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1910 circa. unused real photo PPC 'ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS' Womens Band

c.1910 unused real photo PPC 'ROYAL SCOTS FUSILIERS' Womens Band. Published Greenock. Ref: 303-016.

Price: £15.00
1911 cover CHINA to GB. Indian FPO No. 1 p/m. Report on MONGOLIA

1911 (15th. Sept) cover and letter from CHINA to GB endorsed 'Via Siberia' with d/r. Indian FPO No. 1 p/m. with CEF o/p. to One Anna adhesives. Chinese Expeditionary Force. To: RMB Otter-Barry Esq. September 11th. 1911. Peking Legations.
My dearest Father, The attach has recommended me to stay on & forwarded on my report on Mongolia. In the covering letter of the latter he again recommended me to stay on, saying I deserve credit for it, and the Minister here endorsed his recommendation. He seems very pleased with my report, and so they ought to be as it cost me 60 and nearly 4 months toil altogether. Phoebe and I went for a Saturday to Monday picnic in the hills 27 miles away last weekend - with the Russian Minister, his daughter, a Russian officer and another Russian lady Perry-Ayscough and a man called George. It was very jolly. P rode with me and the pony strained for her, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and also my talk with the Russian Minister which rather opened my eyes about the Chinese Russian question. They look upon Mongolia as a buffer state & say it is really under Mongolian Rule, which is as a matter of fact a "lie" as it is ruled purely by Chinese officials and Mongolian Princes have no authority whatsoever. 

WITH THE RUSSIANS IN MONGOLIA: Perry-Ayscough of the Chinese Postal Service, FRGS, and Capt. Otter-Barry (B. 1879) of the Royal Sussex Regiment, FRGS, [Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society] travelled through Mongolia at different times, the latter in 1911, just before the Chinese Revolution.

Ref: 306-090.

Price: £475.00
1911 cover FRANCE to 'Le Col. Grossin, Commandant la 4th Legion de Gendarmerier'.

1911 cover from FRANCE to 'Le Colonel Grossin, Commandant la 4th Legion de Gendarmerier, Le Mans'. From 'President de la Republique' and h/s. in red. Hinge remains. Ref: 309-117.

Price: £20.00
1911 PPC 'The Battle of Stepney. The Ararchists' House on Fire'

1911 PPC 'The Battle of Stepney. The Ararchists' House on Fire' with d/r. BIRMINGHAM p/m. [Jan 19th] The Siege of Sidney Street, known as the "Battle of Stepney", was a notorious gunfight in London's East End on 3 January 1911. Ref: 305-127.

Price: £15.00

1911 (Nov) PPC [Tripoli] from LIBYA to Torino with d/r. POSTA MILITARE / TRIPOLITANIA p/m. Franked 5c TRIPOLI DI BARBERIA adhesive. [Italo-Turkish War: September 29, 1911 October 18, 1912] Ref: 303-138.

Price: £12.00
1911 PPC Real photo of Soldiers Khartoum, SUDAN. KHARTOUM p/m

1911 PPC [Real photo of Soldiers] from SUDAN to GB with s/r. KHARTOUM p/m. From 'Geo Woodhead'. Ref: 305-113.

Price: £15.00
1911 Times of India. 'GULF ARMS TRAFFIC. The Fighting at Dabai'

1911 Extract from the Times of India, Jan. 21st 1911: 'GULF ARMS TRAFFIC. The Fighting at Dabai'. Refers to MUSCAT and KOWIT. {Kuwait} Lieutenant Noakes was with the search party in the skirmish at DABAI, Persian Gulf and his conduct was favorably noted by the Admiralty. [Cyril John laugham Noakes RN] Includes a list of 6 British Casualties and 10 wounded. The Arabs lost at least 37 men. [THE DUBAI INCIDENT, 1910: A GUN BATTLE THAT DAMAGED BRITISH RELATIONS WITH THE TRUCIAL COAST] 210 x 350mm. Creased and faults. Ref: 301-139.

Price: £350.00
1911 unused real photo PPC. The Vickers Airship No. 1 Mayfly broke in two

1911 unused real photo PPC. The Vickers Airship No. 1 Mayfly broke in two. [His Majesty's Airship No. 1 was designed and built by Vickers, Sons and Maxim at their works in Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, England, as an aerial scout airship for the Royal Navy When it was moved from its shed in Cavendish Dock to conduct full trials on 24 September 1911, it broke in two] Photograph by 'J Parker, Barrow-in-Furness'. Ref: 307-077.

Price: £25.00
1912 (Dec) PPC LIBYA to Corino. POSTA MILITARE / BENGASI p/m

1912 (Dec) PPC [Bengasi] from LIBYA to Corino with d/r. POSTA MILITARE / BENGASI p/m. [Italo-Turkish War: September 29, 1911 October 18, 1912] Ref: 313-113.

Price: £7.00
1912 (May) cover GB to 'Colonel JW Dundee CRE, Peshawar, NWFP, India'

1912 (May) cover from GB to 'Colonel JW Dundee CRE, Peshawar, NWFP, India' and redirected to 'Nathia Gali'. Also s/r. PESHAWAR and NATHIA GALI receipt p/m. to rear. [Hill station in Abbottabad District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan] North West Frontier. Ref: 308-081.

Price: £15.00
1912 circa. real photo PPC 'Steamer "TITANIC" with ESSEX p/m.

c.1912 real photo PPC [Regent Series] of 'White Star Steamer "TITANIC" which sank on April 15th 1912' with s/r. ESSEX p/m. From 'Ongar'. NB: Most of adhesive removed and faults to photo. Ref: 313-139.

Price: £15.00
1912 cover + card MOROCCO to France. 'General LYAUTEY'

1912 cover and card from MOROCCO to 'Colonel Grossin', France with s/r. CASABLANCA p/m. and circ. Republic cachet. From 'General LYAUTEY'. Hubert Lyautey: Born 17 Nov. 1854 - a career soldier - served in Indochina, Madagascar and Algeria before his appointment as resident general in Morocco in 1912 to 1914. A devoted colonialist and protg of General Gallieni, Lyautey devoted all his energies in Morocco to securing French interests in the newly established protectorate, and was often required to adopt the tried and trusted colonial policy method of 'divide and rule' among the local tribesmen to maintain French dominance. Hinge removed. Ref: 309-118.

Price: £25.00
1912 cover SENEGAL to 'Commt. la 4th. Legion de Gendarmerier, Le Mans'

1912 (Aug) cover from SENEGAL to 'Colonel Grossin, Commt. la 4th. Legion de Gendarmerier, Le Mans' [France] with s/r. DAKAR p/m. Redirected with s/r. LE MANS / SARTHE p/m. and s/r. SENONCHES receipt p/m. to rear. Ref: 313-119.

Price: £20.00

1912 (Aug) PPC real photo (BATTAGLIE IN LIBYA: 28-7-12) to GB with d/r CAMOGLI p/m. ITALO-TURKISH WAR: September 29th. 1911 October 18th. 1912. Ref: 303-125.

Price: £15.00
1912 ps cover VIETNAM to 'Paul Grossin, Colonel de Gendarmerie, France

1912 ps cover from VIETNAM to 'Monsieur Paul Grossin, Colonel de Gendarmerie, 4th. Legion, France with d/r. HAIPHONG / TONKIN p/m. to rear. 5c INDO-CHINE postal stationary envelope. Also s/r. SARTHE receipt p/m. to rear. NB: Flap missing. Ref: 314-105.

Price: £20.00
1913 (Feb) PPC HMT REWA to GB with d/r. LONDON 176 p/m. 'Port Said'

1913 (Feb) PPC from HMT REWA to GB with d/r. LONDON 176 p/m. Troopship. From 'Port Said'. [In Feb. 1913 the transport Rewa entered the Suez Canal carrying the 2nd Battalion Worcestershire Regiment homeward bound from Karachi] Ref: 313-071.

Price: £9.00
1913 (Feb) PPC [Misurata] LIBYA to Tripoli. POSTA MILITARE / BU SCEIFA p/m.

1913 (Feb) PPC [Misurata] from LIBYA to Tripoli with s/r. POSTA MILITARE / BU SCEIFA p/m. [Italo-Turkish War: September 29, 1911 October 18, 1912] Ref: 311-117.

Price: £8.00
1913 (Nov) PPC PERSIAN GULF to GB. LONDON 173 p/m. 'HMS Swiftsure, East Indies'

1913 (Nov) PPC [Photo of Crew] from the PERSIAN GULF to GB with d/r. LONDON 173 p/m. From 'HMS Swiftsure, East Indies'. On 26 March 1913 to became flagship of the East Indies station until 1915. Captain Raymond A. Nugent served from 25 April, 1913 14 April, 1914. [New Cemetery, Eastern Cove, Khor Jabber, Oman. 'IN MEMORY OF CORP. P.E. SWINERD R.M.L.I. OF H.M.S. SWIFTSURE E. INDIES WHO DIED 17TH NOVEMBER 1913 AGED 29 YEARS ERECTED BY HIS SHIPMATES AS A TOKEN OF THEIR ESTEEM AND AFFECTION R.I.P.] Ref: 311-051.

Price: £85.00
1913 (Nov) real photo PPC AUSTRIA to 'Pisku' with d/r. BRUNECK p/m.

1913 (Nov) real photo PPC [Soldiers on hillside] from AUSTRIA to 'Pisku' (Czech Republic) with d/r. BRUNECK p/m. Ref: 305-022.

Price: £10.00
1913 circa PPC real photo 'Belsize truck. London to Berlin. Boys of RFC'

c.1913 unused PPC real photo endorsed in pencil 'Belsize truck. London to Berlin. Boys of RFC'. Royal Flying Corps. Ref: 304-124.

Price: £15.00