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1982 cover FALKLANDS to GB. PORT STANLEY p/m. HMS HYDRA h/s. Hospital ship

1982 (8th. May) cover from the FALKLANDS to GB with s/r. PORT STANLEY p/m. [26th. July] and d/r. HMS HYDRA h/s. Hospital Ship: 8th. May at Ascension Island. [Ten-week war between Argentina and the UK from 2nd. Apr. 1982 – 14th. June 1982] Ref: 311-072.

Price: £20.00
1993 (May) OHMS cover HONG KONG to GB. Royal Marines on HMS TAMAR

1993 (May) OHMS cover from HONG KONG to GB with d/r. BRITISH FORCES PO HONG KONG 4 p/m. and boxed HMS TAMAR. [British Royal Navy's base in Hong Kong from 1897 to 1997] Royal Marines. Also 1995 cover from Hong Kong with weak boxed HMS Starling h/s. Ex. Swarbrick. Ref: 315-163.

Price: £15.00