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1858 'Intelligence' letter No. 464 "Major General Michel" to Brigadier Parke. INDIAN MUTINY

1858 (19th. Nov.) 'Intelligence' letter No. 464 from "Major General Michel" to Brigadier Parke. 5 paragraphs. INDIAN MUTINY chasing rebels. [Peace declared July 8th 1859.] From Field Marshal Sir John Michel (1804-1886) In the aftermath of the Indian Mutiny‚ Michel commanded the Malwa Field Force‚ and‚ from August 1858‚ took command of the troops in Rajputana. 'Moniers Fine 1853' watermarked paper. Spike holes and folded. Ref: 290-074.

Price: £150.00
1888 Registered Letter GB to 'HMS Alexandra, Mediterranean Squadron'

1888 (Oct) uprated Registered Letter [2d. + 7 1/2d] from GB to 'EA Donaldson Esq. RN, HMS Alexandra, Mediterranean Squadron'. [HMS Alexandra was a central battery ironclad of the Royal Navy] Fault to rear. Ref: 290-119.

Price: £75.00
1890 uprated 'Uniform Penny Postage' cover GB to 'HMS Orlando, Australia'

1890 (2nd. July) uprated 'Uniform Penny Postage' cover and insert from GB to 'Capt. W. J. Eastman RMA, HMS Orlando, Australia'. Royal Marine Artillery. Penny Postage Jubilee / South Kensington p/m. [HMS Orlando 1886: Cruiser 1st Class, Armoured 1890 Flag Ship Australia Station. Includes officers borne for duties with stores at Sydney and the Victorian Naval Defence Force] Ref: 290-027.

Price: £275.00
1896 (Aug) cover GB to 'Captain A Mostyn, RN, Sulva, Figi'. SULVA / FIGI p/m.

1896 (Aug) cover from GB to 'Captain A Mostyn, RN, Sulva, Figi' with weak SULVA / FIGI receipt p/m. Mostyn was Capt. of HMS PENGUIN: 1,130 ton British Surveying ship with a crew of 135 conducting deep-sea soundings for telegraph cable from Canada to Australia. Royal Navy. Naval. Ref: 291-094.

Price: £65.00
1900 (Dec.) cover + letter BOXER Rebellion to GB. FPO 5 p/m.

1900 (16th Dec.) cover and letter from the BOXER Rebellion to 'Craufurdland Castle' with d/r. FPO 5 p/m. canc. ONE ANNA with 'CEF' o/p. [Chinese Expeditionary Force] Excellent historic letter from Shanghai by Capt. Archibald Houison-Craufurd. 7 Bo. I. Dy. Asst. Adjt. Genl. 2nd Infantry Brigade. mss .. "I was lunching today with some people called Harding – he is something in Customs Service. Last night I dined at the Astor House Hotel, where the German Admiral’s ships band played during and after dinner. The dinner was given by Major Watson and was to have been in honour Mrs Creagh our Generals wife who came up by the last mail …could not come .. the party was only Stewart, myself & Capt. Cradock of HMS Alacrity the Admirals Despatch vessel .. about 200 people there of all nationalities. The night before I was dining at the Germans Mess and had a pleasant evening. They didn't make me drink too many malts. The German officers are wonderfully nice to me. Their Colonel - Graf Schleppen-bach is very English, having had an English mother". 1906 'Craufurdland Castle' PPC. Ref: 290-087.

Price: £175.00
1902 unused PPC 'Mr Stanley Spencer's Air Ship. Starting on his voyage to St. Paul's'

1902 unused PPC 'Mr Stanley Spencer's Air Ship. Starting on his voyage to St. Paul's'. 19 Sept. 1902: The New York Times reported: AN AIRSHIP TRAVELS NEARLY THIRTY MILES. Stanley Spencer, the Aeronaut, astonishes Londoners. He starts from the Crystal Palace and descends near Harrow and makes various detours. Ref: 290-026.

Price: £15.00
1911 unused real photo PPC. The Vickers Airship No. 1 Mayfly broke in two

1911 unused real photo PPC. The Vickers Airship No. 1 Mayfly broke in two. [His Majesty's Airship No. 1 was designed and built by Vickers, Sons and Maxim at their works in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, England, as an aerial scout airship for the Royal Navy When it was moved from its shed in Cavendish Dock to conduct full trials on 24 September 1911, it broke in two] Photograph by 'J Parker, Barrow-in-Furness'. Ref: 290-007.

Price: £35.00
1914 (Nov) PPC (Aden) HMAT Orvieto to Australia. PASSED h/s.

1914 (28th. Nov) PPC (Aden - ss Salsette) from HMAT Orvieto to Australia with MELBORNE m/c. and PASSED h/s. HMAT Transport A3 to Egypt and then Gallipoli. From 'HSD' to Dad 'Dickinson'. Herbert Spencer Dickinson enlisted with the 5th Infantry Battalion and was allocated the rank of private. Departed Melbourne aboard HMAT Orvieto on 21 Oct. 1914. After serving with his unit at Gallipoli, he was transferred in Feb. 1916 to the 57th Infantry Battalion and sent to the Western Front in France. Dickinson was quickly promoted through the ranks, gaining his first promotion to Lance corporal in Sept. 1914 and becoming a captain by May 1916. Whilst serving with the 57th Infantry Battalion he was mentioned in the despatches of General Douglas Haig on 9 April 1917. Dickinson was killed in action at Polygon Wood in Belgium on 25 September 1917. He was 25 years old. Herbert Dickinson is buried at The Huts Cemetery, Belgium. Ref: 290-101.

Price: £100.00
1914-18 Regimental Silk PPC of the Northumberland Fusiliers

1914-18 Regimental Silk PPC of the Northumberland Fusiliers by "LA PENSEE", Paris. Message to rear. Ref: 290-111.

Price: £40.00
1915 cover W. Front to 'Colonel Dundee, North West Frontier'

1915 (Nov) cover from Western Front to 'Colonel W.J.D. Dundee CIE, Peshawar, North West Frontier Province, India' [NWF] with d/r. FPO T.6 p/m. and censor. [CIE - Council for Indian Education] Ref: 290-143.

Price: £9.00
1915 cover W. Front to MALTA. FPO (D)50 p/m. censored

1915 cover from the Western Front to MALTA with part d/r. FPO (D)50 p/m. and tri. censor 754. From 'Saul Manduca'. Maltese contingent. Self censored. Ref: 290-146.

Price: £25.00
1915 PPC BELGIUM to Germany. Kaiserlichiche Deutsche Seewarte

1915 PPC [Ostende] from BELGIUM to Germany with KD Feldpostexp / der 1. Marine Div p/m. and Kaiserlichiche Deutsche Seewarte h/s. Northern German Marine Observatory. Ref: 290-106.

Price: £15.00
1915 PPC [Royal Flying Corps] FARNBOROUGH p/m. '2nd. Aircraft Park'

1915 PPC [Royal Flying Corps] with s/r. FARNBOROUGH p/m. From 'A.M. George BE Nye, Detachment Camp, 2nd. Aircraft Park, Farnborough, Hants'. Slight foxing. Ref: 290-013.

Price: £25.00
1915 real photo PPC 'G. Sabelli Henriot Monoplane 50 hp'. BOURNMOUTH m/c.

1915 real photo PPC 'G. Sabelli Henriot Monoplane 50 hp' with BOURNMOUTH m/c. Ref: 290-009.

Price: £35.00
1916 'History and Traditions' card The 7th. Loyal North Lancashire Regt.

1916 'History and Traditions' card of The 7th. Loyal North Lancashire Regt. who have been awarded Honours incl. Lieut. TOL Wilkinson. VC - Victoria Cross. Others awarded DCM, DSO, DCM and Military Cross. Also unused real photo PPC of 'Command Pay Office Staff. Aldershot'. Gum remains. Thomas Orde Lawder Wilkinson VC. Announced in the London Gazette 26 September 1916. “For most conspicuous bravery. During an attack, when a party of another unit was retiring without their machine gun, Lieutenant Wilkinson rushed forward and, with two of his men, got the gun into action, and held up the enemy till they were relieved. Later, when the advance was checked during a bombing attack, he forced his way forward and found four or five men of different units stopped by a solid block of earth, over which the enemy was throwing bombs. With great pluck and promptness he mounted a machine gun on the top of the parapet and dispersed the enemy bombers. Subsequently he made two most gallant attempts to bring in a wounded man, but [in] the second attempt he was shot through the heart just before reaching the man. Throughout the day he set a magnificent example of courage and self-sacrifice.” Ref: 290-089.

Price: £25.00
1916 cover to 'RA Harris, Sussex Yeomanry' RETURNED TO ENGLAND h/s.

1916 (May) cover to 'Trooper RA Harris, 1 Sussex Yeomanry, Headquarters, Expeditionary Force' with boxed ADDRESSEE RETURNED TO ENGLAND / BASE MEF h/s. Also d/r. BAPO Z p/m. [EGYPT] and redirected to 'NASRIEH HOSPITAL'. [1st Sussex Yeomanry: by 8 Jan. 1916 the Regiment was evacuated from GALLIPOLI and moved to Mudros, and after a short stay the unit embarked for Egypt in Feb. 1916] NB: Opens out and corner missing. Ref: 290-130.

Price: £20.00
1916 PPC SALONIKA, Parc D'Aviation. French Air Force.

1916 PPC [Salonique - Le Quay] from SALONIKA to France with part s/r. TRESOR ET POSTES p/m. & d/r. Parc D'Aviation / Armee D'Orient h/s. Also s/r. VIENNE receipt p/m. French Air Force in GREECE. Ref: 290-141.

Price: £25.00
1916 PPC [Cairo] EGYPT to GB. FPO D.54 p/m. censor 2847 h/s.

1916 (Feb) PPC [Cairo] from EGYPT to GB with d/r. FPO D.54 p/m. and censor 2847 h/s. [Allocated 1/2 E. Ang. Fd. Amb] Ref: 290-109.

Price: £15.00
1917 (March) cover from FRANCE to Canada with poor APO 3 m/c. and censor 2556 h/s.

1917 (March) cover from FRANCE to Canada with poor APO 3 m/c. and censor 2556 h/s. Also HALIFAX m/c. on 2 cent WAR TAX adhesive. [To read 1T˘, meaning that the stamp carried both its face value and the added tax of 1 cent] and tied OPENED BY CENSOR. '6115' label to rear. Printed 'No. 3 CANADIAN GENERAL HOSPITAL (McGill)' in red to flap. [From 1916-1919, the hospital was located in Boulogne, France] Ref: 290-058.

Price: £35.00
1917 cover SWITZERLAND to GB. British POW interned in MURREN

1917 cover from SWITZERLAND to GB with d/r. MURREN p/m. and LONDON PAID m/c. From British POW interned in MURREN with OPENED BY CENSOR PW 178 label. Ref: 290-098.

Price: £12.00