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1918 Canadian YMCA cover EGYPT to Holland. APO Z p/m. and s/r. 'S' censor

1918 Canadian YMCA cover from EGYPT to Holland with d/r. APO Z p/m. and s/r. 'S' censor h/s. - Special censorship. Also tied EXMINED / BY / BASE CENSOR label to rear. Redirected with d/r. AMSTERDAM receipt p/m. Ref: 314-017.

Price: £20.00
1918 comic PPC [Right 2898] BELGIUM to GB. APO S.48 p/m. censor 2673 h/s.

1918 comic PPC [Right 2898: Sorry, I Have a Tail. Oh Ma Mere! Quelle Catastrophe!] from BELGIUM to GB with d/r. APO S.48 p/m. and censor 2673 h/s. Ref: 314-071.

Price: £18.00
1918 cover + letter BERMUDA to GB 'RN Barracks' censored

1918 cover and letter from BERMUDA to GB with part HAMILITON m/c. and s/r. P.C. / BERMUDA h/s. From 'RN Barracks, Bermuda'. Royal Naval. Navy. Ref: 314-127.

Price: £20.00
1918 cover VIETNAM to 'le Colonel Grossin, France'. THAT-KHE / TONKIN p/m.

1918 cover from VIETNAM to 'le Colonel Grossin, France' with d/r. THAT-KHE / TONKIN p/m. From 'le Capt. O'Kelly, Cmd. la porte de That-Khe' with d/r. cachet. Also d/r. HAIPHON transit p/m. to rear and receipt p/m. NB: Paper remains. Ref: 314-104.

Price: £45.00
1918 Telegrams INDIA to GB with 'PBC20' perfin - Passed by Censor 20

1918 (Sept - Dec) Telegrams from INDIA to GB with 'PBC20' perfin - Telegrams dated 27th. Sept. and 26th. Oct. with 'P.B.C.20' perfin to edge. [Passed by Censor 20: Censor perforated indents are scarce only appearing on telegram forms] Bishop correspondence. Ref: 314-053.

Price: £100.00
1919 (19th. July) PPC Czechoslovakia. CESKO.SLOVENSKA POLNI POSTA 44 p/m

1919 (19th. July) PPC from Czechoslovakia with d/r. CESKO.SLOVENSKA POLNI POSTA 44 p/m. and tri. VOJENSKY DOMOY / AMERICAN / YMCA h/s. Ref: 314-065.

Price: £15.00
1919 cover INDIA to Capt. Bryars RAMC, No. 23 Indian Gen. Hospital, Baghdad (MEF)

1919 cover from INDIA to Capt. Bryars RAMC, or any other Medical Officer if he is away att. No. 23 Indian Gen. Hospital, Baghdad (MEF) with d/r. NEGAPATAM p/m. Ref: 314-056.

Price: £15.00
1919 PPC SALONICA to France with BASE NAVALE h/s.

1919 (Jan) PPC from SALONICA to France with s/r. TRESOR ET POSTES p/m. and d/r.MARINE NATIONAL / BASE NAVALE h/s. From 'Dr A Lesson. MEDICIN de la MARINE. Greece. Navy. Ref: 314-139.

Price: £9.00
1920 (April) PPC [Caire] EGYPT to GB. APO / ABBASSIA p/m.

1920 (April) PPC [Caire] from EGYPT to GB with s/r. APO / ABBASSIA p/m. Ref: 314-123.

Price: £9.00
1923 cover WAZIRISTAN to GB. Indian FPO 165 p/m. Field Service

1923 (March) cover from WAZIRISTAN to GB with d/r. Indian FPO 165 p/m. [Khirgi] and boxed FIELD SERVICE / POSTAGE FREE h/s. Also oval No. 23 (INDIAN) MT COMPANY h/s. From Capt C de L Gaussen, MC, RE. - WAZIRISTAN FIELD FORCE. [NWFP: The North-West Frontier (now: Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) region of the British Indian Empire] Ref: 314-118.

Price: £100.00
1928 cover EGYPT to 'ETC Mess, Suez' with motto 'Oceanus non Dissociat'

1928 cover from EGYPT to 'ETC Mess, Suez' with motto 'Oceanus non Dissociat' to flap - The ocean does not separate. From Cable & Wireless which was originally Eastern Telegraph Co. Roughly opened. Ref:314-007.

Price: £6.00
1937 Air Mail cover ERITREA to Italy. ASMARA p/m. 'RCTC dell'Eritea, Sezione Matricole FC'

1937 Air Mail cover from ERITREA to Italy with d/r. ASMARA p/m. From 'RCTC dell'Eritea, Sezione Matricole FC. AOI. Asmara'. [RCTC: Regi corpi truppe coloniali - Royal colonial troops] Ref: 314-044.

Price: £9.00
1939-45 cover DAHOMEY to Switzerland with tied 'Geoffnet' label

1939-45 Air mail cover from DAHOMEY [French West Africa] to Switzerland with d/r. DAHOMEY p/m. and tied CONTROLE POSTAL label. Also tied German 'Geoffnet' label to rear (Code b). Ref: 314-119.

Price: £20.00
1939-45 cover SWITZERLAND to POW Germany. Ungenugende Anschrift. incuffisant adresse

1939-45 cover from SWITZERLAND to POW Germany with Ungenugende Anschrift. incuffisant adresse h/s. and oval US ARMY p/W EXAMINER h/s. Also 'Retour' h/s. and tied Geoffnet label. Faults. Ref: 314-041.

Price: £9.00
1940 (May) Air Mail covers PALESTINE to Australia with JERUSALEM m/c. and Censor No. 79 h/s.

1940 (May) Air Mail covers from PALESTINE to Australia with JERUSALEM p/m. and Censor No. 79 h/s. From Guy Harriott, War Correspondent. NB: One adhesive damaged. Ref: 314-089.
'Guy Harriott': Recommended For Decoration CAIRO. May 30th. 1941. Magnificent reporting on Middle East and Albanian Front when he was attached to the Greek Army. [Feb 1941] In a dispatch Kenneth Slessor Official War Correspondent, describes an incident in which Guy Harriott, special war correspondent of "The Advertiser" distinguished himself in the Tepeiena- Klisura sector during the Greek campaign. Harriott was mentioned in dispatches from Greek General Headquarters. Wanting to get copy back from the line, he took messages to the artillery after three Greek runners had been killed in endeavors to deliver it. As a result, the artillery went into action and held up an Italian attack. Harriott has been recommended for a decoration by Greek Headquarters for "personal courage under fire." Awarded Greek Cross of Distinguished Merit. The writer Guy Harriott was a War Correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald reporting from the Middle East & Greece area & later the far East, he survived a ship wreck after hitting a mine & sinking in 8 minutes whilst travelling from Tobruck to Alexandria. For deeds in Albania he was mentioned in dispatches, was awarded the Greek Cross of Distinguished Service, he later became the Editor of the paper & was made an OBE. He died aged 66 after a distinguished career

Price: £25.00
1940 Air Mail cover SARAWAK to GB. PASSED BY / CENSOR h/s.

1940 Air Mail cover from SARAWAK to GB [55 cent RATE] endorsed 'Via S'pore' to rear with s/r. KUTCHING p/m. and boxed PASSED BY / CENSOR h/s. [Morenweiser type: 1B] NB: Folded. Ref: 314-128.

Price: £40.00
1940 cover + letter British GUIANA to GB. 'Officially opened and resealed' label

1940 cover and letter from British GUIANA to GB [4d. RATE] with 'Officially opened and resealed' label [BY CENSOR missing] tied by PASSED BY / CENSOR. h/s. Ref: 314-008.

Price: £35.00
1940 cover USA to Sweden. 'Ingvar Hakansson, c/o British Consulate General' RAF

1940 (Oct) cover from USA to Sweden with SAN FRANCISCO m/c. From 'Ingvar Hakansson, c/o British Consulate General' - One of few Swedes that served in RAF. 1941 joined RAF and in 1943 placed in 165 Squadron. Swedish volunteer fighter pilot of RAF. Ref: 314-021.

Price: £35.00
1940 covers FRANCE to Switzerland with HYERES p/m. canc. 2f50 Exposition adhesive

1940 covers from FRANCE to Switzerland with HYERES slogan p/m. canc. 2f50 Exposition International New York 1939 adhesives. Folded. Ref: 314-043.

Price: £6.00
1940 ps PC ITALY to 'Misto 18 Comy Telegrafists, Posta Militare No. 56'

1940 ps PC from ITALY to 'Misto 18 Comy Telegrafists, Posta Militare No. 56' with boxed CENSURE h/s. Also 1941 Registered cover from LECCE to Red Cross, Switzerland. Ref: 314-046.

Price: £7.00