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1944 (Dec) cover from GB to USA with poor s/r. (London) p/m. and boxed ROYAL NETHERLAND / NAVY HEADQUARTERS / PASSED BY CENSOR h/s. [Daynes NF 101] Also PC 90 OBE 6274 tape. Edge nick. Ref: 317-123.

Price: £45.00
1944-45 Air Letter + covers Eastern Task Force. Motor Launch 201

1944-45 Air Letter and covers from Motor Launch 201 - 13th. ML Flotilla. Eastern Task Force. From (Jeff) "JH Luck RNVR, HMML 201". 1944 (Dec) Air letter with oval HMNL 201 cachet and tomb censor h/s. Also 1945 (March) cover from India 'On leave' with d/r. NAINI TAL p/m. [Himalayas] and 1945 (April) cover with d/r. BRITISH FLEET MAIL 37 p/m. [India] Ref: 310-107.

Price: £45.00
1945 (May) cover 'HMS COFER' to USA. US NAVY p/m. censored

1945 (May) Air Mail cover from 'HMS COFER' to USA with US NAVY p/m. and censored. USS Cofer, a Buckley-class destroyer escort of the United States Navy. On 2 May 1945 as the group swept the straits to prepare for motor torpedo boat operations off Cape Djoeata, concealed shore batteries sank YMS-481. According to the Final Muster Roll from the YMS-481, Cofer destroyed the batteries and rescued 18 survivors of YMS-481. [The Battle of Tarakan was the first stage in the BORNEO campaign of 1945. [1 May – 21 June 1945] Djoeata was located on Tarakan's NW coast. (Tarakan Island, Netherlands East Indies)] Ref: 313-121.

Price: £45.00
1915 circa. cover with Krag machine, straight bars, large X. Gould MA 18

c.1915 Royal Navy cover with Krag machine, straight bars and large X - Gould MA 18 - probably from Liverpool, the base of Northern Patrol. NB: Faults. Ref: 322-011.

Price: £40.00
1838 entire Indian Navy Fund re: Death of Lt. Thomas Clendon, Indian Navy

1838 (May) entire from the Indian Navy Fund, London to 'Geo Clendon, Deal' regarding the Death of Lt. Thomas Clendon, Indian Navy. [Thomas was a Lieutenant, Bombay Marine Midshipman May 19 1819, 2nd Lieut Nov 10 1824. From Oct 1819 to Dec 1824 he served … Died 1838.] Ref: 310-001.

Price: £35.00
1914 PPC [Orient Line] 'HM Tansport (3)' ss Orvieto to Australia.

1914 PPC [Orient Line. ss Orvieto Smoking Room] from 'HM Tansport (3)' ss Orvieto to Australia. Left Albany 1st. Nov. 1914. [Later ss Orvieto was converted into a Minelayer, laying mines in the north sea 10-11th. Sept. 1915] Ref: 322-151.

Price: £35.00
1917 Red X cover RFHMS m/c. to '6 Light Trench Mortar, France' CENSOR

1917 (Nov) Australian Red Cross cover with RFHMS m/c. to 'Pte. Meddings, 6 Light Trench Mortar, 2nd Division, AIF, France' with d/r. AUSTRALIAN IMP. FORCE / BASE POST OFFICE p/m. and CENSOR / A7 2? h/s. Signature 'WE Chapman'. [The censor mark looks like an Aussie Transport number A72. (SS Beltana) Emery's sailiing lists do not give a good match with the arrival in London or the letter. A possibility is that a Austrlian bound transport met a UK bound ship somewhere en route and they swapped mails] Redirected to England. Ref: 311-160.

Price: £35.00
1938 Air Mail cover FRANCE to 'USS Claxton, Algeria'. Spanish Civil War

1938 (16th. Aug) Air Mail cover from FRANCE to 'USS Claxton, Algeria'. [USS Claxton: Oct. 1937 until Nov. 1938 with Squadron 40-T to patrol European waters protecting American interests during the civil war in Spain] Also boxed AMERICAN CONSULATE GENERAL, ALGERIA receipt p/m. 17th. Aug. to rear. Ref: 321-117.

Price: £35.00
1940 Report from 'HMS Queen of Bermuda' re: William Becker German POW

1940 (April) typed 8 page Report by Lieut. AW Motts RNR of 'HMS Queen of Bermuda' re: William Becker German POW taken off Spanish ship El 'Cuidad De Sevilla'. Real name is 'Willi Mertes'. Includes details of German vessels given by POW of ships at Las Palmas and Tenerife. [Passenger ship Queen of Bermuda requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted to an Armed Merchant Cruiser. Nov. 39 - March 42: South Atlantic Station: on patrol to Montevideo arriving 11 April 1940] Spy. Faults. Ref: 314-140.

Price: £35.00
1941 cover to 'Vice Admiral CW Stephenson CB, GMC, HMS Western Isle' reused

1941 (April) cover to 'Vice Admiral CW Stephenson CB, GMC, HMS Western Isle' [ISLE of MULL, Inner Hebrides, Scotland] and reused with OHMS label tied by RFHMS m/c. [Over the four-and-a-half years he ran the school, 911 ships went through 1132 Anti-submarine training courses at HMS Western Isles, Tobermory, Isle of Mull] Ref: 313-076.

Price: £35.00
1943 POW l/s. GERMANY to GB. 'Edward Johnson' at Milag und Milag Nord

1943 POW l/s. GERMANY to GB. 'Edward Johnson' at Milag und Milag Nord. On 15th. April 1940 Edward Johnson, Merchant Mariner on SALMON POOL seized by German forces at Saudafjord, north of Stavanger,in Boknfjord. 34 were interned from SALMONPOOL and 4 returned. Seized and taken as a prize. Steamer renamed PUTZIG for German service. Ref: 322-087.

Price: £35.00
1944 cover EGYPT to GB. 'By Naval Bag'. OPENED BY / NAVAL CENSOR label

1944 cover from EGYPT to GB endorsed 'By Naval Bag' and OPENED BY / NAVAL CENSOR label [Daynes RNL 240] tied by boxed PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR h/s. Endorsed 'Port Said'. Folded. Ref: 322-070.

Price: £35.00

1982 (16th. May) cover from the FALKLANDS to GB with MARITIME MAIL m/c. [8th. June] and boxed RFA SIR LANCELOT h/s. May 1982 - Special Forces HQ in San Carlos water. [Ten-week war between Argentina and the UK from 2nd. Apr. 1982 – 14th. June 1982] NB: Folded. Ref: 310-092.

Price: £35.00
1916 PPC (Hospital Ship "REWA") PLYMOUTH m/c. PASSED BY CENSOR

1916 PPC (Hospital Ship "REWA") with PLYMOUTH m/c. and weak boxed PASSED BY CENSOR / RN HOSPITAL PLYMOUTH h/s. - Gould 2A18. mss .. "arrived here yesterday". Ref: 318-136.

Price: £30.00
1916 PPC with PASSED BY CENSOR / HMS "Lord Nelson" h/s.

1916 June PPC (Real photo) to GB with LONDON m/c. and PASSED BY CENSOR / HMS "Lord Nelson" h/s. mss .. "this is a picture of band playing while coaling ship". From 'FA Payne'. [Lord Nelson became flagship of the Eastern Mediterranean Squadron 1916-18] Edge nick. Ref: 319-127.

Price: £30.00
1918 (31st. Aug) Field Service PC. RFHMS p/m. "on Hospital Ship"

1918 (31st. Aug) Field Service PC to 'Scotland' with RFHMS p/m. mss .. "I am on Hospital Ship with sick on board. Will post on arrival in Blighty". From 'Lindsay Duff'. NB: Very heavy fold. Ref: 320-157.

Price: £30.00

1918 (July) PPC "HANDS OFF" with FPO 'a' m/c. and d/r. PASSED BY CENSOR / HMS COLOSSUS h/s. [Dreadnought battleship - transferred to Rosyth in April 1918. She was present at the surrender of the German fleet on 21 November 1918.] Royal Navy. Naval. Ref: 319-157.

Price: £30.00
1919 PPC NORWAY to GB. Royal Navy Minesweeper. Northern Barrage Clearance

1919 (9th. Sept) PPC from NORWAY to GB with poor RFHMS m/c. From 'Dowdeswell', Royal Navy Minesweeper with the Northern Barrage Clearance. The North Sea Mine Barrage, also known as the Northern Barrage, was a large minefield laid easterly from the Orkney Islands to Norway. Royal Navy minesweeping efforts involved 421 vessels manned by 600 officers and 15,000 men from 1 April to 30 Nov. 1919. Twelve Lapwing class minesweepers and 18 submarine chasers were available. Strauss declared the barrage cleared on 30 Sept. 1919. Ref: 319-079.

Price: £30.00
1920 (29th. Dec) cover MALTA to GB. LONDON 210 p/m. 'HMS Seraph'

1920 (29th. Dec) cover from MALTA to GB with RFHMS m/c. and d/r. LONDON 210 p/m. [7th. Jan. 1921] From 'D. Hooley AB, HMS Seraph' - "S" class destroyer built for the Royal Navy. Completed: 25th. Dec, 1918. Recommissioned at Malta on 13th. Sept. 1920. NB: Corner missing and folded. Ref: 313-124.

Price: £30.00
1940 'Feldpost' cover German Freighter "HELGOLAND" Blockade Runner

1940 'Feldpost' cover and letter from German Freighter "HELGOLAND" with d/r. dumb p/m. 'Helgoland,' was in Colombia, South America, at the outbreak of World War II but managed to make its way through the British blockade to St. Nazaire in German-occupied France. Naval. Navy. Ref: 309-136.

Price: £30.00