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1870 l/s's FRANCE. Civilian mail in un-occupied area during FRANCO-PRUSSIAN War

1870 (Sept. - Oct.) printed l/s's [3 No.] from Lille, FRANCE to 'Boulogne'. Civilian mail in un-occupied area during FRANCO-PRUSSIAN War: July 19, 1870 May 10, 1871. Ref: 305-081.

Price: £20.00
1870 printed l/s. FRANCE. Civilian mail during FRANCO-PRUSSIAN War

1870 (Oct) printed l/s. from FRANCE to Boulogne with d/r. LILLE p/m. Civilian mail in un-occupied area during FRANCO-PRUSSIAN War. [From July 19, 1870 May 10, 1871] Ref: 304-118.

Price: £15.00
1875 cover GB to 'Capt. Baylay, Political Agent, Bengal Staff Corps, India'

1875 (Aug) cover GB to 'Capt. Baylay, Political Agent, Bengal Staff Corps, Mount Abu, Rajputana, India'. [BAYLAY, Charles Allen: Dec. 1870 Political Agent HARAOTI & TONK. 1876 Political Agent KOTAH. Haraoti-Tonk was an administrative entity of the British agency Rajputana. INTELLIGENCE gathering] SG144 3d Rose Plate 17 (KG) and SG146 6d Grey Plate 14 (CL) tied by the Horncastle oval duplex 378, redirected to Judpoor, via Southampton, on reverse with rectangular boxed "REDIRECTED" and "Postage Due" with manuscript 1 Annas, s/r. Sea Post Office 10th Sept, arrival Deli 28th, Pallee 30th and Judpoor 1st Oct. Ref: 301-106.

Price: £90.00
1875 cover GB to 'Col. WW Taylor, Commandant, 5th Bombay Native Infantry, India'

1875 cover from GB to 'Col. WW Taylor, Commandant, 5th Bombay Native Infantry, Belgaum, Bombay, India' with s/r. BELGAUM receipt p/m. to rear. [Colonel W. W. Taylor Commanding. Regiment was under his command from 1864 to 1868, and in March left for Abyssinia, returning to Belgaum, and in May marched to Poona, where it was in 1877] Cover franked 1/- Plate 11 with 1d. Plate 162 paying the Late Fee; confirmed by the boxed L1 in red. Ref: 310-043.

Price: £50.00
1879 (Oct) cover + letter S. AFRICA to GB. CAPE TOWN p/m. "after Zululand".

1879 (Oct) cover and letter from S. AFRICA to GB with CAPE TOWN p/m. In Cape Town "after Zululand". The Anglo-Zulu War (11 Jan.28 Aug. 1879) From '[Lieutenant (Captain) W.R.H. Crauford of the 91st Highlanders' was present at the battle of Gingindlovu, the relief of Eshowe, and commanded the convoys of the column during the advance of Crealock's Division to Port Durnford. [William Reginald Houison Crauford: 1879 ZULU WAR CAMPAIGN MEDAL. South Africa Medal 1877-79 with clasp '1879'] mss .. "no end of work to do .. A great many prisoners for one thing". Typed transcript of letter. Ref: 308-074.

Price: £150.00
1880 cover FRANCE to 'The Right Hon. James Stuart Wortley, England' etc.

1880 cover FRANCE to 'The Right Hon. James Stuart Wortley, England' and two others to his wife from Italy and Chelsea. NB: One torn. Ref: 304-045.

Price: £9.00
1882 Teligraphes EGYPT. Sir EB Malit KCB. British occupy Cairo

1882 (Sept. 19th) Teligraphes EGYPTIENS from Sir EB Malit KCB, Alex. to Beaman, Brit Consulate Cairo. British occupy Cairo on 15th Sept. and Egyptian army dissolved 20th Sept. "EGYPT 19 Sept 1882. Malit Alex. To Beaman, Brit Consulate Cairo. Following for Gibson will you assist Rousell & take as much work off his hands as possible. I have informed Lord Grenville that I have asked you to transact indespensible domains business until Couterous arrival. Remaining in charge of Rousells duty till his return in November & was then asked by French Armies tralon to accept charge of their business in Alexandria This I had to refuse as I cant not give up my engagement in the L & Settlement Depot. Gibson."

Telegraph. Ref: 302-067.

Price: £65.00
1886 cover + letter LONDON to 'Captain WS Scott, Warwick'

1886 (Oct) cover and letter from LONDON to 'Captain (William) WS Scott, Warwick'. mss ... "a few lines of requests to the Sols. (Mr. Wm. Forsters of Frere & Co) & ask whether the Deed of Settlement determined the future division of the Trust Fund out of which the 10,00 was taken, as you do soon find in her Will any provision to prevent your brother George from getting the 10,000.. ". [About 1.2 million today] From Brownlow Maitland, 41 Montagu Square, London. Faults. Ref: 304-044.

Price: £15.00
1888 Registered Letter GB to 'HMS Alexandra, Mediterranean Squadron'

1888 (Oct) uprated Registered Letter [2d. + 7 1/2d] from GB to 'EA Donaldson Esq. RN, HMS Alexandra, Mediterranean Squadron'. [HMS Alexandra was a central battery ironclad of the Royal Navy] Fault to rear. Ref: 307-122.

Price: £65.00
1890 mint PC CHINA. Shanghai Local Post Card. One Cent

1890 mint PC CHINA. Shanghai Local Post Card. One Cent. Shanghai China Municipality 1 c Local Postcard Postal Stationery. NB: Corner nick. Ref: 301-023.

Price: £15.00
1890 uprated 'Uniform Penny Postage' cover GB to 'HMS Orlando, Australia'

1890 (2nd. July) uprated 'Uniform Penny Postage' cover and insert from GB to 'Capt. W. J. Eastman RMA, HMS Orlando, Australia'. Royal Marine Artillery. Penny Postage Jubilee / South Kensington p/m. [HMS Orlando 1886: Cruiser 1st Class, Armoured 1890 Flag Ship Australia Station. Includes officers borne for duties with stores at Sydney and the Victorian Naval Defence Force] Ref: 307-084.

Price: £250.00
1892 cover GB to 'Royal Irish Rifles, Inquisitor's Palace, MALTA'

1892 cover from GB to 'Rev. WF Socsbie, Chaplain to the Forces, Royal Irish Rifles, Inquisitor's Palace, MALTA' [Used as Military Hospital] with s/r. MALTA receipt p/m. to rear. Part flap missing. Ref: 302-048.

Price: £10.00
1892 ps cover + letter EGYPT to GB. 'Granville J Chester' (cleric; author/poet; collector)

1892 (21st. Feb) ps cover and letter from EGYPT to GB with d/r. CAIRE p/m. From 'Geeza above Cairo. Granville J Chester' (cleric; author/poet; collector) [Wintered in Egypt for many years and collected many antiquities in his almost annual travels, including some major pieces for the British Museum] Interesting content about how ill he was recently. Died 23rd. May 1892. Egypt under British Rule. NB: cover torn. Ref: 303-052.

Price: £25.00
1892 Registered Letter GB to 'HMS "Sirius", SE Coast of America'

1892 uprated Registered Letter [2d. + 2 1/2d] from GB to 'HM Ship "Sirius", South East Coast of America Station'. Flagship Cruiser - HMS Sirius was an Apollo-class cruiser of the British Royal Navy served off America from 1892 to 1895. Ref: 305-118.

Price: £85.00
1893 (April) cover MALTA to GB. 'HMS COLLINGWOOD' crest to flap

1893 (3rd. April) cover from MALTA to GB with s/r. MALTA p/m. and 'HMS COLLINGWOOD' crest to flap. Also s/r. PORTSMOUTH receipt p/m. to rear. (8th. April) Creased edge. Ref: 309-061.

Price: £20.00
1893 (Aug) cover + letter HMS AURORA to 'General Harrist, Cheltenham'

1893 (Aug) cover and letter from HMS AURORA, Rathmullen to 'General Harrist, Cheltenham'. mss .. "Did you read bathing accident in Standard on 31st Inst. Genl. B's son drowned in trying to save daughter - I must write to Burton". [BURTON FAMILY TOMB: "In loving memory of Geoffrey, Cadet at the Royal Military College, Sandhurst, youngest son of General E.F. Burton and Georgiana his wife. Drowned saving his sister's life at Happisburgh, Norfolk 29th August 1893 Aged 18 years] Ref: 302-046.

Price: £20.00
1893 (July) ps PC [3 Sen in green. EMPIRE DU JAPON] JAPAN to GB. TOKIO p/m.

1893 (July) ps PC [3 Sen in green: EMPIRE DU JAPON] from JAPAN to 'M Takayasu, c/o St Thomas Hospital, London' with d/r. TOKIO and YOKOHAMA transit p/m's. [Mikito Takayasu (Sept. 4, 1860 - Nov. 20, 1938) was a Japanese ophthalmologist known for his discovery of Takayasu's arteritis] Ref: 299-033.

Price: £25.00
1894 (16th. Nov.) ps PC [10 L] GREECE to GB. 'HMS Rodney, Vols, Greece'

1894 (16th. Nov.) ps PC [10 L] from GREECE to GB with poor p/m. From 'HMS Rodney, Vols, Greece'. Battleship. [Posted to the Mediterranean Fleet from May 1894 until 1897] Ref: 302-018.

Price: £35.00
1894 cover GERMANY to 'His Grace The Duke of Marlborough, Blenheim Palace'

1894 (Sept) cover from GERMANY to 'His Grace The Duke of Marlborough, Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxen, England' and redirected to 'Deepdean, Dorking' with OXFORD, WOODSTOCK and DORKING p/m's to rear. Ref: 301-048.

Price: £25.00
1895 (Feb) ps [2 1/2d.] cover GB to 'Capt. WE Binney RMLI, HMS "Howe", Malta.

1895 (Feb) ps [2 1/2d.] cover from GB to 'Capt. W.E Binney RMLI, HMS "Howe", Malta with OXFORD p/m. [1895 - Mediterranean and Red Sea Fleet] Folded. Ref: 302-001.

Price: £25.00