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1919 circa. PPC Royal Navy LONDON to 'Birmingham'. RFHMS in red. Gould RA 46

c.1919 PPC from LONDON to 'Birmingham' with RFHMS in red [Line above and below] Gould RA 46. Royal Navy. Ref: 321-101.

Price: £15.00
1919 PPC (Ascania) RUSSIA to GB. FRHMS m/c. On Active Service

1918 (Dec.) PPC [Cunard Line "Ascania"] from RUSSIA to GB with LONDON FRHMS m/c. and s/l. On Active Service h/s. Naval. mss .. "we are at present in Russia going to Constant. then to Alex". "Ascania" was wrecked in June 1918. Royal Navy or MN. Ref: 321-150.

Price: £25.00
1919 PPC BELGIUM to 'Scottish Church Canteen, Germany' censored

1919 (27th Aug) PPC from BELGIUM to 'Miss Annie Stout, c/o YMCA, Scottish Church Canteen, Germany' with APO S40 m/c. and censor 7159. From 'ss "West Gambo" c/o Red star Line, Antwerp, Belgium'. [SS West Gambo 1919-1941. Operated as commercial cargo ship in the custody of the U.S. Shipping Board] Ref: 321-151.

Price: £15.00
1919 PPC FRANCE to GB. APO S32 p/m. censored/ 'Dobbie R., WRAF'

1919 (June) PPC (Arques) from FRANCE to GB with d/r. APO S32 p/m. and censored. From 'Dobbie R., WRAF'. [Women's Royal Air Force] Rose Dobbie. Service number 19138. Date of enrolment: 11th. Sept. 1918. Ref: 321-009.

Price: £35.00
1919 Registered Letter 'American Expeditionar Force' to France. Mixed Franking

1919 (Jan) Registered Letter [2d. Black] from the 'American Expeditionary Force' to France with d/r. MILITARY POSTAL EXPRESS SERVICE / No. 747 / REGISTERED p/m. and d/r. CENSORED h/s. Uprated with mixed Franking. Ref: 321-088.

Price: £60.00
1920 (June) PPC IRELAND to England. LONDON RFHMS m/c. 'On Service Afloat'

1920 (June) PPC [Rathmullen] from IRELAND to England with LONDON RFHMS m/c. endorsed. 'On Service Afloat'. Royal Navy. mss... "leaving Ireland tomorrow". From 'Sid Dennett'. Ref: 321-068.

Price: £8.00
1920 PPC EGYPT to GB. BAPO K p/m. 20th BRIGADE / RFA h/s.

1920 (Feb) PPC (Malta) from EGYPT to GB with s/r. BAPO K p/m. and oval 20th BRIGADE / ROYAL FIELD ARTILLERY h/s. Ref: 321-163.

Price: £10.00
1925 cover MOROCCO to Luxemberg. TRESOR ET POSTES / Tafessassel

1925 (Dec) cover from MOROCCO to Luxemberg with d/r. TRESOR ET POSTES / Tafessassel p/m. canc. 1fr. adhesive with 'Protectorate Francaise o/p. Also s/r. Postes aux Armees / Khenifra p/m. Ref: 321-166.

Price: £20.00
1928 cover JORDAN to GB. TRANSJORDEN / FRONTIER FORCE crest to flap

1928 (June) cover from JORDAN to GB with s/r. AMMAN STATION p/m. and TRANSJORDEN / FRONTIER FORCE crest to flap. he [Transjordan Frontier Force (TJFF) was established at Sarafand on 1 April 1926 with a cadre drawn from the Arab Legion] Ref: 321-085.

Price: £20.00
1931 circa. PC and photo. [Officer with Medals] MANCHURIA to Japan

c.1931 Military PC and photo from MANCHURIA to Japan. High ranking Officer [Colonel?] with 4 Campaign Medals: Order of Rising Sun etc. [Japanese invasion of Manchuria, Republic of CHINA, began on Sept. 18, 1931 - 27 Feb. 1932] Ref: 321-140.

Price: £20.00
1931 cover CHINA to GB endorsed 'per "General Lee"

1931 cover from CHINA to GB endorsed 'per "General Lee" [Passenger vessel General Lee] with poor s/r. p/m. Ref: 321-100.

Price: £15.00
1936 cover FRANCE to 'Autogruppe delle Harrar, Die Daoua, Ethiopie'

1936 (June) cover from FRANCE to 'Autogruppe delle Harrar, Die Daoua, Ethiopie' and 'Orientale Italiane'. Italian motor group in Ethiopia. The Second Italo–Ethiopian War [Second Italo–Abyssinian War] was a colonial war that started in Oct. 1935 and ended in May 1936. On 18 Dec. 1936 Ras Imru finally surrendered to the Italians near the Gojeb River. Consequently Italy declared the country pacified. Ref: 321-162.

Price: £25.00
1937-38 PC Manchuria Pacification. 'Army Infantry Colonel Sadami, Katano'

1937-38 PC [New Year Greetings] Manchuria Pacification. From 'Army Infantry Colonel Sadami, Katano, HQ of Katano Unit'. Ref: 321-084.

Price: £15.00
1938 Air Mail cover FRANCE to 'USS Claxton, Algeria'. Spanish Civil War

1938 (16th. Aug) Air Mail cover from FRANCE to 'USS Claxton, Algeria'. [USS Claxton: Oct. 1937 until Nov. 1938 with Squadron 40-T to patrol European waters protecting American interests during the civil war in Spain] Also boxed AMERICAN CONSULATE GENERAL, ALGERIA receipt p/m. 17th. Aug. to rear. Ref: 321-117.

Price: £35.00
1939 (11th. Sept) cover FRANCE to GB. tied Controle Postal Militaire label

1939 (11th. Sept) cover from FRANCE to GB with Controle Postal Militaire label tied by d/r. Controle Postal h/s. Ref: 321-138.

Price: £12.00
1939-41 cover to 'HMS "Osprey" Portland' with tomb censor h/s. RNAS

1939-41 cover to 'HMS "Osprey" Portland' with tomb censor h/s. to rear. - RNAS. [HMS Osprey was an anti-submarine training establishment located at the Isle of Portland, Dorset, England. It was active between 1939 to 1941] Folded. Ref: 321-075.

Price: £12.00
1939-45 Air Mail cover Royal Navy to '47 Squad. 208 OCTU, Port St. Mary, Isle of Man'

1939-45 Air Mail cover [5d. RATE] Royal Navy to 'Cadet JG Swales, 47 Squad. 208 OCTU, Port St. Mary, Isle of Man' with MARITIME MAIL M/c. and tomb censor h/s. [OCTU: Officer Cadet Training Unit] Ref: 321-072.

Price: £9.00
1939-45 cover Royal Navy OPENED BY CENSOR 545762 label

1939-45 Air Mail cover to GB with MARITIME MAIL m/c. & Royal Navy OPENED BY CENSOR / 545762 label - Daynes RNL 430 - Black on Buff. Naval. From 'C Lawrence, Dis. a. R53583'. Ref: 321-157.

Price: £18.00
194(4) cover BLA to 'London'. FPO 251 p/m. censor 1510 h/s. 'EWR Monkton'

194(4) cover BLA to 'Lady Monkton, London' with d/r. FPO 251 p/m. and censor 1510 h/s. From 'EWR Monkton'. Ref: 321-090.

Price: £6.00
1940-43 Air Mail cover LIBYA to Italy. COMANDO MARINE p/m. 'Tripoli' FI censor label

1940-43 Air Mail cover from LIBYA to Italy with d/r. COMANDO MARINE p/m. and tied FI censor label [Verificato per censura] to rear. From 'Tripoli'. Faults. Ref: 321-102.

Price: £15.00