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Prisoner of War mail is concerned with combatants who have been captured by an enemy power immediately after an armed conflict. They are made POW's to isolate them from their own forces that are still in the field.
A large variety of camps were erected, including those for POW, internees, refugees, "slave" laborers, and displaced persons & includes prisoners that were housed in ships. POW and Internee mail is frequently subject to both military and civil postal censorship because it passes through both postal systems.
Prisoner's correspondence was usually handled by the Red Cross.



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1900 (May) BOER WAR cover to POW, Greenpoint Camp. VENTERSBURG ROAD p/m

1900 (3rd. May) BOER WAR cover to Boer POW at Greenpoint Camp with s/r. VENTERSBURG ROAD RO p/m. Censored by the Boers and British (2A) seals. Also circ. CENSOR / PRISONER OF WAR h/s. [Sent out by the long route: Ventersburg to Johannesburg, via Delagoa Bay by sea to Durban - received 9th. May] Heavy fighting at Ventersburg which fell to Gen. French's forces some seven days after mailing. Ref: 321-071.

Price: £99.00
1901 PPC CEYLON to Germany. weak oval RAGAMA CAMP / CENSOR h/s.

1901 PPC from CEYLON to Germany with s/r. RAGAMA p/m. and weak oval RAGAMA CAMP / CENSOR h/s. Also d/r. COLOMBO transit p/m. Ref: 309-011.

Price: £40.00
1901 ps PC South AFRICA to 'de Witt Hamer, POW, Wallis cottage, St. Helena'

1901 (Feb) ps PC South AFRICA [Boer War] to 'Monseiur de Witt Hamer, Prisoner of War, Wallis cottage, St. Helena' with s/r. Censor / Prisoner of War h/s. Dutch contingent POW of the British on St Helena Island. Also s/l. LE CONSUL GENERAL DE FRANCE h/s. and part s/r. ST. HELENA receipt p/m. to rear. Creased. Ref: 309-012.

Price: £100.00
1903 cover + letter GB to 'Capt JJT Perkins, POW, The Castle, Cape Town' redirected

1903 cover and letter from GB to 'Capt JJT Perkins, Prisoner of War, The Castle, Cape Town, South Africa' and redirected to P of War Worcester'. Also s/r. CAPE TOWN and WORCESTER receipt p/m's to rear. [Captain J. J. T. Perkins, Western Rifles, to be a Commandant of Prisoners of War, graded as a Deputy-Assistant Adjutant-General. Dated 2nd March, 1900. Staff in Africa] Ref: 318-032.

Price: £30.00
1914 (Aug. 29th) cover GB to USA. German POW at Dorchester Camp

1914 (29th. Aug.) cover from GB to USA with LONDON p/m. and boxed PC / MO5 (H) h/s. [MO5: Military Intelligence. Section H: Postal Censorship] From 'Fredrick Manttels, POW Camp, Dorchester. Very early POW Mail. NB: Tear. Ref: 308-052.

Price: £100.00
1914 (Oct. 5th) cover 'Prisoner of War'. Ex. FJ Field collection 'German Airman'

1914 (5th. Oct.) cover to 'Shanley Spooner' and endorsed 'Prisoner of War' with s/r. LONDON OFFICIAL PAID p/m. Also s/r. P.C. h/s. Ex. FJ Field collection who states from a German "Airman". Very early POW mail. Ref: 308-050.

Price: £35.00
1914-15 POW cover GB to USA. 'George Mayer, Alexandra Palace'. s/r. 'P.C.' h/s.

1914-15 printed POW cover from GB to USA with s/r. POST FREE / P.C. / PRISONER OF WAR h/s. and No charge for postage Prisoner / of War Mail New York, N.Y. h/s. From 'Company Leader George Mayer, Alexandra Palace'. [George Mayer was interned as an enemy alien in Alexandra Palace, London from 1915-1916. He was a Czech national who came to England in the 1890s. He entered 'service' and became butler to the aristocracy. It is believed that he was asked to serve personally King Edward VII when the monarch was entertained at the German and/or French embassies] Ref: 313-051.

Price: £35.00
1915 cover AUSTRIA to GB. British POW at Kirchberg Camp. Red Cross censor

1915 cover from AUSTRIA to GB with LONDON PAID m/c. and Red Cross censor h/s. From 'G. Clarkson' - British POW at Kirchberg Camp. [Camp at Kirchberg an der Wild in Lower Austria for Enemy Aliens and Internment. The castle served as an internment camp for prisoners of war] Ref: 321-027.

Price: £35.00
1915 PC MALTA to Austria. oval FREE FROM PRISONER OF WAR - MALTA h/s.

1915 (28th. March) PC from MALTA to Austria with oval FREE FROM PRISONER OF WAR - MALTA / PC h/s. From 'Louis Witte, Verdala Barracks, Island of Malta'. Ref: 308-043.

Price: £75.00
1915 Prisoner of War cover 'Frith Hill Camp, near Frimley, (Surrey)'

1915 Prisoner of War cover from 'Frith Hill Camp, near Frimley, (Surrey)' with s/r. LONDON OFFICIAL PAID p/m. and circ. 'P.C' censor h/s. Also oval PRISONER OF WAR / INFORMATION BUREAU h/s. Roughly opened. Ref: 310-148.

Price: £25.00
1916 cover + letter SPAIN to GB. "petitioning H.M to cause inquires to be made to Berlin"

1916 (May) cover and letter from SPAIN to GB with des prisioners de guerre h/s. [POW] mss .. "I am ordered by His Majesty the King, my August Sovereign, to answer your letter petitioning H.M to cause inquires to be made to Berlin with regard to Mr. A. Woffenden (your son") From 'De SM El Ray', Palacio Real de Madrid with red seal to rear. Ref: 314-084.

Price: £100.00
1916 cover GERMANY to 'POW, Knockaloe Aliens Camp, Peel, Isle of Man'

1916 cover from GERMANY to 'POW, Knockaloe Aliens Camp, Peel, Isle of Man' with d/r. BERLIN p/m. and weak oval ALIEN'S DETENTION CAMP / CENSORED / KNOCKALOE, IOM h/s. German Prisoner of War. Ref: 258-050.

Price: £25.00

1916 POW cover from SWITZERLAND with d/r. FELDPOST / POSTE DE CAMPAGNE p/m. and Internlerungsbureau Luzern h/s. Folded. Ref: 318-091.

Price: £10.00

1916 illustrated PPC from the ISLE of MAN to 'Somerset' with oval ALIEN'S DETENTION CAMP / CENSORED / KNOCKALOE, IOM h/s. From 'John Dechart, Peel, IOM'. Folded. Ref: 310-115.

Price: £75.00
1916 PPC [Easter Greetings - Russian] Germany to GB. Doeberitz Camp

1916 PPC [Easter Greetings - Russian] from Germany to GB with LONDON PAID m/c. and Camp censor h/s. From 'MW Manning, Royal Naval Division. Sanitat at Rohrbeck Hospitat [Hospital] Prisoner of War in Doberitz Camp. Ref: 308-151.

Price: £50.00
1916 printed POW cover AUSTRALIA to CHINA. PASSED BY / CENSOR SD h/s.

1916 printed POW cover from AUSTRALIA to CHINA with boxed PASSED BY / CENSOR SD h/s. From 'Fritz Felbick' at Trial Bay Camp NSW with s/r. CANTON receipt p/m. to rear [Oct. 14th. 1916] Concentration Camp. Prisoner of War. Photograph available at 'trove.nla.gov.au' for Felbick Fritz - index number 4791. NB: Opens out. Ref: 317-160.

Price: £240.00
1916 ps PC BULGARIA from Residant in Occupied Territory. censored

1916 postal stationary PC from BULGARIA with s/r. NEGOTINE and PARATCHIN arrival marks. From Residant in Occupied Territory and censored in KARLOVA. Ref: 322-138.

Price: £12.00
1916 Red Cross POW PC AUSTRIA to Russia. Austria and Russian censors

1916 Red Cross POW PC AUSTRIA to Karnovarsky, Russia with s/r. TATTENITZ p/m. and Austria, Russian censor h/s's. Ref: 322-005.

Price: £10.00
1917 (April) PPC 'Easter Greetings' GERMANY to GB. Doberitz POW Camp.

1917 (April) PPC 'Easter Greetings' from GERMANY to GB with Camp censor h/s. and LONDON PAID m/c. From Royal West Kent Regt. Doberitz Prisoner of War Camp. Card by 'E Bell, KO Scottish Borderers'. Ref: 312-142.

Price: £30.00
1917 cover + letter HUNGARY to Italy. Officers Camp at Ostffyasszonyfa, censored

1917 cover and letter from HUNGARY to Italy and censored. From Officers Camp at Ostffyasszonyfa. [POW Camp in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy from 1915 to 1918. The building of the camp started in the spring of 1915 and was under the authority of the nearby Nagysimony. NB: Cover damaged. Ref: 318-093.

Price: £10.00