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1915 PPC (German Trade: Smashing up his show) PASSED CENSOR h/s.

1915 PPC (German Trade: Smashing up his show) with s/r. 8 bar dumb p/m. and s/l. PASSED CENSOR h/s. [32 x 3 mm.] Creased. Royal Navy. Naval. Ref: 313-103.

Price: £12.00
1915 PPC (H.I.M Battle-Cruier "HARUNA") JAPAN to Bangkok

1915 (Dec) PPC (H.I.M Battle-Cruier "HARUNA") from JAPAN to 'SS Kumakata Maru, c/o Imp. Japanese Legation, Bangkok' with circ. SINGAPORE transit p/m. and d/r. BANGKOK receipt p/m. [Haruna: On 13 December 1915, after eight months of trials, she was assigned to the Third Battleship Division of the Second Fleet] Small nick to adhesive. Ref: 306-119.

Price: £45.00
1915 PPC BELGIUM to Germany. Kaiserlichiche Deutsche Seewarte

1915 (May) PPC [Ostende] from BELGIUM to Germany with KD Feldpostexp / der 1. Marine Div p/m. and Kaiserlichiche Deutsche Seewarte h/s. Northern German Marine Observatory. Ref: 307-115.

Price: £15.00

1915 PPC from GREECE to GB with RFHMS and unframed PASSED BY CENSOR / HMS CORNWALLIS h/s. [In Jan. 1915, Cornwallis was ordered to the DARDANELLES and left 20 Dec. 1915] Ref: 306-079.

Price: £45.00
1915 PPC MALTA to GB endorsed 'HM Transport No. 787 Hanley'. MALTA p/m.

1915 (Sept) PPC from MALTA to GB endorsed 'HM Transport No. 787 Hanley' with s/r. MALTA p/m. [Royal Fleet Auxiliary HANLEY: Pennant No: Y 3.787. 21 July 1915 requisitioned for Admiralty service as a collier. 30 May 1917 torpedoed and sunk by German submarine U-87, 95 miles west of Bishops Rock] Ref: 307-032.

Price: £35.00

1915 (April) PPC [Durban] from NAMIBIA to GB with boxed PASSED BY / NAVAL / CENSOR h/s. - HMA Laconia AMC: Armed Merchant Cruiser. From 'Luderitz Bay' NAMIBIA - German South West Africa. mss .. "Received your letter 23rd. March" when Laconia was at Walfisch Bay, [Walvis Bay] Namibia. There till 1st. April. NB: Surface fault. Ref: 318-023.

Price: £35.00
1915 PPC SENEGAL to France. DAKAR p/m. French Navy cachet

1915 PPC from SENEGAL to France with d/r. DAKAR / SENEGAL p/m. and circ. French Navy cachet. West Africa. Ref: 312-150.

Price: £9.00
1915 real photo PPC [ss "MARATHON"] LONDON RFHMS m/c. to GB. Troopship

1915 (Aug) real photo PPC [ss "MARATHON"] LONDON RFHMS m/c. to GB. Requisitioned by Australian Government as Troopship. Ref: 318-019.

Price: £15.00
1916 (21st. Aug) PPC FPO a m/c. PASSED / BY CENSOR h/s. 'HMS Marlborough'

1916 (21st. Aug) PPC with FPO a m/c. and PASSED / BY CENSOR h/s. Gould 4C222. 'HMS Marlborough' - On 18th. Aug. 1916, the Germans again sortied, this time to bombard Sunderland; Scheer hoped to draw out Beatty's battlecruisers and destroy them. British signals intelligence decrypted German wireless transmissions, allowing Jellicoe enough time to deploy the Grand Fleet in an attempt to engage in a decisive battle. Ref: 310-029.

Price: £12.00
1916 (22nd. June) PPC GREECE to GB. boxed CENSORED 'British Naval Blockade'

1916 (22nd. June) PPC [Volo] from GREECE to GB with 8 bar dumb p/m. and boxed CENSORED h/s. [possibly Gould 5A 12] 'British Naval Blockade of Greece'. - 6th. June 1916: "Pacific blockade" of Greece by Entente Powers begins. 22nd June 1916: "Pacific blockade" of Greece suspended. Ref: 312-053.

Price: £85.00
1916 (April) cover + letter 'HMS Lord Clive' with CEN(LC)SOR h/s.

1916 (April) cover and letter from 'HMS Lord Clive' with part s/l. CEN(LC)SOR h/s. Signed by 'Sir 'JM Alleyne'. During first part of 1916 Lord Clive was used to support British light forces, minefields and net defenses in the Channel. Ref: 315-156.

Price: £15.00

1916 (April) PPC from BELGIUM to GB with RFHMS m/c. and s/r. BRITISH MISSION / Flag / BELGIAN HQ h/s. Also weak s/l. CEN(COM)SOR h/s. - [Royal Naval Air Service Command] HQ of Belgium Army. Squadrons of the British RNAS sometime operated from Ten Bogaerde (Koksijde). These units operated along the Belgian coast against the installations of the German Navy. [Koksijde is a town and a municipality in Belgium. It is located on the North Sea coast in the southwest of the Flemish province of West Flanders] Ref: 308-031.

Price: £100.00
1916 circa. unused advertising PPC. Transport "KARROO" A.10

c.1916 unused advertising PPC. Transport "KARROO" A.10 for WG Deuchar - Agent, 12-14 Loftus St. Sydney, Australia. Ref: 306-112.

Price: £9.00
1916 cover FLEET POST OFFICE p/m. with CENSORED / JD McC h/s.

1916 (Aug) cover with s/r. FLEET POST OFFICE p/m. and CENSORED / JD McC h/s. - Gould 3A19: 1 of 3 Hospital ships. [Commander. JD McCulloch] Ref: 310-140.

Price: £12.00
1916 photograph SP 2157 Badly damaged battlecruiser SEYDLITZ, Battle of Jutland

1916 photograph SP 2157: Badly damaged battlecruiser SEYDLITZ, Battle of Jutland 31 May 1916. The ship was hit by one torpedo and eight 15 inch shells (five of which hit below the waterline) and eight 12 inch shells. She was badly flooded, this being exacerbated by steaming too quickly, 5329 tons of water were taken on board causing a list of 8 degrees to port meaning the ship was nearly lost. Ref: 307-024.

Price: £10.00
1916 PPC (Hospital Ship "REWA") PLYMOUTH m/c. PASSED BY CENSOR

1916 PPC (Hospital Ship "REWA") with PLYMOUTH m/c. and weak boxed PASSED BY CENSOR / RN HOSPITAL PLYMOUTH h/s. - Gould 2A18. mss .. "arrived here yesterday". Ref: 318-136.

Price: £30.00
1916 PPC CEYLON to Australia. HM Transport A9 - ss Shropshire

1916 (April) PPC from CEYLON to Australia with s/r. AUSTRALIAN IMP FORCES / BPO p/m. and s/l. PASSED BY CENSOR h/s. Also 'Convoy 19' in pencil. From HM Transport A9 - ss Shropshire. Ref: 306-113.

Price: £40.00
1916 PPC EGYPT to '31 General Hospital, Port Said' HMHS "Letitia"

1916 (Oct) PPC from EGYPT to '31 General Hospital, Nursing Staff QAMNS, Port Said' with circ. ALEXANDRIA p/m. and circ. dumb cross censor h/s. Also Signature cachet 'Charles Luke Lieut Col IMS / Officer Commanding Troops / HM Hospital Ship "LETITIA". From HMHS "Letitia" HOSPITAL ship. Sunk Aug 1917. Ref: 316-121.

Price: £100.00
1916 PPC Hospital Ship "AQUITANIA" AAMC Details, Parkhouse Camp

1916 PPC [HM Hospital Ship "AQUITANIA"] with d/r. PARKHOUSE CAMP SALISBURY 2 p/m. From 'AAMC Details, Parkhouse Camp No. 2, Salisbury, Wilts'. Australian Army Medical Corps. mss .. "arrived in England yesterday'. Ref: 317-144.

Price: £25.00
1916 PPC with PASSED BY CENSOR / HMS "Lord Nelson" h/s.

1916 June PPC (Real photo) to GB with LONDON m/c. and PASSED BY CENSOR / HMS "Lord Nelson" h/s. mss .. "this is a picture of band playing while coaling ship". From 'FA Payne'. [Lord Nelson became flagship of the Eastern Mediterranean Squadron 1916-18] Edge nick. Ref: 319-127.

Price: £30.00