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1944 Tobacco Fund PC EGYPT to Peru. RAF + Egypt + USA censors

1944 Tobacco Fund PC from EGYPT to Peru, South America with EGYPT EPP m/c. and RAF censor R11/2 and d/r. Egypt censor. Also circ. US CENSORSHIP h/s. Ref: 315-140.

Price: £20.00
1945 'Identity Card. Under Sixteen years' JERSEY. 'MA Dobell'

1945 National Registration 'Identity Card. Under Sixteen years' from JERSEY with s/r. NATIONAL REGISTRATION OFFICE p/m. For 'Marguerite A Dobell'. Channel Islands. Ref: 321-170.

Price: £20.00
1945 (May) Registered cover CONGO to USA with s/r. BRAZZAVILLE AEF p/m.

1945 (May) Registered cover from the CONGO to USA with s/r. BRAZZAVILLE AEF p/m. and EXAMINED BY 30612 label. Also 'Received open at / Censorship Station' h/s. Includes AEF 5f+20f Mutual Air and Red Cross Funds adhesive. Ref: 317-085.

Price: £20.00
1945 cover 'Official Mail' CROISEUR "GLOIRE" to Paris. MARINE FRANCAISE h/s.

1945 (7th. June) cover 'Official Mail' from CROISEUR "GLOIRE" to Paris endorsed 'FM' with d/r. MARINE FRANCAISE h/s. [Until the end of the war, it provided fire support against ground targets to Allied forces on the Italian and French coasts] Ref: 311-053.

Price: £20.00
1945 cover CEYLON to 'LJ Cohen, Wardroom Mess, Kollupitiya'. PASSED BY CENSOR / No. 19

1945 (Jan) cover from CEYLON to 'LJ Cohen, Wardroom Mess, Kollupitiya' with boxed PASSED BY CENSOR / No. 19 h/s. From 'Lt (S) RL Cook RN'. [Jon Cohen: Linguist / cryptanalyst assigned to Colombo, Ceylon. Served in naval intelligence in the Far East from 1942-1945] Ref: 314-116.

The philosopher Jonathan Cohen was a fellow of the Queen's College Oxford and of the British Academy. He was also a polymath whose contributions across epistemology, logic, the philosophy of law, language, psychology, and science. His studies were interrupted by the second world war. Cohen trained as a codebreaker at Bletchley Park and, after learning Japanese, he served in naval intelligence in the Far East from 1942-1945. Jewish Personnel at Bletchley Park in World War Two: RN Sub Lt. Laurence Jonathan Cohen was born in London in May 1923 and attended St Pauls School; he recalls he was reading Greats at Balliol in December 1941 when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbour and South Asia. He was suddenly asked by his College master if he would like to learn Japanese. He had no idea what it would be for until he reached Bletchley. They studied in Bedford six days a week under a WW1 Naval Intelligence officer, Oswald Tuck, formerly served as Naval attache in Tokyo. The speed of their progress embarrassed the School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), who said it could never be done! Cohen later served in the listening and decoding stations in Mombassa (East Africa) and Colombo (Sri Lanka). Michael Loewe and Jonathan Cohen were soon thrown in at the deep end to the secret world of Naval Intelligence and ciphers; resplendent uniforms and naval etiquette; Admiralty communiqus and naval acronyms. They were even sent on a navy frigate patrol in the North Sea to familiarise them with naval problems.

Price: £20.00
1945 cover FRANCE to 'British Liason Staff, FS Gloire, Post Navale'

1945 (June) cover from FRANCE to 'Cadet RW Young, British Liason Staff, FS "Gloire", Post Navale'. Gloire was a French light cruiser of the La Galissonnire class. Refit at Algiers to 17 June. Ref: 308-105.

Price: £20.00
1945 cover, Telegram etc re: 'Trooper Herbert G Thompson' Reported POW

1945 cover, Telegram etc. regarding 'Trooper Herbert G Thompson, 1st. Lothian & Border Yeomanry'. Reported POW. Also letter from British Red Cross and Regimental Pay Office. Ref: 308-096.

Price: £20.00
1945 POW l/s. KENYA to Italy. POW / EAC p/m. censored. Camp No. 364 KILINDI

1945 POW l/s. from KENYA to Italy with d/r. POW / EAC p/m. and boxed P/W EAST AFRICA 019 h/s. From Camp No. 364 KILINDI. Ref: 315-108.

Price: £20.00
1945 POW l/s. TANGANYIKA to Italy. POW / EAC p/m. P/w MIDDLE EAST 088 h/s.

1945 POW l/s. from TANGANYIKA to Italy with d/r. POW / EAC p/m. and boxed P/W MIDDLE EAST 088 h/s. From 'Int. Camp No. 1 TABORA, Tanganyika Territory, EA Command'. East Africa. Ref: 316-074.

Price: £20.00
1945 POW PC BELGIUM to Germany. P/W 2228 / CAMP h/s. Terlanen/ Overijse

1945 (Oct) POW PC from BELGIUM to Germany with s/r. P/W 2228 / CAMP h/s. - located Terlanen/ Overijse, Belgium. From 'Pionier Alfred JANVSKI, POW Camp 4, via Munster, c/o BAOR'. Ref: 321-030.

Price: £20.00
1939 (Nov) Field Service PC 'BEF' to GB. FPO 5 p/m. Type FC 27 - No Coat of Arms

1939 (Nov) Field Service PC from 'BEF' to GB with d/r. FPO 5 p/m. Type FC 27 - No Coat of Arms. Creased. Ref: 313-065.

Price: £25.00

1939 (2nd. Sept.) PPC from BERMUDA to USA with HAMILTON m/c. and s/r. PASSED BY CENSOR 8 BERMUDA h/s. NB: Adhesive damaged. Ref: 309-010.

Price: £25.00
1939-45 cover EGYPT to GB. boxed 10d PAID h/s. Naval Air Mail Postage Paid

1939-45 Air Mail cover from EGYPT to GB with boxed 10d PAID h/s. [Naval Air Mail Postage Paid: Daynes PP10] with RFHMS h/s. over Ten Pence adhesive and tomb censor h/s. NB: Creased and folded. Ref: 319-033.

Price: £25.00
1940 (Feb) l/s. [Free City of Danzig:] from GERMANY to Danzag.

1940 (Feb) l/s. [Free City of Danzig:] from Court Office, Danzig (now Gdansk), locally addressed, informing Catholic Church that 3 children listed in the letter are resigning from the Catholic Church. DANZAG slogan m/c. "Kauft Winterhilfswertzeichen" (Buy Winter auxiliary stamps) and boxed h/s. Frei durch ablsung reich (Free by replacing Reich) Free City of Danzig: in 1939 the Nazis abolished the Free City and incorporated the area into the newly formed Reichsgau of Danzig-West Prussia. Filing holes. Ref: 313-108.

Price: £25.00
1940 (Sept./Dec) Air Mail covers EGYPT to Australia. 1ST BDE HQ PO M1 p/m.

1940 (Sept./Dec) Air Mail covers from EGYPT to Australia with s/r. 1ST BDE HQ PO M1 p/m. and censor No. 1233 h/s. Self censored by 'Guy Harriott'. Recommended For Decoration CAIRO. May 30th. 1941. Magnificent reporting on Middle East and Albanian Front when he was attached to the Greek Army. [Feb 1941] In a dispatch Kenneth Slessor Official War Correspondent, describes an incident in which Guy Harriott, special war correspondent of "The Advertiser" distinguished himself in the Tepeiena- Klisura sector during the Greek campaign. Harriott was mentioned in dispatches from Greek General Headquarters. Wanting to get copy back from the line, he took messages to the artillery after three Greek runners had been killed in endeavors to deliver it. As a result, the artillery went into action and held up an Italian attack. Harriott has been recommended for a decoration by Greek Headquarters for "personal courage under fire." Awarded Greek Cross of Distinguished Merit. Faults. Ref: 315-117.

Price: £25.00
1940 POW l/s. and reply part FRANCE to Germany. Front Stalag 134 to Stalag IX A

1940 (Nov) POW l/s. and reply part from FRANCE to Germany with oval Camp censor h/s. From Front Stalag 134 to Stalag IX A. [Frontstalag 134 in Saint-Brieuc , Ctes-du-Nord. Nazi Germany contained the Black and Maghreb prisoners of war of the French Army in the occupied French zone, as quickly as possible for fear of tropical diseases or damage to the "purity of Aryan blood"] Folded. Ref: 319-074.

Price: £25.00
1941 (April) cover GIBRALTAR to GB. Naval 'Air Mail' Postage Paid h/s.

1941 (21st. April) cover from GIBRALTAR to GB with boxed Naval 'Air Mail' Postage Paid h/s. - Daynes PP5b [Used 10th. April to 7th. July] Also RFHMS m/c. and tomb censor h/s. Ref: 312-134.

Price: £25.00
1941 (April) cover GREECE to Egypt. FPO 193 p/m. censored. datestamp lost

1941 (April) cover from GREECE to Egypt with d/r. FPO 193 p/m. and censored. Datestamp lost Athens, Greece (10th. April 1941) Also CAIRO m/c. to rear 8th. April 1941. Ref: 310-077.

Price: £25.00
1941 (Nov) Air Mail Honour envelope SUDAN to India with Indian FPO 12 p/m.

1941 (Nov) Air Mail Honour envelope from SUDAN to India with circ. Indian FPO 12 p/m. and tri. censor 2873 h/s. From 'Wright' with d/r. MAZGOAN receipt p/m. to rear. Ref: 314-037.

Price: £25.00
1941 (Sept) cover MALAYA to Australia. FPO SP 501 p/m. RAF censor R8/74 h/s.

1941 (Sept) Air Mail cover from MALAYA to Australia with d/r. FPO SP 501 p/m. and RAF censor R8/74 h/s. [Dates Recorded: 6/1/41 to 22/11/41] Ref: 314-009.

Price: £25.00