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1914 (Aug. 19th) PC GB to Germany. UNDELIVERABLE / L.P.S h/s. Outbreak of War

1914 (19th Aug) PC from GB to Germany with UNDELIVERABLE / L.P.S h/s. Not delivered due to the outbreak of War. Printed message refers to: 'Proclamation of the 2nd of August, 1914'. Ref: 317-048.

Price: £25.00
1914 (Aug. 29th) cover GB to USA. German POW at Dorchester Camp

1914 (29th. Aug.) cover from GB to USA with LONDON p/m. and boxed PC / MO5 (H) h/s. [MO5: Military Intelligence. Section H: Postal Censorship] From 'Fredrick Manttels, POW Camp, Dorchester. Very early POW Mail. NB: Tear. Ref: 308-052.

Price: £100.00
1914 (Aug.) real photo PPC MEXICO to USA. USS GEORGIA p/m. 'Vera Cruz, Mexico'

1914 (Aug) real photo of sailors PPC from MEXICO to USA with USS GEORGIA p/m. at 'Vera Cruz, Mexico'. [In 1914 she cruised in Mexican waters to protect American interests during the MEXICAN REVOLUTION in the troubled Vera Cruz-Tampico area] Ref: 314-026.

Price: £25.00
1914 (Dec) cover East AFRICA to GB. MOMBASSA p/m. "censored Chinke"

1914 (Dec) cover from East AFRICA to GB with circ. MOMBASSA p/m. to rear and in mss. "censored Chinke RG" (R. Gordon) Also 'T' mark annulled. Censor Station at Mombasa established by 1st. March 1915. Redirected NOTTING HILL 15th Jan. 1915. [Captain Ronald Eagleson Gordon, Royal Engineers. 1918 New Year Honours (MC) Military Cross - won in G.E.A. and received Afghanistan NWF 1919 bar.] Ref: 320-051.

Price: £35.00
1914 (Dec. 16th) 'gift-parcel' PC FRANCE to GB. APO 44 p/m. '19th. Field Ambulance'

1914 (Dec. 16th) 'gift-parcel' PC from FRANCE to GB with d/r. APO 44 p/m. and censor 1973 h/s. From 'Pte. C. Bateson, 19th. Field Ambulance, 19th. Brigade, C Sec.' [19th. FA originally attached to 19th Brigade; 6th Division for 5 days in Oct 14; 2nd Division Aug 15 – Nov 15] Ref: 315-016.

Price: £10.00
1914 (Nov) cover W. Front to 'Ireland'. APO 17 p/m. censor 129 h/s.

1914 (Nov) cover from the Western Front to 'Dr. C.V.H. Nesbitt, Ireland' with s/r. APO 17 p/m. and censor 1/129 h/s. [In 1914 the secretary was C V H Nesbitt M.D of Shanes Park Golf Club, Randalstown, County Antrim] Ref: 319-007.

Price: £8.00
1914 (Nov) PPC 'German Eagles Going Cheap' LEWISHAM m/c.

1914 (11th. Nov) PPC 'German Eagles Going Cheap' with LEWISHAM m/c. [WW1 PROPAGANDA ANTI-GERMAN: Deriding the German Eagle - national symbol.] Ref: 318-133.

Price: £20.00
1914 (Nov) PPC (Aden) HMAT Orvieto to Australia. PASSED h/s.

1914 (28th. Nov) PPC (Aden - ss Salsette) from HMAT Orvieto to Australia with MELBORNE m/c. and PASSED h/s. HMAT Transport A3 to Egypt and then Gallipoli. From 'HSD' to Dad 'Dickinson'. Herbert Spencer Dickinson enlisted with the 5th Infantry Battalion and was allocated the rank of private. Departed Melbourne aboard HMAT Orvieto on 21 Oct. 1914. After serving with his unit at Gallipoli, he was transferred in Feb. 1916 to the 57th Infantry Battalion and sent to the Western Front in France. Dickinson was quickly promoted through the ranks, gaining his first promotion to Lance corporal in Sept. 1914 and becoming a captain by May 1916. Whilst serving with the 57th Infantry Battalion he was mentioned in the despatches of General Douglas Haig on 9 April 1917. Dickinson was killed in action at Polygon Wood in Belgium on 25 September 1917. He was 25 years old. Herbert Dickinson is buried at The Huts Cemetery, Belgium. Ref: 307-114.

Price: £100.00
1914 (Nov.) Field Service PC to South AFRICA. From 'Pte. A. Jackson'

1914 (Nov.) Field Service PC to Mr. G. May, Checker SA Railway, Pretoria, South AFRICA. From 'Pte. A. Jackson' and censored by 'JIS Gordon'. Ref: 317-002.

Price: £6.00
1914 (Oct. 5th) cover 'Prisoner of War'. Ex. FJ Field collection 'German Airman'

1914 (5th. Oct.) cover to 'Shanley Spooner' and endorsed 'Prisoner of War' with s/r. LONDON OFFICIAL PAID p/m. Also s/r. P.C. h/s. Ex. FJ Field collection who states from a German "Airman". Very early POW mail. Ref: 308-050.

Price: £35.00
1914 (Sept) 'Army Form C. 398' W. Front to GB. APO 10 p/m. censor 100 h/s.

1914 (Sept) 'Army Form C. 398' from the Western Front to GB with s/r. APO 10 p/m. and censor 1/100 h/s. Ref: 319-006.

Price: £15.00
1914 (Sept) cover FRANCE to GB. BAPO p/m. censor 1/69 h/s. LONDON PAID m/c.

1914 (19th. Sept) cover from FRANCE to GB. BAPO + p/m. and censor 1/69 h/s. Also LONDON PAID m/c. dated 23rd. Sept. Worn and flap ,missing. Ref: 315-090.

Price: £9.00
1914 (Sept) cover Royal Navy to GB. 'F.H. Gerty, Nav. Sec.' Naval Secretary

1914 (Sept) cover Royal Navy to GB with s/r. dumb p/m. and redirected. From 'F.H. Gerty, Nav. Sec.' - Naval Secretary. [WESTERN FRONT - NAVAL MENTIONS ARMY DESPATCHES dated 14 Jan. 1915. Name of whom I recommend for gallant and distinguished service in the field. Fleet Paymaster F. H. Gerty, Royal Navy (retired)] Re-used OHMS envelope. Ref: 319-073.

Price: £25.00
1914 (Sept) ps Field Service PC W. FRONT to GB. FPO 45 p/m. redirected.

1914 (Sept) postal stationary Field Service PC from the Western FRONT to GB with d/r. FPO 45 p/m. and redirected. From 'Reggie Harland' [Captain HARLAND, REGINALD WICKHAM. Died 30th. Oct. 1914. Aged 31. 1st Bn. Hampshire Regiment. Buried at PLOEGSTEERT CHURCHYARD. Hainaut, Belgium. Of The Lodge, Harefield, Uxbridge, Middlesex.] Ref: 308-001.

Price: £35.00
1914 (Sept) ps Field Service PC Western Front to GB. FPO 11 p/m. 'A. Arnold'

1914 (Sept) ps Field Service PC from the Western Front to GB with s/r. FPO 11 p/m. From 'A. Arnold'. Also unused example. Ref: 313-009.

Price: £10.00
1914 (Sept. 13th) ps Field Service PC FRANCE to GB. ABPO p/m. 'J Davis'

1914 (13th. Sept) ps Field Service PC from FRANCE to GB with d/r. ABPO p/m. From 'J Davis'. Folded and surface fault. Ref: 315-097.

Price: £8.00
1914 (Sept. 15th) real photo PPC 'HM Submarine "D.1". SCARBOROUGH p/m.

1914 (15th. Sept) real photo PPC 'HM Submarine "D.1" with d/r. SCARBOROUGH p/m. [H.M. Submarines D1. Pennant No.: I.71. Complement: 25 [3 Officers, 22 Ratings] May 1914 - July 1915. 8th Flotilla. Oct. 1912 - Oct. 1914 Lt. Cdr. A.D. Cochrane. D1 was the first British submarine to be fitted with diesel instead of petrol engines] Ref: 312-071.

Price: £25.00
1914 (Sept. 17th) PPC GIBRALTAR to GB. 'OHMS' Excellent content

1914 (17th. Sept) PPC from GIBRALTAR to GB endorsed 'OHMS' with d/r. GIBRALTAR p/m. and LONDON PAID receipt p/m. Excellent content - mss.. "the Middlesex which were on the same boat have got off here. There are 100's of boats here, many of which are German captures you can see .. ??.. Have seen 6 submarines in the dock". The value of the naval base at Gibraltar was soon apparent when WW1 broke out in Aug. 1914. Only a few minutes after the declaration of war went into effect at midnight on 3/4 Aug., a German liner was captured by a torpedo boat from Gibraltar, followed by three more enemy ships the following day. HMS Corwall captured the German merchantman "Syra" on 6 Aug. 1914 - Course as requisite for Gibraltar. [Detained or captured German ships at Gibraltar Sept 1914: Adolf. Emir. Georg. Riga. Schneefels. Syra. Daska (Austrian)] 1/7th Battalion and 1/8th Battalion arrived 17.9.14 in Gibraltar. Ref: 308-110.

Price: £40.00
1914 (Xmas Day) PPC EGYPT to GB. PORT SAID p/m. 'WH Radcliffe, 2nd. Lieut.'

1914 (Xmas Day) PPC [Assiut] from EGYPT to GB with s/r. PORT SAID p/m. From 'WH Radcliffe, 2nd. Lieut.' mss .. "operating from Pt. Said". Ref: 312-094.

Price: £6.00
1914 circa. PC FRANCE to GB. 'I am well' type. From 'Stare, Lce Cpl, Royal Engineers'

c.1914 'Flags' PC from FRANCE to GB. 'I am well' type. From 'VSJ Stare, Lce Cpl, Royal Engineers, 23rd. Coy'. No postmark. Ref: 320-008.

Price: £12.00