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Air Force mail including the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and the Royal Air Force (RAF) incorporating RAF censor handstamps together with wartime airmails and their rates and routes.
At the end of WW1 the Royal Engineers and RAF pioneered International Air Mail Services by setting up airmail routes between Folkestone and Cologne in Germany serving the British Army on the Rhine.



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1913 circa PPC real photo 'Belsize truck. London to Berlin. Boys of RFC'

c.1913 unused PPC real photo endorsed in pencil 'Belsize truck. London to Berlin. Boys of RFC'. Royal Flying Corps. Ref: 321-152.

Price: £15.00
1913-14 PPC real photo of 'St Peter's Flying Corps'

1913-14 unused PPC real photo of 'St Peter's Flying Corps. WE Knuts + IT Coll-ar'. Huntingdon? Ref: 321-154.

Price: £12.00
1915 unused real photo PPC 'German Aeroplane captured by RFC'

1915 unused real photo PPC 'German Aeroplane brought down by our men - RFC -captured Oct 11th 1915'. Royal Flying Corps. Ref: 321-160.

Price: £20.00
1916 cover EGYPT to Australia. 'E. Cameron Lieut. RFC'. Royal Flying Corps

1916 (Feb) 'Allen Line' cover from EGYPT to Australia with s/r. MINIA p/m. and circ. CL 1 PSSED BY CENSOR h/s. From 'E. Cameron Lieut. RFC'. Tasmanian in Royal Flying Corps. Early 1916 one of the main squadrons operating in Egypt was 14 Squadron. [SENUSSI Campaign 1915-1917: In Dec. 1915 a small force, the Western Frontier Force (WFF), was assembled at Matruh under Major-General Wallace. From March 1916 the 2/1st Cheshire Company (RE) executed works for the RFC at MINYA (Minia) and Assiut and constructed defense's in the Luxor area, at Esna, Suhag and other places opposite the Kharga oasis] Ref: 315-013.

Price: £250.00
1916 POW cover GERMANY to GB. 'G Stuart Castle RFC' - Royal Flying Corps

1916 (Dec) POW cover from GERMANY to GB with d/r. Gutersloh p/m. From 'G Stuart Castle RFC' - Royal Flying Corps. [George Stuart Castle 2nd. Lt. 160331. On 31.03.16 taken POW in Holland, repat:18.11.18] Ref: 318-057.

Price: £100.00
1917 cover BARBADOS to 'Mr. DE Chase, Barbados Citizen Contingent, London'

1917 (Nov) cover from BARBADOS to 'Mr. DE Chase, Barbados Citizen Contingent, c/o AE Aspinall Esq, London' and redirected to 'Cadet Chase, RFC, Frith Hill Barracks, Blackdown, Hants'. One adhesive with 'WAR TAX' o/p. [Royal Flying Corps] The Barbados Citizens’ Contingent Committee was formed about the end of November 1915. the first two contingents which left Barbados in the 31st December 1915 and 5th April 1916, On arrival of the men in London, they were received by Mr AE Aspinall of the West India Committee, who put them in touch with various recruiting centres, and assisted them in joining their respective regiments. Special reference must be made to Mr Aspinall, to whom a large tribute of praise is due for all the trouble taken by him with the men sent over from Barbados, and for his ready help and sympathy extended to them on all occasions.

Date of departure: 05 Sept. 1917. No of men: 1. In charge of: D E Chase. Name of steamer: SS Crown of Cadiz.

Chase, 2nd lieut D E Royal Air Force Prisoner of War. Returned to UK.
Faults. Ref: 321-120.

Price: £200.00
1917 real photo PPC 'The aviator King - King Albert 1 in plane at Crombez'

1917 unused real photo PPC BELGIUM: 'The aviator King - King Albert 1 in plane at Crombez'. [NOS AVIATEURS Le Roi Albert en avion avec le Lt. Crombez. Photo Daniel Brack] Ref: 318-016.

Price: £12.00
1917 Registered cover AUSTRIA to Steyr. FP 511 p/m. 3rd. Flying Company h/s.

1917 Registered cover from AUSTRIA to Steyr with d/r. KuK FP 511 p/m. and weak Luftfahrtruppen, Fliegerkompagnie Nr. 3 - 3rd. Flying Company h/s. Ref: 311-018.

Price: £10.00
1918 (Jan) cover GB to USA. 'Barksdale, Aviation Section, London'. RFC crest to flap

1918 cover GB to USA endorsed 'EH Barksdale, Aviation Section, American Embassy, London' with ST ALBANS m/c. and 'RFC' crest to flap. [Royal Flying Corps] 1st Lt. Eugene Hoy Barksdale, embarked for England 18 Sept. 1917, and received his flying training with the RFC at Oxford and several other aviation schools in England. He accepted his British commission 26 May 1918, at Markse, Yorkshire, and was assigned to the 41st Squadron, RFC in August 1918. He was placed on active duty at the front as a pilot He participated in the Somme and Amiens Offensives early in August 1918 and was wounded 2 September 1918 during the Cambrai Offensive. While on duty with the RFC, he received official credit for destroying three enemy aircraft through aerial combat. He also participated in the ground destruction of five other enemy aircraft. He left the RFC on 15 Oct. 1918, joining the U.S. 25th Aero Squadron until 24 Dec. 1918. Ref: 322-091.

Price: £100.00
1918 (March) Registered Letter [2d.] Western Front to GB. APO S.87 p/m. RAF

1918 (March) Registered Letter [2d.] from the Western Front to GB with d/r. APO S.87 p/m. and censor 5488 h/s. [RAF at Pont de l'Arche] Engine Repair Shops, ten miles southeast of Rouen. Ref: 317-009.

Price: £25.00
1918 (Oct) PPC EGYPT to GB. APO SZ 10 p/m. censored. 'Lt. O.V. Lec, RAF'

1918 (7th. Oct) PPC from EGYPT to GB with s/r. APO SZ 10 p/m. and censor 7/1266 h/s. From 'Lt. O.V. Lec, RAF, Cairo' Royal Air Force. mss .. "I shall probably be going to Palestine shortly". Ref: 308-049.

Price: £85.00
1918 covers to 'Capt. UB Gilbert, RAF' + 'No. 2 Wireless School, RAF Penshurst'

1918 (April - May) covers to 'Capt. UB Gilbert, RAF' and one redirected 'No. 2 Wireless School, RAF Penshurst'. [On 8 Nov. 1917, No. 2 Wireless School was formed at Penshurst. It operated a variety of aircraft, including Airco DH.6, Avro 504K, Avro 504N, Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2c and B.E.2e, Sopwith Camel and Sopwith Snipe. Aircrew attended the school for a one-week-long course in wireless telephony procedure. "FLIGHT GLOBAL" 30th. May 1918: The following are granted temp, comms. as 2nd Lieuts : U. B. Gilbert (Lieut. R.G.A.,S.R.)] Ref: 309-053.

Price: £15.00
1918 OHMS 'Voter' PC W. Front to GB. APO S.63 p/m. '2nd. Lieut. EP Terry RAF'

1918 OHMS 'Voter' PC from the Western Front to GB with d/r. APO S.63 p/m. and censor 243 h/s. Signed by '17867 2nd. Lieut. Ernest Pollden Terry RAF'. [2Lt. RFC and RAF Flight Officer. 5th East Surrey Regt. 4 Balloon Co., 21.03.18. Medals. WO 372/19/193234] Creased. Ref: 319-024.

Price: £35.00
1918 POW PC GERMANY to Canada. 'Lieut C Guild, RAF'. Fort Orff, Ingolstadt

1918 (1st. Dec) POW PC from GERMANY to Canada with LONDON PAID m/c. [14th. Dec] From 'Lieut C [Carl] Guild, RAF'. Fort Orff, Ingolstadt. [He was shot down and captured, 15th. Sept. In a previous letter from France he stated "If I am taken prisoner by the Hun, watch for sentences in my letters from Hun land. The capital letters in each sentence put together will give some information, sometimes"] Royal Air Force. Creased. Ref: 310-116.

Price: £75.00
1918 PPC to 'Flight 3, 2 Pte. JE Wilson, RAF Halton Camp North, Wendover, Bucks'

1918 PPC to 'No. 269651, Flight 3, 2 Pte. JE Wilson, RAF Halton Camp North, Wendover, Bucks' with s/r. CATSHILL p/m. Ref: 320-090.

Price: £7.00
1918 real photographs: RAF 'Avo Spider' and 'Handley Page 0/400 Bomber' etc.

1918 real photographs: RAF 'Avo Spider' and 'Handley Page 0/400 Bomber'. [1/. The Pilot and Forward Observer in a Handley Page 0/400 Bomber of No. 207 Squadron at Ligescourt Aerodrome, 25 Aug. 1918. From IWM collection. 2/. The Avro 531 Spider was a British fighter aircraft built by Avro during WW1. It did not proceed past the prototype stage. First flight: April 1918. (Frank Yeoman Coll.) 3/. Also larger real photo captured? two seater German biplane. (190 x 140 mm) with '85' on propeller] Ref: 321-111.

Price: £15.00
1919 Army Form 'Certificate of Identity'. John MAYES. 44155 ACI, 2 Aero SD, RAF

1919 Army Form 'Certificate of Identity' for John MAYES. 44155 ACI, 2 Aero SD, RAF with boxed PERFLEET h/s. and KETTERING p/m's. Faults. Ref: 311-084.

Price: £9.00
1919 cover GB to 'Wireless Operator, "O Flight", 15 Wing, RAF, France' redirected

1919 (March) cover from GB to 'RW Shaw, 1st. Class Aircraftman, Wireless Operator 7315, "O Flight", 15 Wing, RAF, France' and redirected to '9 Wing' and '54 Wing' with poor d/r. APO S.48 p/m. to rear. [15 Wing - Originally RFC Reserve Army Wing. 20 March 1919: Date of disestablishment] Ref: 312-007.

Price: £25.00
1919 PPC FRANCE to GB. APO S32 p/m. censored/ 'Dobbie R., WRAF'

1919 (June) PPC (Arques) from FRANCE to GB with d/r. APO S32 p/m. and censored. From 'Dobbie R., WRAF'. [Women's Royal Air Force] Rose Dobbie. Service number 19138. Date of enrolment: 11th. Sept. 1918. Ref: 321-009.

Price: £35.00
1919 PPC FRANCE. APO S.7 p/m. censor 'Sgt Major FC Russell RAF'

1919 PPC (Marseille) from FRANCE to GB with d/r. APO S.7 p/m. and censor. From 'Sgt Major Frank Russell RAF'. F/O FC Russell resigns his commn. Nov. 13th 1923. Royal Air Force. Ref: 317-136.

Price: £9.00