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1858 (May) cover GB to 'Douglas Wimberly, 79th. Highlanders'. Indian Mutiny

1858 (May) cover from GB to 'Douglas Wimberly, 79th. Highlanders, Calcutta' and forwarded. [6d. RATE] Indian Mutiny. [The 79th Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders: The regiment was present, and performed its part bravely during the siege and capture of Lucknow, from the 2nd to the 16th of March 1858, its loss being 7 non-commissioned officers and privates killed, and 2 officers, Brevet-Major Miller and Ensign Haine, and 21 non-commissioned officers and privates wounded. On the 5th of May the 79th was formed in line of battle before Bareihly, when it helped to gain another glorious victory, with a loss of only 2 men killed and 2 wounded. The regiment received the special thanks of Sir Colin Campbell. The 79th next made a forced march to the relief of Shahjehanpoor, under the command of Brigadier-General John Jones, and on the 21st of May was again under fire at the attack of that place. Captain Wimberley was with his regiment at the relief of Lucknow under Sir Colin Campbell. He had a narrow escape in an engagement. A bullet whizzed past his head and cut away a piece of his feather bonnet just over his forehead. He kept the piece of the bonnet as a memento. The gallant Highlander took an active part in the fighting during the Mutiny, and was present at the reduction of Robileund, where the blazing sun was the worst enemy of the British troops. Captain Wimberley was gazetted adjutant of the Cameroons in June 1858, while stationed at Cawnpore] Ref: 306-009.

Price: £150.00
1862 'Remember Ellsworth' cover to '79th Highlanders (NYI) Wilcox's Corps, Falmouth'

1862 illustrated 'Remember Ellsworth' cover to 'Capt. WJ Lush, 79th Highlanders (NYI) Wilcox's Corps, Falmouth'. [79th NY VI "Highlanders"- 79th New York Volunteer Infantry. Marched up the Potomac to Leesburg, then to Falmouth, Va., Oct. 11th. - Nov. 18th. 1862] USA. FEDERAL PATRIOTIC STATIONERY DURING the AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. "Remember Ellsworth" imprint above design of three soldiers murdering with a bayonet. NB: 3 cent adhesive damaged. Ref: 306-053.

Price: £45.00
1898 Registered Letter QUETTA to '1st Hampshire Regt, Mooltan'

1898 Registered Letter from QUETTA to '1st Hampshire Regt, Mooltan' with s/r. MOOLTAN receipt p/m. to rear. Ref: 306-106.

Price: £15.00
1900 circa. Card 'Ps. 20.5. Onward! Christian soldiers Marching as to war'

c.1900 Card 'Ps. 20.5. In the Name of our God. Onward! Christian soldiers Marching as to war'. Creased. Ref: 306-062.

Price: £6.00
1900 circa. unused Pictorial court size PPC 'NELSON 1801'

c.1900 unused Pictorial court size PPC 'NELSON 1801'. Also unused 'HMS victory Capt J Quilliam RN' - made First Lieutenant on HMS Victory by Horatio Nelson. Ref: 306-059.

Price: £6.00
1902 ps cover BOER WAR to Jersey, Channel Islands. 'P. Rondel, RAMC Noupoort'

1902 ps cover from the BOER WAR to Jersey, Channel Islands. From 'P. Rondel, RAMC Noupoort' with d/r. Army Post Office / Krugersdorp p/m. Also s/r. JERSEY receipt p/m. to rear. [Royal Army Medical Corps] Ref: 306-050.

Price: £65.00
1905 PPC [Russo-Japanese War: Port Arthur] AUSTRIA to Ukraine

1905 PPC [Russo-Japanese War: Port Arthur] AUSTRIA to Ukraine. Panzerschiffe "Zesarwitsch" u "Retwisan" in der Nacht des 9 Februar 1904. Grubby. Ref: 306-049.

Price: £15.00
1905 ps PC's AUSTRALIA to 'Lieut Cardale RM, HMS Torch'. [3 No.]

1905 ps PC's [3 No.] from AUSTRALIA to 'Lieut Cardale RM, HMS Torch' with s/r. SYDNEY, PONTVILLE / TASMANIA and HOBART p/m's. mss. to one 'Parcel leaving per SS "Westralia" today'. [HMS Torch was an Alert-class sloop of the Royal Navy and joined the Australian Station in February 1897] Creased, hinge remains. Ref: 306-094.

Price: £20.00
1908 PPC [Marine Militaire Francaise "ALOSE" Sous-Marin] TOULON p/m. Submarine

1908 PPC [Marine Militaire Francaise "ALOSE" Sous-Marin] with s/r. TOULON p/m. One of the first generation of operational submarines of the French navy. Ref: 306-011.

Price: £12.00
1909 PPC (Melilla) GIBRALTAR to GB. Autominus city of SPAIN

1909 (30th. Sept) PPC [Melilla - soldiers] from GIBRALTAR to GB with d/r. GIBRALTAR p/m. Melilla: Autominus city of SPAIN - an enclave - Morocco. Message refers to war. In 1908 two companies, under the protection of El Roghi, a chieftain then ruling the Rif region, started mining lead and iron some 20 kilometres from Melilla. In October 1908 the Roghi's vassals revolted against him and raided the mines, which remained closed until June 1909. By July the workmen were again attacked and several of them killed. Severe fighting between the Spaniards and the tribesmen followed. Ref: 306-103.

Price: £45.00
1909 uprated Registered Letter GB to 'Capt AM Delaware, BERMUDA'

1909 uprated Registered Letter from GB to 'Capt AM Delaware ASC, Headquarters, Prospect, BERMUDA' with 'A & N CSL / No. 13 Dept' wax seal. [Army and Navy] Part d/r. BERMUDA receipt p/m. to rear. Ref: 306-101.

Price: £45.00
1911 cover CHINA to GB. Indian FPO No. 1 p/m. Report on MONGOLIA

1911 (15th. Sept) cover and letter from CHINA to GB endorsed 'Via Siberia' with d/r. Indian FPO No. 1 p/m. with CEF o/p. to One Anna adhesives. Chinese Expeditionary Force. To: RMB Otter-Barry Esq. September 11th. 1911. Peking Legations.
My dearest Father, The attach has recommended me to stay on & forwarded on my report on Mongolia. In the covering letter of the latter he again recommended me to stay on, saying I deserve credit for it, and the Minister here endorsed his recommendation. He seems very pleased with my report, and so they ought to be as it cost me 60 and nearly 4 months toil altogether. Phoebe and I went for a Saturday to Monday picnic in the hills 27 miles away last weekend - with the Russian Minister, his daughter, a Russian officer and another Russian lady Perry-Ayscough and a man called George. It was very jolly. P rode with me and the pony strained for her, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and also my talk with the Russian Minister which rather opened my eyes about the Chinese Russian question. They look upon Mongolia as a buffer state & say it is really under Mongolian Rule, which is as a matter of fact a "lie" as it is ruled purely by Chinese officials and Mongolian Princes have no authority whatsoever. 

WITH THE RUSSIANS IN MONGOLIA: Perry-Ayscough of the Chinese Postal Service, FRGS, and Capt. Otter-Barry (B. 1879) of the Royal Sussex Regiment, FRGS, [Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society] travelled through Mongolia at different times, the latter in 1911, just before the Chinese Revolution.

Ref: 306-090.

Price: £475.00
1914 (16th. Sept) real photo PPC HMS "COLLINGWOOD" with LONDON m/c.

1914 (16th. Sept) real photo PPC HMS "COLLINGWOOD" with LONDON m/c. From 'Len Gardner'. [Based at Scapa Flow. On 4th Aug. 1914, put to sea and carried out massive sweep of northern waters. Periodically the ships went out on North Sea Sweeps and Gunnery exercises, which usually lasted for 3 days followed by ten days in harbor] Ref: 306-015.

Price: £10.00
1914 POW cover GB to France. POST FREE 'Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth'

1914 (Dec) POW cover from GB to 'Lieutenant Colonel Francois Bellanger', France with s/r. LONDON OFFICIAL PAID p/m. and part circ. POST FREE h/s. Also s/r. P.C h/s. From 'Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth'. Ref: 306-080.

Price: £45.00
1914 unused real photo PPC 'HMS "AMPHION". Sunk by a German mine North Sea'

1914 unused real photo PPC 'HMS "AMPHION". Sunk by a German mine in the North Sea'. 6th. Aug. 1914. Ref: 306-027.

Price: £10.00
1914-17 real photo unused PPC 'French Battleship "DANTON Owers Southsea'

1914-17 real photo unused PPC 'French Battleship "DANTON. Owers Southsea'. Ref: 306-012.

Price: £7.00
1914-18 cover GB to 'Serg. T Roudel, R.A.M. Corps' GERMANY

1914-18 cover from GB to 'Serg. T Roudel, R.A.M. Corps., British Prisoner of War' with boxed POW / INFORMATION BUREAU / BERLIN h/s. - GERMANY. Also circ. POST FREE / PC h/s. and Zurck Aufenthalt Suit nicht ermittelt h/s. [Royal Army Medical Corps] Ref: 306-121.

Price: £75.00
1914-18 PPC SENEGAL to GB with CENSORED h/s. Gould 4A 202 - reversed 'N'

1914-18 PPC [Senegal] from SENEGAL to GB endorsed 'OAS' with s/l. CENSORED h/s. Gould 4A 202 - reversed 'N' [Senegal VC Post Office] Troopship calling at Dakar to re-fuel. Ref: 306-033.

Price: £50.00
1915 (May) PPC 'HMS CONQUEROR' to London. RFHMS m/c. 'Arthur H Court'

1915 (May) PPC 'HMS CONQUEROR' to London with RFHMS m/c. From 'Arthur H Court Sig., HMS Conqueror'. [Conqueror rejoined the Grand Fleet in March 1915 and Jellicoe's ships swept the central North Sea on 1719 May and 2931 May 1915 without encountering any German vessels] Bells' card. Ref: 306-038.

Price: £15.00
1915 cover EGYPT to GB. Indian BASE OFFICE G p/m. censored

1915 cover from EGYPT to GB with d/r. Indian BASE OFFICE G p/m. and circ. PASSED BY CENSOR / INDIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE 113 cachet in blue. Ref: 306-125.

Price: £18.00