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1917 Red X cover RFHMS m/c. to '6 Light Trench Mortar, France' CENSOR

1917 (Nov) Australian Red Cross cover with RFHMS m/c. to 'Pte. Meddings, 6 Light Trench Mortar, 2nd Division, AIF, France' with d/r. AUSTRALIAN IMP. FORCE / BASE POST OFFICE p/m. and CENSOR / A7 2? h/s. Signature 'WE Chapman'. [The censor mark looks like an Aussie Transport number A72. (SS Beltana) Emery's sailiing lists do not give a good match with the arrival in London or the letter. A possibility is that a Austrlian bound transport met a UK bound ship somewhere en route and they swapped mails] Redirected to England. Ref: 311-160.

Price: £35.00
1917 Registered cover AUSTRIA to Steyr. FP 511 p/m. 3rd. Flying Company h/s.

1917 Registered cover from AUSTRIA to Steyr with d/r. KuK FP 511 p/m. and weak Luftfahrtruppen, Fliegerkompagnie Nr. 3 - 3rd. Flying Company h/s. Ref: 311-018.

Price: £10.00
1917 Registered Letter PALESTINE to Egypt. APO SZ 27 p/m. censor 755

1917 Registered Letter from PALESTINE to Egypt with s/r. APO SZ 27 p/m. and censor 7/755 h/s. Also d/r. BAPO Z and circ. MILITARY / POST OFFICE / ALEXANDRIA receipt p/m. Ref: 302-124.

Price: £30.00
1917 Registered Letter S. AFRICA to Germany. HOSTILE COUNTRIES' CENSOR h/s.

1917 Registered Letter from South AFRICA to Germany with PRISONER OF WAR h/s. and boxed HOSTILE COUNTRIES' CENSOR / SALISBURY HOUSE, LONDON h/s. Also OPENED BY CENSOR label and PASSED BY CENSOR h/s. From 'Camp I, Fort Napier, P. Maritzburg'. Ref: 302-123.

Price: £100.00
1917 uprated Registered Letter MALTA to GB with tri. censor

1917 uprated Registered Letter from MALTA to GB with tri. 4175 censor h/s. and Opened under Martial Law label. Worn and spike holes. Ref: 306-108.

Price: £30.00
1917 YMCA cover GB to Australia. SALISBURY p/m. CL1 PASSED BY CENSOR

1917 YMCA cover from GB to Australia endorsed 'AIF on Active Service' with d/r. CAMP / SALISBURY p/m. and circ. CL1 Crown PASSED BY CENSOR h/s. of Tasmania. Ref: 302-137.

Price: £20.00
1917 YMCA cover HMS "Orion" RFHMS m/c. PASSED / SHIP'S CENSOR h/s.

1917 (Oct) YMCA cover from HMS "Orion" with RFHMS m/c. and d/r. PASSED / SHIP'S CENSOR h/s. 43mm. [Dreadnought battleship consisted of routine patrols and training in the North Sea during WW1] Roughly opened. Ref: 307-100.

Price: £20.00
1917-18 'Flags' PC's with d/r. POSTA MILITARE / N. 86 p/m. and PM N. 81 p/m. to Italy

1917-18 'Flags' PC's with d/r. POSTA MILITARE / N. 86 p/m. and PM N. 81 p/m. to Italy and VERIFICATO PER CENSURA h/s. Regimento 1414 Comp. Ref: 303-044.

Price: £6.00
1917-18 'Flags' PC's with POSTA MILITARE / 45th. DIVISIONE p/m. to Italy.

1917-18 'Flags' PC's with d/r. POSTA MILITARE / 45th. DIVISIONE p/m. to Italy and s/l. VERIFICATO PER CENSURA h/s. Squadron "Fiat". Ref: 303-042.

Price: £9.00
1917-18 Certificates for Registered Post. EGYPT to 'Arabia' and 'Fiji Islands'

1917-18 Certificates for Registered Post [2 No.] from EGYPT to 'Arabia' and 'Fiji Islands' with d/r. BAPO Z p/m. Certificate of Posting of a Registered Postal Packet. Ref: 303-100.

Price: £9.00
1917-18 different 'Xmas' PPC's MESOPOTAMIA to GB. One with Indian FPO 83 p/m.

1917-18 different 'Xmas' PPC's from MESOPOTAMIA to GB and one with d/r. Indian FPO 83 p/m. [Iraq] Ref: 312-048.

Price: £25.00
1917-18 real photo PPC GERMANY to GB. 'Smn. E. Cheetham, Drake Batt., RND'

1917-18 real photo PPC from GERMANY to GB with d/r. Parchim POW h/s. From 'Smn. Ernest Cheetham T.Z/8796, Drake Batt., RND' [Royal Naval Division] Lewis Gunner. Photo of 'E. Cheetham' with copy of his Navy records - "Missing 7.2.17, BEF". Edge tear. Ref: 306-042.

Price: £25.00
1918 'Flags' PC's with d/r. POSTA MILITARE / N. 86 p/m. to Italy

1918 'Flags' PC's with d/r. POSTA MILITARE / N. 86 p/m. to Italy and s/l. VERIFICATO PER CENSURA h/s. Squadron "Fiat". Ref: 303-043.

Price: £9.00
1918 'Xmas' PPC's INDIA to GB. COLOBAR / BOMBAY p/m. COLABAR DUE h/s.

1918 (Jan) 'Xmas' PPC's from INDIA to GB with d/r. COLABAR / BOMBAY p/m. and half moon COLOBAR DUE h/s. Also Taxed 2d. ISR. From 'Colaba War Hospital, Bombay'. Cards depict 'Men of SHUSH' and 'Landing stage AHWAZ'. (Iran) Corner missing and faults. Ref: 305-034.

Price: £20.00
1918 (11th. Feb) cover PALESTINE to GB. FPO D 60 p/m. censor 2985 h/s.

1918 (11th. Feb.) cover from PALESTINE to GB with s/r. FPO D 60 p/m. and tri. censor 2985 h/s. Located: HUJ. Ref: 304-013.

Price: £30.00
1918 (26th. July) cover + letter INDIA to GB. LUCKNOW p/m. 5th. (Bengal) Cavalry

1918 (26th. July) cover and letter from INDIA to GB with d/r. LUCKNOW p/m. From 'Eric Bishop, 5th. (Bengal) Cavalry, Depot, Lucknow'. 'Crown / 5C' crest to stationary. mss .. "I have arrived up here at last". 5 pages written both sides. Ref: 314-052.

Price: £10.00
1918 (30th. March) cover EGYPT to GB. APO SZ10 p/m. s/l. SALVED LETTER h/s.

1918 (30th. March) cover from EGYPT to GB with s/r. APO SZ10 p/m. and s/l. SALVED LETTER h/s. Also GR OFFICIALLY SEALED IN THE POST OFFICE label - RLB-No. 54. On April 11th, the British liner S/S Kingstonian, on a voyage from Alexandria to Marseille with troops and equipment, was torpedoed by the German submarine UB-68, at Carloforte Roads. The captain beached her nearby. On April 29th 1918, while the Navy tug HMS Dalkeith was repairing Kingstonian, the German submarine UB-48 torpedoed and sunk both of them. Wreck cover. Ref: 306-048.

Price: £95.00
1918 (31st. Aug) Field Service PC. RFHMS p/m. "on Hospital Ship"

1918 (31st. Aug) Field Service PC to 'Scotland' with RFHMS p/m. mss .. "I am on Hospital Ship with sick on board. Will post on arrival in Blighty". From 'Lindsay Duff'. NB: Very heavy fold. Ref: 303-142.

Price: £30.00
1918 (April) 'Royal Navy' Honour envelope [S.538] d/r. LONDON p/m.

1918 (26th. April) 'Royal Navy' Honour envelope [S.538] with d/r. LONDON p/m. canc. 1d. adhesive. From 'H. Rendell'. Folded. Ref: 303-085.

Price: £15.00
1918 (Aug) cover EGYPT to GB. FPO D.5(3) p/m. censor 7/774 h/s.

1918 (Aug) cover from EGYPT to GB with poor d/r. FPO D.5(3) p/m. and censor 7/774 h/s. Redirected with BATH / WAR BONDS slogan m/c. Ref: 314-012.

Price: £9.00