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1945 cover CZECH Republic to Praha. JANOVICE p/m. censor 11696 h/s.

1945 cover from the CZECH Republic to Praha with d/r. JANOVICE p/m. and British shield censor 11696 h/s. - No. 1 Czech. Independant Armoured Brigade: UNIT. Company of Heavy Workshops. Ref: 307-129.

Price: £12.00
1945 cover DENMARK to 'Cpl. Kraul, M. Royal Air Force, Sunningdale, England'

1945 (Sept) cover from DENMARK to 'Cpl. Kraul, M. Royal Air Force, Sunningdale, England' with ESBJERG slogan m/c. and tied Danmark Udlandspostkontrolle label. NB: Folded and worn. Ref: 306-086.

Price: £6.00
1945 cover DJIBOUTI to France with Free French censor

1945 cover from DJIBOUTI [Somali] to France with d/r. COTE Fse. SOMALIS / DJIBOUTI p/m. [Type PM1] and Free French censor No. 2. [Type H8]. From 'BMCFS, Djibouti'. Also d/r. BATAILLON MALGACHE de la CFS cachet to rear. Ref: 308-108.

Price: £35.00
1945 cover EGYPT to 'Dragon Gourich, RHAF, HQ, UEF'. RAF censor R12/20

1945 (March) cover from EGYPT to 'F/Sgt. RN 695, Dragon Gourich, RHAF, HQ, UEF' with RAF censor R12/20 h/s. [Base censor] Also d/r. BAPO 4 p/m. to rear. [Royal Helenic Air Force. Greece] In Nov. 1944 the Greek squadrons returned to liberated Greece, where they were engaged in operations against the remaining German garrisons in the Aegean islands and Crete. On 31 July 1945, the squadron was disbanded from the RAF] Ref: 307-106.

Price: £30.00
1945 cover FRANCE to 'British Liason Staff, FS Gloire, Post Navale'

1945 (June) cover from FRANCE to 'Cadet RW Young, British Liason Staff, FS "Gloire", Post Navale'. Gloire was a French light cruiser of the La Galissonnière class. Refit at Algiers to 17 June. Ref: 308-105.

Price: £20.00
1945 cover GB to 'Acting Commander W Seagrave DSC RN, Casablanca, Morocco'

1945 (Jan) cover from GB to 'Acting Commander W. Segrave DSC RN, Office of British Naval Liaison Offices, Casablanca, Morocco, c/o Foreign Office' endorsed "by bag" [Diplomatic Bag] with octagonal Crown PASSED P.211 h/s. [Route: likely via Lisbon to Gibraltar and forwarded to Casablanca] William Francis Roderick Segrave DSC, RN. Ref: 310-009.

Price: £25.00
1945 cover GB to France. Underpaid 1/2d. Taxed 1f adhesive. PC 90 OBC 4114

1945 (May) cover from GB to France. Underpaid 1/2d. and Taxed with 1f adhesive. Also PC 90 OBC 4114 label. NB: Trimmed opening edge. Part flap missing. Ref: 305-061.

Price: £8.00

1945 cover from GUADALCANAL (New Hebrides) to New ZEALAND with s/r. RNZAF NZAPO B p/m. and boxed CENSORED / RNZAF h/s. From 'ACI Smith NJ, NZ APO 361'. Also circ. TUAMARINA receipt p/m. Ref: 302-085.

Price: £15.00
1945 cover GUADALCANAL to New Zealand. RNZAF / NZ APO C p/m.

1945 'Patriotic' cover from GUADALCANAL to New Zealand with circ. (RNZAF) / NZ APO C p/m. and boxed CENSORED h/s. signed by 'E Fancy F/O'. NZ. New Zealand Air Force. Ref: 310-141.

Price: £9.00
1945 cover INDIA to 'NP 1738, c/o BFMO, England'. NAVAL PARTY

1945 (Dec) cover INDIA to 'NP 1738, c/o BFMO, Reading, England'. Naval Party 1738 - ROYAL KATHERINE 01.09.45 – 04.46. [HMS Royal Katherine was the Headquarters Flag Officer Western Germany between 1945 and 1946] Ref: 304-112.

Price: £9.00
1945 cover ITALY to POW Camp Fort Meade, Box 20, New York, USA'

1945 cover from ITALY to POW Camp Fort Meade, Box 20, New York, USA' with 12,712 US CENSOR h/s. Ref: 309-103.

Price: £6.00

1945 (Jan) Air Mail cover from the PHILIPPINES to USA with US NAVY p/m. and s/r. PASSED BY NAVAL CENSOR h/s. From USS Barataria (AVP-33) a United States Navy Barnegat-class seaplane tender. The Philippines campaign. Jan. 1945, Barataria tended the Consolidated PBY-5A Catalinas of Patrol Bomber Squadron 71 (VPB-71) as they carried out night time "Black Cat" strikes against shore installations and shipping along the coast of China and conducted anti-submarine patrol missions. Based first at Cabalitan Bay. Ref: 314-099.

Price: £10.00
1945 cover POSTES AUX ARMEES p/m + Free French Censor

1945 cover endorsed 'FM' to Paris with s/r. POSTES AUX ARMEES p/m. and tri. 20*3 CENSURE h/s. -Free French Censor. Creased. Ref: 301-092.

Price: £15.00
1945 cover South AFRICA to Nigeria, redirected to S. Rhodesia. NOT KNOWN h/s

1945 (20th. March) cover from South AFRICA to '56 General Hospital, Nigeria' and redirected to S. Rhodesia with d/r. IBADAN / NIGERIA p/m. [26th. April] Also d/r. FPO 563 p/m. [Nigeria 5th. May] and SALISBURY / S. RHODESIA p/m. [23rd. May] with boxed NOT KNOWN h/s. Returned back to CAPETOWN [9th. June] Ref: 303-095.

Price: £50.00
1945 cover SPAIN to Venezuela PC 90 OBE IE/8654 label with Form No. 160. [P.C. 93] over

1945 (18th. Jan) Air Mail cover from SPAIN to Venezuela (South America) with PC 90 OBE IE/8654 label [Trinidad] and pink Edge of Envelope / Form No. 160. [P.C. 93] label over with manuscript number smudged. [Suspect mail transferred to Bermuda] Released at end of War. Received 25th. Mar 1946 h/s. Ref: 313-075.

Price: £125.00
1945 cover USA to GB redirected. FPO 706 p/m. RAF censor R7/77

1945 (July) cover from USA to 'Wing Commander JH Iremonger DFC. RAF' and redirected to 'Main HQ, 83 Group, BLA' with d/r. FPO 760 p/m. [28 Aug] and RAF censor R7/77 h/s. [Censor also recorded: 15/06/1944 with FPO 804, France. 128 AFHQ] From 'Colonel EA Iremonger CBE'. Ref: 313-138.

Price: £12.00
1945 cover, Telegram etc re: 'Trooper Herbert G Thompson' Reported POW

1945 cover, Telegram etc. regarding 'Trooper Herbert G Thompson, 1st. Lothian & Border Yeomanry'. Reported POW. Also letter from British Red Cross and Regimental Pay Office. Ref: 308-096.

Price: £20.00
1945 covers GB to '2760 Squadron, RAF Regt, BLA' redirected FPO 376 p/m.

1945 covers from GB to 'Cpl. England, G, 2760 Squadron, RAF Regt, BLA' [Ostend and Altona] and redirected to '1 Can Gen Hosp' with d/r. FPO 376 p/m. One with boxed RETURN TO SENDER h/s. NB: Repaired and faults. Ref: 303-130.

Price: £12.00
1945 illustrated cover SWITZERLAND to 'Schaffhausen'. BERN m/c. Amlich h/s.

1945 illustrated cover from SWITZERLAND to 'Schaffhausen' with BERN m/c. and oval Eidg. Militar Department / Amlich h/s. Internment Camp? Ref: 301-049.

Price: £6.00
1945 MILITARBREV cover SWEDEN to 'Faltpost 31235' Germany

1945 (April) 'MILITARBREV' cover from SWEDEN to 'Faltpost 31235' with BORAS m/c. and redirected to 'Strombo Idre'. Fp. 31235 - Fortress Engineer Park 520. Location Military District XII, Germany. Swedish Stationary to Swedish Volunteer in German Army. [Cat. 400 Euros] NB: Flap missing, folded. Ref: 306-109.

Price: £30.00