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1941 cover + letter RHODES to Italy. POSTA MILITARE 550 E

1941 cover and letter from RHODES to Italy with d/r. dumb p/m. and Verificato per censura label. Also boxed '3' h/s. From '10 Reggimento fantera "Regia", 1 Battaglione 2 Compagnia'. Ref: 301-095.

Price: £15.00
1941 cover + letter S. RHODESIA to 'Lieut PB Neave RAOC, MEF'. Reported Missing

1941 Air Mail cover and letter from Southern RHODESIA to 'Lieut PB Neave RAOC, MEF' with "Reported Missing ex. Crete" in mss. with Col. COME No. 4 Base Ordnance Workshops MEF h/s. NB: Creased and tear. Ref: 310-071.

Price: £30.00
1941 cover ADEN to India. KHORMASKAR p/m. RAF censor R9/72 h/s. Punjab Regt.

1941 (June) cover ADEN to India with d/r. KHORMASKAR p/m. and RAF censor R9/72 h/s. [Dates Recorded: 20/5/41 to 30/6/41] Also OBC label tied by tri. PASSED BY CENSOR C 40 h/s. Punjab Regt. with the RAF? Ref: 306-075.

Price: £25.00
1941 cover and typed Bulletin No. 11 from VENEZUELA to GB. PC 90 OBE label

1941 (July) cover and 4 page typed Bulletin No. 11, dated 6th. July from VENEZUELA to GB with PC 90 OBE 5762 label. Excellent content based on Official telegrams. NB: Cover torn to rear. Ref: 310-088.

Price: £25.00
1941 cover ANGOLA to USA. Examined by Censor No..... label

1941 cover from ANGOLA to USA with d/r. MOSSAMEDES p/m. and tied Examined by Censor No..... label with tri. PASSED BY CENSOR 5 h/s. over [Northern Rhodesia] Corner missing. Ref: 314-097.

Price: £25.00
1941 cover AUSTRALIA to 'Cypus, S. Africa' redirected. Mixed franking

1941 [11 OCT] cover from AUSTRALIA to 'Cypus, S. Africa' and redirected with South Africa 1/2d. Postage Revenue with 'DOUANE' o/p. [Customs] Also small OPENED BY CENSOR label tied by s/r. NICOSIA p/m. [15 DEC] with d/r. PASSED BY CENSOR 4 CYPRUS h/s. Ref: 308-145.

Price: £50.00
1941 cover AUSTRIA to 'SS Rottenfuhrer Hansmann, Germany'

1941 (April) cover from AUSTRIA to 'SS Rottenfuhrer Hansmann Franz, Germany'. Corporal in SS. [Rottenfhrer (Section Leader) was a Nazi Party paramilitary rank ] Ref: 301-082.

Price: £15.00
1941 cover BERMUDA to '"X" Coy 2nd KSLI, British Forces, Curacao, NWI'

1941 (Oct) Air Mail cover from BERMUDA to 'Pte AR Green, "X" Coy 2nd KSLI, British Forces, Curacao, NWI' with BC1 OBE 271 label and circ. GEZIEN / CURACAO / CENSUUR h/s. Also d/r. WILLEMSTAD receipt p/m. and BERMUDA label to rear. Aruba and Curacao had large oil refineries. With the outbreak of WW2, the strategic importance of the refineries increased markedly; they provided a high percentage of the petroleum needs of Great Britain. Ref: 311-157.

Price: £85.00
1941 cover Brit. SOMAILILAND to GB. EA APO 71 p/m. censor 382 h/s.

1941 cover Brit. SOMAILILAND to GB with d/r. EA APO 71 p/m. and boxed bi-lingual Passed By Censor / MFF No 382 UDF h/s. [Daynes SA 101]. Located Berbera [BRITISH-SOUTH AFRICAN FORCES] Ref: 311-154.

Price: £45.00
1941 cover BURMA to GB. MINGALAD(ON) (CA)NTT p/m. 'Gloster Regt, Burma'

1941 cover from BURMA to GB with d/r. MINGALAD(ON) (CA)NTT p/m. From 'Pte. Rook, Gloster Regt, Burma'. [2As 6Ps adhesive with 'BURMA' o/p.] When the Japanese invaded Burma at the beginning of the 1942 1st Battalion The Gloucestershire Regiment was guarding the approaches to the capital, road, riverine and at Mingaladon airfield. Ref: 315-103.

Price: £25.00
1941 cover CEYLON to GB. RFHMS m/c. boxed PASSED BY CENSOR / COLOMBO h/s

1941 cover from CEYLON to GB with RFHMS m/c. and boxed PASSED BY CENSOR / HM NAVAL OFFICE, COLOMBO h/s. Ref: 306-022.

Price: £12.00
1941 cover EGYPT to Australia. Message from 'Gavin Long' War journalist

1941 Long Air Mail cover from EGYPT to Australia with s/r. ARMY PO / AM1 p/m. and boxed censor h/s. Self censored by 'Guy Harriott'. On rear pencil message signed by 'Gavin Long' War journalist that "he must have left it here at least two months ago". [Gavin Merrick Long OBE (31 May 1901 10 October 1968) was an Australian journalist and military historian. He was the general editor of the official history series Australia in the War of 19391945] Guy Harriott Recommended For Decoration CAIRO. May 30th. 1941. Magnificent reporting on Middle East and Albanian Front when he was attached to the Greek Army. [Feb 1941] In a dispatch Kenneth Slessor Official War Correspondent, describes an incident in which Guy Harriott, special war correspondent of "The Advertiser" distinguished himself in the Tepeiena- Klisura sector during the Greek campaign. Mr. Slessor writes: Harriott was mentioned in dispatches from Greek General Headquarters. Wanting to get copy back from the line, he took messages to the artillery after three Greek runners had been killed in endeavors to deliver it. As a result, the artillery went into action and held up an Italian attack. Harriott has been recommended for a decoration by Greek Headquarters for "personal courage under fire." Awarded Greek Cross of Distinguished Merit. Ref: 313-150.

Price: £45.00
1941 cover FRANCE to Sweden. FELDPOST p/m. Fp. 26123 H censored

1941 cover from FRANCE to Sweden with s/r. FELDPOST p/m. and tied Geoffnet label to rear. From 'Matrose Walter Buckner, Fp. 26123 H - Allocated to the Harbour Commander, CAEN, France. Mail to Sweden is very scarce. Ref: 308-130.

Price: £80.00
1941 cover GB to '1st Fortress Coy RE, GIBRALTAR' and redirected

1941 Air Mail cover from GB to 'Sergt. Morris, Royal Engineers, 1st Fortress Coy RE, GIBRALTAR' and redirected back to UK. Endorsed 'Sgt. W Morris, 142 OCTU, Aldershot' [Officer Cadets Training Unit ] on OHMS Label to rear. Also PC 90 OBE 762 label. Folded. Ref: 315-138.

Price: £9.00
1941 cover GB to '25 Broadway, New York, USA' UNDERCOVER Address

1941 cover from GB to 'American Export Lines, 25 Broadway, New York, USA' - UNDERCOVER Address for Merchant Navy of Occupied Europe. PC 90 OBE 5726 label. Ref: 311-151.

Price: £35.00
1941 cover GB to 'Aldershot Camp, Nova Scotia, Canada' redirected

1941 cover GB to 'Sigmn. F Clow, Aldershot Camp, Nova Scotia, Canada' and redirected to 'APO#1000' with s/r. (ALDER)SHOT MPO 601 p/m. to rear. Also s/r. ARMY / POST OFFICE p/m. to rear. Ref: 304-096.

Price: £12.00
1941 cover GB to 'Capitaine CDG Deloste, Cercle Militaire, France' redirected to '24th RAB'

1941 cover from GB to 'Capitaine CDG Deloste, Cercle Militaire, France' redirected to '24th RAB, Agen' with PC 90 OBE 2330 label tied by AGEN m/c. From 'Envoi de G.M. Duke, Peruvian Consulate, Liverpool'. Also PC From 'Liverpool to Commandant Deloste, France' with PASSED P. 273 h/s. Ref: 306-047.

Price: £20.00
1941 cover GIBRALTAR to GB with PASSED CENSOR + 'CG' h/s

1941 cover from GIBRALTAR to GB with GIBRALTAR slogan m/c. and boxed PASSED / CENSOR h/s. in red. Also small boxed 'C.G.' censor h/s. to rear. Believe applied to mail handed in unsealed for inspection. Ref: 302-087.

Price: £25.00
1941 cover MALAYA to GB. SINGAPORE p/m. RAF censor R8/31 h/s.

1941 (Jan) Air Mail cover from MALAYA to GB [55 cent RATE] with d/r. SINGAPORE p/m. and RAF censor R8/31 h/s. Civilain postmark. From 'PA Sowman. F/Lt'. [Dates Recorded: 10/1/41 to 4/1/42. RAF Seletar - two covers recorded] Ref: 301-112.

Price: £20.00
1941 cover SOMALIA to Tanganyika. EA APO 2 p/m. censor 650

1941 (Aug) cover from Italian SOMALIA to Tanganyika [East Africa] with d/r. EA APO 2 p/m. and boxed censor No. 650 / EA FORCES h/s. Endorsed "Capt. RJ Harvey, OETA, c/o DC PO, It. Somaliland". Also d/r. MUFINDI p/m. to rear. [OETA: Occupied Enemy Territory Administration] Ref: 306-111.

Price: £45.00