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1941 Telegraph to 'Admiral Graf Spee, M Garcia'. ISLA MARTIN GARCIA 101 p/m.

1941 (July) Telegraph to 'Joachim Klukmuller, Admiral Graf Spee, M Garcia' with weak s/r. ISLA MARTIN GARCIA 101 ARGINTINA p/m. Graf Spee scuttled, 17 Dec. 1939 after Battle of the River Plate and crew interned on Island 'Martin Garcia'. Ref: 309-023.

Price: £200.00
1944 Registered cover ERITREA to Lebanon. 'MEF' o/p. to 2/6d. adhesive

1944 (Oct) Registered cover from ERITREA to Lebanon with d/r. TESSENEI (ERITREA) p/m. and 'MEF' o/p. to 2/6d. adhesive. From 'Faris M Hajjar, MBA GHQ. Asmara, Eritrea, MEF'. Free French and Egypt censors. Endorsed 'By Air Mail Samara - Beyrouth'. Also d/r. Asmara Ferrovia transit p/m. to rear. Ref: 319-141.

Price: £250.00
1944 PC NICOBAR Island, near BURMA to Japan. Japanese Occupation

1944 Military PC from NICOBAR Island (near BURMA) to Japan with circ. "Nishmura" censor h/s. Endorsed 'Yoshinobu Hirkawa, Nishimura Party, Sakagami Unit 134, c/o Sasaba PO'.

Japanese Occupation of Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In Mar. 1942: the islands were garrisoned by 600 soldiers. During Japanese occupation, native accounts described atrocities committed by Japanese troops. Ref: 322-158.

Price: £350.00
1945 (Sept) cover + letter CONGO to Italy. 'POW. Campo Medio Congo, Brazzaville'

1945 (Sept) cover and letter from the CONGO to Italy with ALGER m/c. and circ. ?POLZ POSTAL h/s. From 'Russo Antonio, POW. Campo Medio Congo, Brazzaville'. Letter headed 'Brazzaville 7/7/1945'. Signed 'Russo Antonio'. Ref: 315-055.

Price: £375.00