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1817 entire JAMAICA to 'New York' endorsed 'Brig Margaret. Capt. George Bell'

1817 (March) entire from JAMAICA to 'New York' endorsed 'Brig Margaret. Capt. George Bell'. From 'Campbell Ellis, Falmouth, Jamaica' regarding "One hundred Puncheons of Rum". Faults. Ref: 310-087.

Price: £65.00
1822 front to Salsbury. Signed by 'Palmerston' - 1809 to 1828 Secretary at War

1822 (Sept) front to Salsbury. Signed by 'Palmerston' - Henry John Temple, 3rd Viscount Palmerston, KG, GCB, PC, FRS. Served twice as Prime Minister. 1809 to 1828, served as Secretary at War - ran the War Office. Signature. Autograph. NB: FRONT only. Ref: 303-007.

Price: £65.00
1825 entire 'Duporth' to HMS EURYALUS. Postage Not Paid / to London h/s.

1825 (May) entire from 'Duporth' to HMS EURYALUS with boxed 'Postage Not Paid / to London' h/s. [HMS Euryalus was a Royal Navy 36-gun Apollo-class frigate, which saw service in the Battle of Trafalgar] Euryalis rendered assistance to the American brig Charles and Ellen at the island of Milos and stayed for a week, lending some 70 to 80 men to the brig to effect repairs, a kindness acknowledged her Captain, P.R.Bing and two Boston insurance companies, by posting a notice in the National Intelligencer of 23 March 1825. After her return to England Euryalus was converted to a prison hulk for boys. Soiled. Ref: 304-100.

Price: £120.00
1830 front London to 'Right Hon'ble Lord Ruthven, Freeland House, Perth'

1830 (27th. Feb) front from London with FREE mark to 'Right Hon'ble Lord Ruthven, Freeland House, Perth' and redirected to 'Pencaitland by Tranent. From 'RJ Chichester. NB: FRONT only. Ref: 303-005.

Price: £5.00
1838 (29th. Aug) front IRELAND to London signed by Daniel O'Connell. Free Mark

1838 (1st. Sept.) front from IRELAND to London and signed by "Daniel O'Connell" with CORK Free Mark. Daniel O'Connell (1775–1847), often referred to as The Liberator or The Emancipator, was an Irish political leader in the first half of the 19th century. He campaigned for Catholic emancipation—including the right for Catholics to sit in the Westminster Parliament. [The TITHE WAR: O'Connell rejected William Sharman Crawford's call for the complete abolition of tithes in 1838] Signature. Autograph. NB: FRONT only. Ref: 303-001.

Price: £150.00
1840 (Dec) cover to 'Captain Henderson, HMS Gorgon, Malta'. PAID p/m.

1840 (Dec) cover to 'Captain Henderson, HMS Gorgon, Malta' with PAID p/m. [HMS Gorgon, 1837 Frigate. 3rd. Nov, 1840 bombardment of St. Jean d’Acre. 8th. Dec 1840 had arrived Marmorice Bay, Turkey from England. Ref: 297-019.

Price: £35.00
1846 (Sept) cover MALTA to GB. Brevet Major 'Napier' after First Anglo-Sikh War

1846 (Sept) cover from MALTA to GB and endorsed 'Napier' to 'Lady Napier with poor circ. MALTA / PAID p/m. Just after First Anglo-Sikh War when promoted to Brevet Major on 3rd. April 1846 and was chief engineer at the siege of the fortress of Kote Kangra in the Punjab by Brigadier-General Wheeler in May 1846. Envelope endorsed "By closed mail via Marseille" with Napier wax seal to reverse. Ref: 309-024.

Price: £100.00
1846 entire MALTA to France. ''The Three Brothers' ship. 'Captain Lavagna' died

1846 (Sept.) entire from MALTA to France with circ. MALTA p/m. to rear regarding ''The Three Brothers' ship and that 'Captain Lavagna' had died. Excellent letter transcribed. mss .. 'nave "Tre Fratelli" Cap. Nicola Lavagna'. To Messrs. Rocca Brothers, Marseilles': Shipping agents. Ref: 309-008.

Price: £95.00
1854 cover GB to 'Lieut. W Cecil de Vere RN, HMS Albion, Black Sea Fleet, Constantinople'

1854 (12th. Nov) cover from GB to 'Lieut. W Cecil de Vere RN, HMS Albion, Black Sea Fleet, Constantinople' [3d. RATE] endorsed 'By French Packet'. CRIMEAN War. [HMS Albion was a 90-gun second rate ship of the Royal Navy. Her first military action was in the Crimean War during the siege of Sevastopol on 17 Oct. 1854] Ref: 308-026.

Price: £200.00
1854 cover to 'Rear Admiral Hay' from 'Edward March 11th. about Peiping' CHINA

1854 (March) cover to 'Rear Admiral Hay' from 'Edward March 11th. about Peiping' - a former name of Beijing, CHINA. Also circ. LEAMINGTON receipt p/m. to rear. Edward Hay R.N. [Royal Navy] Youngest son of Rear Admiral James Hay. 30 Aug. 1852 made Lieutenant and on 22 March 1858 made Commander. [One of Shannon's Officers, Shannon's Naval Brigade: 2nd China War 1856-60] Ref: 305-097.

Price: £60.00
1855 (June) cover from GB to CRIMEA. 'Capt. Charles E. Mansfield ADC, Crimea'

1855 (June) cover from GB to 'Capt. Charles E. Mansfield ADC, care of Lieut. General Sir Colin Campbell K.C.B, Crimea'. [Lieutenant Charles Edward Mansfield Joined the army in 1848 as an ensign in the 33rd Regiment of Foot. He became a lieutenant in 1831. He was aide-de-camp to Sir Colin Campbell during the Crimean War, was present at the battles of Alma and Balaclava in Sept. and Oct. 1854, was mentioned in dispatches and promoted to captain in Dec. 1854. He was present in the trenches at the attack and fall of Sevastopol in 1855 and was again mentioned in dispatches] Also cigarette card of Sir Colin Campbell. Ref: 307-045.

Price: £175.00
1855 cover + letter GB to 'Captain R. Portal, 4th. Light Dragoons, CRIMEA'

1855 (Aug.) cover and letter from GB to 'Captain R. Portal, 4th. Light Dragoons, British Army, CRIMEA' with strip of 3 x 1d adhesives. Capt. Robert Portal took part in the charge of the Light Brigade at Balaclava on 25th. Oct. 1854. He survived having his horse shot beneath him. As ADC to Lord George Paget he was present at the Battles of Alma, Inkerman, Tchernaya and the Siege of Sebastopol. Letter received 30th. Aug. just before the fall of Sebastopol on 8th. Sept. “One of the Six Hundred” (Captain Robert Portal) Ref: 309-028.

Price: £225.00
1857 cover HONG KONG to GB. Abraham Lennox Crimea VC holder

1857 cover from HONG KONG to 'Lady Arthur Lennox', GB and initialled in corner 'AL': Abraham Lennox. Also endorsed "Hong Kong 24th. Aug. '57"and s/r. 3rd. Nov. 1857 receipt p/m. to rear.

OVERSEAS INVESTITURE OF THE VC in HONG KONG by GOC Hong Kong, Lieutenant General T. Ashburton to Lieutenant Abraham LENNOX, Royal Engineers.

[Lt. Col. Wilbraham Oates Lennox (1830-1897), was awarded the Victoria Cross for his valour at the siege of Sebastopol]. He was the fourth son of Lieut.-Col. Lord George Lennox (1793-1873), brother of Lord Arthur Lennox. The cover was to his wife 'Lady Arthur Lennox'.

[He joined the Royal Engineers as a 2nd lieutenant on 27 June 1848. He landed in the Crimea on 30 September 1854 and served there with the army until it reembarked in June 1856. He was present throughout the seige and capture of Sebestopol, gaining the VICTORIA CROSS** for valour during the capture of some rifle pits. He subsequently served in India during the Mutiny and was present at the relief of Lucknow. Ref: 303-110.

Price: £400.00
1857 part entire GB to SWEDEN. Harriet Grote to 'Madame Nils von Koch'

1857 part entire from GB to SWEDEN. From Harriet Grote [nee Lewin, author and wife of George Grote, historian of Greece and radical] to 'Madame Nils von Koch' [sister Francis Lewin, wife of Nils Samuel von Koch, Swedish Justice Minister] Interesting contents incl. "G(orge) has been offered 3 seats [Parliament] if he would but stand, but he is firm in his resl(ution) to stick to Plato & Co". Ref: 308-126.

Price: £15.00
1858 (May) cover GB to 'Douglas Wimberly, 79th. Highlanders'. Indian Mutiny

1858 (May) cover from GB to 'Douglas Wimberly, 79th. Highlanders, Calcutta' and forwarded. [6d. RATE] Indian Mutiny. [The 79th Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders: The regiment was present, and performed its part bravely during the siege and capture of Lucknow, from the 2nd to the 16th of March 1858, its loss being 7 non-commissioned officers and privates killed, and 2 officers, Brevet-Major Miller and Ensign Haine, and 21 non-commissioned officers and privates wounded. On the 5th of May the 79th was formed in line of battle before Bareihly, when it helped to gain another glorious victory, with a loss of only 2 men killed and 2 wounded. The regiment received the special thanks of Sir Colin Campbell. The 79th next made a forced march to the relief of Shahjehanpoor, under the command of Brigadier-General John Jones, and on the 21st of May was again under fire at the attack of that place. Captain Wimberley was with his regiment at the relief of Lucknow under Sir Colin Campbell. He had a narrow escape in an engagement. A bullet whizzed past his head and cut away a piece of his feather bonnet just over his forehead. He kept the piece of the bonnet as a memento. The gallant Highlander took an active part in the fighting during the Mutiny, and was present at the reduction of Robileund, where the blazing sun was the worst enemy of the British troops. Captain Wimberley was gazetted adjutant of the Cameroons in June 1858, while stationed at Cawnpore] Ref: 306-009.

Price: £150.00
1862 'Remember Ellsworth' cover to '79th Highlanders (NYI) Wilcox's Corps, Falmouth'

1862 illustrated 'Remember Ellsworth' cover to 'Capt. WJ Lush, 79th Highlanders (NYI) Wilcox's Corps, Falmouth'. [79th NY VI "Highlanders"- 79th New York Volunteer Infantry. Marched up the Potomac to Leesburg, then to Falmouth, Va., Oct. 11th. - Nov. 18th. 1862] USA. FEDERAL PATRIOTIC STATIONERY DURING the AMERICAN CIVIL WAR. "Remember Ellsworth" imprint above design of three soldiers murdering with a bayonet. NB: 3 cent adhesive damaged. Ref: 306-053.

Price: £45.00
1863 cover GB to 'Lt Col Dickinson, Royal Engineers, Bombay' India

1863 cover from GB to 'Lt Col Dickinson, Royal Engineers, Bombay' India with GLOS 757 p/m. [10d. RATE: 2 x 2d. blue (plate 9) and 6d. (plate 3)] Ref: 303-144.

Price: £65.00
1865 cover GB to '4th Batt. 60th Royal Rifles, Montreal, CANADA'

1865 (April) cover from GB to 'Lt. Colonel BE Ward, 4th Batt. 60th Royal Rifles, Montreal, CANADA' with s/r. GOREY p/m. and circ. MONTREAL receipt p/m. 2d. blue plate 9 (SG 45) and 6d lilac (SG 84) tied '234' barred numeral. [Lt. Colonel B. E. Ward: served as Aide de Camp to Colonel Viscount Melville during the campaign in the Punjab of 1848-49, including the second siege operations before Mooltan, and battle of Gujarat (Medal with two Clasps). Served with a Detachment of the 60th Rifles during operations in the Euzofzie country in Dec. 18th, and acted as StaQm Officer to the European portion of the force sent against the Afridi's in the Kohat Pass in Feb. 1850 (Medal with Clasp)] Part flap missing. Ref: 303-115.

Price: £45.00
1866 OHMS cover printed '5th West York Regiment' KNARESBORO p/m

1866 OHMS cover printed '5th West York Regiment' with s/r. KNARESBORO and WAKEFIELD receipt p/m. 1d. rate adhesive (EJ/JE, plate 74) Ref: 305-114.

Price: £20.00
1868 cover to 'Lieutenant Keppel Stephenson RA, North Forts, Liverpool'

1868 (Feb) cover with LONDON p/m. to 'Lieutenant Keppel Stephenson RA, North Forts, Liverpool'. [1852/54 – North Fort constructed on the Mersey, Kirkdale] Also s/r. LIVERPOOL receipt p/m. to rear. Ref: 310-028.

Price: £9.00