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1922 (14th. Nov) PPC TURKEY to GB. FPO 14 p/m. Army of the Black Sea

1922 (14th. Nov) PPC (Constantinople) from TURKEY to GB with s/r. FPO 14 p/m. [Earlier recording than Proud] Army of the Black Sea. Special 1 1/2d. Forces RATE. Ref: 322-092.

Price: £45.00
1920 l/s. EGYPT to GB redirected. Postage Due. Royal Air Force

1920 lettersheet from EGYPT endorsed 'OAS' to GB and redirected to BELGIUM. Taxed with part Postage Due. From Royal Air Force, Alexander. mss .. "first time since I joined the RFC I find myself in hospital". Ref: 322-146.

Price: £20.00
1920 (18th. Aug) PPC AUSTRALIA to GB. 'HMS Renown, Sydney'. Royal visit

1920 (18th. Aug) PPC from AUSTRALIA to GB with s/r. LONDON p/m. From 'HMS Renown, Sydney'. Royal visit. mss "Prince is giving a big farewell dinner & dance on board here tonight". Edward, Prince of Wales. Corner bend. Ref: 322-002.

Price: £10.00
1919 YMCA cover IRAQ to India. AMARA p/m. 'C Coy 1/96 Infantry, ME Force'

1919 (15th. Sept) YMCA cover from IRAQ to India with d/r. AMARA p/m. [Mesopotamia] From 'Ganyaliox Singh, C Coy 1/96 Infantry, ME Force'. Also BOMBAY receipt p/m. (27th. Sept) NB: Trimmed opening edge. Ref: 322-040.

Price: £18.00
1919 PC GB to 'Kapitajn S.P. Hansen, VIII Regiment, "Marienlyst", Helsingor, Denmark'

1919 (1st. Jan) PC from GB to 'Kapitajn S.P. Hansen, VIII Regiment, "Marienlyst", Helsingor, Denmark'. Ref: 322-105.

Price: £9.00
1919 cover GB to 'Kenneth E Gordon, 26th Battery, 17th Brigade RFA, BEF'

1919 (Jan) cover from GB to 'Kenneth E Gordon, 26th Battery, 17th Brigade RFA, BEF' with oval 17th. BRIGADE / RFA h/s. to rear. From 'Maj. Genl. Barton'. [Major General Sir Geoffrey Barton, KCVO, CB, CMG, KStJ] Ref: 322-041.

Price: £18.00
1919 (Jan) OHMS cover MALTA to GB. SLIEMA BO / MALTA p/m. 'WAR TAX' o/p.

1919 (Jan) OHMS cover from MALTA to GB with s/r. SLIEMA BO / MALTA p/m. and 'WAR TAX' o/p. to 1/2d. Green. Roughly opened. Ref: 322-099.

Price: £8.00
1918 ps cover AUSTRALIA to 'Australian Munitions Worker, c/o High Commissioner'

1918 (March) ps (ONE PENNY] cover from AUSTRALIA to 'Mr. C.W. Evans, Australian Munitions Worker, c/o High Commissioner of Australia, London'. Clive Evans was an electrical engineer who left Melbourne Nov. 1917 in a party of 226 Munition Workers aboard the "Demosthenes" and arrived Glasgow 31st. Dec. 1917. Roughly opened. Ref: 322-107.

Price: £45.00
1918 PPC Western Front to Portugal. CEP / SPC6 p/m. CENSURADO No. 3 h/s.

1918 (Dec) PPC from the Western Front to Portugal with d/r. CEP / SPC 6 p/m. and half moon CENSURADO No. 3 h/s. Portuguese Army. Ref: 322-036.

Price: £35.00
1918 cover SUDAN to GB with tri. PASSED BY CENSOR SUDAN h/s.

1918 (April) cover from SUDAN to GB with tri. PASSED BY CENSOR SUDAN h/s. Faults. Ref: 322-089.

Price: £15.00
1918 cover FRANCE to USA. 'EM du CAA, SP 502'. Diplomatic mail

1918 cover from FRANCE to USA with part TRESOR ET POSTES p/m. From 'EM du CAA, SP 502' [Etat-Major de Corps d'Armee] From 'HM Gray, 2nd. Lieut. FA, USR'. Diplomatic mail. Also tied CONTROLE POSTAL MILITAIRE label. Ref: 322-097.

Price: £25.00
1918 cover + letter GB to 'Miss Cissie Weale, c/o British Legation, Greece'

1918 (July) cover and letter from GB to 'Miss Cissie Weale, c/o British Legation, Athens, Greece' with 'V' Victory h/s. and OBC 4263 label. Also receipt m/c. to rear. From 'Barry Webb'. mss .. "I cannot tell you about my life on board as we have to keep that secret and are not allowed to tell anybody". [LONDON GAZETTE, 1 JANUARY, 1955. To be Ordinary Members of the Civil Division of the said Most Excellent Order : Miss Cissie WEALE, British subject resident in Greece] Ref: 322-156.

Price: £15.00
1918 (Jan) cover GB to USA. 'Barksdale, Aviation Section, London'. RFC crest to flap

1918 cover GB to USA endorsed 'EH Barksdale, Aviation Section, American Embassy, London' with ST ALBANS m/c. and 'RFC' crest to flap. [Royal Flying Corps] 1st Lt. Eugene Hoy Barksdale, embarked for England 18 Sept. 1917, and received his flying training with the RFC at Oxford and several other aviation schools in England. He accepted his British commission 26 May 1918, at Markse, Yorkshire, and was assigned to the 41st Squadron, RFC in August 1918. He was placed on active duty at the front as a pilot He participated in the Somme and Amiens Offensives early in August 1918 and was wounded 2 September 1918 during the Cambrai Offensive. While on duty with the RFC, he received official credit for destroying three enemy aircraft through aerial combat. He also participated in the ground destruction of five other enemy aircraft. He left the RFC on 15 Oct. 1918, joining the U.S. 25th Aero Squadron until 24 Dec. 1918. Ref: 322-091.

Price: £100.00
1918 (Aug) Honour Envelope FRANCE to USA. US APO 744 p/m. censored

1918 (Aug) British Honour Envelope from FRANCE to USA with US APO 744 p/m. and censored. Endorsed in pencil to rear "28th Division". Ref: 322-066.

Price: £15.00
1918 (April) PPC [Three Dreadnoughts] GB to 'HMS Lion' battlecruiser

1918 (April) PPC [Three Dreadnoughts] from GB to 'HMS Lion' - battlecruiser. REf: 322-057.

Price: £8.00
1918 'Xmas' PPC's INDIA to GB. COLOBAR / BOMBAY p/m. COLABAR DUE h/s.

1918 (Jan) 'Xmas' PPC's from INDIA to GB with d/r. COLABAR / BOMBAY p/m. and half moon COLOBAR DUE h/s. Also Taxed 2d. ISR. From 'Colaba War Hospital, Bombay'. Cards depict 'Men of SHUSH' and 'Landing stage AHWAZ'. (Iran) Corner missing and faults. Ref: 322-084.

Price: £20.00
1917 printed 'Feldpostbrief' cover + letter GERMANY to 'Eastern Front' HANNOVER p/m

1917 (Jan) printed 'Feldpostbrief' cover and letter from GERMANY to 'Eastern Front' with d/r. HANNOVER p/m. Ref: 322-098.

Price: £10.00
1917 PPC with s/r. APO (HD) 35 p/m. 'Bourne Park Camp Nr. Canterbury'

1917 (11th. June) PPC [Canterbury] with s/r. APO (HD) 35 p/m. From '1186 Pte. Jostevin W, B Coy, 1st. Batt. RGLI, Bourne Park Camp Nr. Canterbury, Kent' [Royal Guernsey Light Infantry] to brother in Guernsey. (CI) Channel Islands] Of the 2,280 men, who fought on the Western Front with the RGLI, 327 were killed and 667 were wounded. Ref: 322-017.

Price: £25.00
1917 POW l/s. Scotland to Germany. 'Stobs near Hawick' OPENED BY CENSOR label

1917 POW l/s. from Scotland to Germany with OPENED BY CENSOR / PW 510 label to rear. From 'Edmund ERNST, Prisoner of War, Stobs near Hawick'. Ref: 322-075.

Price: £25.00
1917 Obituary Prayer Card for German Soldier, 'Lorenz Stettmer'

1917 Obituary Prayer Card for German Soldier, 'Lorenz Stettmer' died 21st. July 1917 and one for 'Johann Walter' with surface faults. [Death cards are single or folded notes that list the most important life information about the deceased and are generally distributed to mourners during a memorial service] Religious scene with injured solders to rear. Faults. Ref: 322-085.

Price: £9.00