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1944 cover SUDAN with US APO 608 p/m. Commanding Officer, Wadi Seidna

1944 cover from SUDAN to 'Public Works Dept.' with US APO 608 p/m. with d/r. FPO 718 transit p/m. [10th. July] and KHARTOOM receipt m/c. [11th. July] From 'Commanding Officer, Wadi Seidna AES'. Ref: 305-099.

Price: £35.00
1944 cover TANGANIKA to USA with PC 90 OBE O/ label

1944 (Jan) cover from TANGANIKA, East Africa to USA with d/r. DARESALAAM p/m. and PC 90 OBE O/ label [Imprint: 20r-M742 8-43] tied by oct. PASSED O/7 h/s. [Northern RHODESIA] Also EXAMINED BY 7442 tape. Ref: 310-134.

Price: £45.00
1944 cover to 'WR Tilley, 3 Mess , c/o BFMO, BERMUDA'. tomb censor

1944 (Aug) cover to 'WR Tilley, 3 Mess , c/o BFMO, BERMUDA' and redirected to "Tortola" [British Virgin Islands] with Royal Navy tomb censor h/s. From 'D Sands Sto.'. Ref: 308-148.

Price: £20.00
1944 cover TRINADAD to 'A/C2 Mr Jules Davis, RAF Contingent, c/o B.G. Garrison'

1944 Air Mail cover from TRINADAD to 'A/C2 Mr Jules Davis, RAF Contingent, c/o B.G. Garrison Headquarters, B.G.'. [British Guiana] NB: Trimmed opening edge. Ref: 305-067.

Price: £15.00
1944 cover USA to 'P/o Shrimpton, Peter. RAF' redirected. FORT KNOX p/m.

1944 cover from USA to 'P/o Shrimpton, Peter. RAF' and redirected to 'RAF Station Clyffe Pypard' with s/r. FORT KNOX p/m. From 'British Consulate General, New Orleans'. Ref: 304-051.

Price: £9.00
1944 cover USA to Red Cross. Camp Bowie, Texas. boxed Censored h/s.

1944 cover from USA to Red Cross with Washington m/c. and boxed Censored War Department h/s. From Camp Bowie, Texas. Folded. Ref: 302-069.

Price: £9.00
1944 covers + letters 'LAC Vaughan, c/o 141 Wing, RAF, c/o GPO Lewes, Sussex'

1944 covers and letters re: LAC Vaughan'. One dated 18th. Aug. 1944 to 'c/o 141 Wing, Royal Air Force, c/o GPO Lewes, Sussex' with d/r. AEAF / CP HQ receipt p/m. [Allied Expeditionary Air Force / Command Post Headquarters] One from 'RAF, APO England' dated 12th. July 1944 with RAF censor R7/305 h/s. [Normandy Invasion, June 1944] NB: Roughly opened. Ref: 309-162.

Price: £12.00
1944 covers + letters LAC Vaughan, c/o 141 Wing, RAF, c/o GPO Lewes, Sussex

1944 covers and letters re: LAC Vaughan'. One dated 19th. Aug. 1944 to 'c/o 141 Wing, Royal Air Force, c/o GPO Lewes, Sussex' with d/r. AEAF / CP HQ receipt p/m. [Allied Expeditionary Air Force / Command Post Headquarters] One from 'RAF, APO England' dated 17th. July 1944 with RAF censor R7/305 h/s. [Normandy Invasion, June 1944] Faults. Ref: 307-092.

Price: £15.00
1944 Feldpost l/s. GREECE to Italy. Feldpost 17021. censored

1944 Feldpost l/s. from Salonica, GREECE to Italy with d/r. dumb p/m. and censored. From Feldpost 17021: Field Railway Operating Traffic Detatchment 3. Italain soldier. NB: Faults. Ref: 302-151.

Price: £15.00
1944 HM Forces 'Concession Gift Form' [Army Form W5192] censored

1944 'HM Forces Overseas Duty Free Concession for Gift sent to UK' [Army Form W5192] with shield censor 2709 h/s. Ref: 302-053.

Price: £9.00
1944 Honour Envelope EGYPT to '1st Gen Hosp, MEF'. Polish Forces Nr 192

1944 Honour Envelope and letter from EGYPT to 'Pte. V Friedlander, 506 Group, 1st. Gen. Hosp., MEF' with s/r. EPP 41 p/m. and censor h/s. From 'CMF Polish Forces Nr 192'. Jewish Polish soldiers. NB: Envelope folded and faults. Ref: 302-051.
Translation of letter from Polish:
Dear Judytko, 28 April, 1944
I haven't written to you for a long time but unfortunately I couldn't. It was really hard to find the right moment. I want to apologize very much for my silence. I am so touched that you remember me. I received your leathers on March 3, March 11 and April 11. I also received both packages. The first one I received on March 30 and the second one on April 7. I really would like to thank you for them. With joy we have drunk the original 'Carmel Hoak'. In the second package one bottle was broken. Other than that everything was fine and I imagine that you have gone into lots of trouble with wrapping and I must admit that it was made perfectly since only one bottle was broken after such a long journey. Regardless, you had too much trouble and I am asking you Judytko tonot send anymore because we can buy wine here quite easily. Although the Wines are usually young here, you can still drink them.
There are no good old wines here, similarly with other things - there's nothing in the store and you cannot buy anything. In the cities, stores are closed or empty. This is not Italy before the war. It's impossible to buy anything that you asked me in one of your letters. I am very sorry darling (kiddo/baby) but it's impossible that I could find them. Apparently someone gave you wrong information-they must have known how it looked here before the war but now the situation is different - nothing except the wine and eggs you can find in the store. We have lots of cigarettes (natural English kind). I will write you about things we don't have next time and if you can you will send them to me.
I feel quite well and I am healthy. Naturally, it would be nice to have some vacation but it's impossible right now. So I am waiting for a better time. Your second package I received two days before Easter. It was perfect timing -we had something to eat and something to drink. Unfortunately there was not enough time to savior everything so Easter was just a calendar Holiday but we are hoping that maybe next one we will spend in our country with our own people. Personally, I believe in this very strongly.
In regards to information about your friend's family, I don't think I can do anything more than the Polish Red Cross (PCK) can do. However, if I can find out anything more I will let you know.
I saw Adam two days ago. Unfortunately I couldn't share Carmel Hoak with him because we drank it earlier so the bottles wouldn't break. You know you shouldn't wait with these things too long;) Joseph and I felt that wine was very good. We often remember with Adam and Joseph our trips to Tel-Aviv. Thesewere truly wonderful times. It usually happens that after thick years, thin years arrive. I am trying to finish this letter after three days of break. My dear, please do not be discouraged that I write so rarely but it really is difficult to me. Please keep me informed how things are going on your end and how you are feeling.
I would like to take advantage of your kindness and ask you to send me a few things: belt for my watch -leather, brown and wide for 17 or 18 mm; 10 metal patches for my jackets; shoe polish (4 boxes of black one and 4 boxes of dark brown), ideally 'Kiwi' brand. I also need two white T-shirts sports style but without sleeves- make sure they are not too large- I prefer tight ones. I am sending you money to buy all of this. If it's not enough please let me know. I am only asking you to send me those things if it's not a big trouble for you. Thank you in advance and I'm sorry for the trouble.
I want to finally send this leather so I am ending and I am sending my greetings and kisses. I am also sending greetings from Adam and Joseph. I will try to write again shortly -please write me what's going on with PCK.
Be healthy,
Genek (May 1,1944)

Price: £15.00
1944 Honour Envelope GIBRALTAR to GB. FPO 475 p/m. PASSED CENSOR h/s.

1944 (Jan) Air Mail Honour Envelope from GIBRALTAR to GB with d/r. FPO 475 p/m. and poor boxed PASSED / CENSOR h/s. to rear. Ref: 311-144.

Price: £9.00
1944 Honour Envelope MALTA to GB. FPO 188 p/m. censor 5659

1944 (Oct) Honour Envelope from MALTA to GB with d/r. FPO 188 p/m. and shield censor 5659 h/s. [Not recorded used in Malta] Folded. Ref: 314-121.

Price: £45.00
1944 illustrated Christmas airgraph ALGERIA to GB. RAF censor R15/445 h/s.

1944 illustrated Christmas airgraph from ALGERIA to GB with RAF censor R15/445 h/s. [Dates recorded: 25/11/44 to 12/2/45] From '351 Maintenance Unit, Royal Air Force, BNAF'. Ref: 307-081.

Price: £9.00
1944 Italian Identification Card. Camp 404 - Ivy Bridge, Devon. Great Britain

1944 (March) Italian Identification Card. From Camp 404 - Ivy Bridge, Devon. Great Britain. Ref: 312-109.

Price: £9.00
1944 l/s. AUSTRALIA to 'New Caledonia'. tied 3 OBC label. CENSURE ALLIEE 3 h/s.

1944 (Jan) l/s. from AUSTRALIA to 'New Caledonia' [4d. RATE] with tied 3 OBC label and d/r. CENSURE ALLIEE 3 h/s. Also d/r. NOUMEA receipt p/m. to rear. Ref: 312-012.

Price: £45.00
1944 Letter Card INDIA to GB. Experimental PO MS-8 p/m. 'RNAS Cochin'

1944 (July) Air Mail Letter Card from INDIA to GB [4 Anna RATE] with d/r. Experimental PO MS-8 p/m. and tomb censor h/s. From 'J Leach. Naval Airman, RNAS Cochin'. Located: Willington Island. Also tied PC 90 OBE label. Royal Naval Air Service. Ref: 311-136.

Price: £9.00
1944 letter Genova, ITALY. 'Radio Vaticana' message regarding POW Algeria

1944 letter from Genova, ITALY. 'Radio Vaticana' message regarding POW Algeria: "From today's broadcast of the Vatican radio we captured the following radio message". Ref: 306-095.

Price: £15.00
1944 lettersheet signed by 'Marshall RH' DFC. Late of 44 Squadron

1944 lettersheet to Old Reptonian Society and signed by Flying Officer 'Marshall RH' Honours: DFC Oct. 1943. Late of 44 Squadron. RAF. Details of Service: Bomber Command. Royal Air Force: For details see A Bedfordshire Bomb Aimer written by David H. Marshall about his brother, Flight Lieutenant Raymond Howitt Marshall, DFC (1918-1981) Ref: 312-117.

Price: £15.00
1944 Official photograph 'American Troops move on the double through CARENTAN'

1944 (July) Official photograph No. EA. 26400.XL FRANCE. 'American Troops move on the double through CARENTAN. First French City to fall to the invaders'. [German forces withdrew 12th. June] Full typed details to rear. 200 x 100 mm. Ref: 312-070.

Price: £15.00