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1861-5 American Civil   1878-80 Second Afghan   1898 Spanish-American   1900-1 Boxer Rebellion



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1817 entire JAMAICA to 'New York' endorsed 'Brig Margaret. Capt. George Bell'

1817 (March) entire from JAMAICA to 'New York' endorsed 'Brig Margaret. Capt. George Bell'. From 'Campbell Ellis, Falmouth, Jamaica' regarding "One hundred Puncheons of Rum". Faults. Ref: 293-032.

Price: £65.00
1825 entire 'Duporth' to HMS EURYALUS. Postage Not Paid / to London h/s.

1825 (May) entire from 'Duporth' to HMS EURYALUS with boxed 'Postage Not Paid / to London' h/s. [HMS Euryalus was a Royal Navy 36-gun Apollo-class frigate, which saw service in the Battle of Trafalgar] Euryalis rendered assistance to the American brig Charles and Ellen at the island of Milos and stayed for a week, lending some 70 to 80 men to the brig to effect repairs, a kindness acknowledged her Captain, P.R.Bing and two Boston insurance companies, by posting a notice in the National Intelligencer of 23 March 1825. After her return to England Euryalus was converted to a prison hulk for boys. Soiled. Ref: 287-055.

Price: £125.00
1837 (Feb) Paymaster request St. LUCIA to London. '74th. Regt.'

1837 (Feb) Paymaster request from St. LUCIA to London. From 'Richard Davis Paymaster of the 74th. Regiment.' mss .. "forward directly to this place for the use of Officers of the Regiment Eight Hogsheads of their finest Old Madeira". [The 74th (Highland) Regiment of Foot in the 1830s and into the 1840s, was stationed in St. Lucia, Barbados and other islands in the West Indies] BWI. Ref: 292-085.

Price: £45.00
1843 entire IRELAND to 'The Earle of Haddington, First Lord of the Admiralty'

1843 (April) entire from IRELAND to 'The Earle of Haddington, First Lord of the Admiralty, London' regarding the death of seaman serving on HMS Herald, China - involved in the First Anglo-Chinese War. Mrs C. Burns requesting details of a will made by 'John Dumphey alias Murphy .. in the Military Hospital of Macoa in China and duly attested by Surgeon Allen and Mr Diamond'.

[John Dumphey, aged 44, Able Seaman belonged to HMS Herald; taken ill in Canton River; sick or hurt, intermittent fever quotidien; put on sick list 30 Aug. 1841, died 25 Oct. 1841]

Including written response drafted inside from The Earl. The original entire was from the Navy (Office of Inspectors of Seaman's Wills) dated Jan. 1843. [For margined SG8 1d. tied by very fine Cootehill Maltese Cross] The First Sino British War, or Opium War. HMS Herald was paid off at Chatham in May 1842. Ref: 272-077.

Price: £600.00
1844 part entire GB to 'Lieut. WR Dickinson, Engineer Corps, Tannah, Bombay'

1844 part entire from GB to 'Lieut. WR Dickinson, Engineer Corps, Tannah, Bombay' with octagonal PAID p/m. and part boxed BOMBAY receipt p/m. to rear. Ref: 291-005.

Price: £8.00
1854 cover to 'Rear Admiral Hay' from 'Edward March 11th. about Peiping' CHINA

1854 (March) cover to 'Rear Admiral Hay' from 'Edward March 11th. about Peiping' - a former name of Beijing, CHINA. Also circ. LEAMINGTON receipt p/m. to rear. Edward Hay R.N. [Royal Navy] Youngest son of Rear Admiral James Hay. 30Aug.1852 made Lieutenant and on 22March1858 made Commander. [One of Shannon's Officers, Shannon's Naval Brigade: 2nd China War 1856-60] Ref: 288-045.

Price: £65.00
1857 (Aug) cover GB to 'Lt Col Gosling, Comg 10th Reg M.N.I., Rangoon'

1857 (Aug) cover and letter from GB to care of 'Lt Col Gosling, Comg. 10th. Regt. M.N.I., Rangoon, [BURMA] via Calcutta' [Madras Native Infantry] with d/r. CAL receipt p/m. (Oct). Post Paid 1/-. INDIAN MUTINY 1857-59. 10th Madras Native Infantry. From 1796 there was always a lieutenant colonel on strength, but as he often served away from the unit the list below shows the senior officer present, who actually commanded: 10th Madras Native Infantry: Lt Col Henry Charles Gosling (Maj Gen) c.1857 -1866. NB: Flap missing. Ref: 284-140.

Price: £120.00
1857 (Dec) entire INDIAN MUTINY to GB. Nr. Allahabad chasing mutineers

1857 (Dec) entire from the INDIAN MUTINY to GB with 1/2 Anna pr. tied by No. 51 diamond bar cancel and boxed INDIA UNPAID h/s. Also d/r. ALLAHABAD p/m. to rear. From "Thaosie, Nr. Allahabad". mss .. "I have been out in this expedition against the Mutineers. The first time they all bolted and we could not catch them. The second time we got up to them before they were ready for us and we (came) on them with guns and musketry before they could get out of the way - they however (retreated) and left the village in which they were and got into the jungle - We then had the usual hanging, beating and burning, and then returned to Allalabad". From 'Lt. John Jervois, Adj., Sikh Volunteers' addressed to his mother. Ref: 282-001.

Price: £450.00
1857 cover + letter from 'Lord Panmure' Secretary of State for War

1857 (Dec) cover and letter from 'Lord Panmure' Secretary of State for War to 'Charles Cowan, MP' with circ. PAID p/m. [Lord Panmure: Early 1855, he joined Lord Palmerston's cabinet, filling the new office of Secretary of State for War. Lord Panmure held this office until February 1858. He was at the War Office during the concluding period of the Crimean War, and met a good deal of criticism] Ref: 287-128.

Price: £35.00
1857 cover HONG KONG to GB. Abraham Lennox Crimea VC holder

1857 cover from HONG KONG to 'Lady Arthur Lennox', GB and initialled in corner 'AL': Abraham Lennox. Also endorsed "Hong Kong 24th. Aug. '57"and s/r. 3rd. Nov. 1857 receipt p/m. to rear.

OVERSEAS INVESTITURE OF THE VC in HONG KONG by GOC Hong Kong, Lieutenant General T. Ashburton to Lieutenant Abraham LENNOX, Royal Engineers.

[Lt. Col. Wilbraham Oates Lennox (1830-1897), was awarded the Victoria Cross for his valour at the siege of Sebastopol]. He was the fourth son of Lieut.-Col. Lord George Lennox (1793-1873), brother of Lord Arthur Lennox. The cover was to his wife 'Lady Arthur Lennox'.

[He joined the Royal Engineers as a 2nd lieutenant on 27 June 1848. He landed in the Crimea on 30 September 1854 and served there with the army until it reembarked in June 1856. He was present throughout the seige and capture of Sebestopol, gaining the VICTORIA CROSS** for valour during the capture of some rifle pits. He subsequently served in India during the Mutiny and was present at the relief of Lucknow. Ref: 286-082.

Price: £450.00
1857 part entire GB to SWEDEN. Harriet Grote to 'Madame Nils von Koch'

1857 part entire from GB to SWEDEN. From Harriet Grote [nee Lewin, author and wife of George Grote, historian of Greece and radical] to 'Madame Nils von Koch' [sister Francis Lewin, wife of Nils Samuel von Koch, Swedish Justice Minister] Interesting contents incl. "G(orge) has been offered 3 seats [Parliament] if he would but stand, but he is firm in his resl(ution) to stick to Plato & Co". Ref: 291-104.

Price: £15.00
1858 cover GB to 'HM 97th. Regiment, Lucknow, India. Indian Mutiny

1858 (8th. May) cover from GB to 'Captain, HM 97th. Regiment, Lucknow, India with d/r. LUCKNOW receipt p/m. [15th. June]. April 1858 they joined the British forces that lifted the SIEGE of Lucknow. The regiment subsequently took part in minor operations at Fort Nusrutpore, Chanda, Umeerpore and Sultanpore. Indian Mutiny. Three-colour franking. Part flap missing. Ref: 294-086.

Price: £150.00
1859 (13th. Jan) Military entire marked "Service" - "A Force out from Agra". INDIAN MUTINY

1859 (13th. Jan) Military entire marked "Service" with native manuscript postal marking and a note of despatch ("Evg. of 13th. Jan") - "A Force out from Agra. Chuppra". INDIAN MUTINY regarding the position of rebels. From JA Ballard to Brigadier Parke, Kotah or elseware. mss .. "Colonel Somerset took 1 elephant. The rebels abandoned the other 4 during the action but they sneaked away somehow, he had so few men with him". [Peace declared July 8th 1859.] One filing hole repaired. ['CHARIS 1858' embossed paper] Ref: 294-043.

Price: £300.00
1859 cover GB to 'Capt. Rickalds, Commandant Mahairwarra, India'

1859 (Sept) cover [6d. RATE] GB to 'Capt. Rickalds, Commandant Mahairwarra, Local Battalion, Beaur, India' with s/r. INDORE receipt p/m. Ref: 294-117.

Price: £40.00
1863 cover GB to 'Lt Col Dickinson, Royal Engineers, Bombay' India

1863 cover from GB to 'Lt Col Dickinson, Royal Engineers, Bombay' India with GLOS 757 p/m. [10d. RATE: 2 x 2d. blue (plate 9) and 6d. (plate 3)] Ref: 286-133.

Price: £85.00
1863 cover IRELAND to England. CURRAGH CAMP 445 Duplex p/m.

1863 (Nov) cover from IRELAND to England with CURRAGH CAMP 445 Duplex p/m. Permanent Camp in Curragh in Co. Kildare sought in 1864. Ref: 294-107.

Price: £10.00
1865 cover GB to '4th Batt. 60th Royal Rifles, Montreal, CANADA'

1865 (April) cover from GB to 'Lt. Colonel BE Ward, 4th Batt. 60th Royal Rifles, Montreal, CANADA' with s/r. GOREY p/m. and circ. MONTREAL receipt p/m. 2d. blue plate 9 (SG 45) and 6d lilac (SG 84) tied '234' barred numeral. Part flap missing. Ref: 286-088.

Price: £45.00
1865 cover GB to 'Capt. EJ Pollard RN, HMS Royalist, St. Thomas, West Indies'

1865 cover from GB to 'Capt. EJ Pollard RN, HMS "Royalist", St. Thomas, West Indies'. (DANISH WEST INDIES): Commander Edwin John Pollard, North America and West Indies Station with 'DUNKELD/AP15/65 - 118' duplex, London transit b/s in red and s/r. ST. THOMAS receipt p/m. Feb 2nd. 1865 to rear. Pollard invalided 7July1865 and then Commanded by Commander Maurice Horatio Nelson. NB: Soiled. Ref: 289-002.

Price: £50.00
1866 OHMS cover printed '5th West York Regiment' KNARESBORO p/m

1866 OHMS cover printed '5th West York Regiment' with s/r. KNARESBORO and WAKEFIELD receipt p/m. 1d. rate adhesive (EJ/JE, plate 74) Ref: 288-086.

Price: £20.00
1870 l/s's FRANCE. Civilian mail in un-occupied area during FRANCO-PRUSSIAN War

1870 (Sept. - Oct.) printed l/s's [3 No.] from Lille, FRANCE to 'Boulogne'. Civilian mail in un-occupied area during FRANCO-PRUSSIAN War: July 19, 1870 May 10, 1871. Ref: 288-007.

Price: £25.00