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1940 Telegram + envelope MALAYA with PARIT BUNTAR receipt p/m.

1940 (May) Telegram and envelope from Kallal, MALAYA with d/r. PARIT BUNTAR receipt p/m. [Kerian district, NW of Perak] Telegraphs Department. NB: Roughly opened. Ref: 314-092.

Price: £15.00
1940-43 Air Mail cover LIBYA to Italy. COMANDO MARINE p/m. 'Tripoli' FI censor label

1940-43 Air Mail cover from LIBYA to Italy with d/r. COMANDO MARINE p/m. and tied FI censor label [Verificato per censura] to rear. From 'Tripoli'. Faults. Ref: 304-056.

Price: £15.00
1941 (19th. June) Air Mail Honour Envelope from EGYPT to Australia [9d. RATE]

1941 (19th. June) Air Mail Honour Envelope from EGYPT to Australia [9d. RATE] with d/r. FPO E.609 p/m.
and tri. censor 1762 h/s. From 'C Donaldson'. Roughly opened. Ref: 315-080.

Price: £15.00
1941 (Nov) cover NEWFOUNDLAND to USA. AMERICAN FORCES APO 0801-A p/m

1941 (Nov) cover from NEWFOUNDLAND to USA with AMERICAN FORCES APO 0801-A p/m. and s/r. Passed by Naval Censor h/s. From 'US Naval Operating Base, Argentia, Newfoundland'. Ref: 310-086.

Price: £15.00
1941 Air Mail cover IRAQ to GB with Royal Navy tomb censor

1941 (8 April) Air Mail cover from IRAQ to GB with d/r. MA'QIL p/m. and d/r. BASRA transit p/m. Also Royal Navy tomb censor to rear. [8th April] Naval. Ref: 308-138.

Price: £15.00
1941 cover + letter RHODES to Italy. POSTA MILITARE 550 E

1941 cover and letter from RHODES to Italy with d/r. dumb p/m. and Verificato per censura label. Also boxed '3' h/s. From '10 Reggimento fantera "Regia", 1 Battaglione 2 Compagnia'. Ref: 301-095.

Price: £15.00
1941 cover AUSTRIA to 'SS Rottenfuhrer Hansmann, Germany'

1941 (April) cover from AUSTRIA to 'SS Rottenfuhrer Hansmann Franz, Germany'. Corporal in SS. [Rottenfhrer (Section Leader) was a Nazi Party paramilitary rank ] Ref: 301-082.

Price: £15.00
1941 OHMS cover INDIA to 'Cochin'. EXPERIMENTAL PO MS-10 p/m. 'SERVICE' o/p.

1941 OHMS cover from INDIA to 'Cochin' with d/r. EXPERIMENTAL PO MS-10 p/m. and 'SERVICE' o/p. to adhesive. Also oval NAVAL OFFICER-IN-CHARGE / COCHIN h/s. [The origin of the Naval Base: 31 Aug 1939 a small naval contingent was placed in Cochin under a Royal Indian Navy officer who assumed the duties of Naval Officer-in-Charge, Cochin. The contingent was tasked to cater to the requirements of Local Naval Defense, running a Port Wireless Signal Station and an Examination Service] Ref: 306-068.

Price: £15.00
1941 Registered cover SUMATRA to GB. MEDAN p/m. and two censor labels

1941 Registered cover from SUMATRA to GB with d/r. MEDAN p/m. and two censor labels: tied Door Censuuur Geopend label and PC 90 OBE 6226 label. Ref: 304-092.

Price: £15.00
1941 uprated ps PC MACEDONIA to Germany. Stalag XII and censored

1941 uprated ps PC from MACEDONIA to Germany, 'Stalag XII-F' with d/r. BITOLIA p/m. and censored. [Stalag XII-F was located near Forbach in the French department of Moselle , Lorraine] Ref: 301-028.

Price: £15.00
1942 'EXPRES' cover BELGIUM to 'lager 8, Leipzig, Germany' censored

1942 'EXPRES' cover from BELGIUM to 'lager 8, Leipzig, Germany' with s/r. ANTWERP p/m. and tied Geoffnet censor label. Also d/r. LEIPZIG receipt p/m. [Stalag IV-G was a POW Camp for NCOs and enlisted men, not in the usual sense, but a series of "Work Camps" throughout Saxony, administered from Oschatz, situated between Leipzig and Dresden.] Ref: 304-147.

Price: £15.00
1942 (19th. Feb) cover 'Abyssinian Campaign' to GB. FPO 5? p/m. censor 1152

1942 (19th. Feb) cover from the 'Abyssinian Campaign' to GB with d/r. FPO 5? p/m. and censor 1152 h/s. Endorsed '19th. Feb. 43. Abyssinian Campaign' to rear. [The East African Campaign (also known as the Abyssinian Campaign) 10 June 1940 9 Nov. 1943] NB: Folded and soiled to rear. Ref: 301-011.

Price: £15.00
1942 (Dec) Air Mail cover ADEN to GB. ADEN p/m. RAF censor R11/22 h/s.

1942 (Dec) Air Mail cover from ADEN to GB [14 Anna RATE] with ADEN p/m. and RAF censor R11/22 h/s. [Dates recorded: 23/9/42 to 3/2/43] From 'Cpl. Butcher RAF'. Ref: 305-104.

Price: £15.00
1942 (July) US Official Picture 'Japanese Transport off ALASKA bombed and sunk'

1942 (July) US Official Picture No. U.S.4. XL. 'Japanese Transport off ALASKA bombed and sunk by US Army Aircraft'. Japanese War Vessel in the Aleutian Islands. Full typed details to rear.150 x 100 mm. Also larger photograph showing vessel being bombed. 200 x 14 mm. Ref: 301-073.

Price: £15.00
1942 (Nov) cover AUSTRALIA to GB. tied 5. Opened by Censor label

1942 (Nov) cover from AUSTRALIA to GB with PERTH m/c. and '5. Opened by Censor.' label [Smith: 5-7] tied by boxed PASSED BY / CENSOR 1 h/s. [Smith: 5-11] Ref: 313-111.

Price: £15.00
1942 Air Mail cover IRAQ to GB. Indian FPO R-33 p/m. censored

1942 Air Mail cover from IRAQ to GB [8 Anna RATE] with d/r. Indian FPO R-33 p/m. and PASSED BY CENSOR h/s. From 'G Porter'. Ref: 315-135.

Price: £15.00
1942 Air Mail cover KENYA to 'Sgt JA Duthy, India' OPENED BY EXAMINER N/ 118 label

1942 (July) Air Mail cover from KENYA to 'Sgt JA Duthy, India' with OPENED BY EXAMINER N/ 118 label. Redirected to 'RAF, Jamshedpur, Tatanagar, BN'. Boxed JAMSHEDPUR receipt p/m. to rear [1st. Aug] and censor h/s. No. 20 Squadron: May-December 1942: Jamshedpur (Eastern India) Ref: 303-108.

Price: £15.00
1942 circa. 'Royal Navy' Honour Envelope to GB. Redirected to 'HM TB Z8'

c.1942 'Royal Navy' Honour Envelope to GB with MARITIME MAIL m/c. and PC 90 OBE 4649 label. Also boxed PASSED BY / P No. 5784 / NAVAL CENSOR h/s. [Daynes N 420] Redirected to 'HM TB Z.8'. Motor Torpedo Boat. Ref: 314-074.

Price: £15.00
1942 comercial letter from HUNGARY. German SS in HUNGARY

1942 comercial letter from HUNGARY. (Gyor). German SS in HUNGARY with 'KONTROLE SS-Freiwillingen Division "PRINCE EUGENE" censor h/s. Ref: 313-109.

Price: £15.00
Market price: £25.00 save 40%
1942 cover + letter FRANCE to 'Ecole navale, Toulon'. AVISO "CHAMOIS"

1942 (Sept) cover and letter from FRANCE to 'Ecole navale, Toulon' with TOULON m/c. From AVISO "CHAMOIS". Free French Navy. Ref: 312-051.

Price: £15.00