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1895 unused PC Carte Postale. Corps Expeditionnaire de Madagascar

1895 unused PC Carte Postale. Corps Expeditionnaire de Madagascar. NB: Fault. Ref: 300-039.

Price: £6.00
1901 (Dec) Greek ps PC [10 Lepta] CORFU to GB. KEPKYPA p/m. 'HMS Pegasus'

1901 (Dec) Greek ps PC [10 Lepta] from CORFU to GB with s/r. KEPKYPA p/m. From 'HMS Pegasus, Corfu'. [Cruiser commissioned at Chatham on 21 May 1901 by Commander Edmund Hyde Smith, to serve at the Mediterranean Station.] Ref: 300-064.

Price: £25.00
1904 cover BERMUDA to GB '60th Regiment' crest HAMILTON p/m.

1904 [April 21st] cover from BERMUDA to GB endorsed 'Via New York' with d/r. HAMILTON p/m. and '60th Regiment of Foot' crest to flap. Kings Royal Rifle Corps. Also d/r. WIMBORNE receipt p/m. to rear. [May 3rd] Ref: 300-129.

Price: £10.00
1911 PPC [Ameer of Afghanistan's Son] INDIA to GB. PESHAWAR p/m.

1911 PPC [Ameer of Afghanistan's Son at Peshawar] from INDIA to GB with d/r. PESHAWAR p/m. mss .. "It was very interesting when we crossed the Frontier". NWF. Ref: 300-092.

Price: £20.00
1915 cover + letter EGYPT to 'HMS Conquest'. Indian FPO 311 p/m. censor 98 h/s

1915 (8th. Aug.) cover and letter from EGYPT to 'HMS Conquest' with d/r. Indian FPO 311 p/m. and censor 98 h/s. [Conquest was commissioned into service in the Royal Navy in June 1915. She was assigned to the 5th Light Cruiser Squadron in Harwich Force, which operated in the North Sea to guard the eastern approaches to the Strait of Dover and English Channel. In Aug. 1915, she was among the ships which took part in the pursuit of the Imperial German Navy auxiliary cruiser Meteor in the North Sea which resulted in Meteor scuttling herself on 9 Aug. 1915]

Price: £20.00
1915 cover FRANCE to GB. APO 78 p/m. French censor 'VERIFIE / 4.1.15' h/s.

1915 (Jan) cover from FRANCE to GB with d/r. APO 78 p/m. [Stationary Post Office, DUNKIRK] and French censor 'VERIFIE / 4.1.15' h/s. Roughly opened. Ref: 300-030.

Price: £10.00
1915 Flags PC FRANCE to GB. FPO T.6 p/m. '1/1 South Midland Division'

1915 'Flags' PC from FRANCE to GB with d/r. FPO T.6 p/m. From 'Dr. Alf Arnold, No. 981. 1/1 Warwick Battery, 1/1 South Midland Division, South Mid. Brigade, RFA, Expeditionary Force, France'. Ref: 300-144.

Price: £8.00
1915 The Overseas Club for Christmas Day Gifts helped by 'Leslie Hartford'

1915 The Overseas Club for Christmas Day Gifts helped by 'Leslie Hartford'. NB: Edge missing. Ref: 300-067

Price: £9.00
1915 Tobacco PC Western Front to GB. Indian FPO 9 p/m. censor 181

1915 Tobacco PC from the Western Front to GB with d/r. Indian FPO 9 p/m. and tri. censor 181 h/s. From 'Dr. H Jarvis, 59th. Batty'. Ref: 300-131.

Price: £12.00
1916 PPC (Easter Eggs from Doberitz) from GERMANY to GB. censored

1916 PPC (Easter Eggs) from GERMANY to GB with LONDON PAID m/c. and Camp censor h/s. From 'Pte. Mortimer, 2nd. Suffolk Regt, Dyrotz' Camp. POW - Prisoner of War card by 'Cecil A Tooke'. Ref: 300-130.

Price: £25.00
1916 PPC Hospital Ship "AQUITANIA" AAMC Details, Parkhouse Camp

1916 PPC [HM Hospital Ship "AQUITANIA"] with d/r. PARKHOUSE CAMP SALISBURY 2 p/m. From 'AAMC Details, Parkhouse Camp No. 2, Salisbury, Wilts'. Australian Army Medical Corps. mss .. "arrived in England yesterday'. Ref: 300-124.

Price: £25.00
1916 printed POW cover AUSTRALIA to CHINA. PASSED BY / CENSOR SD h/s.

1916 printed POW cover from AUSTRALIA to CHINA with boxed PASSED BY / CENSOR SD h/s. From 'Fritz Felbick' at Trial Bay Camp NSW with s/r. CANTON receipt p/m. to rear [Oct. 14th. 1916] Concentration Camp. Prisoner of War. Photograph available at 'trove.nla.gov.au' for Felbick Fritz - index number 4791. NB: Opens out. Ref: 300-147.

Price: £245.00
1916 Registered Express cover SLOVENIA to Czechoslovakia. Anti British label

1916 Registered Express cover from SLOVENIA to Czechoslovakia with circ. CILLI p/m. and censor label. Also "Retour Cilli" in mss. and Anti British label to rear 'GOTT STRAFE ENGLAND'. From 'Retablierungsstation der KuK Gerbirgsartillerie in Cilli Ersatzabteilung'. [Retention centers of KuK Mountain Artillery in Cilli Replacement Department] Ref: 300-097.

Price: £100.00
1917 (Dec) cover GB to 'Capt. AB Ashby, 3/4 Queens, BEF, France'

1917 (Dec) cover GB to 'Capt. AB Ashby, 3/4 Queens, BEF, France'. [3/4th Battalion, The Queen's (Royal West Surrey) Regiment] Ref: 300-040.

Price: £6.00
1917 cover EGYPT to GB. FPO 4DY p/m. tri. censor 2758 h/s. - '24 RWF'

1917 (Jan) cover from EGYPT to GB with s/r. FPO 4DY p/m. [4th. Dismounted Brigade] and tri. censor 2758 h/s. - Denbigh Yeomanry, 231 Brigade, 74 Division. Ref: 300-141.

Price: £25.00
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1918 cover AUSTRIA to GB. RAABS p/m. ZENSURIET h/s. 'POW, Raabs an der Thaya'

1918 (3rd. Sept) cover from AUSTRIA to GB with d/r. RAABS p/m. and tri. ZENSURIET h/s. endorsed 'Austrian Red Cross'. From 'H.S. Richards, Prisoner of War, Raabs an der Thaya Nr. O, Austria'. Also LONDON PAID m/c. (20th. Oct) Faults. Ref: 300-008.

Price: £45.00
1918 cover from GB to 'No. 1 AD, RAF, France'. LOCATION UNCERTAIN

1918 (Oct) cover from GB to '2nd A/M Berridge CF, Re-enforcement Camp, No. 1 AD, RAF, BEF, France' [Royal Air Force] with s/l. PRESENT LOCATION UNCERTAIN h/s. Also d/r. APO 4 and FPO AD2 p/m's to rear. Ref: 300-117.

Price: £9.00
1918 cover MESOPOTAMIA to GB. Indian FPO No. 58 / 7TH DESP p/m.

1918 cover from MESOPOTAMIA to GB with d/r. Indian FPO No. 58 / 7TH DESP p/m. and d/r. PASSED D CENSOR h/s. to rear. Redirected to 'c/o Miss Hunt, Officers Mess, RAF'. [Royal Air Force, Farnborough] Ref: 300-103.

Price: £15.00
1918 PPC to 'Driver SA Roberts, W. Sound Ranging Section, BEF'

1918 PPC [now serving his King & Country] GB to 'Driver SA Roberts, W. Sound Ranging Section, BEF, France' redirected to 'c/o Major Hemming, Canadian Corps. HH' with 'CCSS' in mss. [Canadian Corps Survey Section] Sound Ranging: method of determining the coordinates of a hostile artillery battery using data derived from the sound of its guns firing. Ref: 300-109.

Price: £35.00

1919 cover from TURKEY to GB with d/r. APO Y p/m. and boxed CENSORED BY / 5 /MILITARY AUTHORITY h/s. Also PASSED BY CENSOR label. Imprint: AP & SD, SKA 1364-1987. 40,000 27-3-19 ABR. From 'Constantinople'. Army of the Black Sea. Repaired. Ref: 300-145.

Price: £15.00