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1929 cover GB to 'Lt Cdr DNC Tufnell, DSC, HMS Hermes, CHINA Station'

1929 (June) cover GB to 'Lt Cdr DNC Tufnell, DSC, HMS Hermes, China Station'. Aircraft Carrier. It reached him "Chingwantao 5th July". HMS Hermes (1927 to 1929) was in the China station during the conflict between the communists and Chiang Kai-shek's nationalist armies. Flap missing. Ref: 307-119.

Price: £35.00
1938 Air Mail cover FRANCE to 'USS Claxton, Algeria'. Spanish Civil War

1938 (16th. Aug) Air Mail cover from FRANCE to 'USS Claxton, Algeria'. [USS Claxton: Oct. 1937 until Nov. 1938 with Squadron 40-T to patrol European waters protecting American interests during the civil war in Spain] Also boxed AMERICAN CONSULATE GENERAL, ALGERIA receipt p/m. 17th. Aug. to rear. Ref: 304-081.

Price: £35.00
1940 Report from 'HMS Queen of Bermuda' re: William Becker German POW

1940 (April) typed 8 page Report by Lieut. AW Motts RNR of 'HMS Queen of Bermuda' re: William Becker German POW taken off Spanish ship El 'Cuidad De Sevilla'. Real name is 'Willi Mertes'. Includes details of German vessels given by POW of ships at Las Palmas and Tenerife. [Passenger ship Queen of Bermuda requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted to an Armed Merchant Cruiser. Nov. 39 - March 42: South Atlantic Station: on patrol to Montevideo arriving 11 April 1940] Spy. Faults. Ref: 314-140.

Price: £35.00
1941 cover to 'Vice Admiral CW Stephenson CB, GMC, HMS Western Isle' reused

1941 (April) cover to 'Vice Admiral CW Stephenson CB, GMC, HMS Western Isle' [ISLE of MULL, Inner Hebrides, Scotland] and reused with OHMS label tied by RFHMS m/c. [Over the four-and-a-half years he ran the school, 911 ships went through 1132 Anti-submarine training courses at HMS Western Isles, Tobermory, Isle of Mull] Ref: 313-076.

Price: £35.00
1943 POW l/s. GERMANY to GB. 'Edward Johnson' at Milag und Milag Nord

1943 POW l/s. GERMANY to GB. 'Edward Johnson' at Milag und Milag Nord. On 15th. April 1940 Edward Johnson, Merchant Mariner on SALMON POOL seized by German forces at Saudafjord, north of Stavanger,in Boknfjord. 34 were interned from SALMONPOOL and 4 returned. Seized and taken as a prize. Steamer renamed PUTZIG for German service. Ref: 305-040

Price: £35.00

1982 (16th. May) cover from the FALKLANDS to GB with MARITIME MAIL m/c. [8th. June] and boxed RFA SIR LANCELOT h/s. May 1982 - Special Forces HQ in San Carlos water. [Ten-week war between Argentina and the UK from 2nd. Apr. 1982 – 14th. June 1982] NB: Folded. Ref: 310-092.

Price: £35.00
1916 PPC CEYLON to Australia. HM Transport A9 - ss Shropshire

1916 (April) PPC from CEYLON to Australia with s/r. AUSTRALIAN IMP FORCES / BPO p/m. and s/l. PASSED BY CENSOR h/s. Also 'Convoy 19' in pencil. From HM Transport A9 - ss Shropshire. Ref: 306-113.

Price: £40.00
1903 cover + letter HMS Indefatigable, Ireland Island, BERMUDA to GB.

1903 (April) cover and long letter from HMS Indefatigable, Ireland Island, BERMUDA, West Indies to GB. [HMS Indefatigable, 2nd Class Cruiser, Apollo Class. 1896-1904 N America and West Indies Station] Ref: 314-076.

Price: £45.00
1909 uprated Registered Letter GB to 'Capt AM Delaware, BERMUDA'

1909 uprated Registered Letter from GB to 'Capt AM Delaware ASC, Headquarters, Prospect, BERMUDA' with 'A & N CSL / No. 13 Dept' wax seal. [Army and Navy] Part d/r. BERMUDA receipt p/m. to rear. Ref: 306-101.

Price: £45.00
1914-18 cover TURKEY to Germany. Turkish member of I Seebataillon

1914-18 cover from TURKEY to Germany with boxed censor h/s. and circ. red paper seal to rear. From Turkish member of German I Seebataillon in Kiel. [German Navy] A small number of Turkish Officers were trained in Germany during WW1. Ref: 313-147.

Price: £45.00
1915 PPC (H.I.M Battle-Cruier "HARUNA") JAPAN to Bangkok

1915 (Dec) PPC (H.I.M Battle-Cruier "HARUNA") from JAPAN to 'SS Kumakata Maru, c/o Imp. Japanese Legation, Bangkok' with circ. SINGAPORE transit p/m. and d/r. BANGKOK receipt p/m. [Haruna: On 13 December 1915, after eight months of trials, she was assigned to the Third Battleship Division of the Second Fleet] Small nick to adhesive. Ref: 306-119.

Price: £45.00

1915 PPC from GREECE to GB with RFHMS and unframed PASSED BY CENSOR / HMS CORNWALLIS h/s. [In Jan. 1915, Cornwallis was ordered to the DARDANELLES and left 20 Dec. 1915] Ref: 306-079.

Price: £45.00
1917 circa. cover "Transport A9. SS Shropshire" to Australia. Passed h/s.

c.1917 cover from "Transport A9. SS Shropshire" to Australia endorsed 'On Active Service' with Passed h/s. - civil mark used at Melbourne. NB: Flap repaired. Ref: 305-132.

Price: £45.00
1917 PPC (RMS 'ATHENTIC') to New Zealand. PASSED BY CENSOR No. 20

1917 (Jan) PPC (RMS 'ATHENTIC') to New Zealand with s/r. PASSED BY CENSOR No. 20 NZ h/s. New Zealand Troopship "Athentic". Ref: 315-145.

Price: £45.00
1918 cover USA to 'American Expeditionary Force' redirected to Hospital Ship

1918 (Nov) cover USA to 'Private AH Pageinkopf, Park Battery, 5th. Corp. Artillery Park, American Expeditionary Force' redirected to 'Ship's Hospital Transport Ascanius" with boxed APO 727 / Forwarded to h/s. to rear. Ref: 306-076.

Price: £45.00
1919 PPC (Hospital Ship "Flandre") TURKEY to 'S. Postal 144, France'

1919 PPC (Hospital Ship "Flandre") from TURKEY to 'S. Postal 144, France' with s/r. TRESOR ET POSTES p/m. and part d/r. HOPITAL "FLANDRE" cachet. From 'Constantinople. A bord de la "Flandre". Ref: 308-154.

Price: £45.00
1920 (Nov) real photo PPC "on board a Mine Sweeping Trawler, E. Scottish Coast"

1920 (Nov) real photo PPC "Reader helping his Chaplin on board a Mine Sweeping Trawler, E. Scottish Coast, during the War (By special permission of C. in Chf.) this photo taken". From 'Hubert K Kealett Cornish with LONDON m/c. and oval ROYAL NAVAL / SCRIPTURE READING SOCIETY h/s. Addressed to 'The Right Honourable The Earl of Selbourne KG, GCMG'. [NORTH SEA MINE BARRAGE: The Royal Navy resumed minesweeping operations spring 1920, continuing to clear sunken mines from fishing grounds, and maintaining a destroyer patrol to track down mines that had broken free of their moorings and gone adrift] Ref: 306-055.

Price: £45.00
1920 PPC's TURKEY to Malta. 'RFA "Perthshire", c/o British Naval Mail Officer'

1920 (Nov) PPC's from TURKEY to Malta endorsed 'HM Ships' with d/r. receipt p/m. From 'Joseph Cassar, RFA "Perthshire", c/o British Naval Mail Officer, Constantinople'. The other from 'Giuseppe Cassar'. [RFA Perthshire. Royal Fleet Auxillary Stores Supply Ship. 1920 she was converted into a Stores Ship there and carried naval stores to the Bosphorus during the ALLIED OCCUPATION with an RFA Crew. 24 Jan. 1920 sailed Malta to Constantinople arriving on 29 Jan. 1920] NB: Faults. Ref: 306-001.

Price: £45.00
1940 Feldpost cover 'SS Deutschland' with Churchill label to rear

1940 Feldpost cover from 'SS Deutschland' with MUNCHEN m/c. and Churchill label to rear. From 'Pz. Abw. (E) SS D. Munich'. [Churchill as First Lord of Admiralty inspecting the British Navy wearing a divers suit] German Naval. Corner missing. Ref: 310-153.

Price: £45.00
1941 (July) cover SCOTLAND to 'c/o GPO London, ORP "Kujawiak". Polish Navy

1941 (July) cover SCOTLAND to 'George Mieszkowski, c/o GPO London, ORP "Kujawiak" of the Polish Navy Was a British Type II Hunt-class destroyer escort, formerly named HMS OAKLEY. Commissioned: June 1941. 18 June 1941 came under attack by German aircraft whilst on passage from Tyne to Scapa Flow to work-up for operational service with ships of Home Fleet. Fire from the aircraft hit the 4-inch ready-use ammunition which exploded causing one fatal casualty. 9 July 1941 escorted aircraft carrier Victorious. 25 July 1941 she joined the 15th Destroyer Flotilla based at Plymouth for local convoy escort and patrol duties. 16 June 1942, Sunk by mine near Malta. Ref: 309-148.

Price: £45.00