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1943 'Christmas' PPC ITALY to GB. FPO 462 p/m. RAF Censor R14/376 h/s

1943 (Nov) 'Christmas' PPC [Malcolm Club - Algeria] from ITALY to GB with d/r. FPO 462 p/m. and RAF Censor R14/376 h/s. Ref: 274-021.

Price: £12.00
1943 'Feldpost' cover to CROATIA with 'AS' censor. Feldpost 59922

1943 'Feldpost' cover to Semlin, CROATIA with s/r. FELDPOST p/m. and circ. 'AS' SS censor h/s. From Feldpost 59922. Waffen SS Assembly Camp II, Croatia. Location probably Zagreb. Ref: 277-136.

Price: £45.00
1943 'RAF Privilege Envelope' IRAQ to GB. FPO 171 p/m. RAF censor

1943 Air Mail 'RAF Privilege Envelope' [Honour] from IRAQ to GB [1s. 8d. RATE] with d/r. FPO 171 p/m. and RAF censor R11/162 h/s. - Dates recorded: 3/8/43 to 19/10/44. 134 MU (Habbaniya). Ref: 277-104.

Price: £25.00
1943 (Dec) POW PC GERMANY to Italy. Stalag 352 WALD LAGER

1943 (Dec) POW PC from GERMANY to Italy. Stalag 352 WALD LAGER, near Minsk, Ostland. From 'Martinuzzi, Detachment GRECIA'. One survivor remembered Stalag 352 as “pure hell,” prisoners were packed together so tightly by barbed wire that they could scarcely move. They had to urinate and defecate where they stood. Some 109,500 people died there. [Nazi Germany established the Reichskommissariat Ostland (RKO) in 1941 as the civilian occupation regime in the Baltic states] NB: Folded. Ref: 274-040.

Price: £15.00
1943 (Feb) cover + letter 'RAF Chicksands, Shefford' to Bletchley

1943 (Feb) cover and letter from 'RAF Chicksands, Shefford' to Bletchley with HITCHEN m/c. [RAF Chicksands:- RAF took over operations and established a signal intelligence collection (SIGINT) unit there, known as a Y Station. The site operated as a SIGINT collection site throughout the Second World War, intercepting German traffic and passing the resulting material to the Government Code and Cypher School at Bletchley Park] Ref: 268-017.

Price: £35.00
1943 (July) Telegram: German occupation of SERBIA to Betscherek

1943 (July) Telegram: German occupation of SERBIA to Betscherek, Petrovgrad with cachet of Local Authority, DEUTSCHE ELEMER. Ref: 268-134.

Price: £15.00
Market price: £20.00 save 25%

1943 (March) cover from AUSTRALIA with boxed 'ON ACTIVE SERVICE / ROYAL AUSTRALIAN AIR FORCE / CONCESSION POSTAL RATE' h/s. Also s/r. PETERBOROUGH receipt p/m. to rear. Ref: 267-044.

Price: £20.00
1943 (March) cover CANADA to 'LAC Delahunt, RAF Dufford, England'

1943 (March) cover from CANADA to 'LAC Delahunt, RAF Dufford, England' and redirected to 'Squires Gate Aerodrome, Blackpool' with 'HELP THE RED CROSS' m/c. Ref: 279-068.

Price: £9.00
1943 (May) Air Mail POW l/s. UGANDA to Italy endorsed 'Evacuee Mail'

1943 (May) Air Mail POW l/s. from UGANDA to Italy endorsed 'Evacuee Mail' with d/r. POSTAGE PAID p/m. and boxed P/W EAST AFRICA 130 h/s. Also oval INTERNMENT CAMP No. 6 UGANDA h/s. c/o PW Censorship Section, EA Command, Nairobi. Edge soil. Ref: 266-025.

Price: £45.00
1943 (Nov) cover MAURITIUS to USA. PC 90 OBE EE/3 label

1943 (Nov) cover from MAURITIUS to USA [20 cent RATE] with s/r. GENERAL POST OFFICE p/m. and PC 90 OBE EE/3 label. [Type V - early new recording] From 'Civil Hospital'. [Island nation in the Indian Ocean off the southeast coast of the Africa] Roughly opened. Ref: 277-044.

Price: £50.00
1943 (Oct) cover FALKLAND Islands to GB. OFFICIAL PAID. censor 4428

1943 (Oct) cover from the FALKLAND Islands to GB with OFFICIAL PAID m/c. and circ. censor 4428 h/s. Known correspondance from 'Pte. Robinson, A Coy, 11th West Yorkshire Regt.'. NB: Flap missing. Ref: 264-112.

Price: £90.00
1943 (Sept) Letter Card KENYA to GB. ELDORET p/m. RAF censor R11/753 h/s.

1943 (Sept) Letter Card from KENYA to GB with s/r. ELDORET p/m. and RAF censor R11/753 h/s. Also boxed KENYA & UGANDA 25 Cents h/s. in red. From 'LAC Harwood, BAO, RAF ME, Eldoret, Kenya, EAF'. East Africa. Ref: 272-041.

Price: £15.00
1943 Air Letter CEYLON to GB. 'R.M. 9c, Force Overt, c/o FMO, Colombo'

1943 (July) Air Letter from CEYLON to GB with part circ. No. 9 ADVANCED BASE PO p/m. and INDIA censor h/s's. From 'Mne. Heppinstall R, R.M. 9c, Force Overt, c/o FMO, Colombo'. Royal Marines. Ref: 274-068.

Price: £15.00
1943 Air Letter TUNISIA to GB. FPO 632 p/m. 'HMS CANNAE, DEMS'

1943 (June) Air Letter from TUNISIA to GB with d/r. FPO 632 p/m. and tomb censor h/s. From 'HMS CANNAE, DEMS' - an independent command located at BONE, Algeria in barracks near to the docks. This building was called HMS Cannae. [DEMS: Defensively Equipped Merchant Ship] Roughly opened. Ref: 278-068.

Price: £15.00
1943 Air Mail cover BRAZIL to GB. PC 90 OBE 1492 IC label BERMUDA

1943 'PANAIR' Air Mail cover from BRAZIL to GB endorsed 'Via Africa' with PC 90 OBE 1492 IC label of BERMUDA. Also ABERTA PELA CENSURA label of Brazil. Ref: 272-005.

Price: £25.00
1943 Air Mail cover INDIA to GB. 'No. 62 (GR) SQUADRON' h/s. RAF

1943 Air Mail cover from INDIA to GB with d/r. TEMPORARY PO / P-11 p/m. and boxed 'No. 62 (GR) SQUADRON' h/s. used as censor!! From 'WA Clark, RAF'. In 1942 No. 62 Squadron was re-equipped with the Lockheed Hudson and it moved to Sumatra, then Burma and then India. Part flap missing. Ref: 273-111.

Price: £35.00
1943 Air Mail Honour envelope TRINADAD & TABAGO to 'Field Censors (Home), London'

1943 Air Mail Honour envelope from TRINADAD & TABAGO to 'Field Censors (Home), London' [5 cent RATE] with d/r. LA BREA / TRINADAD p/m. and PASSED BY CENSOR 3698 h/s. Ref: 275-065.

Price: £25.00
1943 Air Mail Honour Envelope [RAAF Form E/E 121] AUSTRALIA. AFPO No. 71 p/m

c.1943 Air Mail Honour Envelope [RAAF Form E/E 121] from AUSTRALIA to 'NSW' with s/r. AIR FORCE PO No. 71 / QLD-AUST p/m. [Located: Townsville, Queensland] and oval RAAF CENSOR 665 h/s. Ref: 278-050.

Price: £15.00
1943 Air Mail POW l/s. POLAND to New Zealand Tax due censored

1943 Air Mail Prisoner of War lettersheet from Stalag VIII B, POLAND to New Zealand with boxed Taxe due h/s. Also Camp censor and America EXAMINED BY 10035 label. From 'Pte William H Holland'. Ref: 267-097.

Price: £30.00
Market price: £35.00 save 14%
1943 airgraph ERITREA to GB. Asmara. censored

1943 airgraph from ERITREA to GB with circ. 11 Censorship Dept h/s. From 'Asmara'. Egypt printing. Ref: 277-096.

Price: £20.00