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1778 (April) entire JAMAICA to GB. Per the Winchealsea Man of War

1778 (April) entire from JAMAICA to 'William Philip Perrin', GB endorsed 'Per the Winchealsea, Man of War' with DEAL / SHIP LRE h/s. From 'Ralph Fisher, Kingston, Jamaica'. mss … "Mr. (Malcolm) Laing (Agent for William Perrin) … People have taken liberties and propagated reports of his dangerous situation and even of his death. He is at present down at your Vere Estate". [HMS Winchelsea (32-gun fifth-rate Niger-class frigate. Royal Navy) saw service during the American War of Independence [1775 – 1783] It was reported else ware on the 30th April 1778; an account is filled with news of other ships in the convey of HMS Winchelsea: mail exchange and the news about the war in the colonies and orders to sink all French men of war found in America. JW HATMAN watermarked paper. Ref: 320-044.

Price: £150.00
1799 entire JAMACIA to 'William Philip Perrin', GB. Endorsed 'Original per Westmoreland

1799 (20th. Oct) entire from JAMACIA to 'William Philip Perrin', GB. Endorsed inside 'Original per Westmoreland Packet. Duplicate By Penelope Pkt.' with JAMAICA / 8 DEC 99 h/s. to rear The homeward Packet from the West Indies was the "Westmoreland." She was captured on December 7th. 1799 by a French Privateer of twenty six guns and two hundred and fifty men. In her were lost the duplicates of the letters. HMS ship of the line of the Royal Navy. From "Jaques Laing" of Palmyra, Jamaica. Perrin'- merchant owner of Grange Hall Estate, Jamaica. Slave owner. [Cancelled by Proud PS 10 - Scarcity 2000] Ref: 314-002.

Price: £125.00
1804 (Nov) entire [HMS] LEOPARD, off Dover. Lieut 'John Forbes' re: letter to Admiralty

1804 (Nov) entire [HMS] LEOPARD, off Dover. Lieut 'John Forbes' re: letter to Admiralty. [She served during the Napoleonic Wars: 1803 –1815, and was notable for the actions of her captain in 1807.
1-3 Oct 1804 fire ships expended and the trial of a new form of fire boat known as a "catamaran," on the French flotillas anchored off Boulogne.
The Chesapeake-Leopard affair: 22 Jun 1807 the Leopard weighed per the Bellona's instructions and some five leagues from the land bore down to speak the US ship Chesapeake, to discuss the problem of British deserters onboard the Chesapeake. Her CO refused to discuss the subject, resulting in 3 broadsides being fired by the Leopard in order that the Captain could carry out his instructions.
[On 25 December 1803 HMS Suffisante was wrecked due to a poorly-chosen location and the officers had mishandled the situation. "Lieutenant John Forbes" should have taken the watch, but remained below, leaving a midshipman in charge. The master, John Coleman, had gone below for his dinner and left the pilot in charge of the positioning; Coleman stated that he was unaware that the pilot had gone ashore. Heathcote was below dining with his officers and unaware of the developing situation. The court martial found him partly to blame for the loss and reprimanded him but did not punish him. It also reprimanded Coleman, and sentenced "Forbes" to the loss of one year's seniority] Ref: 315-046.

Price: £120.00
1808 entire to 'Serjeant James Macpherson, 2nd. Battalion., 92nd Regt., Edinburgh'.

1808 entire to 'Serjeant James Macpherson, 2nd. Battalion., 92nd Regt., Edinburgh'. From 'Colonel (D) Macpherson of Cluny. [NE Scotland] mss … "it is not in my power to comply with your request .. with the Duke of Gordon & Sir James Grant, in that .. I cannot make any further application to either of these gentlemen".
Ref: 312-064.

Price: £35.00
1811 entire to 'Col Macpherson, Cluny'. From 'James Macpherson, Sergeant 92nd Regt'

1811 (Jan.) entire to 'Colonel Macpherson, Cluny'. From 'James Macpherson, Sergeant 92nd Regt. recruiting Edinb'. mss. .. "your kind promise of recommending me for a commission in either the Abedeen or Invennes Milita .. recommendation of me to Colonel Cameron of the 92nd Regt., I was appointed Serjeant in 1804 .. my age is 26 unmarried". Faults. Ref: 312-064.
[John Cameron of Fassiefern. Born Inerscadale 1771; served on Corsica 1796; served in Irish rebellion 1798; served at Helder 1799; served in Egypt 1801; Major in 92nd Foot5 April 1801; brevet Lieutenant-Colonel 25 April 1808; Lieutenant-Colonel23 June 1808; commanded 1/92nd Foot 1809 to 1815; served at Walcheren1809; served in Peninsula October 1810 to April 1814, wounded four times; commanded brigade in 2nd Division in Peninsula June and July 1813; brevet Colonel 4 June 1814; wounded and thrown from horse at Quatre Bras 1815, died shortly afterwards]

Price: £25.00
1814 entire 'Musselborough Barracks' to '92nd Regt of Foot, London'. "McPherson, was killed"

1814 (29th. April) entire from 'Musselborough Barracks' [East Lothian: Napoleonic Garrison] to 'Bruce Esq. Agent for 92nd Regt of Foot, London' endorsed 'Copy Letter'. mss .. "Sir, I am informed that you are the Army agent for the 92nd. Regt of Foot for Gordon Highlanders. I therefore beg leave to acquaint, that I have been lately informed that a Serjeant James McPherson of the same Regt., was killed in one of the late Engagements between Ld. Wellington's and the French Army in France ….. The said Sergeant McPherson was my brother in law, he joined the 1st. Bn. 92nd. in Spain about 14 months ago, the last letter I had from him was dated 22nd. Dec. 1813 on the Banks of the river Aiduree [ADOUR] in France wherein he tells that at the time there was a balance due to him by the Regt. of about sixteen pound sterling...". [PENINSULAR WAR. Battle of St Pierre: 13th Dec. 1813. Located just east of Bayonne, between the rivers Nive and Adour, in the south-west corner of France, near the Spanish border. Wellington commanded an army of 90,000 British, Portuguese and Spanish troops] Ref: 320-040.

Price: £100.00
1816 entire GIBRALTAR to 'Andrew Phair, New Brunswick'. Bombardment of Algiers

1816 (Aug. 15th) entire from GIBRALTAR to 'Andrew Phair, New Brunswick, North America' with circ. HALIFAX receipt p/m. (2nd. Nov.) Message refers to the Bombardment of Algiers on the 27th. Aug. 1816. 'BUGDEN & WILMOET / 1912' watermarked paper.
mss … "Gibraltar Aug. 15th. 1816. Dear Sally,
Lord Exmouths fleet arrived here from England a few days ago, and sailed yesterday against the Algerians, he is determined to knock the town (Algiers) about their ears. I am afraid he is taking the Bull by the Horns, for the place is extreamly strong, having upwards of twelve hundred pieces of cannon mounted and surrounded by an enormus wall. Lord E's fleet consists of seven sail of the line and eleven frigates and smaller craft; the Dutch fleet consisting of five large frigates has also jioned him, there are a thousand Marines on board , part of a troop of Rockets, and a Company of Sapers and Miners , under Major Gospel of the Engineers. The Artillery offered their services, but his Lordship declined accepting them on the score of de***** the force & portion of prize money in care of ….

I cannot find the postage to Gibraltar from America, as we have no Post Office here; all letters are made up at the Secretary's Office; and we pay no postage for any letter going or coming, which accounts for your letters not reaching us, as this postage must be paid by some person in England, otherwise the letter lay in the General Post Office.

Your Affet. Brother,
DH Straton.

During the Napoleonic Wars, out of necessity Britain had cooperated with the Barbary states to ensure the supply of resources to Gibraltar and the British Navy in the Mediterranean. At the end of the war, when in a position to do so, Britain exerted enormous pressure on those states to end their piracy and their enslavement of Christians. The Deys of Tunis and Tripoli bowed to the pressure, but the Dey of Algiers was more reluctant. When, perhaps as the result of a misunderstanding, Mediterranean fishermen under British protection were massacred by Algerian forces, Europe was outraged and Britain acted decisively. A modest British fleet attacked and severely damaged the port of Algiers in a battle which raged into the night until, at a point, the British fleet weighed anchor and sailed out of range of the Algerian defences. A letter was sent to the Dey explaining that the destruction of the harbour had been a display of British capabilities, that Britain held the Bey personally responsible, that he would have no peace with Britain unless he capitulated and furthermore that unless he capitulated immediately Britain would turn her forces against his city and his subjects. Some 3,000 Christian slaves were released as a result but the Dey soon replaced them with non-Christian Europeans, Jews and Africans, and the wider slave trade in Algeria continued until its colonization by France in 1830. During their heyday from the 16th to the 18th centuries Barbary slavers may have captured over a million people from as far north as Iceland, the Middle East, sub-Saharan and Western Africa, and even seafarers from the United States.

Rockets were used effectively during the Napoleonic Wars.

Lt. ANDREW PHAIR b. Co. Cork, Ireland ca. 1757, d. Fredericton, York Co., NB 9 NOV 1824 age 67 years, buried Old Burying Ground, Fredericton, Fredericton Parish, York Co., NB, m. NY 11 MAY 1782 MARGARET BARRY (b. ca. 1754 (ca, 1763), d. Fredericton, York Co., NB 27 JUL 1833 age 79 years; possibly m. 1st Lt. William Phair).
In 1802, Andrew Phair was granted administration of the estate of John Carnes, in Fredericton. He was also granted, in the same year, administration of the estate of Thomas Staples and of Isaac Hedden. This suggests that Andrew was a solicitor or public official.
His daughter, Isabella S. Phair, m. 9 SEP 1809 Lt. John M. Stratton of the Royal Artillery. A possible son was William B. Phair, at the time in the 104th New Brunswick Fencible Regiment of Foot, who m. Fredericton, 5 AUG 1816 Rebecca Hanney, d/o Andrew Rainsford. Andrew Rainsford was Assistant Barrack Master General and Andrew Phair was Barrack Master General, so the relationship ins implied. Andrew was likely married twice as a step-daughter, Sarah Barry, d. SEP 1821. Andrew Phair d. 9 NOV 1824 age 67 years. He was also Post Master for Fredericton.
Andrew is considered to have been a Loyalist in the American Revolution serving with Maj. Gen. Benedict Arnold in the Loyal American Legion.

Price: £500.00
1817 entire JAMAICA to 'New York' endorsed 'Brig Margaret. Capt. George Bell'

1817 (March) entire from JAMAICA to 'New York' endorsed 'Brig Margaret. Capt. George Bell'. From 'Campbell Ellis, Falmouth, Jamaica' regarding "One hundred Puncheons of Rum". Faults. Ref: 310-087.

Price: £65.00
1822 front to Salsbury. Signed by 'Palmerston' - 1809 to 1828 Secretary at War

1822 (Sept) front to Salsbury. Signed by 'Palmerston' - Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, KG, GCB, PC, FRS. Served twice as Prime Minister. 1809 to 1828, served as Secretary at War - ran the War Office. Signature. Autograph. NB: FRONT only. Ref: 320-075.

Price: £40.00
1825 entire 'Duporth' to HMS EURYALUS. Postage Not Paid / to London h/s.

1825 (May) entire from 'Duporth' to HMS EURYALUS with boxed 'Postage Not Paid / to London' h/s. [HMS Euryalus was a Royal Navy 36-gun Apollo-class frigate, which saw service in the Battle of Trafalgar] Euryalis rendered assistance to the American brig Charles and Ellen at the island of Milos and stayed for a week, lending some 70 to 80 men to the brig to effect repairs, a kindness acknowledged her Captain, P.R.Bing and two Boston insurance companies, by posting a notice in the National Intelligencer of 23 March 1825. After her return to England Euryalus was converted to a prison hulk for boys. Soiled. Ref: 321-130.

Price: £120.00
1831 (July) entire to 'Lieut. Geo. Vaughan Hart. RN, HMS Victor, Portsmouth'

1831 (July) entire to 'Lieut. Geo. Vaughan Hart. RN, HMS Victor, Portsmouth' from his father. Mentions his meeting with 'Sir Thomas Hardy' [Nelson fame] and 'Admiral Dundas'. 1842 sailed from Vera Cruz for Halifax: all lost] Letter transcribed. Ref: 314-057.

Price: £60.00
1838 entire Indian Navy Fund re: Death of Lt. Thomas Clendon, Indian Navy

1838 (May) entire from the Indian Navy Fund, London to 'Geo Clendon, Deal' regarding the Death of Lt. Thomas Clendon, Indian Navy. [Thomas was a Lieutenant, Bombay Marine Midshipman May 19 1819, 2nd Lieut Nov 10 1824. From Oct 1819 to Dec 1824 he served … Died 1838.] Ref: 310-001.

Price: £35.00
1843 entire IRELAND to 'The Earle of Haddington, First Lord of the Admiralty'

1843 (April) entire from IRELAND to 'The Earle of Haddington, First Lord of the Admiralty, London' regarding the death of seaman serving on HMS Herald, China - involved in the First Anglo-Chinese War. Mrs C. Burns requesting details of a will made by 'John Dumphey alias Murphy .. in the Military Hospital of Macoa in China and duly attested by Surgeon Allen and Mr Diamond'.

[John Dumphey, aged 44, Able Seaman belonged to HMS Herald; taken ill in Canton River; sick or hurt, intermittent fever quotidien; put on sick list 30 Aug. 1841, died 25 Oct. 1841]

Including written response drafted inside from The Earl. The original entire was from the Navy (Office of Inspectors of Seaman's Wills) dated Jan. 1843. [For margined SG8 1d. tied by very fine Cootehill Maltese Cross] The First Sino British War, or Opium War. HMS Herald was paid off at Chatham in May 1842. Ref: 313-152.

Price: £500.00
1846 (Sept) cover MALTA to GB. Brevet Major 'Napier' after First Anglo-Sikh War

1846 (Sept) cover from MALTA to GB and endorsed 'Napier' to 'Lady Napier with poor circ. MALTA / PAID p/m. Just after First Anglo-Sikh War when promoted to Brevet Major on 3rd. April 1846 and was chief engineer at the siege of the fortress of Kote Kangra in the Punjab by Brigadier-General Wheeler in May 1846. Envelope endorsed "By closed mail via Marseille" with Napier wax seal to reverse. Ref: 309-024.

Price: £100.00
1846 entire MALTA to France. ''The Three Brothers' ship. 'Captain Lavagna' died

1846 (Sept.) entire from MALTA to France with circ. MALTA p/m. to rear regarding ''The Three Brothers' ship and that 'Captain Lavagna' had died. Excellent letter transcribed. mss .. 'nave "Tre Fratelli" Cap. Nicola Lavagna'. To Messrs. Rocca Brothers, Marseilles': Shipping agents. Ref: 309-008.

Price: £95.00
1847 l/s's BELGIUM to 'Monsieur Fiott capitaine de Marines britanique, a Liege'

1847 l/s's from BELGIUM to 'Monsieur Fiott capitaine de Marines britanique, la Station a Liege' with d/r. LIEGE p/m. British Naval Marine. Ref: 317-021.

Price: £20.00
1853 outer GB to Australia 'per Sea Snake'. Migrant ship. ADELAIDE p/m.

1853 entire from GB to 'Mr Edwd. Montgomery Martin', South Australia endorsed 'per Sea Snake. 9 Nov 1853' with circ. GPO / ADELAIDE SA receipt p/m. [Feb 9 1954] Migrant Ship for South Australia:- SEA SNAKE arrived Port Adelaide, 09.02.1854. left Liverpool 10.11.1853 with Capt. Gilbert, C. Message inside from 'Mother Susanna Martin'. [Ann and Edward Montgomery Martin and their 7 children came to S. Australia in 1851 on the "Anglia", a three-masted barque. This migration was undertaken to escape the official discrimination in England against people of dissenting religions] NB: Worm damage. Ref: 312-125.

Price: £60.00
1857 cover HONG KONG to GB. Abraham Lennox Crimea VC holder

1857 cover from HONG KONG to 'Lady Arthur Lennox', GB and initialled in corner 'AL': Abraham Lennox. Also endorsed "Hong Kong 24th. Aug. '57"and s/r. 3rd. Nov. 1857 receipt p/m. to rear.

OVERSEAS INVESTITURE OF THE VC in HONG KONG by GOC Hong Kong, Lieutenant General T. Ashburton to Lieutenant Abraham LENNOX, Royal Engineers.

[Lt. Col. Wilbraham Oates Lennox (1830-1897), was awarded the Victoria Cross for his valour at the siege of Sebastopol]. He was the fourth son of Lieut.-Col. Lord George Lennox (1793-1873), brother of Lord Arthur Lennox. The cover was to his wife 'Lady Arthur Lennox'.

[He joined the Royal Engineers as a 2nd lieutenant on 27 June 1848. He landed in the Crimea on 30 September 1854 and served there with the army until it reembarked in June 1856. He was present throughout the seige and capture of Sebestopol, gaining the VICTORIA CROSS** for valour during the capture of some rifle pits. He subsequently served in India during the Mutiny and was present at the relief of Lucknow. Ref: 320-134.

Price: £400.00
1857 part entire GB to SWEDEN. Harriet Grote to 'Madame Nils von Koch'

1857 part entire from GB to SWEDEN. From Harriet Grote [nee Lewin, author and wife of George Grote, historian of Greece and radical] to 'Madame Nils von Koch' [sister Francis Lewin, wife of Nils Samuel von Koch, Swedish Justice Minister] Interesting contents incl. "G(orge) has been offered 3 seats [Parliament] if he would but stand, but he is firm in his resl(ution) to stick to Plato & Co". Ref: 308-126.

Price: £15.00
1863 cover GB to 'Lt Col Dickinson, Royal Engineers, Bombay' India

1863 cover from GB to 'Lt Col Dickinson, Royal Engineers, Bombay' India with GLOS 757 p/m. [10d. RATE: 2 x 2d. blue (plate 9) and 6d. (plate 3)] Ref: 320-158.

Price: £65.00