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1861-5 American Civil   1878-80 Second Afghan   1898 Spanish-American   1900-1 Boxer Rebellion



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1904 PPC GB to 'HMS "Sphinx", Persian Gulf' redirected to 'Lapwing'

1904 (June) PPC from GB to 'Mr H Phillips SBA, HMS "Sphinx", Persian Gulf' and redirected to 'Lapwing, Karachai' with s/r. MUSCAT and KARACHI p/m's.

Gunboat diplomacy: At the turn of the century the Royal Navy maintained control of the Persian Gulf with three patrol ships, only one of which - HMS Lapwing [small gunboat]- was on permanent duty. 1904 was the year of the massive Persian oil strike in neighbouring Abadan. [SBA: Sick Berth Attendant, Royal Navy] Ref: 311-114.

Price: £275.00
1904 real photo PERHAM DOWN CAMP. d/r. FIELD POST OFFICE p/m.

1904 real photo of PERHAM DOWN CAMP with. d/r. FIELD POST OFFICE p/m. From 'Sgt. Godsen'. Ref: 321-006.

Price: £10.00
1904 Registered cover JAPAN to 'Major RR Mellor, c/o Thomas Cook, Yokohama'

1904 (Dec) Registered cover from JAPAN to 'Major RR Mellor, c/o Thomas Cook & Sons Esq, Yokohama'. From Kobe. During this stay in Japan, he served as an observer in Russo-Japanese War? [2nd Volunteer Battalion, the Duke of Wellington's (West Riding Regiment), Captain R. R.Mellor is granted the honorary rank of Major. Dated 10th September, 1904] Ref: 320-147.

Price: £60.00
1904 Registered Letter MAURITIUS to 'HMS Duke of Wellington' redirected to 'HMS Russell'

1904 (Jan) Registered Letter from MAURITIUS to 'Staff Surgeon HA Hardey RN, HMS Duke of Wellington, Plymouth' and redirected to 'HMS Russell, Mediterranean'. NB: Light foxing. Ref: 320-029.

Price: £100.00

1905 (Jan) 'Feldpost' PPC [DSW AFRIKA Herreros] from South West AFRICA to Germany with circ. WINDHUK / DEUTSCH SUDWESTAFRICA p/m. HERERO Rebellion period. Ref: 317-069.

Price: £35.00
1906 Feld-Postkarte S.W. AFRICA to Germany. KEETMANSHOOP / DEUTSCH p/m.

1906 Feld-Postkarte PC from S.W. AFRICA to Germany with circ. KEETMANSHOOP / DEUTSCH / SUDWESTAFRICA p/m. and circ. Unit cachet. Herero War. Ref: 309-031.

Price: £30.00
1906 PPC (Phil May) HONG KONG to GB. "VOTE FOR WOMEN" on shawl

1906 PPC (Phil May) from HONG KONG to GB with d/r. VICTORIA / HONG KONG p/m. and "VOTE FOR WOMEN" on shawl. Policeman says: SHE SPEAKS YET SHE SAYS NOTHING, WHAT OF THAT? HER EYE DISCOURSES, ROM. & JUL. II. II. [Shakespearean reference] The movements shifted sentiments in favour of woman suffrage by 1906. The militant campaign began with the formation of the Women's Social and Political Union (WSPU). mss. .."If to her share some female errors fall, Look on her face, and you'll forget 'em all: Pope". Corner crease. Ref: 320-080.

Price: £35.00
1906 PPC [Military Series: 13th. Hussars Band] GB to France. LONDON m/c.

1906 PPC [Military Series: 13th. Hussars Band] from GB to France with LONDON m/c. Ref: 320-078.

Price: £6.00
1906-11 PPC's EUROPE to 'Guy Ellison Esq, X Lincolnshire Regiment, Aldershot'

1906-11 PPC's [15 No.] from EUROPE to 'Guy Ellison Esq, X Lincolnshire Regiment, Aldershot'. One with d/r. ALDERSHOT receipt p/m. July 1911. (Four not addressed to Camp) From Switzerland, Germany, France and Italy. [Major Guy Moreton Ellison 1st Battalion, The Lincolnshire Regiment. (1883-?): Entered Lincolnshire Regiment, 1902; Captain, 1913; Major, 1917. MONS [AUG. 23RD, 1914] It was in Cuesmes that Captain Ellison of the Lincolnshire fired the first shot by the Regiment in the war, at a German aero plane which flew over the village] Ref: 318-074.

Price: £25.00
1907 PPC AUSTRALIA to 'RAMC, Tientsin, China' FPO No. 4 p/m.

1907 PPC (Sydney) from AUSTRALIA to 'Sergt Cantrell, RAMC, Tientsin, CHINA' with s/r. ARMIDALE / NSW p/m. and d/r. Indian FPO 4 receipt p/m. CEF: Chinese Expeditionary Force. Also d/r. VICTORIA / HONG KONG transit p/m. [Royal Army Medical Corps] Ref: 314-094.

Price: £35.00
1907 PPC [HMT "Plassy"] EGYPT to GB. Port Said p/m. Troopship 'Red Sea'

1907 (March) PPC [HMT "Plassy"] from EGYPT to GB with s/r. Port Said p/m. From Troopship in the 'Red Sea'. Ref: 320-087.

Price: £10.00
1908 cover + note SOUTH POLE to New Zealand. (HMS) "Nimrod"

1908 cover and note 'from the neighbourhood of the SOUTH POLE' to New Zealand with s/r. BRIT. ANTARCTIC EXPD. p/m. canc. 1d. adhesive with KING EDWARD VII LAND o/p. Note endorsed " 31 Dec. 1907 via South Pole per (HMS) "Nimrod". Also WELLINGTON receipt m/c. to rear [8th March 1908] Ref: 316-110.

Price: £150.00
1908 cover SUDAN to GB with 'IX SUDANESE' crest to flap

1908 (April) cover from SUDAN to GB with d/r. KHARTOUM p/m. and 'IX SUDANESE' crest to flap. Major religious uprisings occurred during April 1908. Also s/r. LONDON receipt p/m. to rear. Ref: 319-129.

Price: £20.00
1908 PPC's ITALY to Ireland. FERROVIA p/m. 'S.S. Cretic' Steamship Ocean Liner

1908 PPC's [3 No. Soldiers] from ITALY to Ireland with FERROVIA m/c. From 'S.S. Cretic, Naples' - Steamship Ocean Liner. Ref: 311-104.

Price: £15.00
1909 (July) PPC GERMANY to GB. 'HMS Cornwall' conducting intelligence missions

1909 (July) PPC from GERMANY to GB with d/r. LONDON 128 p/m. From 'Phillips, HMS Cornwall, Kiel, Germany'. Royal Navy Armoured Cruiser HMS Cornwall on Mediterranean and Baltic tours of duty (while Captain W. R. Hall was spying for Britain) - Observed a number of Naval installation, producing valuable reports on 'Brunsbuttel, Tonning and the Kaiser Wilhelm Canal' as well as on the 'Coast Defences at Kiel'. [Captain (later Admiral Sir) William Reginald Blinker Hall (1870-1943), future Director of Naval Intelligence] Ref: 312-138.

Price: £60.00
1909 PPC SMYRNA to '16th Coloniale, 9th Compagnie, Pekin, CHINA'

1909 PPC from SMYRNA to '16th Coloniale, 9th Compagnie, Pekin, CHINE' [French Regt] with s/r. BRITISH POST OFFICE / SMYRNA p/m. canc. adhesives with 'LEVANT' o/p's. Also circ. ALEXANDRIA, PORT SAID, SHANGHAI and PEKING p/m's. [China] Ref: 308-136.

Price: £60.00
1910 circa. unused real photo PPC 'ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS' Womens Band

c.1910 unused real photo PPC 'ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS' Womens Band. Published Greenock. Ref: 320-081.

Price: £15.00
1911 cover FRANCE to 'Le Col. Grossin, Commandant la 4th Legion de Gendarmerier'.

1911 cover from FRANCE to 'Le Colonel Grossin, Commandant la 4th Legion de Gendarmerier, Le Mans'. From 'President de la Republique' and h/s. in red. Hinge remains. Ref: 309-117.

Price: £20.00

1911 (Nov) PPC [Tripoli] from LIBYA to Torino with d/r. POSTA MILITARE / TRIPOLITANIA p/m. Franked 5c TRIPOLI DI BARBERIA adhesive. [Italo-Turkish War: September 29, 1911 – October 18, 1912] Ref: 320-155.

Price: £12.00
1911 PPC Real photo of Soldiers Khartoum, SUDAN. KHARTOUM p/m

1911 PPC [Real photo of Soldiers] from SUDAN to GB with s/r. KHARTOUM p/m. From 'Geo Woodhead'. Ref: 322-141.

Price: £15.00