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1944 cover SUDAN with US APO 608 p/m. Commanding Officer, Wadi Seidna

1944 cover from SUDAN to 'Public Works Dept.' with US APO 608 p/m. with d/r. FPO 718 transit p/m. [10th. July] and KHARTOOM receipt m/c. [11th. July] From 'Commanding Officer, Wadi Seidna AES'. Ref: 322-129.

Price: £35.00
1944 cover EGYPT to GB. 'By Naval Bag'. OPENED BY / NAVAL CENSOR label

1944 cover from EGYPT to GB endorsed 'By Naval Bag' and OPENED BY / NAVAL CENSOR label [Daynes RNL 240] tied by boxed PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR h/s. Endorsed 'Port Said'. Folded. Ref: 322-070.

Price: £35.00
1944 Air Mail Honour Envelope AUSTRALIA with AUST. FPO 190 p/m. - Darwin

1944 Air Mail Honour Envelope from AUSTRALIA with s/r. AUST. FPO 190 p/m. - Darwin, Northern Territories. Also tied Opened by Censor label [Blue on white] Ref: 322-118.

Price: £9.00
1944 (July) Air Letter GB to 'F/O Savory R.G, Section K, RAF Ceylon'

1944 (July) Air Letter from GB to 'F/O Savory R.G, Section K, RAF Ceylon'. [Flying Officer SAVORY, ROBERT GLYNDWR. Service Number 152676. Died 10/02/1945 Aged 24. 22 Sqdn. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Commemorated at SINGAPORE MEMORIAL] Ref: 322-063.

Price: £20.00
1944 (Dec) cover AZORES to GB d/r. RAF PO 004 p/m. RAF censor R6/88 h/s.

1944 (Dec) cover from AZORES to GB with d/r. RAF PO 004 p/m. and RAF censor R6/88 h/s. From 'LAC Gordon S., Royal Air Force'. [Dates recorded: 30/1/44 to 16/4/45. The airfield at Lagens] Ref: 322-044.

Price: £25.00
1943 YMCA cover CYPRUS to GB. FPO 726 p/m. censor 7394 h/s.

1943 YMCA cover from CYPRUS to GB with d/r. FPO 726 p/m. and censor 7394 h/s. Also circ. Egypt censor h/s. Light fold. Ref: 322-159.

Price: £35.00
1943 Telegraph Form SERBIA to 'Waffen SS, Gross Betschkerek'

1943 Telegraph Form from Bela Crkva, SERBIA to 'Waffen SS, Gross Betschkerek' with cachet of Mayors Office, Weisskirchen. German Occupation. Corner tear. Ref: 322-150.

Price: £10.00
1943 ps cover GB to PALESTINE redirected to Dar es Salam, German Colony

1943 ps cover from GB to St. Georges Cathederal, Jerusalem, PALESTINE and redirected to Dar-es-Salam, German Colony [East Africa] with "Mission Hospital" in mss. From 'The Archbishop of York'. [Cyril Forster Garbett GCVO PC was an Anglican bishop. He was the Archbishop of York from 1942] Corner folded. Ref: 322-147.

Price: £25.00
1943 POW l/s. GERMANY to GB. 'Edward Johnson' at Milag und Milag Nord

1943 POW l/s. GERMANY to GB. 'Edward Johnson' at Milag und Milag Nord. On 15th. April 1940 Edward Johnson, Merchant Mariner on SALMON POOL seized by German forces at Saudafjord, north of Stavanger,in Boknfjord. 34 were interned from SALMONPOOL and 4 returned. Seized and taken as a prize. Steamer renamed PUTZIG for German service. Ref: 322-087.

Price: £35.00
1943 cover LIBYA to Sudan. FPO 656 p/m. RAF censor R11/836 h/s.

1943 (18th. Dec) cover from LIBYA to Sudan with d/r. FPO 656 p/m. and RAF censor R11/836 h/s. [Dates recorded: 27/11/43 & 15/12/43] Allocated to 233 Wing (Tripoli) Ref: 322-131.

Price: £15.00
1943 cover from Feldpost L 35942 - ESTONIAN in Luftwaffe

1943 cover and letter from Feldpost L 35942 to Ostland -Air Field Command (E) 3/XI. Located Schleswig area, Germany. From ESTONIAN in Luftwaffe. Ref: 322-140.

Price: £25.00
1943 cover BURMA to India. Indian FPO 69 p/m. UNIT CENSOR A 92 INDIA h/s.

1943 (April) cover from BURMA to India with d/r. Indian FPO 69 p/m. and s/r. UNIT CENSOR A 92 INDIA h/s. Ref: 322-038.

Price: £12.00
1943 cover + letter LATVIA to Feldpost 26750 - Latvian Labour Service

1943 cover and letter from LATVIA to 'Feldpost 26 750' with d/r. VALMIERA / LATVIJA p/m. Reich Labour Service Detatchment 6/174. To Latvian in Labour service. Ref: 322-139.

Price: £25.00
1943 Air Mail cover South AFRICA to Italy redirected to Stalag VIIC, Germany

1943 Air Mail cover from South AFRICA to 'Sergt. GDW Steyn, Camp 85, PM 3450', Italy and redirected first with 'C.C.N 82 / PM 3200' h/s. and then to Stalag VIIC, Germany. Also tied UC8 censor label and German Camp h/s. Ref: 322-009.

Price: £35.00
1943 (Oct) cover FALKLAND Islands to GB. OFFICIAL PAID. censor 4428

1943 (Oct) cover from the FALKLAND Islands to GB with OFFICIAL PAID m/c. and circ. censor 4428 h/s. Known correspondance from 'Pte. Robinson, A Coy, 11th West Yorkshire Regt.'. NB: Flap missing. Ref: 322-1304.

Price: £50.00
1943 (Dec) POW l/s. ALGERIA to Italy with 'BOGHAR II' h/s.

1943 (Dec) POW l/s. from ALGERIA to Italy with 'BOGHAR II / 2' h/s. Located Northern Algeria. Ref: 322-111.

Price: £6.00
1942 cover North AFRICA to Sudan. FPO 116 p/m. RAF censors [Algeria]

1942 (6th. June) cover from North AFRICA to Sudan with d/r. FPO 116 p/m. and RAF censor R11/15? h/s. Also OBC label tied by PASSED BY RAF BASE CENSOR No. 2 h/s. [Algeria] and KHARTOOM receipt p/m. (21st. June) Ref: 322-130.

Price: £25.00
1942 cover + letter SHETLANDS to England. FPO 676 m/c. RAF censor R4/15 h/s.

1942 (31st. Aug) cover and letter from SHETLANDS to England with FPO 676 m/c. and RAF censor R4/15 h/s. [Dates recorded: 11/2/42 to 1/9/42] From 'LAC England, 25/1 RAF Station, Sumburgh, Shetlands'. Ref: 322-020.

Price: £15.00
1942 cover + letter S. RHODESIA to GB. GUINEA FOWL p/m. 'AC Sharp'

1942 cover and letter from S. RHODESIA to GB with d/r. GUINEA FOWL p/m. endorsed 'Uncensored'. From 'AC Sharp'. [The Rhodesia Air Training Group (RATG) 1940 – 1945] Ref: 322-064.

Price: £12.00
1942 (Dec) Air Mail cover ADEN to GB. ADEN p/m. RAF censor R11/22 h/s.

1942 (Dec) Air Mail cover from ADEN to GB [14 Anna RATE] with ADEN p/m. and RAF censor R11/22 h/s. [Dates recorded: 23/9/42 to 3/2/43] From 'Cpl. Butcher RAF'. Ref: 322-133.

Price: £15.00