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Prisoner of War mail is concerned with combatants who have been captured by an enemy power immediately after an armed conflict. They are made POW's to isolate them from their own forces that are still in the field.
A large variety of camps were erected, including those for POW, internees, refugees, "slave" laborers, and displaced persons & includes prisoners that were housed in ships. POW and Internee mail is frequently subject to both military and civil postal censorship because it passes through both postal systems.
Prisoner's correspondence was usually handled by the Red Cross.



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1901 ps PC South AFRICA to 'de Witt Hamer, POW, Wallis cottage, St. Helena'

1901 (Feb) ps PC South AFRICA [Boer War] to 'Monseiur de Witt Hamer, Prisoner of War, Wallis cottage, St. Helena' with s/r. Censor / Prisoner of War h/s. Dutch contingent POW of the British on St Helena Island. Also s/l. LE CONSUL GENERAL DE FRANCE h/s. and part s/r. ST. HELENA receipt p/m. to rear. Creased. Ref: 309-012.

Price: £100.00
1914 (29th. Aug.) cover GB to USA. German POW at Dorchester Camp

1914 (29th. Aug.) cover from GB to USA with LONDON p/m. and boxed PC / MO5 (H) h/s. [MO5: Military Intelligence. Section H: Postal Censorship] From 'Fredrick Manttels, POW Camp, Dorchester. Very early POW Mail. NB: Tear. Ref: 308-052.

Price: £100.00
1916 cover + letter SPAIN to GB. "petitioning H.M to cause inquires to be made to Berlin"

1916 (May) cover and letter from SPAIN to GB with des prisioners de guerre h/s. [POW] mss .. "I am ordered by His Majesty the King, my August Sovereign, to answer your letter petitioning H.M to cause inquires to be made to Berlin with regard to Mr. A. Woffenden (your son") From 'De SM El Ray', Palacio Real de Madrid with red seal to rear. Ref: 314-084.

Price: £100.00
1917 Registered Letter S. AFRICA to Germany. HOSTILE COUNTRIES' CENSOR h/s.

1917 Registered Letter from South AFRICA to Germany with PRISONER OF WAR h/s. and boxed HOSTILE COUNTRIES' CENSOR / SALISBURY HOUSE, LONDON h/s. Also OPENED BY CENSOR label and PASSED BY CENSOR h/s. From 'Camp I, Fort Napier, P. Maritzburg'. Ref: 302-123.

Price: £100.00
1939 (Nov) PPC GERMANY to 'Erich Christiansen, 10. Internment Camp, Great Britain'

1939 (Nov) PPC from GERMANY to 'Erich Christiansen, 10. Internment Camp, Great Britain' with boxed RELEASED BY / CENSOR h/s. [Internees housed as a result of Churchill's 'collar the lot' order to detain enemy aliens] Refers to "Feld post 03088". Ref: 306-045.

Price: £100.00
1942 cover ALGERIA to GB. LAGHOUAT / ALGER p/m. British Airman POW

1942 cover from ALGERIA to GB with s/r. LAGHOUAT / ALGER p/m. and circ. Camp cachet h/s. Also PC 90 OBE 3001 label. From 'Sgt. Marshall Hardy, Camp des Internes Britanniques' - British Airman. [Aircrew from 202 Squadron: Shot down by two Vichy French Curtiss fighters 40 miles off Casablanca. Survived for 5 hours and picked up by submarine. POW from Sept. 1940 to Nov. 1942] The Vichy French ran LAGHOUAT POW Camp in the Saharah Desert. It was notorious for poor conditions, the men were given very little food or water. Faults. Ref: 313-085.

Price: £100.00
1943 printed Air Mail POW l/s. [POSTAGE PAID Sh. 1/30] KENYA to Italy 'Camp 352'

1943 printed Air Mail POW l/s. [d/r. POSTAGE PAID Sh. 1/30 h/s. in red] from KENYA to Italy with weak boxed P/W EAST AFRICA 025 h/s. From 'Camp 352' - Naivasha, Kenya. South Africa. Also d/r. POW / EAC p/m. to rear. Ref: 310-002.

Price: £100.00
1944 cover from American POW in Dulag Luft , Germany to USA

1944 (May) Air Mail cover from American POW in Dulag Luft, Germany to USA with boxed Camp censor h/s. From 'Ltn. Matthew L Dillard'. Soil. Camp located Wetzlar-Klosterwald. At this time with only 150 max. POW's. POW's only kept for 2 weeks in Interogation Camps like these. 94th Bomb Group, Lost on April 18th 1944 with 2nd Lt. Matthew L. Dillard-crew. Aircraft crashed at Vietznitz. Soiled. Ref: 313-149.

Price: £100.00

1944 POW l/s. from ITALY to GERMANY, Stalag II B with tied 'LA CENSURA GERMANICA' label: E'severamente proibito scrivere il nom dell'Arbeitskommando. Aggiunge te al vostro indirizzo solo il numero distintivo dell'Arbeitskommando, altrimenti la vostra lettera sara' cestinata. LA CENSURA GERMANICA.
[It is strictly forbidden to write the name of the Arbeitskommando. [work detail] Add yourself to your address only the distinguishing number of the Arbeitskommando, otherwise your letter will be trashed. GERMAN CENSURE] Ref: 302-014.

Price: £100.00

1943 POW l/s. from Southern RHODESIA to ERITREA with "SE IMPOSTATE VIA AEREA / EVITATE RITARDI" h/s. and d/r. ASMARA FERROVIA / ARRIVE PARTENZE transit p/m. [IF SET BY AIR / AVOID DELAYS] From 'Campo No. 3 Internment Camp - Gatooma. Also boxed P/W EAST AFRICA 040 h/s. and PASSED DE 21 h/s. Ref: 301-125.

Price: £120.00