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1914-18 PPC [Grimsby and Louth] with oval ALIENS DETENTION CAMP / CENSORED / KNOCKALOE IOM h/s. Sent under cover of letter. NB: Tear. Ref: 307-039.

Price: £18.00
1915 cover EGYPT to GB. Indian BASE OFFICE G p/m. censored

1915 cover from EGYPT to GB with d/r. Indian BASE OFFICE G p/m. and circ. PASSED BY CENSOR / INDIAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE 113 cachet in blue. Ref: 306-125.

Price: £18.00
1916 'Pass' NEWHAVEN Military Area. 62nd P. Coy., Royal Defence Corps

1916 (Sept) 'Pass' NEWHAVEN Military Area with oval Det. 62nd Protection Coy., Royal Defence Corps h/s. The role of the regiment was to provide troops for security and guard duties inside the UK; guarding important locations such as ports or bridges. Newhaven was designated a 'Special Military Area' under the 'Defence of the Realm Regulations', and the Harbour station was closed to the public. East Sussex, Channel coast. Folded. Ref: 308-127.

Price: £18.00
1916 PPC GREECE to 'Stallingboro' Battery, Nr. Grimsby'. APO SX8 p/m.

1916 PPC (Salonique) from GREECE to GB and redirected to 'Lieut. Alexander, 1/1/ East Riding RE, Stallingboro' Battery, Nr. Grimsby' with s/r. APO SX8 p/m. and vey weak tri. 390 censor h/s. mss .. "Any more Zepp news? .. We've lost 2 T.B.D". [Torpedo - Boat - Destroyer] Stallingborough Battery was built as part of the Humber estuary's coastal defence system. In February 1916 the coastal battery was equipped with two 6-inch breech-loading Mk. VII guns. Ref: 308-156.

Price: £18.00
1917 cover CANADA to 'Hon C Hope-Manley, Gren. Gds' redirected to 'BEF'

1917 (Oct) cover [Government House, Ottawa] from CANADA to 'Hon C Hope-Manley, Gren. Gds, Pall Mall, London' and redirected to 'Guards Division Employment Company, BEF'. 3 cent Confederation adhesive issued 15.9.1917. Folded. Ref: 311-127.

Price: £18.00
1917 PPC 'HMS Marlborough' to GB. 8 bar dumb p/m. PASSED / BY CENSOR h/s.

1917 (30th. Aug) PPC [Comic] 'HMS Marlborough' to GB with s/r. 8 bar dumb p/m. and PASSED / BY CENSOR h/s. Fred Spurgin - All dressed up and no place to go'. [Iron Duke-class battleship. Toward the end of 1917, the Germans began using destroyers and light cruisers to raid the British convoys to Norway; this forced the British to deploy capital ships to protect the convoys] Ref: 301-030.

Price: £18.00
1918 comic PPC [Right 2898] BELGIUM to GB. APO S.48 p/m. censor 2673 h/s.

1918 comic PPC [Right 2898: Sorry, I Have a Tail. Oh Ma Mere! Quelle Catastrophe!] from BELGIUM to GB with d/r. APO S.48 p/m. and censor 2673 h/s. Ref: 314-071.

Price: £18.00
1918 YMCA cover + letter USA to Sweden. Opened by Censor 4598 label

1918 YMCA cover and letter from USA to Sweden with Opened by Censor 4598 label. Volunteer? Ref: 311-152.

Price: £18.00
1914 (Nov) PPC 'German Eagles Going Cheap' LEWISHAM m/c.

1914 (11th. Nov) PPC 'German Eagles Going Cheap' with LEWISHAM m/c. [WW1 PROPAGANDA ANTI-GERMAN: Deriding the German Eagle - national symbol.] Ref: 301-109.

Price: £20.00
1915 cover EGYPT to 'Pte. PC Timms, 1st. Bn. Royal Berkshire Regt., France'

1915 (Sept) cover from EGYPT to 'Pte. PC Timms, "D" Company, 1st. Bn. Royal Berkshire Regt., 6th. Infantry Brigade, 2nd. Division, BEF, France' with MARSEILLE m/c. to rear. [Private TIMMS, P C. Service Number 7963. Died 25 Jan. 1917, SOMME, France. Aged 32. 1st Bn. Royal Berkshire Regiment] Ref: 307-019.

Price: £20.00
1915 OHMS cover GALLIPOLI to 'Commdr. T.H. Roberts Wray, RNVR, RND Depot'

1915 (Dec) OHMS cover from GALLIPOLI to 'Commdr. T.H. Roberts Wray, RNVR, RND Depot, Crystal Palace, Sydenham' with d/r. FPO p/m. and censor 2/2564 h/s. - allocated to 2 NAVAL BDE. HQ. 2 NL Bde. According to Jerrold (THE ROYAL NAVAL DIVISION pub. 1927) the RND were withdrawn from Gallipoli on 8th Jan. 1916.
[ROYAL NAVY MEDALS - HONOURS & GALLANTRY AWARDS. Officer of the said Most Excellent Order: Commander Thomas Henry Roberts-Wray, R.N.V.R. Executive Officer, R.N. Depot, Crystal Palace] Folded. Ref: 313-155.

Price: £20.00
1915 real photo PPC [Military Car] EGYPT to GB. Alexandria p/m. censor 2293

1915 real photo PPC [Military Car] from EGYPT to GB with circ. Alexandria p/m. (Civil post) and censor 2293 h/s. [GB adhesives: 1d. RATE] Ref: 314-114.

Price: £20.00
1915 Tobacco PC FRANCE to 'Denmark'. FPO T.X p/m. censor 2445

1915 (Nov) illustrated Tobacco Fund PC from FRANCE to 'Denmark' with d/r. FPO T.X p/m. and tri. censor 2445 h/s. From 'J Oxberry, C Squadron, 2nd. CMR, 1st. CMR Brigade, CEF, France'. [Canadian Mounted Rifles, Canadian Expeditionary Force] Hinge remains to rear and folded. Ref: 309-127.

Price: £20.00
1915 unused real photo PPC 'German Aeroplane captured by RFC'

1915 unused real photo PPC 'German Aeroplane brought down by our men - RFC -captured Oct 11th 1915'. Royal Flying Corps. Ref: 304-134.

Price: £20.00
1915-18 Field Service PC's + covers W. Front to India. 'Pte. E. Zorab, 16 Platoon'

1915-18 Field Service PC's and covers from the Western Front to India with d/r. FPO 25, AT1, G and APO S64 p/m's. From 'Pte. E. Zorab, 16 Platoon, D Company, 13 London Regt., Ex Force'. Also s/r. BALLYEUESE / CALCUTTA receipt p/m. Ref: 307-004.

Price: £20.00
1916 (Jan) cover PENANG to 'Madras'. s/r. PASSED BY CENSOR / No. 11 h/s.

1916 (Jan) cover from PENANG to 'Madras' with s/r. PASSED BY CENSOR / No. 11 h/s. and small s/r. '6' h/s. Baker MH8. NB: Opening edge trimmed. Ref: 305-010.

Price: £20.00
1916 (Oct.) PPC [ss "DJEMNAH"] SALONICA to France. Tresor et Postes 198 p/m.

1916 (Oct.) PPC [ss "DJEMNAH"] from SALONICA to France with d/r. Tresor et Postes 198 p/m. Probably just sailed from "MUDROS" - mentioned in message. From 'Secteur Postal 409, CEO'. [ss Djemnah sunk 14.7.18] Ref: 309-016.

Price: £20.00
1916 cover GIBRALTAR to GB. OPENED BY CENSOR 1769 label.

1916 cover from GIBRALTAR to GB with weak d/r. GIBRALTAR p/m. and OPENED BY CENSOR 1769 label - torn. Ref: 304-120.

Price: £20.00
1916 cover to 'RA Harris, Sussex Yeomanry' RETURNED TO ENGLAND h/s.

1916 (May) cover to 'Trooper RA Harris, 1 Sussex Yeomanry, Headquarters, Expeditionary Force' with boxed ADDRESSEE RETURNED TO ENGLAND / BASE MEF h/s. Also d/r. BAPO Z p/m. [EGYPT] and redirected to 'NASRIEH HOSPITAL'. [1st Sussex Yeomanry: by 8 Jan. 1916 the Regiment was evacuated from GALLIPOLI and moved to Mudros, and after a short stay the unit embarked for Egypt in Feb. 1916] NB: Opens out and corner missing. Ref: 307-130.

Price: £20.00
1916 PPC BERMUDA to GB. 'R.M. Barracks, Bermuda, West Indies' censored

1916 PPC from BERMUDA to GB with poor circ. IRELAND ISLAND p/m. and s/r. P.C. BERMUDA censor h/s. From 'R.M. Barracks, Bermuda, West Indies'. Royal Marines. Ref: 311-037.

Price: £20.00