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1942 cover NEWFOUNDLAND to USA. US Naval Operating Base censored

1942 cover from NEWFOUNDLAND to USA with US NAVY p/m. and circ. Passed by Naval Censor h/s. From US Naval Operating Base. Ref: 309-088.

Price: £10.00
1942 cover North AFRICA to Sudan. FPO 116 p/m. RAF censors [Algeria]

1942 (6th. June) cover from North AFRICA to Sudan with d/r. FPO 116 p/m. and RAF censor R11/15? h/s. Also OBC label tied by PASSED BY RAF BASE CENSOR No. 2 h/s. [Algeria] and KHARTOOM receipt p/m. (21st. June) Ref: 305-100.

Price: £25.00
1942 cover SOMALIA to Kenya. poor EA APO p/m. censor No. 41 h/s.

1942 (Jan) cover from SOMALIA to Kenya with poor d/r. EA APO p/m. and PASSED BY MILITARY CENSOR No. 41 h/s. Censored by 'I.W. Yorke-Davies'. 'AMARA IL GOVERNATORE crest to flap with circ. NAIVASHA p/m. to rear (23rd. March). Ref: 310-008.

Price: £35.00
1942 cover South AFRICA to 'SWA' with oval INTERNMENT CAMP /ANDALUSIA h/s.

1942 cover from South AFRICA to 'SWA' with oval INTERNMENT CAMP /ANDALUSIA h/s. and bi-lingual PASSED BY CENSOR h/s. From 'Internment Lager Andalusia, 1271/40, c/o Censors Office Bloemfontein'. Ref: 314-109.

Price: £20.00
1942 cover UKRAINE to 'Vera Pifflova' Collaborator . Feldpost 14446D

1942 cover from UKRAINE to 'Vera Pifflova, Pecky' [Czechoslovakia] with s/r. FELDPOST p/m. 'Vera Pifflova' - collaborator that was shot at the end of the war. She worked for the Gestapo. From 'Walter Brandstadter', Feldpost 14446D - 7th. Co., Inf. Regt. 514 in 294th. Inf. Div. - XVII Army Corps - 6th Army - Army Group South. Location: east of KHARKOV, Eastern Front. Includes picture of Walter and his sweetheart. Opening edge fault. Ref: 304-148.

Price: £15.00
1942 cover USA to Argentina. RETURNED TO SENDER BY CENSOR label

1942 (9th. Jan.) cover from USA to Argentina with RETURNED TO SENDER BY CENSOR label and insert slip 'FORM OC-64'. Also NEW YORK m/c. to rear [2nd. Feb] Ref: 310-128.

Price: £45.00
1942 cover USA to Germany. "No Service at present" RETURNED TO SENDER label

1942 (Jan) cover from USA to Germany with small tape endorsed "No Service at present". Also RETURNED TO SENDER BY CENSOR label and EXAMINED BY / 5603 label. Ref: 306-034.

Price: £35.00
1942 cover USA to MOROCCO. PC 90 label + resealing tape. CENSURA h/s.

1942 (Jan) Air Mail cover from USA to Tangier, MOROCCO with PC 90 OBE 6287 label under resealing tape tied by oval CENSURA / TANGER h/s. Also MADRID transit p/m. [[3rd. March] and TANGER m/c. to rear. [12th. March] Ref: 309-149.

Price: £95.00
1942 cover YUGOSLAVIA to 'Posta Militare 32' [Croatia] POSTA MILITARE N. 100 p/m.

1942 cover from YUGOSLAVIA to 'Posta Militare 32' [Croatia] with d/r. POSTA MILITARE N. 100 p/m. Ref: 303-041.

Price: £10.00
1942 covers INDIA to GB. RAF censor R16/7 and R16/50 h/s's

1942 (8th. Oct) Air Mail cover from INDIA to GB with d/r. EXPERIMENTAL PO K.46 p/m. and RAF censor R16/7 h/s. From 'AC Adams, 17 Squadron RAF, India'. By the end of May 1942, the squadron had re-assembled at Calcutta and in June received aircraft again for the defence of the area. Ground attack missions began in February 1943. 1942 (Sept) Air mail cover from INDIA to GB with CALCUTTA m/c. boxed RAF censor R16/50 h/s. Also civil censor h/s. Faults. Ref: 302-121.

Price: £20.00
1942 covers PALESTINE to Australia. AUST BASE P.O / No. 4 p/m. censor No. 147

1942 covers [One Air Mail. 9d. RATE] from PALESTINE to Australia with s/r. AUST BASE P.O / No. 4 p/m. and censor No. 147 h/s. Self censored by 'Guy Harriott'. Recommended For Decoration CAIRO. May 30th. 1941. Magnificent reporting on Middle East and Albanian Front when he was attached to the Greek Army. [Feb 1941] In a dispatch Kenneth Slessor Official War Correspondent, describes an incident in which Guy Harriott, special war correspondent of "The Advertiser" distinguished himself in the Tepeiena- Klisura sector during the Greek campaign. Harriott was mentioned in dispatches from Greek General Headquarters. Wanting to get copy back from the line, he took messages to the artillery after three Greek runners had been killed in endeavors to deliver it. As a result, the artillery went into action and held up an Italian attack. Harriott has been recommended for a decoration by Greek Headquarters for "personal courage under fire." Awarded Greek Cross of Distinguished Merit. [The writer Guy Harriott was a War Correspondent for the Sydney Morning Herald reporting from the Middle East & Greece area & later the far East, he survived a ship wreck after hitting a mine & sinking in 8 minutes whilst travelling from Tobruck to Alexandria. For deeds in Albania he was mentioned in dispatches, was awarded the Greek Cross of Distinguished Service, he later became the Editor of the paper & was made an OBE. He died aged 66 after a distinguished career ] Faults. Ref: 301-002.

Price: £20.00
1942 Honour Envelope EGYPT to New Zealand. AUST BASE PO No 1 p/m.

1942 (1st. Sept) Honour Envelope from EGYPT to New Zealand with s/r. AUST BASE PO No. 1 p/m. Used during "The Battle of Alam el Halfa" took place between 30 Aug. and 5 Sept. 1942 south of El Alamein - Western Desert. Ref: 309-159.

Price: £18.00
1942 Honour Envelope PALESTINE to GB. FPO 550 p/m. RAF censor R11/42

1942 (9th. Nov) Honour Envelope from PALESTINE to GB with d/r. FPO 550 p/m. and RAF censor R11/42 h/s. Boxed RECEIVED h/s. to rear [Mar. 24th. 1943] Ref: 312-146.

Price: £9.00
1942 Honour Envelope SYRIA to GB. FPO 80 p/m. RAF censor

1942 Air Mail Honour Envelope SYRIA to GB [10d. RATE] with d/r. FPO 80 p/m. and RAF censor R10/511 h/s. [New recording] Also d/r. FPO 552 p/m. to rear. Folded. Ref: 301-086.

Price: £25.00
1942 Letter Card 'MEF' to GB. FPO p/m. censor 1667 h/s. '12th. Royal Lancers'

1942 Letter Card from 'MEF' to GB with d/r. FPO p/m. and censor 1667 h/s. From 'L/C WS REID, 'C' Squadron, 12th. Royal Lancers, MEF'. [Second Battle of El Alamein in October 1942] Ref: 304-065.

Price: £9.00
1942 Letter Card EGYPT to GB. EPP p/m. tomb censor 'HMS Centurion'

1942 Letter Card from EGYPT to GB with d/r. EPP p/m. and tomb censor. From 'HMS Centurion'. [Between 1942 and 1944 Centurion was stationed off Suez as an anti-aircraft ship and to give pause to Regia Marina action in the areathe Italians thought that her false wooden 13.5-inch guns were real and kept their super dreadnoughts away] Ref: 302-125.

Price: £9.00
1942 Letter Card IRAQ to GB. Indian FPO 101 p/m. RAF censor R11/765

1942 (Nov) Air Mail Letter Card from IRAQ [Persia] to GB with d/r. Indian FPO 101 p/m. and RAF censor R11/765 h/s. [From 31/9/42 to 3/4/43. Ind. Persia Abadan. 5152 Sqn. RAF Regiment (16/1/43)] From 'LAC French, 5152 Squadron, PIAFORCES'. Ref: 308-142.

Price: £15.00
1942 Official photograph EGYPT. The "PRIEST" self-propelled gun-howitzer

1942 British Official photograph [BM. 20666. XL] EGYPT. The "PRIEST" self-propelled gun-howitzer. New 8th. Army weapon which beat the German 88mm gun. 200 x 150 mm. Full typed details to rear. Ref: 313-100.

Price: £8.00
1942 PC Internment Camp, JAMAICA, BWI to USA. PASSED D/5 h/s.

1942 (Nov) PC Internment Camp, JAMAICA, BWI to USA with Crown PASSED D/5 h/s. and oval INTERNMENT & P of W Camp / JAMAICA h/s. 'From : No. 41'. POW. BWI - British West Indies. Ref: 312-122.

Price: £30.00
1942 POW l/s. GB to ITALY censored. No. 36 POW CAM P / GREAT BRITAIN h/s.

1942 POW l/s. from GB to ITALY and censored with No. 36 POW CAM P / GREAT BRITAIN h/s. - Hartwell Dog Track Camp, Hartwell, Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire. Ref: 301-056.

Price: £9.00