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1918 covers S. AFRICA to 'Capt. W Bryars RAMC, No. 23 Indian General Hospital

1918 covers from South AFRICA to 'Capt. W Bryars RAMC, No. 23 Indian General Hospital, Mesopotamian Exped. Force' Ref: 312-059.

Price: £25.00
1918 covers to 'Capt. UB Gilbert, RAF' + 'No. 2 Wireless School, RAF Penshurst'

1918 (April - May) covers to 'Capt. UB Gilbert, RAF' and one redirected 'No. 2 Wireless School, RAF Penshurst'. [On 8 Nov. 1917, No. 2 Wireless School was formed at Penshurst. It operated a variety of aircraft, including Airco DH.6, Avro 504K, Avro 504N, Royal Aircraft Factory B.E.2c and B.E.2e, Sopwith Camel and Sopwith Snipe. Aircrew attended the school for a one-week-long course in wireless telephony procedure. "FLIGHT GLOBAL" 30th. May 1918: The following are granted temp, comms. as 2nd Lieuts : U. B. Gilbert (Lieut. R.G.A.,S.R.)] Ref: 309-053.

Price: £15.00
1918 Honour Envelope MESOPOTAMIA to India. IFPO 339 / 7TH DESP p/m.

1918 Honour Envelope from MESOPOTAMIA to India with d/r. Indian FPO 339 / 7TH DESP p/m. and d/r. PASSED CENSOR D in red. From 'Major'. Ref: 311-162.

Price: £20.00
1918 illustrated cover FRANCE to GB. APO R17 p/m. censor 1142 h/s.

1918 (Nov) illustrated cover from FRANCE to GB with d/r. APO R17 p/m. and censor 1142 h/s. NB: Flap missing, folded and edge nick. Ref: 311-139.

Price: £15.00
1918 l/s. AUSTRIA to Hungary s/r. Wilfleinsdorf p/m. Postal Money Order

1918 printed l/s. from AUSTRIA to Hungary with s/r. Wilfleinsdorf p/m. 'TERTI VEVENY - Postal Money Order and K and k Agriculture and Forestry h/s. A Kezbesito Igazolasa - Couriers Confirmation. Ref: 302-130.

Price: £9.00
1918 l/s. FRANCE to GB. APO S.104 p/m. censor 6762. '37 Casualty Clearing Station'

1918 (Nov) l/s. from FRANCE to GB with d/r. APO S.104 p/m. [HQ Independent Force, RAF] and censor 6762 h/s. Printed letter from '37 Casualty Clearing Station, BEF, France'. Ref: 310-104.

Price: £40.00
1918 OHMS 'Voter' PC Western Front to GB. FPO H.18 p/m. '22nd Motor Amb Convoy'

1918 OHMS 'Voter' PC from the Western Front to GB with d/r. FPO H.18 p/m. From 'Pte. David Treharne, 22nd Motor Amb. Convoy RAMC'. Countersigned by 'L. Holdsworth Lieut. ASC'. Ref: 312-035.

Price: £9.00
1918 Patriotic PPC "Well, What about it". BRISTOL WAR BONDS m/c

1918 Patriotic PPC "Well, What about it" [Germany] with BRISTOL WAR BONDS m/c. Patriotic Publishing. Ref: 304-133.

Price: £15.00
1918 PC 'Royal Flying Corps Hospital Fund', S AFRICA. JOHANNESBURG p/m

1918 (Sept) PC 'Royal Flying Corps Hospital Fund' from S AFRICA with d/r. JOHANNESBURG p/m. [RFC] Ref: 306-115.

Price: £15.00
1918 POW l/s. GERMANY to GB. GUSTROW p/m. Camp censor h/s. PC 24 slip inside

1918 POW l/s. from GERMANY to GB with d/r. GUSTROW p/m. and boxed Camp censor h/s. Also OPENED BY / CENSOR. P.W. 1352 label to rear. From '9th Kings Royal Rifles' with part of letter blacked out by the censor. Includes a Postal Censorship 24 slip inside. Faults. Ref: 313-086.

Price: £125.00
1918 POW PC GERMANY to Canada. 'Lieut C Guild, RAF'. Fort Orff, Ingolstadt

1918 (1st. Dec) POW PC from GERMANY to Canada with LONDON PAID m/c. [14th. Dec] From 'Lieut C [Carl] Guild, RAF'. Fort Orff, Ingolstadt. [He was shot down and captured, 15th. Sept. In a previous letter from France he stated "If I am taken prisoner by the Hun, watch for sentences in my letters from Hun land. The capital letters in each sentence put together will give some information, sometimes"] Royal Air Force. Creased. Ref: 310-116.

Price: £75.00

1918 (July) PPC "HANDS OFF" with FPO 'a' m/c. and d/r. PASSED BY CENSOR / HMS COLOSSUS h/s. [Dreadnought battleship - transferred to Rosyth in April 1918. She was present at the surrender of the German fleet on 21 November 1918.] Royal Navy. Naval. Ref: 302-147.

Price: £30.00
1918 PPC 'Easter Greetings from Doberitz' GERMANY to GB. Camp censor h/s

1918 PPC 'Easter Greetings from Doberitz' from GERMANY to GB with Camp censor h/s. From 'Pte A. Ord, 1st. Gordon Highrs'. Doberitz Prisoner of War Camp. Card by CAT RNVR. NB: Repaired and faults. Ref: 311-111.

Price: £9.00
1918 PPC 'With The British Forces MACEDONIA' Royal Engineers

1918 unused PPC 'With The British Forces MACEDONIA' with Royal Engineers crest. From 'Arthur Ledby. 25.VIII.18'. Ref: 307-120.

Price: £15.00
1918 PPC (Coldstream Guards) Hutton Henry Camp to 'Isle of Man'

1918 PPC [Coldstream Guards] with s/r. CASTLE EDEN p/m. from 'Private JA Mitchell, 46th Company, Hutton Henry Camp, Wingate, County Durham' to Isle of Man. IOM soldier. PPC by 'Violet Roberts'. Ref: 308-140.

Price: £10.00
1918 PPC (Royal Artillery) 'Preston Aux Hospital, ANGMERING, Sussex'

1918 PPC (Royal Artillery) with s/r. Angmering Station p/m. From 'Preston Aux. Hospital, Nr. Wothing, ANGMERING, Sussex'. Ref: 312-110.

Price: £15.00
1918 PPC CORFU to GB. APO SX 14 p/m. censor 7/179 h/s. - Convalescent Camp

1918 (18th. May) PPC from CORFU to GB with d/r. APO SX 14 p/m. and censor 7/179 h/s. - Convalescent Camp. Ref: 307-098.

Price: £60.00
1918 PPC GB to 'RN Anderson ERA, Devonport' redirected to 'HMS Essex'

1918 (Aug) comic PPC from GB to 'RN Anderson ERA, RN Camp, Devonport' [ERA: Engine Room Artificer] and redirected to 'HMS Essex' with MIDDLESBOROUGH / WAR BONDS m/c. Ref: 302-117.

Price: £9.00

1918 (Sept) PPC [The Camp] from GB to Canada with part d/r. FARNHAM p/m. and oval CANADIAN SEGREGATION CAMP h/s. From 'Frensham Pond Camp'. [Segregation Camps were established in England where troops arriving from Canada were assembled for a period of quarantine, [28 days] instead of being sent direct to their Regimental depots. Their training was continued, and they were not a menace to the trained troops by reason of infectious diseases imported from civil life] Ref: 312-080.

Price: £20.00
1918 PPC GERMANY 'Feldpost' Kaiseritche Marine p/m. Wilhelmshaven

1918 PPC from GERMANY endorsed 'Feldpost' with circ. Kaiseritche Marine / Briefstempel p/m. From German Imperial Navy, Wilhelmshaven - Technical Officers Candidates' School. Folded. Ref: 302-110.

Price: £9.00