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1945 (Sept) cover + letter CONGO to Italy. 'POW. Campo Medio Congo, Brazzaville'

1945 (Sept) cover and letter from the CONGO to Italy with ALGER m/c. and circ. ?POLZ POSTAL h/s. From 'Russo Antonio, POW. Campo Medio Congo, Brazzaville'. Letter headed 'Brazzaville 7/7/1945'. Signed 'Russo Antonio'. Ref: 315-055.

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1782 entire JAMAICA to GB carried by (HMS) Ardent. Man of War. 'Jacques & Fisher'

1782 entire from JAMAICA to GB, carried by (HMS) Ardent. Man of War with PORTSMOUTH / SHIP LRE h/s. From 'Jacques & Fisher, Kingston' to 'William Philip Perrin'- merchant owner of Grange Hall Estate, Jamaica. Slave owner. Letter refers to the "the risks from the Enemy" (Pirates targeted shipping) GR watermarked paper. [April 1782. Battle of the Saintes - the Comte de Grasse, forcing the French and Spanish to abandon a planned INVASION of JAMAICA. The British captured a number of ships including ARDENT and a convoy under Rear-admiral Graves escorted the prizes on the journey back to England]
Jamaicas internal strife was accompanied by external threats. A large French fleet, with Spanish support, planned to invade Jamaica in 1782, but the British thwarted the plan at the Battle of the Saintes, (April 912, 1782), in the AMERICAN REVOLUTION. Ref: 315-007.

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1916 cover EGYPT to Australia. 'E. Cameron Lieut. RFC'. Royal Flying Corps

1916 (Feb) 'Allen Line' cover from EGYPT to Australia with s/r. MINIA p/m. and circ. CL 1 PSSED BY CENSOR h/s. From 'E. Cameron Lieut. RFC'. Tasmanian in Royal Flying Corps. Early 1916 one of the main squadrons operating in Egypt was 14 Squadron. [SENUSSI Campaign 1915-1917: In Dec. 1915 a small force, the Western Frontier Force (WFF), was assembled at Matruh under Major-General Wallace. From March 1916 the 2/1st Cheshire Company (RE) executed works for the RFC at MINYA (Minia) and Assiut and constructed defense's in the Luxor area, at Esna, Suhag and other places opposite the Kharga oasis] Ref: 315-013.

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1795 entire 'Captain Bower, "Earl How" East Indiaman'. account HMS BOYNE blew up

1795 (1st. May) entire from 'Captain Bower on board "Earl How" East Indiaman'. mss "some of her shot struck our Ship". Letter transcribed giving eye witness account how HMS BOYNE caught fire and blew up. The Royal Marines of the vessel were practicing firing exercises. [The death toll on Boyne was only eleven men. Because the guns were always left loaded, the cannons began to 'cook off', firing shots at potential rescuers making their way to the ship, resulting in the deaths of two seamen and the injury of another aboard Queen Charlotte, anchored nearby] Ref: 315-047.

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1902 (May) cover BOER WAR to GB. '1st. NZ Brigade'. NEW ZEALAND Contingent

1902 (May) cover from the BOER WAR to GB with d/r. ARMY POST OFFICE / POTCHEFSTROOM p/m. From 'Trooper W. Southern, 5256. 1st. NZ Brigade'. [Trooper William Southern, NZ North Island Regiment, B Squadron, 8th. Contingent embarked from North Island on SS "SURREY" on 1st. Feb. 1902] Late NEW ZEALAND Contingent. Ref: 315-044.

Price: £200.00
1899 cover SUDAN to 'General Sir E. Collen KCIE, Simla, India'. OMDURMAN p/m.

1899 (July) cover from SUDAN to 'General Sir E. Collen KCIE, Simla, India' with s/r. OMDURMAN p/m. canc. 1 Piastre adhesive [Officers RATE] Known correspondence from 'R.F. Meiklejohn'. MAHDIST War 1881-1899. Lt. Ronald Forbes Meiklejohn [1/R. War. R.] took part in the battles of the Atbara, Khartoum and Omdurman. The Battle of Umm Diwaykarat on Nov. 25, 1899 marked the final defeat of the Mahdist state in Sudan, when Anglo-Egyptian forces under the command of Lord Kitchener defeated what was left of the Mahdist armies. Ref: 315-012.

Price: £190.00
1804 (Nov) entire [HMS] LEOPARD, off Dover. Lieut 'John Forbes' re: letter to Admiralty

1804 (Nov) entire [HMS] LEOPARD, off Dover. Lieut 'John Forbes' re: letter to Admiralty. [She served during the Napoleonic Wars: 1803 1815, and was notable for the actions of her captain in 1807.
1-3 Oct 1804 fire ships expended and the trial of a new form of fire boat known as a "catamaran," on the French flotillas anchored off Boulogne.
The Chesapeake-Leopard affair: 22 Jun 1807 the Leopard weighed per the Bellona's instructions and some five leagues from the land bore down to speak the US ship Chesapeake, to discuss the problem of British deserters onboard the Chesapeake. Her CO refused to discuss the subject, resulting in 3 broadsides being fired by the Leopard in order that the Captain could carry out his instructions.
[On 25 December 1803 HMS Suffisante was wrecked due to a poorly-chosen location and the officers had mishandled the situation. "Lieutenant John Forbes" should have taken the watch, but remained below, leaving a midshipman in charge. The master, John Coleman, had gone below for his dinner and left the pilot in charge of the positioning; Coleman stated that he was unaware that the pilot had gone ashore. Heathcote was below dining with his officers and unaware of the developing situation. The court martial found him partly to blame for the loss and reprimanded him but did not punish him. It also reprimanded Coleman, and sentenced "Forbes" to the loss of one year's seniority] Ref: 315-046.

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1919 cover RUSSIA to GB. APO PB1 p/m. oval 'X 11' censor. "Syren" Force

1919 (Feb) cover from RUSSIA to GB with d/r. APO PB1 p/m. and oval 'X 11' censor. From 'L/Cpl. AJ Barnard, 4/2 Field Coy RE, "Syren". Syren Force Campaign in North Russia. (Murmansk) was reached on 24 June 1918 to Oct. 1919. Provisional "Honour" envelope. Crease. Ref: 315-123.

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1916 cover BERMUDA to 'Cpl. PS Ingham, No. 699 BVRG, 1st. Batt Lincoln Regt, BEF'

1916 (June) cover from BERMUDA to 'Cpl. PS Ingham, No. 699 BVRG, [Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps] Attached 1st. Batt Lincoln Regt, British Expeditionary Force' with HAMILTON m/c. and s/r. P.C / BERMUDA h/s. [699 Cpl-Sgt. (later 2Lt-Maj) Ingham, Phillip Stanley w s. Medal Entitlement: MM, 1914-15 Star trio, ED(B), VLSM, SWB (Sickness) Wounded: 16.7.16 Mametz Wood. Remarks: Bombing section. Recommended for the DCM and promoted to Sgt for action on 3.7.16: Awarded MM LG. 23.8.16. Wounded in the shoulder. Returned to Bermuda 16.11.16. Discharged Medically Unfit 21.11.16. Presented with MM in Bermuda on 23.11.16. Subsequently commissioned in Bermuda with BVRC, rising to Major] Bermuda Contingent. Ref: 315-071.

Price: £100.00
1881 (7th. July) cover and letter South AFRICA to GB with CAPE TOWN p/m

1881 (7th. July) cover and letter from South AFRICA to GB with CAPE TOWN p/m. 1st. BOER WAR ended 23rd. March 1881. mss .. "Col. Hassard expects to retire in December next. I was out hunting yesterday on "Harlequin", no sun. The Mauritius detach'mt have arrived, also three new lieutenants".
From '[Lieutenant (Captain) W.R.H. Crauford of the 91st Highlanders' was present at the battle of Gingindlovu, the relief of Eshowe, and commanded the convoys of the column during the advance of Crealock's Division to Port Durnford. [William Reginald Houison Crauford: 1879 ZULU WAR CAMPAIGN MEDAL. South Africa Medal 1877-79 with clasp '1879'] Ref: 315-051.

Price: £90.00
1900 (5th. Nov.) cover CHINA to Germany s/r. Marine Schiffspost No. 23 p/m.

1900 (5th. Nov.) cover from CHINA to Germany with s/r. Marine Schiffspost No. 23 p/m. - 'S.M.S. Worth' at WUSUNG. Boxer Rebellion: 2 Nov. 1899 7 Sep 1901. [German expeditionary force included Wrth and on 25th. Oct. 1900 returned to WUSUNG via Yantai. There she joined the blockade of the Yangtze River and then she was detached to cover the disembarkation of the German expeditionary corps outside the Taku Forts.] Ref: 315-048.

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1943-44 cover TONGA to New Zealand poor s/r. (NZEF FIELD POST) OFFICE p/m.

1943-44 cover from TONGA to New Zealand with poor s/r. (NZEF FIELD POST) OFFICE p/m. and tri. SERVICE CENSOR No. 101 h/s. Self censored by 'Major WGF Pinkham' - OC for 16 Brigade Group Signals at NZ APO 200, for the 2nd NZEF on Tongatabu. Ref: 315-081.

Price: £65.00
1937 (17th Nov) Air Mail cover BAHRAIN to India [2 Annas RATE]

1937 (17th. Nov) Air Mail cover from BAHRAIN to India [2 Annas RATE] with d/r. BOMBAY receipt p/m. (19th. Feb). Persian Gulf. India used abroad. Roughly opened. Ref: 315-137.

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1942 (14th. Dec) cover FALKLAND Islands to GB. RFHMS m/c. censor 4428 h/s.

1942 (14th. Dec) cover from the FALKLAND Islands to GB with RFHMS m/c. and circ. censor 4428 h/s. Known correspondance from 'Pte. Robinson, A Coy, 11th West Yorkshire Regt.'. NB: Flap missing. Ref: 315-083.

Price: £50.00
1944 POW PC GERMANY to India. "Mit Luftpost Nach India Ueber Madrid Bis Tangier"

1944 (Nov.) Air Mail POW PC from GERMANY to India [10 Pf RATE] endorsed "Mit Luftpost Nach India Ueber Madrid Bis Tangier" with s/r. Camp censor h/s. From 'Capt. Jones, Eric' Oflag VII B . [German prisoner-of-war camp for officers, located in Eichsttt, Bavaria] Addressed to 'D.E. Augier' - OBE, Finance Minister. Also d/r. TONK-RAJ receipt p/m. [1940: AUGIER, Douglas Eric, O.B.E., Opium dept., -United - Provs. (jt. opium officer, Malwa)] Ref: 312-062.

Price: £50.00
1917 PPC (RMS 'ATHENTIC') to New Zealand. PASSED BY CENSOR No. 20

1917 (Jan) PPC (RMS 'ATHENTIC') to New Zealand with s/r. PASSED BY CENSOR No. 20 NZ h/s. New Zealand Troopship "Athentic". Ref: 315-145.

Price: £45.00
1925 Military Wrapper ADEN 'Aden Brigade Staff Officer' h/s.

1925 (Sept) Military Wrapper from ADEN with d/r. ADEN p/m. canc. Half Anna adhesive with 'SERVICE' o/p. and 'Clerk / Aden Brigade Staff Officer' h/s. Ref: 315-143.

Price: £45.00
1942-43 Air Mail POW l/s. and PC from INDIA to Germany and censored.

1942-43 Air Mail POW l/s. and PC from INDIA to Germany and censored. One with PRISONER OF WAR CAMP 24 - 8 Annas meter mark. [Postmark applied by meter machine] The other a printed postcard. From 'No. 24 Camp, POW', Dehra Dun' Internment Camp. Ref: 315-056.

Price: £45.00
1943 POW l/s. ITALY to S. AFRICA [2l. 50 RATE] 'Posta Aerea Via Venezia, Sofia, E Cairo'

1943 POW Air Mail l/s's. from ITALY to South AFRICA [2l. 50 RATE] endorsed 'Posta Aerea Via Venezia, Sofia, E Cairo' with d/r. CENSURA h/s. From 'DE Lange, Cornelius Franois. Private. PG 65. PM 3450'. [Prisoner of War] Ref: 315-021.

Price: £45.00
1944 Air Mail l/s. from POW in KENYA to Italy with d/r. POSTAGE PAID / SI.30 h/s.

1944 Air Mail l/s. from POW in KENYA to Italy with d/r. POSTAGE PAID / SI.30 h/s. and boxed censored P/W MIDDLE EAST 010 h/s. Also German censor h/s. to rear. From 'POW Camp No. 365 - Londiani. East Africa. Ref: 315-106.

Price: £45.00