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1856-60 Second Opium   1870-1 Franco-Prussian   1883-5 Chinese-French   1912-3 Balkan
1857-8 Indian Mutiny   1877-8 Russo-Turkish   1894-5 Chinese-Japanese   1899-1901 Second Boer
1861-5 American Civil   1878-80 Second Afghan   1898 Spanish-American   1900-1 Boxer Rebellion



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1900 Boer War Stereoscope card South AFRICA - City of London Imperial Volunteers

1900 Boer War Stereoscope card South AFRICA: Boer War by Underwood and Underwood - City of London Imperial Volunteers just arrived at the Orange River, South Africa. Stereo view card. Ref: 308-040

Price: £6.00
1900 (Jan) cover from GB to Russia regarding BOER WAR news.

1900 (25th. Jan) cover from GB to Russia regarding BOER WAR: Good news from the War, although a great number killed. However General Warren has gained ground and fought a terrible battle. (The Battle of Spion Kop 23-24th Jan) "Warren only 20 miles from Ladysmith" endorsed to flap. [From Sir Alfred Milner, British statesman and colonial administrator] The Second Boer War broke out Oct. 1899. Ref: 314-005.

Price: £20.00
1900 (Dec.) cover + letter BOXER Rebellion to GB. FPO 5 p/m.

1900 (16th Dec.) cover and letter from the BOXER Rebellion to 'Craufurdland Castle' with d/r. Indian FPO 5 p/m. canc. ONE ANNA with 'CEF' o/p. [Chinese Expeditionary Force] Excellent historic letter from Shanghai by Capt. Archibald Houison-Craufurd. 7 Bo. I. Dy. Asst. Adjt. Genl. 2nd Infantry Brigade. mss .. "I was lunching today with some people called Harding he is something in Customs Service. Last night I dined at the Astor House Hotel, where the German Admirals ships band played during and after dinner. The dinner was given by Major Watson and was to have been in honour Mrs Creagh our Generals wife who came up by the last mail could not come .. the party was only Stewart, myself & Capt. Cradock of HMS Alacrity the Admirals Despatch vessel .. about 200 people there of all nationalities. The night before I was dining at the Germans Mess and had a pleasant evening. They didn't make me drink too many malts. The German officers are wonderfully nice to me. Their Colonel - Graf Schleppen-bach is very English, having had an English mother". 1906 'Craufurdland Castle' PPC. Ref: 307-108.

Price: £175.00
1900 (Aug) uprated ps PC BOER War to New Zealand. APO 45 / S. AFRICA p/m.

1900 (Aug) uprated ps PC from the BOER War to New Zealand with s/r. APO 45 / S. AFRICA p/m. Also attractive WELLINGTON slogan receipt p/m. From 'A Nevill Haynes, Copl'. Mixed franking. [First overseas conflict to involve New Zealand troops. New Zealand contingent] Ref: 316-002.

Price: £145.00
1900 (5th. Nov.) cover CHINA to Germany s/r. Marine Schiffspost No. 23 p/m.

1900 (5th. Nov.) cover from CHINA to Germany with s/r. Marine Schiffspost No. 23 p/m. - 'S.M.S. Worth' at WUSUNG. Boxer Rebellion: 2 Nov. 1899 7 Sep 1901. [German expeditionary force included Wrth and on 25th. Oct. 1900 returned to WUSUNG via Yantai. There she joined the blockade of the Yangtze River and then she was detached to cover the disembarkation of the German expeditionary corps outside the Taku Forts.] Ref: 315-048.

Price: £65.00
1899 cover SUDAN to 'General Sir E. Collen KCIE, Simla, India'. OMDURMAN p/m.

1899 (July) cover from SUDAN to 'General Sir E. Collen KCIE, Simla, India' with s/r. OMDURMAN p/m. canc. 1 Piastre adhesive [Officers RATE] Known correspondence from 'R.F. Meiklejohn'. MAHDIST War 1881-1899. Lt. Ronald Forbes Meiklejohn [1/R. War. R.] took part in the battles of the Atbara, Khartoum and Omdurman. The Battle of Umm Diwaykarat on Nov. 25, 1899 marked the final defeat of the Mahdist state in Sudan, when Anglo-Egyptian forces under the command of Lord Kitchener defeated what was left of the Mahdist armies. Ref: 315-012.

Price: £190.00
1899 cover French SOUDAN to Senegal. KAYES p/m. 'Camp de N'Dar Couter'

1899 (Aug) cover from French SOUDAN to Senegal, 'Camp de N'Dar Couter' [West Africa] with d/r. KAYES / SOUDAN FRANCAIS p/m. and circ. French Naval cachet. Also d/r. SENEGAL / St LOUIS p/m. to rear. Occupation. NB: Faults. Ref: 309-157.

Price: £35.00
1897 cover GB to 'Capt de Salis, 7th Batt. The Rifle Brigade, Hausas, Lagos'

1897 (March) cover from GB to 'Capt de Salis, 7th Batt. The Rifle Brigade, Hausas, Lagos' [NIGERIA] with s/r. LAGOS / WEST AFRICA receipt p/m. to rear. In 1897 The Hausa Force was almost certainly part of the build up of a military confrontation against the French in Borgu (on the NW boundary of the Lagos Protectorate) to prevent further French incursion in that part. British Army Officers continued to be seconded, on a voluntary basis, to the Military Unit. Ref: 308-094.

Price: £100.00
1896 cover INDIA to 'Captain Budd, 12th Bombay Infantry, Saugor CP'

1896 cover from INDIA to 'Captain Budd, 12th Bombay Infantry, Saugor CP' with s/r. SAGOR receipt p/m. to rear. Ref: 308-078.

Price: £8.00
1896 cover AMERICA to Spain. 1st. Battalion Spanish Infantry Regiment h/s.

1896 (Mar) cover from Central Latin AMERICA to Spain with circ. 1st. Battalion Spanish Infantry Regiment cachet. Also d/r. CARTAGENA receipt p/m. From Spanish troops during Rebellions/Wars against Spanish domination. Faults. Ref: 309-142.

Price: £45.00
1895 unused PC Carte Postale. Corps Expeditionnaire de Madagascar

1895 unused PC Carte Postale. Corps Expeditionnaire de Madagascar. NB: Fault. Ref: 317-099.

Price: £6.00
1895 cover PORTUGAL to Gunboat "Rio Lima" Lourenco Marques

1895 (April) cover from PORTUGAL endorsed via ship 'Peninsular' with LISBOA p/m. to Navy Canhoneira "Rio Lima" [Portuguese Navy Gunboat] at Lourenco Marques. EAST AFRICA. mss .. "Received 12 July 9"'. Naval. Ref: 320-143.

Price: £60.00
1894 cover GERMANY to 'His Grace The Duke of Marlborough, Blenheim Palace'

1894 (Sept) cover from GERMANY to 'His Grace The Duke of Marlborough, Blenheim Palace, Woodstock, Oxen, England' and redirected to 'Deepdean, Dorking' with OXFORD, WOODSTOCK and DORKING p/m's to rear. Ref: 318-096.

Price: £25.00
1892 cover GB to 'Royal Irish Rifles, Inquisitor's Palace, MALTA'

1892 cover from GB to 'Rev. WF Socsbie, Chaplain to the Forces, Royal Irish Rifles, Inquisitor's Palace, MALTA' [Used as Military Hospital] with s/r. MALTA receipt p/m. to rear. Part flap missing. Ref: 319-087.

Price: £10.00
1890 uprated 'Uniform Penny Postage' cover GB to 'HMS Orlando, Australia'

1890 (2nd. July) uprated 'Uniform Penny Postage' cover and insert from GB to 'Capt. W. J. Eastman RMA, HMS Orlando, Australia'. Royal Marine Artillery. Penny Postage Jubilee / South Kensington p/m. [HMS Orlando 1886: Cruiser 1st Class, Armoured 1890 Flag Ship Australia Station. Includes officers borne for duties with stores at Sydney and the Victorian Naval Defence Force] Ref: 307-084.

Price: £250.00
1890 mint PC CHINA. Shanghai Local Post Card. One Cent

1890 mint PC CHINA. Shanghai Local Post Card. One Cent. Shanghai China Municipality 1 c Local Postcard Postal Stationery. NB: Corner nick. Ref: 318-081.

Price: £15.00
1886 cover + letter LONDON to 'Captain WS Scott, Warwick'

1886 (Oct) cover and letter from LONDON to 'Captain (William) WS Scott, Warwick'. mss ... "a few lines of requests to the Sols. (Mr. Wm. Forsters of Frere & Co) & ask whether the Deed of Settlement determined the future division of the Trust Fund out of which the 10,00 was taken, as you do soon find in her Will any provision to prevent your brother George from getting the 10,000.. ". [About 1.2 million today] From Brownlow Maitland, 41 Montagu Square, London. Faults. Ref: 321-093.

Price: £15.00
1882 Teligraphes EGYPT. Sir EB Malit KCB. British occupy Cairo

1882 (Sept. 19th) Teligraphes EGYPTIENS from Sir EB Malit KCB, Alex. to Beaman, Brit Consulate Cairo. British occupy Cairo on 15th Sept. and Egyptian army dissolved 20th Sept. "EGYPT 19 Sept 1882. Malit Alex. To Beaman, Brit Consulate Cairo. Following for Gibson will you assist Rousell & take as much work off his hands as possible. I have informed Lord Grenville that I have asked you to transact indespensible domains business until Couterous arrival. Remaining in charge of Rousells duty till his return in November & was then asked by French Armies tralon to accept charge of their business in Alexandria This I had to refuse as I cant not give up my engagement in the L & Settlement Depot. Gibson."

Telegraph. Ref: 319-100.

Price: £65.00
1882 letter EGYPT. Sir EB Malit KCB re: Intellegence Depot

1882 letter (embossed HRMS Agency / Cairo) EGYPT from Sir EB Malit KCB thanking English Gvt. for services in Intelligence Depot of Expeditionary Force in Egypt. Ref: 313-151. "HRMS AGENCY CAIRO (embossed) Cairo, November 1882. Sir, Her Majestys Secretary of State for War has expressed a wish that the thanks of Her Majestys Government should be conveyed to Sir Frederick Goldsmid and the other gentlemen who formed the Intelligence Department at Alexandria. I have accordingly been instructed by Gibson Esq. Director General du Cadestre. by Lord Granville to thank you in the
name of Her Majestys Government for the
zeal and ability you displayed when
acting under Sir F Goldsmids orders, in
the collection of information from all
available sources for the use of the officers
in Command of Her Majestys troops
I am, Sir
Your most obedient
Humble servant
EB Malit"

Price: £45.00
1881 cover GB to Col Collingwood, Royal Artillery, Bombay, India' redirected 'MHOW'

1881 (July) cover from GB to Col Collingwood, Royal Artillery, Bombay, India' [6d. RATE] and redirected to 'MHOW' with receipt p/m. to rear. Ref: 311-057.

Price: £45.00