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1945 cover FRANCE to 'British Liason Staff, FS Gloire, Post Navale'

1945 (June) cover from FRANCE to 'Cadet RW Young, British Liason Staff, FS "Gloire", Post Navale'. Gloire was a French light cruiser of the La Galissonnière class. Refit at Algiers to 17 June. Ref: 308-105.

Price: £20.00
1945 cover CEYLON to 'LJ Cohen, Wardroom Mess, Kollupitiya'. PASSED BY CENSOR / No. 19

1945 (Jan) cover from CEYLON to 'LJ Cohen, Wardroom Mess, Kollupitiya' with boxed PASSED BY CENSOR / No. 19 h/s. From 'Lt (S) RL Cook RN'. [Jon Cohen: Linguist / cryptanalyst assigned to Colombo, Ceylon. Served in naval intelligence in the Far East from 1942-1945] Ref: 314-116.

The philosopher Jonathan Cohen was a fellow of the Queen's College Oxford and of the British Academy. He was also a polymath whose contributions across epistemology, logic, the philosophy of law, language, psychology, and science. His studies were interrupted by the second world war. Cohen trained as a codebreaker at Bletchley Park and, after learning Japanese, he served in naval intelligence in the Far East from 1942-1945. Jewish Personnel at Bletchley Park in World War Two: RN Sub Lt. Laurence Jonathan Cohen was born in London in May 1923 and attended St Pauls School; he recalls he was reading Greats at Balliol in December 1941 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour and South Asia. He was suddenly asked by his College master if he would like to learn Japanese. He had no idea what it would be for until he reached Bletchley. They studied in Bedford six days a week under a WW1 Naval Intelligence officer, Oswald Tuck, formerly served as Naval attache in Tokyo. The speed of their progress embarrassed the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), who said it could never be done! Cohen later served in the listening and decoding stations in Mombassa (East Africa) and Colombo (Sri Lanka). Michael Loewe and Jonathan Cohen were soon thrown in at the deep end to the secret world of Naval Intelligence and ciphers; resplendent uniforms and naval etiquette; Admiralty communiqués and naval acronyms. They were even sent on a navy frigate patrol in the North Sea to familiarise them with naval problems.

Price: £20.00
1945 cover Australian Navy. PACIFIC to Australia. PASSED FREE m/c. 'SED + M2384'

1945 cover Australian Navy from the PACIFIC to Australia with PASSED FREE m/c. From 'SED + M2384'. Faults. Ref: 321-074.

Price: £15.00
1945 cover 'Official Mail' CROISEUR "GLOIRE" to Paris. MARINE FRANCAISE h/s.

1945 (7th. June) cover 'Official Mail' from CROISEUR "GLOIRE" to Paris endorsed 'FM' with d/r. MARINE FRANCAISE h/s. [Until the end of the war, it provided fire support against ground targets to Allied forces on the Italian and French coasts] Ref: 311-053.

Price: £20.00
1945 (Nov) cover GB to 'HMS "Formidable", c/o GPO London' Australia

1945 (Nov) cover from GB to 'HMS "Formidable", c/o GPO London' [Australia] with 'Received 7/12/45' to rear. HMS Formidable assigned to the British Pacific Fleet (BPF) in 1945 where she played a supporting role during the Battle of Okinawa and later attacked targets in the Japanese Home Islands. The ship then loaded elements of the 7th Australian Div. and their equipment at Tarakan Island, Borneo, and picked up more Australians at Morotai; she arrived at Sydney on 6 Dec. 1945. Vice-Admiral Vian addressed the ship's crew on 27 Dec. before she departed the following day with 800 naval personnel embarked for passage home. Ref: 314-108.

Price: £12.00
1945 (May) cover 'HMS COFER' to USA. US NAVY p/m. censored

1945 (May) Air Mail cover from 'HMS COFER' to USA with US NAVY p/m. and censored. USS Cofer, a Buckley-class destroyer escort of the United States Navy. On 2 May 1945 as the group swept the straits to prepare for motor torpedo boat operations off Cape Djoeata, concealed shore batteries sank YMS-481. According to the Final Muster Roll from the YMS-481, Cofer destroyed the batteries and rescued 18 survivors of YMS-481. [The Battle of Tarakan was the first stage in the BORNEO campaign of 1945. [1 May – 21 June 1945] Djoeata was located on Tarakan's NW coast. (Tarakan Island, Netherlands East Indies)] Ref: 313-121.

Price: £45.00
1945 (July) reused cover with Commanding Officer HMS SERENE h/s.

1945 (July) reused cover with OHMS 'War Economy' label and MARITIME MAIL m/c. Also s/r. Commanding Officer HMS SERENE h/s. [Minesweeper of the Algerine class. Commander: Lt.Cdr. Richard Michael Ritchie, RNVR from 3rd Feb 1945.] NB: Part flap missing. Ref: 317-127.

Price: £25.00
1945 (Jan) Air Letter INDIAN Ocean to GB. MARITIME MAIL m/c. 'HMS Kenya

1945 (Jan) Air Letter from the INDIAN Ocean to GB with MARITIME MAIL m/c. and Royal Navy tomb censor h/s. From 'HMS Kenya. [HMS Kenya (14) Light cruiser of the Fiji class. During Jan. – Feb. 1945 Kenya was operating in the Indian Ocean area as a unit of Task Force 65 under Rear Admiral Moodey, they carried out a landing of 500 Marines on the CHEDUBA Island, South of Ramree [BURMA] on Jan. 26th, this was code named “Sankey”] Ref: 322-019.

Price: £25.00
1944-45 cover MARITIME MAIL m/c. 'Captain RG Thewell GBE RD RNR'

1944-45 cover with MARITIME MAIL m/c. and signed by 'Captain RG Thewell GBE RD RNR'. - Thelwell, Robert George. 21.10.1944 - (07.1945) Commanding Officer, HMS Pleiades (Trawler base, Scapa Flow) Roughly opened. Ref: 318-042.

Price: £9.00
1944-45 Air Letter + covers Eastern Task Force. Motor Launch 201

1944-45 Air Letter and covers from Motor Launch 201 - 13th. ML Flotilla. Eastern Task Force. From (Jeff) "JH Luck RNVR, HMML 201". 1944 (Dec) Air letter with oval HMNL 201 cachet and tomb censor h/s. Also 1945 (March) cover from India 'On leave' with d/r. NAINI TAL p/m. [Himalayas] and 1945 (April) cover with d/r. BRITISH FLEET MAIL 37 p/m. [India] Ref: 310-107.

Price: £45.00
1944 YMCA cover 'Frigate Noyola FNGH' to France. RETURN TO SENDER h/s.

1944 (Oct) CANADIAN YMCA cover from 'Frigate Noyola FNGH' to France endorsed 'FM' with MARITIME MAIL m/c. and tomb censor h/s. Also PC 90 OBE 2596 tape with boxed RETURN TO SENDER h/s. From Fench Marine - Forces Navales en Grande Bretagne. Ref: 316-135.

Price: £75.00
1944 printed cover SWEDEN with MARINPOST 41 / LBR p/m. 'Marinpost 1301'

1944 (Jan) printed cover from SWEDEN with s/r. MARINPOST 41 / LBR p/m. From 'Marinpost 1301' - Swedish Naval post. Ref: 315-004.

Price: £15.00
1944 PPC [HMS "HOOD" Flagship] with LANCASTER m/c. Sunk 1941

1944 PPC [HMS "HOOD" Flagship] with LANCASTER m/c. Sunk 1941. Ref: 320-088.

Price: £6.00
1944 cover to 'WR Tilley, 3 Mess , c/o BFMO, BERMUDA'. tomb censor

1944 (Aug) cover to 'WR Tilley, 3 Mess , c/o BFMO, BERMUDA' and redirected to "Tortola" [British Virgin Islands] with Royal Navy tomb censor h/s. From 'D Sands Sto.'. Ref: 308-148.

Price: £20.00
1944 cover MARIANA Is. to USA. 'USS Houston F Div'. NAVAL CENSOR h/s.

1944 (12th. June) cover from MARIANA Islands to USA with US NAVY p/m. and d/r. PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR h/s. From 'USS Houston F Div'. USS Houston (CL-81), a Cleveland-class light cruiser, was the third vessel in the United States Navy. Houston screened carrier strike units which pounded the Mariana Islands on 12–13 June and the Bonin Islands on 15–16 June. Ref: 314-100.

Price: £10.00

1944 (Dec) cover from GB to USA with poor s/r. (London) p/m. and boxed ROYAL NETHERLAND / NAVY HEADQUARTERS / PASSED BY CENSOR h/s. [Daynes NF 101] Also PC 90 OBE 6274 tape. Edge nick. Ref: 317-123.

Price: £45.00
1944 cover EGYPT to GB. 'By Naval Bag'. OPENED BY / NAVAL CENSOR label

1944 cover from EGYPT to GB endorsed 'By Naval Bag' and OPENED BY / NAVAL CENSOR label [Daynes RNL 240] tied by boxed PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR h/s. Endorsed 'Port Said'. Folded. Ref: 322-070.

Price: £35.00
1944 cover + letter 'HM LST 369' to "Armament Section, 1655 Flight, RAF Wyton,

1944 (Dec) cover and letter from 'HM LST 369' to "Armament Section, 1655 Flight, RAF Wyton, Hunts with MARITIME MAIL m/c. and PC 90 OBE 2144 label. [Commissioned into the Royal Navy as HM LST-369, 29 November 1944, at Rosneath. Tank Landing Ship] Roughly opened. Ref: 315-033.

Price: £12.00
1944 Airgraph from 'TB Dawkins, 571 LCA Flotilla, c/o GPO London'

1944 (March) Airgraph from 'TB Dawkins, 571 LCA Flotilla, c/o GPO London' with tomb censor h/s. [Landing Craft Assault (LCA). Prince Leopold carried seven LCA of 504 LCA Flotilla consisting of LCAs 570, 1045, 571, 550, 568 622 and 623. Sailed with Convoy O1 to OMAHA BEACH. June 1944] Ref: 321-092.

Price: £9.00
1944 Air Mail cover GB to 'Alec G Mehors, HMS "DERG" Frigate. 2s. 6d. Rate

1944 (Feb) Air Mail cover and letter [2s. 6d. Rate] from GB to 'Alec G Mehors, HMS "DERG" - Frigate Commissioned 10th. Jun 1943 . NB: Faults. Ref: 318-026.

Price: £9.00