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1918 real photo PPC GB to Germany. oval P/W No. 2344, CATTERICK, YORKS h/s.

1918 real photo of German soldier PPC from GB to Germany with oval P/W No. 2344, CATTERICK, YORKS h/s. Prisoner of War. Ref: 307-033.

Price: £35.00
1918 real photo PPC PALESTINE to GB. APO SZ 49 p/m. censor 7/1182 h/s.

1918 (Aug) real photo PPC [General Sir Edmund Allenby] from PALESTINE to GB with s/r. APO SZ 49 p/m. and censor 7/1182 h/s. mss .. "I hope you will like the Photo of our favorite out here, the Cmd. in Chief". Ref: 303-076.

Price: £35.00
1914 (17th. Sept) PPC GIBRALTAR to GB. 'OHMS' Excellent content

1914 (17th. Sept) PPC from GIBRALTAR to GB endorsed 'OHMS' with d/r. GIBRALTAR p/m. and LONDON PAID receipt p/m. Excellent content - mss.. "the Middlesex which were on the same boat have got off here. There are 100's of boats here, many of which are German captures you can see .. ??.. Have seen 6 submarines in the dock". The value of the naval base at Gibraltar was soon apparent when WW1 broke out in Aug. 1914. Only a few minutes after the declaration of war went into effect at midnight on 3/4 Aug., a German liner was captured by a torpedo boat from Gibraltar, followed by three more enemy ships the following day. HMS Corwall captured the German merchantman "Syra" on 6 Aug. 1914 - Course as requisite for Gibraltar. [Detained or captured German ships at Gibraltar Sept 1914: Adolf. Emir. Georg. Riga. Schneefels. Syra. Daska (Austrian)] 1/7th Battalion and 1/8th Battalion arrived 17.9.14 in Gibraltar. Ref: 308-110.

Price: £40.00
1915 PPC USA to 'Tasmania', Australia. SAN FRANCISCO 'Exhibition' slogan m/c.

1915 PPC from USA to 'Tasmania', Australia with SAN FRANCISCO 'Exhibition' slogan m/c. and s/r. CL / PASSED BY CENSOR h/s. [Unnumbered type from Launceston] Ref: 309-035.

Price: £40.00
1916 PPC CEYLON to Australia. HM Transport A9 - ss Shropshire

1916 (April) PPC from CEYLON to Australia with s/r. AUSTRALIAN IMP FORCES / BPO p/m. and s/l. PASSED BY CENSOR h/s. Also 'Convoy 19' in pencil. From HM Transport A9 - ss Shropshire. Ref: 306-113.

Price: £40.00
1917 cover GB to 'Cpl. PT Turner, Australian I Force, France' with "Killed" in mss.

1917 (June) cover from GB to 'Cpl. PT Turner 2048, 48th. Batt., Australian I Force, France' with "Killed" in mss. Also boxed ABPO / DECEASED h/s. and d/r. AUSTN. IMP. FORCE / POST OFFICE p/m. to rear. [TURNER, PERCY THOMAS. Rank: Corporal. Service No: 2048. Date of Death: 12/06/1917. Regiment/Service:
Australian Infantry, A.I.F. 48th Bn. Memorial: YPRES (MENIN GATE)] Ref: 306-077.

Price: £40.00
1917 cover initialed 'G.W.R' [King George V] to 'Mrs George Rendel, London'

1917 (Nov) cover hand addressed and initialed 'G.W.R' [King George V] to 'Mrs George Rendel, London'. Initialed 'GWR' in the period shortly after change of name to Windsor. Embossed Royal crest to flap. King George V (reigned 1910-1935). Ref: 306-085.

Price: £40.00
1918 cover MESOPOTAMIA to India. BASE POST OFFICE / MEF p/m.

1918 (Dec) cover from MESOPOTAMIA to India with d/r. BASE POST OFFICE / 4TH DESP / MEF p/m. and d/r. PASSED / D /CENSOR h/s. From 'CR Watkins, Chief Collector of Customs, MEF'. Ref: 310-155.

Price: £40.00
1918 l/s. FRANCE to GB. APO S.104 p/m. censor 6762. '37 Casualty Clearing Station'

1918 (Nov) l/s. from FRANCE to GB with d/r. APO S.104 p/m. [HQ Independent Force, RAF] and censor 6762 h/s. Printed letter from '37 Casualty Clearing Station, BEF, France'. Ref: 310-104.

Price: £40.00
1914 POW cover GB to France. POST FREE 'Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth'

1914 (Dec) POW cover from GB to 'Lieutenant Colonel Francois Bellanger', France with s/r. LONDON OFFICIAL PAID p/m. and part circ. POST FREE h/s. Also s/r. P.C h/s. From 'Royal Naval Hospital, Plymouth'. Ref: 306-080.

Price: £45.00
1914-18 cover TURKEY to Germany. Turkish member of I Seebataillon

1914-18 cover from TURKEY to Germany with boxed censor h/s. and circ. red paper seal to rear. From Turkish member of German I Seebataillon in Kiel. [German Navy] A small number of Turkish Officers were trained in Germany during WW1. Ref: 313-147.

Price: £45.00
1915 (Aug) 'Flags' PC GALLIPOLI to Egypt. TRESOR et POSTES 194 p/m.

1915 (17th. Aug) 'Flags' PC from GALLIPOLI to Egypt with d/r. TRESOR et POSTES 194 p/m. and s/r. CAIRO receipt p/m. (27th. Aug) From '1st. Brigade, 1st. Division, 17 js de Ligne, CEO'. [CEO at the Dardanelles from 22nd. Feb. to 4th. Oct. 1915. Postal Sector 194: Gallipoli (Dardanelles) from April 16th. to Oct. 2nd., 1915] Ref: 304-048.

Price: £45.00
1915 PPC (H.I.M Battle-Cruier "HARUNA") JAPAN to Bangkok

1915 (Dec) PPC (H.I.M Battle-Cruier "HARUNA") from JAPAN to 'SS Kumakata Maru, c/o Imp. Japanese Legation, Bangkok' with circ. SINGAPORE transit p/m. and d/r. BANGKOK receipt p/m. [Haruna: On 13 December 1915, after eight months of trials, she was assigned to the Third Battleship Division of the Second Fleet] Small nick to adhesive. Ref: 306-119.

Price: £45.00

1915 PPC from GREECE to GB with RFHMS and unframed PASSED BY CENSOR / HMS CORNWALLIS h/s. [In Jan. 1915, Cornwallis was ordered to the DARDANELLES and left 20 Dec. 1915] Ref: 306-079.

Price: £45.00
1915 real photo PPC [GRAHAME WHITE] Engish pioneer of aviation. LONDON m/c.

1915 real photo PPC [GRAHAME WHITE] with LONDON m/c. mss .. "Just been to Hendon to see the Flying". Claude Grahame-White (21 Aug. 1879 – 19 Aug. 1959) was an English pioneer of aviation, At the outbreak of WW1 he was commissioned in the Royal Naval Air Service, [RNAS] but in August 1915 he was recalled to superintend the construction of government planes. Postcard in the 'Flying at Hendon' series published by the Topical Postcard Co of Winton, Hampshire. It shows Claude Grahame-White seated in the cockpit of what is possibly a Morane-Saulnier monoplane at Hendon aerodrome. Ref: 303-017.

Price: £45.00
1916 (Dec) Field Service PC DARDENELLES to 'Lieut, C Casar Torreggiani, Malta'

1916 (Dec) Field Service PC from the DARDENELLES to 'Lieut, C Casar Torreggiani, KOMRM, Malta' with weak d/r. APO SZ3 p/m. From (Capt.) AJ Gatt of the Royal Malta Artillery (RMA). Both Maltese Contingent. [KOMR: King's Own Malta Regiment] Ref: 306-037.

Price: £45.00
1917 (28th Nov) India Field Service PC PERSIA to GB. Indian FPO 356 p/m.

1917 (28th Nov) India Field Service PC from PERSIA to GB with d/r. Indian FPO 356 p/m. [Early recording] Mesopotamian Expeditionary Force. mss .. "no news of any move yet". Ref: 312-046.

Price: £45.00
1917 circa. cover "Transport A9. SS Shropshire" to Australia. Passed h/s.

c.1917 cover from "Transport A9. SS Shropshire" to Australia endorsed 'On Active Service' with Passed h/s. - civil mark used at Melbourne. NB: Flap repaired. Ref: 305-132.

Price: £45.00
1917 PPC MESOPOTAMIA to GB. Indian FPO 329 p/m. CENSORED D h/s

1917 [Nov] PPC (Durban) from MESOPOTAMIA to GB with d/r. Indian FPO 329 p/m. [Located: Basra-Magil] and circ. CENSORED / D h/s. over. mss .. "we landed in Mespot .. on 19th Oct". [modern-day Iraq] Ref: 309-146.

Price: £45.00
1917 PPC TANGANYIKA to GB. Indian FPO 343 p/m. boxed DARESSALAM censor

1917 (April) PPC from TANGANYIKA to GB with d/r. Indian FPO 343 p/m. and boxed PASSED BY / POSTAL CENSOR / DARESSALAM h/s. [Type 23. Hoffman] German East Africa. DAR ES SALAM. Ref: 313-028.

Price: £45.00