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1915 cover SW AFRICA to GB. ARMY BASE PO 6 p/m. PASSED BY CENSOR h/s.

1915 (Jan) cover from SW AFRICA to GB with d/r. ARMY BASE PO 6 / SOUTH AFRICA p/m. [Walvis Bay] and bilingual boxed PASSED BY CENSOR / BASE 6 h/s. Also deleted Tax mark and s/r. LONDON PAID p/m. Ref: 313-030.

Price: £75.00
1915 PC MALTA to Austria. oval FREE FROM PRISONER OF WAR - MALTA h/s.

1915 (28th. March) PC from MALTA to Austria with oval FREE FROM PRISONER OF WAR - MALTA / PC h/s. From 'Louis Witte, Verdala Barracks, Island of Malta'. Ref: 308-043.

Price: £75.00
1916 'Feldpostbrief' cover BULGARIA to Switzerland. German Military Mission

1916 'Feldpostbrief' cover from BULGARIA to Switzerland with d/r. Feldpoststation Nr. 176 p/m. and circ. DEUTSCH SANITATSEXPEDITION F. BULGARIEN / ABT. SKOPIE. From Hospital at 'USKUB'. German Military Mission. Ref: 310-146.

Price: £75.00

1916 illustrated PPC from the ISLE of MAN to 'Somerset' with oval ALIEN'S DETENTION CAMP / CENSORED / KNOCKALOE, IOM h/s. From 'John Dechart, Peel, IOM'. Folded. Ref: 310-115.

Price: £75.00
1918 POW PC GERMANY to Canada. 'Lieut C Guild, RAF'. Fort Orff, Ingolstadt

1918 (1st. Dec) POW PC from GERMANY to Canada with LONDON PAID m/c. [14th. Dec] From 'Lieut C [Carl] Guild, RAF'. Fort Orff, Ingolstadt. [He was shot down and captured, 15th. Sept. In a previous letter from France he stated "If I am taken prisoner by the Hun, watch for sentences in my letters from Hun land. The capital letters in each sentence put together will give some information, sometimes"] Royal Air Force. Creased. Ref: 310-116.

Price: £75.00
1916 (22nd. June) PPC GREECE to GB. boxed CENSORED 'British Naval Blockade'

1916 (22nd. June) PPC [Volo] from GREECE to GB with 8 bar dumb p/m. and boxed CENSORED h/s. [possibly Gould 5A 12] 'British Naval Blockade of Greece'. - 6th. June 1916: "Pacific blockade" of Greece by Entente Powers begins. 22nd June 1916: "Pacific blockade" of Greece suspended. Ref: 312-053.

Price: £85.00
1916 (Feb) Telegraph East AFRICA 'UNION DEFENCE FORCES'

1916 (Feb) East AFRICA Telegraph from 'QM, 2nd SAR, Vua' to 'Mr Hopkins, Transport Office, Vua' [Lake Nyassa] regarding "forward by next available boat" to 'Fort Hill' and 'Karonga' with 2nd SOUTH AFRICAN RIFLES h/s. East Africa Campaign. Ref: 319-119.

Price: £85.00
1917 (March) cover from the Western Front to Bermuda with d/r. FPO H.8 p/m.

1917 (March) cover from the Western Front to Bermuda with d/r. FPO H.8 p/m. and censor 443? h/s. Also s/r. P. C. / Bermuda h/s. and HAMILTON receipt m/c. to rear. From 'LAC Bluck'. Bermuda Contingent. Ref: 314-077.

Price: £85.00
1918 (Oct) PPC EGYPT to GB. APO SZ 10 p/m. censored. 'Lt. O.V. Lec, RAF'

1918 (7th. Oct) PPC from EGYPT to GB with s/r. APO SZ 10 p/m. and censor 7/1266 h/s. From 'Lt. O.V. Lec, RAF, Cairo' Royal Air Force. mss .. "I shall probably be going to Palestine shortly". Ref: 308-049.

Price: £85.00
1918 (30th. March) cover EGYPT to GB. APO SZ10 p/m. s/l. SALVED LETTER h/s.

1918 (30th. March) cover from EGYPT to GB with s/r. APO SZ10 p/m. and s/l. SALVED LETTER h/s. Also GR OFFICIALLY SEALED IN THE POST OFFICE label - RLB-No. 54. On April 11th, the British liner S/S Kingstonian, on a voyage from Alexandria to Marseille with troops and equipment, was torpedoed by the German submarine UB-68, at Carloforte Roads. The captain beached her nearby. On April 29th 1918, while the Navy tug HMS Dalkeith was repairing Kingstonian, the German submarine UB-48 torpedoed and sunk both of them. Wreck cover. Ref: 306-048.

Price: £95.00
1914 (29th. Aug.) cover GB to USA. German POW at Dorchester Camp

1914 (29th. Aug.) cover from GB to USA with LONDON p/m. and boxed PC / MO5 (H) h/s. [MO5: Military Intelligence. Section H: Postal Censorship] From 'Fredrick Manttels, POW Camp, Dorchester. Very early POW Mail. NB: Tear. Ref: 308-052.

Price: £100.00
1914 (Nov) PPC (Aden) HMAT Orvieto to Australia. PASSED h/s.

1914 (28th. Nov) PPC (Aden - ss Salsette) from HMAT Orvieto to Australia with MELBORNE m/c. and PASSED h/s. HMAT Transport A3 to Egypt and then Gallipoli. From 'HSD' to Dad 'Dickinson'. Herbert Spencer Dickinson enlisted with the 5th Infantry Battalion and was allocated the rank of private. Departed Melbourne aboard HMAT Orvieto on 21 Oct. 1914. After serving with his unit at Gallipoli, he was transferred in Feb. 1916 to the 57th Infantry Battalion and sent to the Western Front in France. Dickinson was quickly promoted through the ranks, gaining his first promotion to Lance corporal in Sept. 1914 and becoming a captain by May 1916. Whilst serving with the 57th Infantry Battalion he was mentioned in the despatches of General Douglas Haig on 9 April 1917. Dickinson was killed in action at Polygon Wood in Belgium on 25 September 1917. He was 25 years old. Herbert Dickinson is buried at The Huts Cemetery, Belgium. Ref: 307-114.

Price: £100.00

1916 (April) PPC from BELGIUM to GB with RFHMS m/c. and s/r. BRITISH MISSION / Flag / BELGIAN HQ h/s. Also weak s/l. CEN(COM)SOR h/s. - [Royal Naval Air Service Command] HQ of Belgium Army. Squadrons of the British RNAS sometime operated from Ten Bogaerde (Koksijde). These units operated along the Belgian coast against the installations of the German Navy. [Koksijde is a town and a municipality in Belgium. It is located on the North Sea coast in the southwest of the Flemish province of West Flanders] Ref: 308-031.

Price: £100.00
1916 cover + letter SPAIN to GB. "petitioning H.M to cause inquires to be made to Berlin"

1916 (May) cover and letter from SPAIN to GB with des prisioners de guerre h/s. [POW] mss .. "I am ordered by His Majesty the King, my August Sovereign, to answer your letter petitioning H.M to cause inquires to be made to Berlin with regard to Mr. A. Woffenden (your son") From 'De SM El Ray', Palacio Real de Madrid with red seal to rear. Ref: 314-084.

Price: £100.00
1916 cover BERMUDA to 'Cpl. PS Ingham, No. 699 BVRG, 1st. Batt Lincoln Regt, BEF'

1916 (June) cover from BERMUDA to 'Cpl. PS Ingham, No. 699 BVRG, [Bermuda Volunteer Rifle Corps] Attached 1st. Batt Lincoln Regt, British Expeditionary Force' with HAMILTON m/c. and s/r. P.C / BERMUDA h/s. [699 Cpl-Sgt. (later 2Lt-Maj) Ingham, Phillip Stanley w s. Medal Entitlement: MM, 1914-15 Star trio, ED(B), VLSM, SWB (Sickness) Wounded: 16.7.16 Mametz Wood. Remarks: Bombing section. Recommended for the DCM and promoted to Sgt for action on 3.7.16: Awarded MM LG. 23.8.16. Wounded in the shoulder. Returned to Bermuda 16.11.16. Discharged Medically Unfit 21.11.16. Presented with MM in Bermuda on 23.11.16. Subsequently commissioned in Bermuda with BVRC, rising to Major] Bermuda Contingent. Ref: 315-071.

Price: £100.00
1916 POW cover GERMANY to GB. 'G Stuart Castle RFC' - Royal Flying Corps

1916 (Dec) POW cover from GERMANY to GB with d/r. Gutersloh p/m. From 'G Stuart Castle RFC' - Royal Flying Corps. [George Stuart Castle 2nd. Lt. 160331. On 31.03.16 taken POW in Holland, repat:18.11.18] Ref: 318-057.

Price: £100.00
1916 PPC EGYPT to '31 General Hospital, Port Said' HMHS "Letitia"

1916 (Oct) PPC from EGYPT to '31 General Hospital, Nursing Staff QAMNS, Port Said' with circ. ALEXANDRIA p/m. and circ. dumb cross censor h/s. Also Signature cachet 'Charles Luke Lieut Col IMS / Officer Commanding Troops / HM Hospital Ship "LETITIA". From HMHS "Letitia" HOSPITAL ship. Sunk Aug 1917. Ref: 316-121.

Price: £100.00
1916 Registered Express cover SLOVENIA to Czechoslovakia. Anti British label

1916 Registered Express cover from SLOVENIA to Czechoslovakia with circ. CILLI p/m. and censor label. Also "Retour Cilli" in mss. and Anti British label to rear 'GOTT STRAFE ENGLAND'. From 'Retablierungsstation der KuK Gerbirgsartillerie in Cilli Ersatzabteilung'. [Retention centers of KuK Mountain Artillery in Cilli Replacement Department] Ref: 317-129.

Price: £100.00

1917 (May) front with NAVAL MAIL OFFICE-DOVER. RE-SEALED UNDER / CENSORSHIP label tied by d/r. LONDON p/m. and s/l. CEN(41)SOR h/s. - RNAS Monitor. Label Imprint: [3097] 21707/M2613 5000 8/16T G&S 112. NB: FRONT, repaired. Ref: 312-056.

Price: £100.00
1918 (Jan) cover GB to USA. 'Barksdale, Aviation Section, London'. RFC crest to flap

1918 cover GB to USA endorsed 'EH Barksdale, Aviation Section, American Embassy, London' with ST ALBANS m/c. and 'RFC' crest to flap. [Royal Flying Corps] 1st Lt. Eugene Hoy Barksdale, embarked for England 18 Sept. 1917, and received his flying training with the RFC at Oxford and several other aviation schools in England. He accepted his British commission 26 May 1918, at Markse, Yorkshire, and was assigned to the 41st Squadron, RFC in August 1918. He was placed on active duty at the front as a pilot He participated in the Somme and Amiens Offensives early in August 1918 and was wounded 2 September 1918 during the Cambrai Offensive. While on duty with the RFC, he received official credit for destroying three enemy aircraft through aerial combat. He also participated in the ground destruction of five other enemy aircraft. He left the RFC on 15 Oct. 1918, joining the U.S. 25th Aero Squadron until 24 Dec. 1918. Ref: 305-047.

Price: £100.00