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1916 PPC with PASSED BY CENSOR / HMS "Lord Nelson" h/s.

1916 June PPC (Real photo) to GB with LONDON m/c. and PASSED BY CENSOR / HMS "Lord Nelson" h/s. mss .. "this is a picture of band playing while coaling ship". From 'FA Payne'. [Lord Nelson became flagship of the Eastern Mediterranean Squadron 1916-18] Edge nick. Ref: 302-103.

Price: £30.00
1916 PPC [Cairo] EGYPT to GB. FPO D.54 p/m. censor 2847 h/s.

1916 (Feb) PPC [Cairo] from EGYPT to GB with d/r. FPO D.54 p/m. and censor 2847 h/s. [Allocated 1/2 E. Ang. Fd. Amb] Ref: 307-117.

Price: £15.00
1916 PPC [CORFU] SALONIKA to GB. APO SX1 p/m. tri. censor 4043 h/s.

1916 PPC [CORFU] from SALONIKA to GB with d/r. APO SX1 p/m. and tri. censor 4043 h/s. From 'Billy Tillenay'. Ref: 307-040

Price: £8.00
1916 PPC [Easter Greetings - Russian] Germany to GB. Doeberitz Camp

1916 PPC [Easter Greetings - Russian] from Germany to GB with LONDON PAID m/c. and Camp censor h/s. From 'MW Manning, Royal Naval Division. Sanitat at Rohrbeck Hospitat [Hospital] Prisoner of War in Doberitz Camp. Ref: 308-151.

Price: £50.00
1916 PPC [Prince Heritier de Crece] CORFU to France. KEPPKYPA p/m.

1916 PPC [The German Emperor, King and Prince Heritier Grece at the excavation place - Corfu] from CORFU to France with d/r. KEPPKYPA p/m. Ref: 311-159.

Price: £9.00
1916 PPC [Thy sentinel am I] Western Front to GB. FPO T.18 p/m. censor 1939

1916 PPC [Thy sentinel am I] from the Western Front to GB with d/r. FPO T.18 p/m. and tri. censor 1939 h/s. Ref: 311-109.

Price: £6.00
1916 PPC [Wreck of French boat, Mombassa] KENYA to GB. BASE OFFICE B / IEF p/m.

1916 PPC [Wreck of French boat, Mombassa] from KENYA to GB with par d/r. Indian BASE OFFICE B / IEF p/m. East Africa. Ref: 311-108.

Price: £15.00
1916 ps PC BULGARIA from Residant in Occupied Territory. censored

1916 postal stationary PC from BULGARIA with s/r. NEGOTINE and PARATCHIN arrival marks. From Residant in Occupied Territory and censored in KARLOVA. Ref: 305-110.

Price: £12.00
1916 Registered Letter LONDON to local address. Redirected to SPAIN

1916 (31st. July) Registered Letter from LONDON to local address and redirected (1st Aug) to SPAIN with additional 1 1/2d. postage. Also OBC 500 label and MADRID p/m. to rear. NB: Soiled. Ref: 313-107.

Price: £25.00
1916 Registered PPC TURKEY to Germany. Turkish censor 32 h/s.

1916 Nov) Registered PPC from TURKEY to Germany with circ. PERA p/m. and boxed Turkish censor 32 h/s. Overprinted adhesives from 1914 and 1916. Also circ. WIESBADEN p/m. Ref: 301-085.

Price: £35.00
1916 Union of SA Telegraph East AFRICA. 'Zomba' to 'Secsaruca

1916 (May) Union of South Africa Telegraphs from Zomba [Nyasaland] to 'Secsaruca'. East Africa Campaign. mss .. "OC 2nd SAR'. NB: Corner missing and repaired. Ref: 302-145.

Price: £20.00
1916 unused real photo PPC 'HMS MONARCH' Battleship

1916 unused real photo PPC 'HMS MONARCH' firing guns - Battleship by 'Stephen Crabb, Southsea'. Operated in the North sea early 1916. Ref: 312-021.

Price: £9.00
1917 (10th. Jan) printed 'Feldpostbrief' cover + letter. GERMANY to 'Eastern Front'

1917 (10th. Jan) printed 'Feldpostbrief' cover and letter from GERMANY to 'Eastern Front' with d/r. HANNOVER p/m. Ref: 309-036.

Price: £10.00
1917 (14th. July) PPC SALONIKA to GB. s/r. APO SX 12 p/m. tri. censor 4044 h/s

1917 (14th. July) PPC from SALONIKA to GB with . s/r. APO SX 12 p/m. and tri. censor 4044 h/s. Located SARIGOL. NB: Heavy corner fold. Ref: 305-008.

Price: £20.00
1917 (17th. Oct) PPC German East AFRICA to GB. 'Arthur Pearson, Mtore'

1917 (17th. Oct) PPC from German East AFRICA to GB. From 'Arthur Pearson, Mtore' - British soldier at tiny outpost. mss .. "There is no post were I am now". No postmark. Ref: 305-050.

Price: £15.00
1917 (28th Nov) India Field Service PC PERSIA to GB. Indian FPO 356 p/m.

1917 (28th Nov) India Field Service PC from PERSIA to GB with d/r. Indian FPO 356 p/m. [Early recording] Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force. mss .. "no news of any move yet". Ref: 312-046.

Price: £45.00
1917 (April) PPC 'Easter Greetings' GERMANY to GB. Doberitz POW Camp.

1917 (April) PPC 'Easter Greetings' from GERMANY to GB with Camp censor h/s. and LONDON PAID m/c. From Royal West Kent Regt. Doberitz Prisoner of War Camp. Card by 'E Bell, KO Scottish Borderers'. Ref: 312-142.

Price: £30.00
1917 (Aug.) PPC MESOPOTAMIA to GB. Indian BASE OFFICE / (MEF) p/m.

1917 (Aug.) PPC [Shipping Shalt-El-Arab, Basra] from MESOPOTAMIA to GB with d/r. Indian BASE OFFICE / (MEF) p/m. Creased. Ref: 312-047.

Price: £7.00
1917 (Dec) PPC [von HINENBERG] NORWAY to Netherlands. "Militair. Bergan op Zone"

1917 (Dec) PPC [von HINENBERG] from NORWAY to Netherlands with d/r. BERGEN p/m. From "Militair. HG van Velsens Rorenmarks Kaserne, Bergan op Zone". [Military Barracks Bergen] Ref: 305-063.

Price: £20.00
1917 (Feb) PPC SALONIKA to GB. d/r. APO SX4 p/m. tri. 3102 censor h/s.

1917 (Feb) PPC from SALONIKA to GB with d/r. APO SX4 p/m. and tri. 3102 censor h/s. From 'Ernest Howell'. Ref: 305-009.

Price: £5.00