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Prisoner of War mail is concerned with combatants who have been captured by an enemy power immediately after an armed conflict. They are made POW's to isolate them from their own forces that are still in the field.
A large variety of camps were erected, including those for POW, internees, refugees, "slave" laborers, and displaced persons & includes prisoners that were housed in ships. POW and Internee mail is frequently subject to both military and civil postal censorship because it passes through both postal systems.
Prisoner's correspondence was usually handled by the Red Cross.



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1945 POW l/s. ITALY to Campo N. B1, Kenia Colonia' POW / EAC receipt p/m.

1945 POW l/s. from ITALY to civilian at 'Campo N. B1, Kenia Colonia' [Kenya, East Africa] with d/r. POW / EAC receipt p/m. to rear. Also boxed P/W MIDDLE EAST 215 h/s. Ref: 317-090.

Price: £15.00
1945 POW l/s. KENYA to Italy. POW / EAC p/m. censored. Camp No. 364 KILINDI

1945 POW l/s. from KENYA to Italy with d/r. POW / EAC p/m. and boxed P/W EAST AFRICA 019 h/s. From Camp No. 364 KILINDI. Ref: 315-108.

Price: £20.00
1945 POW l/s. TANGANYIKA to Italy. POW / EAC p/m. P/w MIDDLE EAST 088 h/s.

1945 POW l/s. from TANGANYIKA to Italy with d/r. POW / EAC p/m. and boxed P/W MIDDLE EAST 088 h/s. From 'Int. Camp No. 1 TABORA, Tanganyika Territory, EA Command'. East Africa. Ref: 316-074.

Price: £20.00
1945 POW l/s. USA to 'S/Sgt. Norman Hughes, Stalag Luft 3, Germany'

1945 Prisoner of War Post l/s. from USA to 'S/Sgt. Norman Hughes, Stalag Luft 3, Stalag 17 B, Germany' with US CENSOR h/s. United States POW. [NAME: Hughes, Norman. RANK: Sgt. POS: Radio. PILOT: O'Connor, OT. POW: DATE: Jan 23, 1943. CAMP: 8B. POW on mission #11] Ref: 320-149.

Price: £25.00
1945 POW PC BELGIUM to Germany. P/W 2228 / CAMP h/s. Terlanen/ Overijse

1945 (Oct) POW PC from BELGIUM to Germany with s/r. P/W 2228 / CAMP h/s. - located Terlanen/ Overijse, Belgium. From 'Pionier Alfred JANVSKI, POW Camp 4, via Munster, c/o BAOR'. Ref: 321-030.

Price: £20.00
1945 POW PC INDIA to Italy. No. 22 Camp POW. Located DEHRA DUN.

1945 POW [Prisoner of War] PC from INDIA to Italy with PASSED DHP/3 and d/r. DHP/264 h/s. From No. 22 Camp POW, c/o GPO Bombay. Located DEHRA DUN. Edge faults. Ref: 320-034.

Price: £30.00
1945 Red X 'EXPRESS' Message Geneva re POW at Naples. RELEASED

1945 Red X 'EXPRESS' Message from Geneva, Switzerland re: POW at Naples with oval US ARMY / PW / RELEASED h/s. Also unused REPLY section attached. Ref: 310-106.

Price: £15.00
1945 Red X Express Form SWITZERLAND. 'Camp Fort George Meade, USA'

1945 Red Cross Express Message Form from SWITZERLAND regarding prisoner at 'Camp Fort George Meade, USA' with US censor h/s. Reply part not used. Ref: 309-119.

Price: £15.00
1945 Travel Permit 'A'. 994 Docks Operating Coy. No. 1 Docks Group, RE

1945 (Dec) Travel Permit 'A' / Work Permit with oval 994 Docks Operating Coy. / No. 1 Docks Group, RE h/s. Boxed SERVICE SAER Tram No. 5 FF SS Bari. Also in Italian. Ref: 313-116.

Price: £6.00
1945-46 cover + l/s. to/from 'Camp No. 5, Southern Rhodesia'. outgoing censored

1945-46 cover and l/s. to/from 'Camp No. 5, Southern Rhodesia'. Outgoing one to Italy censored. Air Mail cover from Egypt - part rear and corner missing. Ref: 315-078.

Price: £35.00
1945-46 POW l/s's to/from 'No. 3 Italian Evacuee Camp, Kenya' located NANYUKI

1945-46 POW l/s's to/from 'No. 3 Italian Evacuee Camp, East Africa Command, Kenya' - located NANYUKI. Both censored. Ref: 315-107.

Price: £45.00
1946 (April) PC [Army Form No. W3494] GERMANY. 'Munster lager'

1946 (April) PC [Army Form No. W3494] from GERMANY with d/r. UELZEN p/m. From 'Munster lager'. [Imprint: PSS A 5296 750M 10-45] Ref: 317-155.

Price: £6.00
1946 (Nov) POW PC FRANCE to USA. Camp cachet. Depot 132, Troucais Allier

1946 (Nov) POW PC from FRANCE to USA with d/r. Camp cachet. From Depot 132, Troucais Allier. Ref: 308-085.

Price: £10.00
1946 (Sept) cover AUSTRIA to Red Cross, Switzerland re: POW. Censor 1407 h/s.

1946 (Sept) cover from AUSTRIA to Red Cross, Switzerland regarding POW with DROSING m/c. and s/r. censor 1407 h/s. Ref: 314-061.

Price: £4.00
1946 Air Letter EGYPT to GB. FPO 180 p/m. 'X Internee. JW Coleman'

1946 (4th. March) Air Letter from EGYPT to GB with d/r. FPO 180 p/m. From Passenger (Highland Chieftain), 'X Internee. JW Coleman'. mss .. "Ex Sub Inspector, SM Pola'. Troopship ss Highland Chieftain left Beijing [CHINA] 26th. Jan 1946. Arrived Oostende [BELGIUM] 16th. March 1946. [Ran aground 1946]Creased. Ref: 317-137.

Price: £45.00
1946 Air Mail cover EGYPT to 'Camp 5, Southern Rhodesia' Internment

1946 (May) Air Mail cover from EGYPT to 'Paolo Croce, T. 8516, Camp 5, Southern Rhodesia' - Fort Victoria, Internment Camp. Folded. Ref: 308-120.

Price: £35.00
1946 Air Mail POW l/s. [POW 9] South AFRICA to Italy. 'ARCURI, Giuseppe'

1946 (June) POW l/s. [POW 9] from South AFRICA to Italy with 'PER AIR MAIL h/s. Also d/r. ISPICA / RAGUSA receipt p/m. 30.6.46 to rear. From 'ARCURI, Giuseppe'. Imprint: CT Ltd.-M7373. L711461. 3,000,000. 15/9/43. Ref: 317-101.

Price: £9.00
1946 cover + letter GERMANY to 'Bernhars Wessels, Lager: LB IV. CRCP, BELGIUM'

1946 cover and letter from GERMANY to 'Bernhars Wessels, Lager: LB IV. CRCP, BELGIUM' witth d/r. ELZE (HAN) p/m. [German prisoners of war in Belgian mining camp. LB IV, Winterslag: about 1,700 men Aug. 1945. Mine "Charbonnage de Winterslag"] Ref: 318-101.

Price: £15.00
1946 cover ESTONIA to Germany. BAMBERG p/m. 'Estonian Camp 6'

1946 cover from ESTONIA to Germany with d/r. BAMBERG p/m. and Bazahlt [Paid] h/s. From 'Estonian Camp 6' - Displaced Persons Camp. Ref: 316-137.

Price: £15.00

1946 (Oct) cover from S. RHODESIA to USA with d/r. NORTON p/m. and oval "NORTON INTERNMENT CAMP / SOUTHERN RHODESIA" h/s. From 'TES 207'. Ref: 315-077.

Price: £45.00