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1916 (Feb) PPC [Egypt] ADEN to GB. Indian BASE OFFICE A p/m.

1916 (20th. Feb) PPC [Egypt] from ADEN to GB with d/r. Indian BASE OFFICE A p/m. From 'W Compten'. Ref: 312-141.

Price: £35.00
1916 (June) cover EGYPT to 'Capt. Gatt, 11 DAC, 11 Div, EEF'. 1ST LH BDE p/m.

1916 (June) cover from EGYPT to 'Capt. Gatt, 11 DAC, [Divisional Ammunition Column] 11 Div, EEF' with circ. 1ST L.H. BDE / DETAILS FPO p/m. [1st. Light Horse Brigade] and tri. censor 3147 h/s. [ANZAC HQ. and B. DETS HQ] Capt. Gatt - Maltese Contingent. Ref: 307-050.

Price: £35.00
1916 cover FRANCE to 'Lady Victoria Hicks Beach, EGYPT'. APO 2 m/c.

1916 (March) cover from FRANCE to 'Lady Victoria Hicks Beach, Nurses Empire Club, Cairo, EGYPT' with APO 2 m/c. and censor 1541 h/s. Also circ. CAIRO receipt p/m. to rear. [On 23 April 1916, Michael Hugh Hicks-Beach was seriously wounded, and according to one account, was rescued by Corporal William Castle, who ‘under heavy Turkish fire placed [him] across his horse and galloped six miles to safety’. However, he died of his wounds and was buried alongside his wife, Marjorie. She had gone out to Egypt in late 1915 to visit her husband, accompanied by his sister, 'Lady Victoria Hicks-Beach'. With German U-boats targeting passenger vessels in the Mediterranean, Marjorie and Victoria were forced to stay longer than planned in Cairo. Victoria helped in running the British Empire Nurses’ Club and remained in Cairo until she was able to secure transport home in mid-May 1916] Hinge remains. Ref: 310-112.

Price: £35.00
1916 Registered PPC TURKEY to Germany. Turkish censor 32 h/s.

1916 Nov) Registered PPC from TURKEY to Germany with circ. PERA p/m. and boxed Turkish censor 32 h/s. Overprinted adhesives from 1914 and 1916. Also circ. WIESBADEN p/m. Ref: 301-085.

Price: £35.00
1917 (April 14th.) EXTEL teleprint of 'General News' and War news

1917 (April 14th.) EXTEL teleprint of 'General News' and War news. [Extel: Exchange Telegraph company] 12.4 King to become Colonel in Chief of RFC. 12.6.French Official. 12.35 German sailors to work. 1.7 American Agricultural production. 1.15 Russian Congrats to America. 2.26 Fire at Silvertown. 6.19 Vatican's Yellow Book on War. Americas Military Power. 6.36. Argentine vessel sank: Monteprotegida. [Monte Protedigo: 4th April 1917: The barquentine was sunk in the Atlantic Ocean off the Isles of Scily by SM UC-30 ]

Extel was founded in 1872, laying of the first telegraphic cable on the Atlantic seabed, to electronically connect London and New York, to transmit business intelligence. This was extended in 1913 to include the collecting and distributing of news worldwide. During World War I, Britain's telegraph communications were almost completely uninterrupted. Ref: 316-126.

Price: £35.00
1917 (March) cover from FRANCE to Canada with poor APO 3 m/c. and censor 2556 h/s.

1917 (March) cover from FRANCE to Canada with poor APO 3 m/c. and censor 2556 h/s. Also HALIFAX m/c. on 2 cent WAR TAX adhesive. [To read 1T˘, meaning that the stamp carried both its face value and the added tax of 1 cent] and tied OPENED BY CENSOR. '6115' label to rear. Printed 'No. 3 CANADIAN GENERAL HOSPITAL (McGill)' in red to flap. [From 1916-1919, the hospital was located in Boulogne, France] Ref: 307-096.

Price: £35.00
1917 (March) PPC EGYPT to GB. FPO 3DY p/m. 3rd. Dismounted Brigade, WFF

1917 (14th. March) PPC [Malta] from EGYPT to GB with s/r. FPO 3DY p/m. and tri. PASSED BY CENSOR No. 3401. 3rd Dismounted Brigade, Western Frontier Force. [FIELD POST OFFICE] Ref: 312-092.

Price: £35.00
1917 cover GB to 'Private CF Powell' redirected to '1/4th. Essex Regt, EGYPT'

1917 (15th. June) cover from GB to 'Private CF Powell' and redirected to '1/4th. Essex Regt, Cairo, EGYPT' with BASE OFFICE ARMY PO Z / RLO receipt p/m. to rear. (6th. July) Ref: 304-015.

Price: £35.00
1917 cover INDIA to USA. PESHAWAR p/m. censored 'The Kings' crest

1917 cover from INDIA to USA with d/r. PESHAWAR p/m. and d/r. PASSED CENSOR 14 h/s. Also Postage Due p/m. and 'The Kings' [Liverpool Regt] crest to flap. NWF - North West Frontier. Ref: 298-118.

Price: £35.00
1917 cover SWITZERLAND. COLONEL RIVETT-CARNAC late Aide-de Camp to the King h/s.

1917 cover from SWITZERLAND to GB with OPENED BY CENSOR 4271 label and "for Censor" COLONEL RIVETT-CARNAC late Aide-de Camp to the King h/s. Ref: 304-128.

Price: £35.00
1917 OHMS cover PALESTINE to Egypt. oval INTELIGENCE (MAPS) SECTION h/s.

1917 (Aug) OHMS cover from PALESTINE to 'Survey of Egypt, Cairo' with s/r. FPO GM1 p/m. and oval GENERAL STAFF / INTELIGENCE (MAPS) SECTION h/s. Ref: 306-082.

Price: £35.00
1917 printed 'Graphic' The Active Service PC FRANCE to New Zealand. APO S.W.Z p/m

1917 (Oct) printed 'Graphic' The Active Service PC from FRANCE to New Zealand with d/r. APO S.W.Z p/m. and censor h/s. From 'Len Gill'. Ref: 309-067.

Price: £35.00
1917 Red X cover RFHMS m/c. to '6 Light Trench Mortar, France' CENSOR

1917 (Nov) Australian Red Cross cover with RFHMS m/c. to 'Pte. Meddings, 6 Light Trench Mortar, 2nd Division, AIF, France' with d/r. AUSTRALIAN IMP. FORCE / BASE POST OFFICE p/m. and CENSOR / A7 2? h/s. Signature 'WE Chapman'. [The censor mark looks like an Aussie Transport number A72. (SS Beltana) Emery's sailiing lists do not give a good match with the arrival in London or the letter. A possibility is that a Austrlian bound transport met a UK bound ship somewhere en route and they swapped mails] Redirected to England. Ref: 311-160.

Price: £35.00
1918 (Jan.) cover IRELAND to 'Capt. W Bryars RAMC, Medical Concentration Camp, Makina,

1918 (Jan.) cover from IRELAND to 'Capt. W Bryars RAMC (SR), Medical Concentration Camp, British Section, Makina, Mesopotamian Exped. Force' and redirected to 23 IGH, Amara' with d/r. Indian FPO 32, 58 p/m's. and d/r. ADVANCE BASE / MEF p/m. to rear. Ref: 316-005.

Price: £35.00
1918 cover PALESTINE to India. ARMY SIGNALS and FPO HM p/m's

1918 (Dec) cover from PALESTINE to India with d/r. ARMY SIGNALS and FPO HM p/m's. Also 7/1274 censor h/s. and d/r. BAREILLY receipt p/m. [24 Jan 1919] Ref: 311-140.

Price: £35.00
1918 cover S. AFRICA to 'Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force'. DHANUSHKODI p/m.

1918 (4th. Feb) cover from South AFRICA to 'Mesopotamia Expeditionary Force' with Illovo p/m. and d/r. DHANUSHKODI-F transit p/m. to rear. (1st. March) Unusual routing. [Dhanushkodi is an abandoned town at the SE tip of Pamban Island, India and is about 15 miles west of Sri Lanka. (Ceylon)] Ref: 315-067.

Price: £35.00
1918 OHMS PC FRANCE to 'Major RFG Bromhead, 2 Lincoln Regt, BEF' APO S.38 p/m

1918 OHMS PC from FRANCE to 'Major RFG Bromhead, 2 Lincoln Regt, No. 6 Rest Camp, BEF' with d/r. APO S.38 p/m. Printed from 'The Command Paymaster, Base …. credit to your account'. Imprint: W794-6851 100,000 4/16 HWV (P351) / 8256-R389 10/16. Ref: 316-051.

Price: £35.00
1918 PPC to 'Driver SA Roberts, W. Sound Ranging Section, BEF'

1918 patriotic PPC [now serving his King & Country] from GB to 'Driver SA Roberts, W. Sound Ranging Section, BEF, France' redirected to 'c/o Major Hemming, Canadian Corps. HH' with 'CCSS' in mss. [Canadian Corps Survey Section] Sound Ranging: method of determining the coordinates of a hostile artillery battery using data derived from the sound of its guns firing. Ref: 317-135.

Price: £35.00
1918 real photo PPC GB to Germany. oval P/W No. 2344, CATTERICK, YORKS h/s.

1918 real photo of German soldier PPC from GB to Germany with oval P/W No. 2344, CATTERICK, YORKS h/s. Prisoner of War. Ref: 307-033.

Price: £35.00
1914 (17th. Sept) PPC GIBRALTAR to GB. 'OHMS' Excellent content

1914 (17th. Sept) PPC from GIBRALTAR to GB endorsed 'OHMS' with d/r. GIBRALTAR p/m. and LONDON PAID receipt p/m. Excellent content - mss.. "the Middlesex which were on the same boat have got off here. There are 100's of boats here, many of which are German captures you can see .. ??.. Have seen 6 submarines in the dock". The value of the naval base at Gibraltar was soon apparent when WW1 broke out in Aug. 1914. Only a few minutes after the declaration of war went into effect at midnight on 3/4 Aug., a German liner was captured by a torpedo boat from Gibraltar, followed by three more enemy ships the following day. HMS Corwall captured the German merchantman "Syra" on 6 Aug. 1914 - Course as requisite for Gibraltar. [Detained or captured German ships at Gibraltar Sept 1914: Adolf. Emir. Georg. Riga. Schneefels. Syra. Daska (Austrian)] 1/7th Battalion and 1/8th Battalion arrived 17.9.14 in Gibraltar. Ref: 308-110.

Price: £40.00