiot Greeks who were in insurection, to lay dorn their arms. [HMS REVENGE: 8th. March 1841, The fleet sailed for Suda Bay, CRETE (a force landed to co-operate with local authorities to put down and expel insurgent) where the Cretan Greeks were in rebellion against the Ottoman Empire] Ref: 288-075.

Background: The suppression of the rebellion in Crete in 1841 was a real shock to many Greeks in Istanbul. More important, what was at stake was not Crete only but the existence of Greece as an independent country. Even before the rebellion in Crete broke out, in early 1841, these rumours were prevalent. Especially the high taxes which the Porte imposed on Greek merchants were seen by many as a provocation for Greece to declare war against the Ottoman Empire. Palaki, a Greek, said in his house in Be[ikta[: “We cannot be at ease, unless we fight the Ottomans. Such high taxes are unheard of… Our King is getting prepared. We are weak now… but the Great Powers will surely help us. Even the King of Bavaria, our King’s father, will help us”. And Dimitri, a Greek ship captain, complained that “We cannot pay 20 per cent customs tax, and it is unheard of. Even if we don’t have the power to declare war now, God is great. Blessings on France and Bavaria”. If a possible war between the Ottoman Empire and Greece did not seem imminent in the 1830s, now that the war against Mehmed Ali Pasha of Egypt was over and the rebellion in Crete was suppressed, for many in 1841, a war with Greece seemed inevitable. Widespread rumours began circulating in the Istanbul streets that Tahir Pasha, who was in charge of suppressing the rebellion in Crete, had requested 24 battleships and 100,000 troops to invade Greece, or that the Ottoman chief admiral was already on his way to Greece. The atmosphere was so agitated that many Greek residents and merchants of Istanbul seem to have been convinced that their shops would be closed down and they would soon be deported.

Price: £650.00
1854 cover to 'Rear Admiral Hay' from 'Edward March 11th. about Peiping' CHINA

1854 (March) cover to 'Rear Admiral Hay' from 'Edward March 11th. about Peiping' - a former name of Beijing, CHINA. Also circ. LEAMINGTON receipt p/m. to rear. Edward Hay R.N. [Royal Navy] Youngest son of Rear Admiral James Hay. 30 Aug. 1852 made Lieutenant and on 22 March 1858 made Commander. [One of Shannon's Officers, Shannon's Naval Brigade: 2nd China War 1856-60] Ref: 288-045.

Price: £65.00
1855 cover CRIMEA to GB. POST OFFICE BRITISH ARMY p/m. 'Admiral Mundy'

1855 (Dec) cover from CRIMEA War to GB with circ. POST OFFICE / BRITISH ARMY p/m. to rear From 'Mundy, Shipley Hale, Sevastopol'. Embossed vignette of CARLISE to flap. [Admiral of the Fleet Sir (George) Rodney Mundy: Became commanding officer of the second-rate HMS NILE in July 1854 and in Sept. and Oct. 1855 Mundy commanded a detached force in Biorko Sound, which he secured against strong Russian forces] Ref: 285-130.

Price: £120.00
1856 cover + letter from 'HMS Cressy' to 'HMS Esk, Plymouth' redirected

1856 (June) cover and letter from 'HMS Cressy, Sherness' to 'HMS Esk, Plymouth' and redirected to South America with 'RETURNED FOR POSTAGE / THE AMOUNT / DEFICIENT' h/s. HMS Esk: Corvette in Oct. 1856 went to China to reinforce the squadron there. SECOND CHINA WAR. Ref: 289-081.

Price: £135.00
1865 cover GB to 'Capt. EJ Pollard RN, HMS Royalist, St. Thomas, West Indies'

1865 cover from GB to 'Capt. EJ Pollard RN, HMS "Royalist", St. Thomas, West Indies'. (DANISH WEST INDIES): Commander Edwin John Pollard, North America and West Indies Station with 'DUNKELD/AP15/65 - 118' duplex, London transit b/s in red and s/r. ST. THOMAS receipt p/m. Feb 2nd. 1865 to rear. Pollard invalided 7 July 1865 and then Commanded by Commander Maurice Horatio Nelson. NB: Soiled. Ref: 289-002.

Price: £50.00
1888 Registered Letter GB to 'HMS Alexandra, Mediterranean Squadron'

1888 (Oct) uprated Registered Letter [2d. + 7 1/2d] from GB to 'EA Donaldson Esq. RN, HMS Alexandra, Mediterranean Squadron'. [HMS Alexandra was a central battery ironclad of the Royal Navy] Fault to rear. Ref: 271-107.

Price: £90.00
1892 Registered Letter GB to 'HMS "Sirius", SE Coast of America'

1892 uprated Registered Letter [2d. + 2 1/2d] from GB to 'HM Ship "Sirius", South East Coast of America Station'. Flagship Cruiser - HMS Sirius was an Apollo-class cruiser of the British Royal Navy served off America from 1892 to 1895. Ref: 288-093.

Price: £100.00
1893 (Aug) cover + letter HMS AURORA to 'General Harrist, Cheltenham'

1893 (Aug) cover and letter from HMS AURORA, Rathmullen to 'General Harrist, Cheltenham'. mss .. "Did you read bathing accident in Standard on 31st Inst. Genl. B's son drowned in trying to save daughter - I must write to Burton". [BURTON FAMILY TOMB: "In loving memory of Geoffrey, Cadet at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, youngest son of General E.F. Burton and Georgiana his wife. Drowned saving his sister's life at Happisburgh, Norfolk 29th August 1893 Aged 18 years] Ref: 285-111.

Price: £25.00
1893 (May) cover + letter HMS AURORA. PLYMOUTH p/m. to 'General Harrist'

1893 (May) cover and letter from HMS AURORA with PLYMOUTH p/m. to 'General Harrist, Cheltenham'. mss .. "Went to hospital with typhoid .. state of drains on board". Royal Marine Barracks, Plymouth letter heading. Tear. Ref: 285-141.

Price: £12.00
1895 cover GB to 'Surgeon Major Morris AMS, SS Warwick Castle, Barbados

1895 (Feb. 11th.) cover GB to 'Surgeon Major Morris AMS, Medical Officer in Charge, SS Warwick Castle, Hired Transport, Due at Barbados on March 3rd', West Indies with s/r. BARBADOS receipt p/m. Feb. 23rd. to rear. The SS Warwick Castle was ordered to Barbados to transport the 1st. West India Regt. to West Africa. NB: Flap damaged. Ref: 286-041.

Price: £85.00
1895 cover PORTUGAL to Gunboat "Rio Lima" Lourenco Marques

1895 (April) cover from PORTUGAL endorsed via ship 'Peninsular' with LISBOA p/m. to Navy Canhoneira "Rio Lima" [Gunboat] at Lourenco Marques. EAST AFRICA. mss .. "Received 12 July 9"'. Naval. Ref: 286-104.

Price: £60.00
1896 ps PC NATAL to Germany redirected to 'Torpedo Ablf'

1896 uprated postal stationary PC from NATAL to Germany with d/r. DURBAN / NATAL p/m. and redirected to 'Lieut S Venger, Torpedo Ablf' [German Navy] with s/r. HANOVER p/m. From 'Port Natal'. Naval. Repaired. Ref: 283-113.

Price: £9.00
1897 cover IRELAND to Dublin. KINGSTOWN p/m. 'HMS Gossamer' crest

1897 cover from IRELAND to 'Mrs. H McVittie Taylor', Dublin with d/r. KINGSTOWN p/m. 'HMS Gossamer' crest to flap. H.M.S. Gossamer: Sharpshooter class torpedo gunboat. YEAR OF THE DIAMOND JUBILEE NAVAL REVIEW: ROYAL NAVY SHIP DEPLOYMENTS 1897. Coast Guard: Gossamer * [Kingstown] Redirected with s/r. DUNDRUM and CLONMEL p/m's. Ref: 273-025.

Price: £20.00
1897 cover SIBERIA to Germany. 'SMS Aronia' during Korean Crisis conflict

1897 (11th. Feb) cover from SIBERIA to Germany with s/r. KAIS DEUTSCHE / MARINE SCHIFFSPOST No. p/m. canc. 10Pf. adhesive. From 'SMS Aronia' during Korean Crisis conflict andanchored at the fortified port of Alexandrovskoe de Castri (opposite Sakhalin Island, 1350km north of Vladivostok). During the period of conflicting Russian and Japanese interests in Korea, Germany gave diplomatic support to Russia, backed by a naval presence. Redirected with WEISSENSEE receipt p/m. Faults. Ref: 286-003.

Price: £100.00
1899 cover French SOUDAN to Senegal. KAYES p/m. 'Camp de N'Dar Couter'

1899 (Aug) cover from French SOUDAN to Senegal, 'Camp de N'Dar Couter' [West Africa] with d/r. KAYES / SOUDAN FRANCAIS p/m. and circ. French Naval cachet. Also d/r. SENEGAL / St LOUIS p/m. to rear. Occupation. NB: Faults. Ref: 273-146.

Price: £35.00
1899 cover GIBRALTAR to GB. 'HMS NIOBE' escort troop Transports: BOER War

1899 (April) cover from GIBRALTAR to GB with HMS "NIOBE" to flap. Niobe sent to Gibraltar to escort troop Transports ferrying reinforcement to the Cape: BOER War. Royal Navy. Ref: 287-136.

Price: £35.00
1899 ps PC HONG KONG to Germany. Nur fur Marine-Schiffposten. MSP No. 5 p/m

1899 (Feb) ps PC from HONG KONG to Germany with 'Nur fur Marine-Schiffposten' o/p. and s/r. MSP No. 5 p/m. [Marine Schiffspost] of "SMS PRINZESS WILHELM". Refers to "Amoy & Shanghai". [mid-Nov. 1889 PRINZESS WILHELM made flagship in Philippines during the Spanish–American War, ending 10th Dec. 1889. The ship remained in Asia for only a few more months] Ref: 276-027.

Price: £125.00
1900 cover + letter GIBRALTAR to USA. 'USAT Kilpatrick' Transport

1900 (Nov) cover and letter from GIBRALTAR to USA with GIBRALTAR p/m. From 'USAT Kilpatrick' US Army Transport en-route to Manila: US-Spanish War in Philipines. mss .. "we have beaten the [USAT] Bufford two days to here. I am taking in 300 tons of coal and leave for Malta next Friday". Ref: 273-144.

Price: £100.00
1900 ps cover INDIA to 'HMS Eclipse, Harbour, Bombay'

1900 (Feb) postal stationary cover from INDIA to 'Henry A Malaher RN, HMS Eclipse, Harbour, Bombay' with circ. BOMBAY p/m. Ref: 284-107.

Price: £15.00