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Air Force mail including the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and the Royal Air Force (RAF) incorporating RAF censor handstamps together with wartime airmails and their rates and routes.
At the end of WW1 the Royal Engineers and RAF pioneered International Air Mail Services by setting up airmail routes between Folkestone and Cologne in Germany serving the British Army on the Rhine.



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1945 cover USA to GB redirected. FPO 706 p/m. RAF censor R7/77

1945 (July) cover from USA to 'Wing Commander JH Iremonger DFC. RAF' and redirected to 'Main HQ, 83 Group, BLA' with d/r. FPO 760 p/m. [28 Aug] and RAF censor R7/77 h/s. [Censor also recorded: 15/06/1944 with FPO 804, France. 128 AFHQ] From 'Colonel EA Iremonger CBE'. Ref: 313-138.

Price: £12.00
1945 ps PC INDIA to 'c/o RAF Post Calcutta'. SPECIAL CENSORSHIP h/s

1945 (Jan) postal stationary PC from INDIA with d/r. SILCHAR p/m. to 'No. 4 Filter Room, c/o RAF Post Calcutta' with two SPECIAL CENSORSHIP h/s's - Nos 20 and 73. Ref: 314-131.

Price: £30.00
1945 Registered Letter ITALY to S. Africa. FPO 746 p/m. RAF censor

1945 (Feb) uprated Registered Letter from ITALY to South Africa with d/r. FPO 746 p/m. and RAF censor R15/3 h/s. [Dates Recorded: 25/9/44 to 5/12/44] Also d/r. APO-U-MPK 29A transit p/m. From 'Sgt McEwan. EW, SAAF'. South African Air Force. Late usage. Ref: 304-117.

Price: £30.00
1945-46 real photos [5 No] RAF personel '3 Squadron + 6004 S.E. Berlin' and 'VE +3. DAY'

1945-46 real photos [5 No] RAF personel endorsed to rear '3 Squadron + 6004 S.E. Berlin. April 1946' [GATOW Tempest V's] and 'VE +3. DAY'. 170 x 120 mm. max. Ref: 311-020.

Price: £12.00
1946 (April) cover 'BLA' to Isle of Wight. FPO 870 p/m. RAF crest to flap

1946 (April) cover from 'BLA' to Isle of Wight with d/r. FPO 870 p/m. and RAF crest to flap [Royal Air Force - British Liberation Army in Belgium] Ref: 304-079.

Price: £9.00
1946 (May) Air Mail cover BATAVIA to GB. RAFPOST 209 p/m.

1946 (May) Air Mail cover from BATAVIA [NEI] to GB with d/r. RAFPOST 209 p/m. From 'South East Asia Air Forces'. Ref: 308-141.

Price: £20.00
1946 Air Mail cover MALAYA to GB. RAFPOST 309 p/m. Singapore

1946 (July) Air Mail cover from MALAYA to GB with d/r. RAFPOST 309 p/m. - Singapore. From 'AC Davis'. Part flap missing. Ref: 311-141.

Price: £18.00
1946 cover JERSEY, CI to 'No. 1 Wing, RAF Weeton, Nr Preston, Lancs'

1946 (May) cover from JERSEY, CI to 'Ac Thomas A, No. 1 Wing, RAF Weeton, Nr Preston, Lancs'. Folded. Ref: 303-049.

Price: £5.00
1946 PPC [The Red Van] INDIA to GB. RAFPOST 9 SOUTH EAST ASIA p/m.

1946 PPC [The Red Van] from INDIA to GB with d/r. RAFPOST 9 SOUTH EAST ASIA p/m. From 'Sgt. G Sheppard RAF'. Ref: 311-075.

Price: £9.00
1946 Registered cover EGYPT to USA 'RAF Station Aboukir, 24 PTC'

1946 Registered cover from EGYPT to 'American Relief for Poles', USA with s/r. ALEXANDRIE p/m. and oval NEW YORK REG'Y DIV receipt p/m. From 'RAF Station Aboukir, 24 PTC, Egypt'. mss .. 'Polish Forces. (Refugee mail)' Ref: 302-094.

Price: £25.00
1948 Air Letter GB to 'S/L DW Boatman RAF, British Services Mission, Burma'

1948 (Oct) Air Letter from GB to 'Squadron Leader DW Boatman RAF, British Services Mission, c/o GPO Rangoon Burma' with d/r. receipt p/m. From 'S/L JW Ganaway, Air Ministry (MAI)' Good content. [Establishment of British Services Mission in Burma, 9 Feb. 1948] Ref: 312-072.

The British mission conceded, a small civil war, and the Irrawaddy valley was virtually dominated by the rebels. The only thing that held the rebels back was a shortage of ammunition for their predominantly Japanese weapons. (See Bertil Lintne , Burma in revolt: opium and insurgency since 1948, Boulder, 1994).

Price: £15.00
1948 PPC [Chasseur-bombardier "THUNDERBOLT"] FRANCE to GB.

1948 real photo PPC [LYON Port aerien de Bron Chasseur-bombardier "THUNDERBOLT"] from FRANCE to GB. A P-47 Thunderbolt (serial number 44-89788) nicknamed "L' Belleville" of the French Air Force. RAF markings. Ref: 309-114.

Price: £15.00
1952 cover GREENLAND to GB. APO 23 p/m. US Air Force Base, Thule

1952 (Sept) cover from GREENLAND to GB with US ARMY POSTAL SERVICE / APO 23 p/m. From 'US Air Force Base, Thule, NW Greenland'. Ref: 304-142.

Price: £45.00
1953 'Forces Air Mail' cover IRAQ to GB. FPO 515 p/m. 'RAF, MEAF 19'

1953 (Sept) 'Forces Air Mail' cover from IRAQ to GB with d/r. FPO 515 p/m. From 'RAF PO Habbaniya, MEAF 19'. [Sept. 1953 political unrest] Ref: 309-133.

Price: £9.00
1959 'Forces Air Mail' cover AUSTRALIA to GB. FPO 1046 p/m. '76 Sqdn., BFPO 151'

1959 'Forces Air Mail' cover from AUSTRALIA to GB with d/r. FPO 1046 p/m. [Edinburgh Field] From 'Sgt. Lawson, 76 Sqdn., BFPO 151'. Ref: 312-002.

Price: £15.00
1959-66 reused covers with different RAF Re-Directed labels. One to RAF Aden.

1959-66 reused covers with different RAF Re-Directed labels. One to 'BFPO 69' - RAF Aden. Ref: 308-023.

Price: £9.00
1962 'Forces Air Mail' PPC ADEN to GB. FPO 1056 p/m. 'RAF Khormaksar, BFPO 69'

1962 'Forces Air Mail' PPC from ADEN to GB with d/r. FPO 1056 p/m. From 'J/T Ford-Brown R.H, RAF Khormaksar, BFPO 69'. Ref: 310-047.

Price: £15.00
1962 cover 'RAF GAN' to GB. FPO 146 p/m. '110 Sqn. Det, RAF Gan'

1962 'Forces' Air Mail cover from 'RAF GAN' to GB with d/r. FPO 146 p/m. From 'F/o JW Hoskins, 110 Sqn. Det, RAF Gan' [Helicopters based Butterworth, Penang. Malaysia. From Dec. 1962 Operation Konfrontasi. NB: Folded. Ref: 314-003.

Price: £15.00
1963 OHMS cover LIBYA to GB. FPO 86 p/m. RAF El Adem, BFPO 56

1963 Air Mail OHMS cover from LIBYA to GB with s/r. FPO 86 p/m. and RAF El Adem, BFPO 56 h/s. Guerrilla War. Ref: 308-123.

Price: £9.00
1965 'Air Mail' cover BAHRAIN to GB. FPO 1019 p/m. 'RAF Muharraq, BFPO 63'.

1965 'Air Mail' cover from Bahrain to GB with d/r. FPO 1019 p/m. From 'Flt. Lt. DJ Bentley, RAF Muharraq, BFPO 63'. Persian Gulf'. Ref: 314-050.

Price: £25.00