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1940 (April) 'Feldpost' cover + letter German Freighter "HELGOLAND" to Germany

1940 (15th. April) 'Feldpost' cover and letter from German Freighter "HELGOLAND" to Germany with d/r. dumb p/m. 'Helgoland,' was in Colombia, South America, at the outbreak of World War II but managed to make its way through the British blockade to St. Nazaire in German-occupied France. Naval. Navy. Ref: 320-132

Price: £30.00
1914 (Aug.) real photo PPC MEXICO to USA. USS GEORGIA p/m. 'Vera Cruz, Mexico'

1914 (Aug) real photo of sailors PPC from MEXICO to USA with USS GEORGIA p/m. at 'Vera Cruz, Mexico'. [In 1914 she cruised in Mexican waters to protect American interests during the MEXICAN REVOLUTION in the troubled Vera Cruz-Tampico area] Ref: 314-026.

Price: £25.00
1914 (Sept) cover Royal Navy to GB. 'F.H. Gerty, Nav. Sec.' Naval Secretary

1914 (Sept) cover Royal Navy to GB with s/r. dumb p/m. and redirected. From 'F.H. Gerty, Nav. Sec.' - Naval Secretary. [WESTERN FRONT - NAVAL MENTIONS ARMY DESPATCHES dated 14 Jan. 1915. Name of whom I recommend for gallant and distinguished service in the field. Fleet Paymaster F. H. Gerty, Royal Navy (retired)] Re-used OHMS envelope. Ref: 319-073.

Price: £25.00
1914 (Sept. 15th) real photo PPC 'HM Submarine "D.1". SCARBOROUGH p/m.

1914 (15th. Sept) real photo PPC 'HM Submarine "D.1" with d/r. SCARBOROUGH p/m. [H.M. Submarines D1. Pennant No.: I.71. Complement: 25 [3 Officers, 22 Ratings] May 1914 - July 1915. 8th Flotilla. Oct. 1912 - Oct. 1914 Lt. Cdr. A.D. Cochrane. D1 was the first British submarine to be fitted with diesel instead of petrol engines] Ref: 312-071.

Price: £25.00
1915 (Oct) PPC [French Hospital Ship "CEYLAN"] from SALONICA

1915 (Oct) PPC [French Hospital Ship "CEYLAN"] from SALONICA. Message only to rear ". Present at Gallipoli. Dardanelles. Ref: 318-127.

Price: £25.00
1916 PPC Hospital Ship "AQUITANIA" AAMC Details, Parkhouse Camp

1916 PPC [HM Hospital Ship "AQUITANIA"] with d/r. PARKHOUSE CAMP SALISBURY 2 p/m. From 'AAMC Details, Parkhouse Camp No. 2, Salisbury, Wilts'. Australian Army Medical Corps. mss .. "arrived in England yesterday'. Ref: 317-144.

Price: £25.00
1917 PPC KIRKWALL with oval CENSORED / HOXA h/s

1917 circa. PPC of KIRKWALL to Lincoln with circ. dumb p/m. and light oval CENSORED / HOXA h/s. - Gould 2B15. Artillery Unit - HOXA entrance channel to Scapa Flow. Navy. Naval. Ref: 318-125.

Price: £25.00
1918 (July) 'Royal Navy' Honour envelope RFHMS m/c. unframed CENSORED h/s.

1918 (July) 'Royal Navy' Honour envelope with RFHMS m/c. and unframed CENSORED h/s. Gould RD3. Opening faults. Ref: 312-105 .

Price: £25.00
1939-45 cover EGYPT to GB. boxed 10d PAID h/s. Naval Air Mail Postage Paid

1939-45 Air Mail cover from EGYPT to GB with boxed 10d PAID h/s. [Naval Air Mail Postage Paid: Daynes PP10] with RFHMS h/s. over Ten Pence adhesive and tomb censor h/s. NB: Creased and folded. Ref: 319-033.

Price: £25.00
1941 (April) cover GIBRALTAR to GB. Naval 'Air Mail' Postage Paid h/s.

1941 (21st. April) cover from GIBRALTAR to GB with boxed Naval 'Air Mail' Postage Paid h/s. - Daynes PP5b [Used 10th. April to 7th. July] Also RFHMS m/c. and tomb censor h/s. Ref: 312-134.

Price: £25.00
1941 British Official photograph 'Action of HM Trawler Lady Shirley with German U Boat'

1941 (Sept) British Official photograph A. 5793. 'Action of HM Trawler Lady Shirley with German U Boat'. The U-boat is forced to the surface by depth charges from HMT LADY SHIRLEY. [Sank German submarine U-111 south-west of Tenerife with depth charges. Lady Shirley had one crewmember killed and several injured in the battle. Of the U-boat crew of 52, eight were killed and 44 survived. This was the first time that POWs were captured from a U-boat. Reached GIBRALTAR with 44 German survivors rescued from the sea. HMT Lady Shirley was a fishing trawler requisitioned by the Royal Navy in 1940 and converted for anti-submarine warfare duties] Full typed details to rear. 150 x 100 mm. Ref: 320-107.

Price: £25.00
1943 cover ICELAND to '7th. Air Formation Signals, London' redirected to 'HMS Dundonald'

1943 cover from ICELAND to 'L/Cpl. Slack N, 7th. Air Formation Signals, London' with US APO p/m. and censored. Redirected to 'HMS Dundonald, Truan (Troon) Ayreshire' with WHETSTONE m/c. to rear. HMS Dundonald function - holding and training base for RN Beach Commandos and holding base for Combined Operations personnel. NB: Folded and creased. Ref: 320-098.

Price: £25.00
1943 cover MALTA to 'RFA Reliant' redirected to 'c/o Cable Ship, Mombasa'

1943 (Jan) cover from MALTA to 'A. Rhodes, RFA Reliant, GPO Malta' and redirected to 'c/o Cable Ship, Mombasa' with d/r. COSPICUA p/m. and part EXAMINER label with DD/1088 h/s. Also CAIRO transit m/c. and Egyptian Censor h/s. Creased. Ref: 309-060.

Price: £25.00
1943 cover Royal Navy to Algeria. PC 90 OBE 1256 label 'X B' in mss

1943 cover from Royal Navy to Algeria with MARITIME MAIL m/c. and tomb censor. Also PC 90 OBE 1256 label with 'X B' in mss. Free French. Ref: 309-150.

Price: £25.00
1943-44 Air Mail 'Royal Australian Navy' Honour envelope [Daynes AUS N1: Flap on side]

1943-44 Air Mail 'Royal Australian Navy' Honour envelope AS 1324 [Daynes AUS N1: Flap on side] AUSTRALIA to Victoria [3d. RATE] with poor NAVY PO No. 1 p/m. [Located Darwin] Imprint: St 3856. Ref: 313-128.

Price: £25.00
1944 (April) cover ALGERIA to Egypt. 'Cruiser SUFFREN'. POSTE NAVALE p/m.

1944 (April) cover from ALGERIA to Egypt with s/r. POSTE NAVALE p/m. and censored. From 'Cruiser SUFFREN'. [Suffren, disarmed and interned in Egypt by the British on 22 June 1940. Rejoined the Allies and rearmed on 30 May 1943] Ref: 312-027.

Price: £25.00
1944 (Nov) Air Letter 'ss "Nieuw Holland" to Australia. PC 90 OBE 488 tape

1944 (Nov) Air Mail Letter from 'ss "Nieuw Holland" to Australia [6d. RATE] with PC 90 OBE 488 tape. Dutch troop transport ship in British service: ss New Holland - Royal Paketvaart Maatschappij (KPM): From July to Nov. 1944, New Holland operated a ferry service between Southampton and the French coast to transfer troops. Repaired. Ref: 312-003.

Price: £25.00
1945 (Jan) Air Letter INDIAN Ocean to GB. MARITIME MAIL m/c. 'HMS Kenya

1945 (Jan) Air Letter from the INDIAN Ocean to GB with MARITIME MAIL m/c. and Royal Navy tomb censor h/s. From 'HMS Kenya. [HMS Kenya (14) Light cruiser of the Fiji class. During Jan. – Feb. 1945 Kenya was operating in the Indian Ocean area as a unit of Task Force 65 under Rear Admiral Moodey, they carried out a landing of 500 Marines on the CHEDUBA Island, South of Ramree [BURMA] on Jan. 26th, this was code named “Sankey”] Ref: 322-019.

Price: £25.00
1945 (July) reused cover with Commanding Officer HMS SERENE h/s.

1945 (July) reused cover with OHMS 'War Economy' label and MARITIME MAIL m/c. Also s/r. Commanding Officer HMS SERENE h/s. [Minesweeper of the Algerine class. Commander: Lt.Cdr. Richard Michael Ritchie, RNVR from 3rd Feb 1945.] NB: Part flap missing. Ref: 317-127.

Price: £25.00
1953 cover HONG KONG to France. 'Cdt Amyot d'Inville' Minesweeping sloop

1953 (Nov) Air Mail cover from HONG KONG to France with Hong Kong slogan m/c. Froim 'Cdt Amyot d'Inville' - French Minesweeping sloop: actually used as anti-submarine ship, convoy escort and patrol vessel. NB: Trimmed opening edge. Ref: 320-123.

Price: £25.00