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Air Force mail including the Royal Flying Corps (RFC) and the Royal Air Force (RAF) incorporating RAF censor handstamps together with wartime airmails and their rates and routes.
At the end of WW1 the Royal Engineers and RAF pioneered International Air Mail Services by setting up airmail routes between Folkestone and Cologne in Germany serving the British Army on the Rhine.



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1965 (March) 'Forces Air Mail' cover + letter BAHRAIN to GB. d/r. FPO 234 p/m

1965 (March) 'Forces Air Mail' cover and letter from Bahrain to GB with d/r. FPO 234 p/m. From 'Cpl. BH Beal, RAF Muharraq, BFPO 63'. Persian Gulf'. Also 1965 (March) cover and letter to him in Bahrain. NB: Flap damaged. Ref: 314-066.

Price: £20.00
1968 Air Mail cover BAHRAIN to GB. FPO 1040 p/m. 'RAF Muharraq, BFPO 63'

1968 Air Mail cover from BAHRAIN to GB [4d. RATE] with d/r. FPO 1040 p/m. From 'C/T Wallace J, RAF Muharraq, BFPO 63'. Persian Gulf. Flap torn. Ref: 313-023.

Price: £25.00