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1944 POW l/s. USA to Italy. '203 POW Camp, Washington'. US + German censors

1944 POW l/s. from USA to Italy with US and German censors. From '203 POW Camp, Washington'. Ref: 314-085.

Price: £9.00
1944 POW PC GERMANY to Scotland. BIBERACH p/m. censored 'N. Spence' internee

1944 (Oct.) POW PC 'Interniertenpost' from GERMANY to GB with d/r. BIBERACH p/m. and censors. From 'Nicol Spence 534' Lager Biberach - Civilian Internee. mss .. "unattended women, 40 in number, are going to Libenan on Monday and 125 Jewish women and children coming here ..... letters are coming through quickly again via Sweden". [Channel Islander deported to internment camp in 1942 and 1943] Ref: 314-029.

Price: £35.00
1944 Registered cover AUSTRALIA to 'Tasmania'. AUST. FPO 168 p/m. censor 652 h/s.

1944 Registered Air Mail cover from AUSTRALIA to 'Tasmania' with s/r. AUST. FPO 168 p/m. and boxed censor 652 h/s. Ref: 314-013.

Price: £9.00
1944-45 cover SIERRA LEONE to GB. MARITIME MAIL m/c. RAF censor R11/7 h/s

1944-45 cover SIERRA LEONE to GB. MARITIME MAIL m/c. RAF censor R11/7 h/s. - recorded between Nov. 1944 and March 1945. From 'AC Robinson K. RAF'. Ref: 314-019.

Price: £6.00
1945 'CAAF' cover ITALY to Denmark. FPO 34 p/m. 'The Algonguin Regt.'

1945 'CAAF' cover from ITALY to Denmark with d/r. FPO 34 p/m. From 'The Algonguin Regt., Canadian Army Overseas' [The Algonquin Regiment (Northern Pioneers) is a Primary Reserve infantry regiment of the Canadian Army comprising two companies.] Folded. Ref: 314-113.

Price: £9.00
1945 (Aug) printed l/s. ITALY 'Nucleo Distretto Militare di Pesaro'. PESARO p/m.

1945 (Aug) printed l/s. from ITALY 'Nucleo Distretto Militare di Pesaro' with d/r. PESARO p/m. and Tassa a carico del destinatario h/s. [Fee charged to the recipient] Folded. Ref: 314-117.

Price: £9.00
1945 (June) cover Southern RHODESIA to GB endorsed 'On Active Service'

1945 (June) cover from Southern RHODESIA to GB [2d. RATE] endorsed 'On Active Service'. Ref: 314-006.

Price: £4.00
1945 (March) cover + letter FRANCE to GB. ARCACHON m/c. tied CONTROLE label

1945 (March) cover and letter from FRANCE to GB with ARCACHON m/c. and tied CONTROLE label. From 'Chalet Sillery, Arcachon'. Interesting content. Ref: 314-079.

Price: £15.00
1945 (Nov) cover GB to 'HMS "Formidable", c/o GPO London' Australia

1945 (Nov) cover from GB to 'HMS "Formidable", c/o GPO London' [Australia] with 'Received 7/12/45' to rear. HMS Formidable assigned to the British Pacific Fleet (BPF) in 1945 where she played a supporting role during the Battle of Okinawa and later attacked targets in the Japanese Home Islands. The ship then loaded elements of the 7th Australian Div. and their equipment at Tarakan Island, Borneo, and picked up more Australians at Morotai; she arrived at Sydney on 6 Dec. 1945. Vice-Admiral Vian addressed the ship's crew on 27 Dec. before she departed the following day with 800 naval personnel embarked for passage home. Ref: 314-108.

Price: £12.00
1945 Air Letter GIBRALTAR to S. Africa. FPO 475 p/m. RAF censor R15/396 h/s

1945 (5th. June) Air Letter from GIBRALTAR to S. Africa [3d. RATE] with poor d/r. FPO 475 p/m. and RAF censor R15/396 h/s. Late use. [Dates Recorded: 2/3/45 to 1/6/45 - Only three recordings of R15 type from Gibraltar] From 'A/Cxe. JG Roberts, '22 Sqn, SAAF'. Operating Lockheed Venturas in Gibraltar. [South African Air Force] No.22 Squadron flew anti-submarine patrols in the Western Mediterranean. Ref: 314-023.

Price: £35.00
1945 cover + letter ITALY to CZECHOSLOVAKIA. Feldpost 31834 E

1945 (March) cover and letter from Northern ITALY to CZECHOSLOVAKIA with s/r. FELDPOST p/m. and Geoffnet censor label. From 'Feldpost 31834 E' - XIIth. Battalion, 4th. Company. Czech Police, Czech Government Army - stationed in Northern ITALY. Trimmed opening edge. Ref: 314-132.

Price: £25.00
1945 cover CEYLON to 'LJ Cohen, Wardroom Mess, Kollupitiya'. PASSED BY CENSOR / No. 19

1945 (Jan) cover from CEYLON to 'LJ Cohen, Wardroom Mess, Kollupitiya' with boxed PASSED BY CENSOR / No. 19 h/s. From 'Lt (S) RL Cook RN'. [Jon Cohen: Linguist / cryptanalyst assigned to Colombo, Ceylon. Served in naval intelligence in the Far East from 1942-1945] Ref: 314-116.

The philosopher Jonathan Cohen was a fellow of the Queen's College Oxford and of the British Academy. He was also a polymath whose contributions across epistemology, logic, the philosophy of law, language, psychology, and science. His studies were interrupted by the second world war. Cohen trained as a codebreaker at Bletchley Park and, after learning Japanese, he served in naval intelligence in the Far East from 1942-1945. Jewish Personnel at Bletchley Park in World War Two: RN Sub Lt. Laurence Jonathan Cohen was born in London in May 1923 and attended St Pauls School; he recalls he was reading Greats at Balliol in December 1941 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour and South Asia. He was suddenly asked by his College master if he would like to learn Japanese. He had no idea what it would be for until he reached Bletchley. They studied in Bedford six days a week under a WW1 Naval Intelligence officer, Oswald Tuck, formerly served as Naval attache in Tokyo. The speed of their progress embarrassed the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), who said it could never be done! Cohen later served in the listening and decoding stations in Mombassa (East Africa) and Colombo (Sri Lanka). Michael Loewe and Jonathan Cohen were soon thrown in at the deep end to the secret world of Naval Intelligence and ciphers; resplendent uniforms and naval etiquette; Admiralty communiqués and naval acronyms. They were even sent on a navy frigate patrol in the North Sea to familiarise them with naval problems.

Price: £20.00

1945 (Jan) Air Mail cover from the PHILIPPINES to USA with US NAVY p/m. and s/r. PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR h/s. From USS Barataria (AVP-33) a United States Navy Barnegat-class seaplane tender. The Philippines campaign. Jan. 1945, Barataria tended the Consolidated PBY-5A Catalinas of Patrol Bomber Squadron 71 (VPB-71) as they carried out night time "Black Cat" strikes against shore installations and shipping along the coast of China and conducted anti-submarine patrol missions. Based first at Cabalitan Bay. Ref: 314-099.

Price: £10.00
1945 ps PC INDIA to 'c/o RAF Post Calcutta'. SPECIAL CENSORSHIP h/s

1945 (Jan) postal stationary PC from INDIA with d/r. SILCHAR p/m. to 'No. 4 Filter Room, c/o RAF Post Calcutta' with two SPECIAL CENSORSHIP h/s's - Nos 20 and 73. Ref: 314-131.

Price: £30.00
1946 (Sept) cover AUSTRIA to Red Cross, Switzerland re: POW. Censor 1407 h/s.

1946 (Sept) cover from AUSTRIA to Red Cross, Switzerland regarding POW with DROSING m/c. and s/r. censor 1407 h/s. Ref: 314-061.

Price: £4.00
1946 cover GREECE to 'Sjt Con. Coumbis, RHQ 40th. RTR, CMF'. Greek Civil War

1946 (March) cover from GREECE to 'Sjt Con. Coumbis, RHQ 40th. RTR, CMF'. Greek Civil War. [Regimental HQ, 40th. Royal Tank Regiment, Central Mediterranean Force] Served in Greece during the Civil War. Ref: 314-083.

Price: £15.00
1946 POW PC from GB to S Africa. POW CAMP 701/A9 h/s. RAF Station, Hednesford,

1946 (Feb) POW PC from GB to 'M199288 Camp POW, South AFRICA with POW CAMP 701/A9 h/s. - "Special" Camp, RAF Station, Hednesford, Staffordshire. Satellite camp A9. Ref: 314-078.

Price: £35.00
1949 cover JORDAN to GB. CENSORSHIP Amman PASSED h/s.

1949 (Nov) cover from JORDAN to GB and redirected with boxed 'Return to Sender / Address insufficient IS h/s. Also part boxed CENSORSHIP / Amman / PASSED h/s. to rear Ref: 314-126.

Price: £25.00
1951 'Radio Ham' PC ERITREA to GB with US APO 843 p/m

1951 (July) 'Radio Ham' Postcard from ERITREA to GB with US APO 843 p/m. Pin holes. Ref: 314-137

Price: £8.00
1952 SARAWAK Government Telegraphs from London. BINTULU / SARAWAK p/m.

1952 (June) SARAWAK Government Telegraphs from London with d/r. BINTULU / SARAWAK p/m. [Bintulu is a coastal town on the island of Borneo in the central region of Sarawak] Weak printing. Ref: 314-082.

Price: £9.00