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1916 PPC 'Pictures from the front of Seaford'. s/r. SEAFORD p/m.

1916 PPC 'Pictures from the front of Seaford' with s/r. SEAFORD p/m. Pull out 12 b/w. small pictures. [Seaford is a coastal town in East Sussex, lying east of Newhaven and Brighton and west of Eastbourne] Ref: 309-084.

Price: £6.00
1916 PPC (Hospital Ship "REWA") PLYMOUTH m/c. PASSED BY CENSOR

1916 PPC (Hospital Ship "REWA") with PLYMOUTH m/c. and weak boxed PASSED BY CENSOR / RN HOSPITAL PLYMOUTH h/s. - Gould 2A18. mss .. "arrived here yesterday". Ref: 301-113.

Price: £30.00
1916 PPC BERMUDA to GB. 'R.M. Barracks, Bermuda, West Indies' censored

1916 PPC from BERMUDA to GB with poor circ. IRELAND ISLAND p/m. and s/r. P.C. BERMUDA censor h/s. From 'R.M. Barracks, Bermuda, West Indies'. Royal Marines. Ref: 311-037.

Price: £20.00
1916 PPC Bystander 'The Thirst for Reprisals' by Bruce Bairnsfather

1916 PPC Bystander 'The Thirst for Reprisals' by Bruce Bairnsfather with d/r. ...OLD GREEN p/m. Ref: 311-102.

Price: £6.00
1916 PPC CEYLON to Australia. HM Transport A9 - ss Shropshire

1916 (April) PPC from CEYLON to Australia with s/r. AUSTRALIAN IMP FORCES / BPO p/m. and s/l. PASSED BY CENSOR h/s. Also 'Convoy 19' in pencil. From HM Transport A9 - ss Shropshire. Ref: 306-113.

Price: £40.00
1916 PPC EGYPT to '31 General Hospital, Port Said' HMHS "Letitia"

1916 (Oct) PPC from EGYPT to '31 General Hospital, Nursing Staff QAMNS, Port Said' with circ. ALEXANDRIA p/m. and circ. dumb cross censor h/s. Also Signature cachet 'Charles Luke Lieut Col IMS / Officer Commanding Troops / HM Hospital Ship "LETITIA". From HMHS "Letitia" HOSPITAL ship. Sunk Aug 1917. Ref: 316-121.

Price: £100.00
1916 PPC EGYPT to GB. 4th. AUST INF BGDE FPO p/m. censored

1916 PPC from EGYPT to GB with circ. 4th. AUST INF BGDE / FPO p/m. and censor 2231 h/s. From Will Pope. 'C Coy, 16th Batt. 4th Brigade, AIF. Ismailia, Egypt'. Ref: 311-155.

Price: £25.00

1916 PPC from EGYPT to GB with weak s/r. 2nd. AUST DIV FPO p/m. and PASSED BY / CENSOR h/s. From 'Pte S Shave, 1178. 9th Inf. Aus Imp. Force'. KIA in 1917. Casualty: YPRES Memorial. Ref: 316-124.

Price: £25.00
1916 PPC GREECE to 'Stallingboro' Battery, Nr. Grimsby'. APO SX8 p/m.

1916 PPC (Salonique) from GREECE to GB and redirected to 'Lieut. Alexander, 1/1/ East Riding RE, Stallingboro' Battery, Nr. Grimsby' with s/r. APO SX8 p/m. and vey weak tri. 390 censor h/s. mss .. "Any more Zepp news? .. We've lost 2 T.B.D". [Torpedo - Boat - Destroyer] Stallingborough Battery was built as part of the Humber estuary's coastal defence system. In February 1916 the coastal battery was equipped with two 6-inch breech-loading Mk. VII guns. Ref: 308-156.

Price: £18.00

1916 illustrated PPC from the ISLE of MAN to 'Somerset' with oval ALIEN'S DETENTION CAMP / CENSORED / KNOCKALOE, IOM h/s. From 'John Dechart, Peel, IOM'. Folded. Ref: 310-115.

Price: £75.00
1916 PPC ITALY to GB. UFFICO POSTA MILITARE / 21 DIVIS p/m. 'Italian Front'

1916 PPC [Cadore Pittoresco] from ITALY to GB with d/r. UFFICO POSTA MILITARE / 21 DIVIS p/m. endorsed 'Italian Front'. Ref: 312-095.

Price: £9.00
1916 PPC LEMNOS Island (Greece) to AUSTRALIA. BAPO (Y) p/m.

1916 [Jan] PPC (Sydney) from "LEMNOS" Island (Greece) to AUSTRALIA with d/r. BAPO (Y) p/m. and censor 2/2926 h/s. From 'Pt. J Dawson, Lemnos'. GALLIPOLI. Ref: 309-147.

Price: £30.00
1916 PPC PALESTINE to Austria. German FPO A.O.K.4 p/m. Reservespital in Jerusalem

1916 PPC from PALESTINE to Austria endorsed 'Feldpost' with s/r. German FPO A.O.K.4 p/m. and Reservespital in Jerusalem / K.u.K Sanitatsanstalten fur Syrien h/s. [Hospital] Ref: 304-033.

Price: £50.00
1916 PPC S. AFRICA to 'Mr GC Price SBS, Royal Naval Hospital, Bighi, MALTA'.

1916 PPC from South AFRICA to 'Mr GC Price SBS, Royal Naval Hospital, Bighi, MALTA' with oval 20c TAX h/s. annulled. RNH Bighi was a major naval hospital located in the small town of Kalkara. During WW1, RNH Bighi accommodated a very large number of casualties from the Dardanelles. [Real photo Johannesburg Zoo] Ref: 312-087.

Price: £20.00
1916 PPC SENEGAL to France. 'Camp des Tiaroye, par Dakar, Senegal'

1916 PPC from SENEGAL to France endorsed 'FM' with d/r. DAKAR p/m. From 'Camp des Tiaroye, par Dakar, Senegal'. West Africa. Ref: 312-153.

Price: £9.00
1916 PPC SERBIA to Hungary. KuK Feldpostamt / Belgrade canc. 10h Military Post issue

1916 PPC from SERBIA to Hungary with d/r. KuK Feldpostamt / Belgrade p/m. canc. 10h Military Post issue Mi27. Also Reserve Hospital Brcko in Belgrade h/s. Ref: 309-026.

Price: £10.00
1916 PPC [Cairo] EGYPT to GB. FPO D.54 p/m. censor 2847 h/s.

1916 (Feb) PPC [Cairo] from EGYPT to GB with d/r. FPO D.54 p/m. and censor 2847 h/s. [Allocated 1/2 E. Ang. Fd. Amb] Ref: 307-117.

Price: £15.00
1916 PPC [CORFU] SALONIKA to GB. APO SX1 p/m. tri. censor 4043 h/s.

1916 PPC [CORFU] from SALONIKA to GB with d/r. APO SX1 p/m. and tri. censor 4043 h/s. From 'Billy Tillenay'. Ref: 307-040

Price: £8.00
1916 PPC [Easter Greetings - Russian] Germany to GB. Doeberitz Camp

1916 PPC [Easter Greetings - Russian] from Germany to GB with LONDON PAID m/c. and Camp censor h/s. From 'MW Manning, Royal Naval Division. Sanitat at Rohrbeck Hospitat [Hospital] Prisoner of War in Doberitz Camp. Ref: 308-151.

Price: £50.00
1916 PPC [Prince Heritier de Crece] CORFU to France. KEPPKYPA p/m.

1916 PPC [The German Emperor, King and Prince Heritier Grece at the excavation place - Corfu] from CORFU to France with d/r. KEPPKYPA p/m. Ref: 311-159.

Price: £9.00